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1) Behavior Matrix Policy

Beginning in 2015, the Lac La Biche Dance Society will begin incorporating our clubs Behavior matrix. The move
toward a Behavior Matrix is inspired by regional school district policy and is a result of our desire to
incorporate a kind and inclusive bully free space where dancers can have fun and excel in personal skills
development. The goal of using the behavior Matrix is that ALL club participants, dancers, parents, volunteers,
executive members, instructors and special guests will abide by our behavior matrix. Copies of the Matrix will
be posed in all dance areas and it is the responsibility of each club participant to hold each other accountable
to the clubs principles.

Failure to follow the behavior matrix and other club policys may result in the you being asked to refrain from
attending training and/or festivals, if the situation does not improve then the dancer or the dancers family
may be asked to leave the club without refund.

NBDA logo Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Safe

In the studio Arrive on time Follow the The teacher makes

expectations corrections and runs
Arrive ready to the class
participate Be responsible for
your own actions Do not participate
Positive attitude without a proper
Make sure to have warm-up
Use appropriate all necessary items
voices for class with you Use equipment
Mindful of for class properly
personal space Pick up after Appropriate dance
Avoid gossip and yourself and leave shoes and clothing
rumors the dance area as must be worn
it was found
Dress, speak and No gum or food...only
act appropriately Dance is a water is permitted
commitment and a
Respect the discipline and will
property of others be treated as such

Hair and dance Attendance is

uniform need to mandatory, be
be worn as present!

Personal issues
dont enter the
No cell phone use
in the dance studio

In the Bold Wait quietly Treat the facility Warm up but do not
Center with care; ensure practice moves
Do not interrupt that you are requiring spotting,
the class keeping it clean supervision or
Remember we are and maintained equipment
in a public facility Treat the facility as Students under 12
and act
if it were your must be
appropriately as accompanied by an
ambassadors for adult to the dance
northern beat studio and picked up
promptly from the
dance studio at the
end of class.

when Do not allow If emotions are

speaking emotions to drive driving you, please
with others your conversation wait until you are
thinking clearly to
Use appropriate have the
language conversation
Speak in a manner
Seek mediation if
in which you would
necessary in the
like to be spoken appropriate
to manner for the
Speak in a tone situation
and volume
appropriate for
your audience and

2) Lac La Biche Dance Society Anti Bullying, & Student Wellbeing Policy:

The Lac La Biche Dance Society is committed to ensuring that we operate a club that is free of bullying and
harassment of any description. In addition and in collaboration with our matrix, we have adopted a zero
tolerance policy that provides a platform to support the rights of all attendees. We have developed a Code of
Conduct to ensure that all students, teachers, parents and visitors to the club are treated respectfully and
without discrimination. The code is a set of key guidelines for which every participant is expected to comply
and uphold with a specific focus on students, teachers and parents.


Bullying is defined as persistent, ongoing, unwelcome behavior by one or more people, that to cause physical
or emotional harm to another.

Bullying includes:

ongoing teasing or name calling

put downs or comparisons of a negative nature
spreading rumors
purposeful exclusion of others
disrespectful behavior toward others
physical violence and or threats to harm another person
cyber bullying via electronic devices such as; computers to abuse harass or intimidate, mobile phone,
twitter, face book and YouTube

Further information regarding bullying please refer to the following websites: bullying

3) Studio Behavior Policy

1 Parents must monitor their children when they are outside of the studio. It is very important that we
maintain positive and good relations with the Bold Centre and its staff.
2 Clean up after yourself and others by throwing all unwanted food and garbage in the many bins
throughout the facility.
3 Vandalism of any kind to the studio, posters, walls, etc., is grounds for dismissal.
4 Theft of any kind at the dance studio will result in immediate dismissal.
5 The waiting areas are not to be used as a playground, or for entertainment purposes
6 The waiting areas are not to be used as an arena for critiquing others and/or gossiping about others.
7 Northern Beat Dance Academy cannot be held responsible for missing personal items if they go
jewelry, iPods and any other valuables should be left at home.
8 To avoid losses, we recommend all belongings be labelled.
9 No outdoor shoes permitted in the dance studio.
10 Parents are not to approach teachers between class to talk about any issues, text or call, or facebook
11 Instructors are not able to add any parent or student to social media in order to keep a professional
12 When an instructor enters the class, students should be ready to start.
13 The students should not talk in class.
14 Water bottles and towels may be brought into class and used at appropriate times.
15 Students should finish the class with a thank you to the instructor
16 When a guest enters the room and is introduced, students will greet them appropriately and treat
them with respect.