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Updating PLC Software

The PLC software update process requires cycling power on the PLC and
should only be performed when it is possible to do so. There are two steps
to updating the PLC. You must do both in order to update the PLC
software. Your download contains software for both of the steps. The
download directory contains more than one version of PLC code, you must
make sure that you have downloaded the proper version of code for the
specific hardware you are using; Level2, 3 or 4, or TMT package.

Update the memory card .. this will change the code run by the
PLC. You will use the image part of the download for this

Update the project files .. this will update the S7 OPC Server
with the latest code. You will use the project file part of the
download for this process.

This document contains instructions for both procedures:

Instructions for Downloading PLC Code to Memory Card

1. For this step you will be using the S7 Card Utility you downloaded as a download
in the GeoBalance downloads.

2. Insert the memory card into the card slot on your computer or your external card
writer. Make note of the drive letter for the card writer :
1.1.1. A message will appear asking you to format the disk. DO NOT FORMAT the
card. Select cancel.

1.1.2. Select S7 Card Utility.

1.1.3. Click on the picture of the function you wish to perform. A dialogue box will
appear to verify the function being performed. If you wish to update the
Siemens MMC choose Write the image to the card.
1.1.4. Choose the correct .S7img file. Double click.

1.1.5. Updating the card will take approximately 15-20 minutes. You will see the
progress bar in the window.

1.1.6. Finished

1.1.7. To verify that the MMC was imaged correctly, click on Verify Card. This will
check the image on the card against the .S7img file that was selected. After you
click on the image file you are verifying, youll see the progress bar turn green
again. When the verification is complete, youll see Card Matches File or Card
Does Not Match File.
3. Place the card into the PLC and cycle power on the PLC.

4. You may need to modify some of your PLC settings using NI Server Explorer
such as gauge spans if they are not the default.

5. Proceed to the next process, OPC Server Configuration

Pointing the Softing OPC Server to the Project Files

1. This process assumes you have already installed the OPC server on your system. The
OPC Server download is available from the GeoBalance downloads. NOTE: This
process should be repeated for all computers.

2. From the project file part of the download, extract the project files to your computers
hard drive. Generally we download to the C:/Siemens directory. You may end up
with multiple projects loaded on your hard drive, you will be pointing Softing to the
one you extract.

a. The S7 configurator is located in the lower right side of the task bar. The
icon will change colors depending on the status of the configurator status.
This means there are no PLCs configured.

This means that the Project Files configured do not match the files in
the PLC.

This means that the Project Files configured match the files in the PLC.

b. To configure the Project Files right-click on the configurator icon and

select Start Configurator
Choose Add if no project files have been configured or choose Edit to
change or update the project files.
Change OPC Name to PLC. If the IP address shows change the IP
address of the PLC is The Rack and Slot should be as
below. Rack:0, Slot:2

Select Browse and choose the correct project file located in C:\Siemens.

Click on Process Project File to

Select Apply and hit OK. When the Project Files match with the MMC
and the server is running, the S7 OPC icon will turn green. Right-click on
the System Tray icon and select Restart Server. After several seconds,
the middle block should turn green and, if you hover the mouse over
the icon, the Running message should appear.