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The World is Our Standard

Guide for International Students & Researchers

Founded in 1963 as Ikutoku College of a comprehensive science educational institute
Technology, we have kept growing and where a variety of scientific disciplines are
celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2013. At available. We will keep striving for preparing
the beginning, established were only three students the upcoming new era. Not only
major departments; mechanical engineering, upraising the level of education, we always
electrical engineering and chemical keep giving efforts to create better
technology. Expansion, however, was made educational circumstances leading to the
as to hold information technology, bioscience, fulfilling educational outcome through
Kenichiro Nakabe and nutrition for the additional departments. numerical renewals on equipments and
Chairperson of Such development has tailored the school as facilities for the better.
the Board of Trustees

At KAIT, based on student-centered “problem-solving” education that they provide
approach, all of the faculty and staff members solutions for obstacles that communities and
give effort to look at each student closely so societies are facing. We now feel that the
that we can all find his/her hidden potentials people naturally value “humanity” rather than
and expand it, as well as guiding the students “materialistic fulfillment”. KAIT keep giving
to be very self-motivated. It is our belief that it efforts to fulfill the life of people by providing
allows every student grows to contribute well practical solutions issues in environment &
as a member of society obtaining higher skills energy, life & health, and information as the
Kazumi Komiya and excellence in knowledge, and beauty of three major pillars through our education and
President personality. Not only this, we are focusing on research.

Mission Grow People to Think and Act
- the people who contribute to society with knowledge and character -

Educational Approach
- Small size classroom valuing individual academic achievement

- Hands-on education to develop creativity and intellectual curiosity

- Personal based instruction to develop expertise

- Develop communicative skills nourishing cross cultural awareness and sense of globalism

Our History
1963 Ikutoku College of Technology was founded by Kenkichi Nakabe, the president of Taiyo
Fishery (currently Maruha Nichiro).
1975 Ikutoku College of Technology was reorganized as Ikutoku Institute of Technology.
1988 Ikutoku Institute of Technology was renamed Kanagawa Institute of Technology in a hope
to develop as a university deeply rooted in the local community.
1989 The Graduate School of Engineering was established.
2013 The Institute has developed into a full-scale industrial university with 4 undergraduate
Kenkichi Nakabe
faculties, 11 departments, and 6 graduate courses, having a total of 5,000 students. (1896-1977)


2015. 13 Departments Faculty Department Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Engineering Applied Chemistry Clinical Engineering * Vehicle System Engineering Creative Engineering Robotics and Mechatronics Home Electronics Information and Computer Sciences Information Technology Information Network and Communication Information Media Applied Bioscience Applied Bioscience Nutrition and Life Science Nursing Nursing* *Department of Clinical Engineering and Department of Nursing are on progress for official launch in April.Undergraduate & Graduate Programs Undergraduate 5 Faculties . Graduate 6 Courses Graduate School Course Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Applied Chemistry and Bioscience Engineering Mechanical Systems Engineering Robotics and Mechatronics Information and Computer Sciences 2 .

Global Engineering Course Through learning under JABEE* certified programs. Practical Engineering Course Every student works hard on his/her expertise and develops ability high enough to become active engineers in various numerous industries. Undergraduate Programs Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering By facilitating the students with a vast knowledge and a broad scientific view. *JABEE: Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education 3 . students obtain firm foundation of scientific knowledge and versatile competence. Creative Engineering Course Students can either concentrate on their expertise attaining deep knowledge while piling skills and experience their insights toward the machinery designing. students of this course set their goals to become aerospace engineers on global work fields. Global Engineering Course Through taking registered courses of JABEE*. aiming to be efficient mechanical engineers active both in and outside of Japan. the faculty of Mechanical Engineering wish to prepare students to be engineers with enormous creativity and analytical attitude. digital home electronics. Aerospace Course By learning aerospace academics and receiving English training. Electric Work & Construction Management Expert Course This course prepares students to obtain high skills especially on Electric Work & Construction and to pass examinations for related licenses and credentials. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical and electronic engineering is highly recognized field on which numerous current technologies are firmly established. energy chemistry. Applied Chemistry Analysis on structures and characteristics of matter is the essence of technology in chemistry. and are expected to be future chemical generalists with broad knowledge. Applied Chemistry Course Students broadly study as wide as their interest ranges could be. All they wish is to become mechanical engineers with a versatile competence. and environmental technical inventions. or organic medicinal synthesis of their own choice. robots. creation of functional materials. biochemistry. It is broadly applied to numerous industry fields including conduction of environmental cleansing. development of medicines. Comprehensive Chemistry & Engineering Course Students are prepared to be scientific experts by learning foundation of chemistry through JABEE* registered courses as well as extending their studies in environmental science. and progression of biotechnology. the students of Global Engineer Course will attain solid scientific knowledge. This course provides practical curriculum for the future chemi-tech experts. mobile communication. automobiles. view and practical competence.

smart phones and hi-tech room lights. students are prepared to work in home-electronics or automobile industry. students nourish the sense of creativity and analytical curiosity as ready to provide up-front proposals as home electronics engineers to improve people’s living. not only in the robotics field. Engineers in this filed are expected to integrate them into by their high-class skill based on the practical flexibility. Students in this course are nurturing their abilities to create next generation’s motor vehicles retaining fundamental knowledge about automobile development as well as hands-on experience of car production. and information technology leading to aggregation of different knowledge. such utilizations are found in home-energy management systems or smart house development. electronics. Moreover. Also. Hands-on studies are provided to understand human factors necessary for robot creation as well as the foundation in mechanical engineering. Robotics and Mechatronics Robotics is already implemented in our daily lives. Home Electronics Cutting-edge home electronics technologies are even applied to every day appliances as robot vacuum cleaners. through the company collaborative projects. environmental energy. retaining skills in assembly software. Faculty of Creative Engineering Vehicle System Engineering Automobiles are assembled with a lot of engineering know-hows. product designs to attain knowledge and skills through hands-on class approach. 2015. Also. preparing the students ready to work as engineers right after graduation. assembles.Clinical Engineering On progress for official launch in April. 4 . This course centers on areas as electronics.

Courses offered by the Department: . students in this course thoroughly study about both soft & hard ware and systems technologies.Net Media 5 .Application Information Media At Information Media Course. They pick up their own areas of interest reflecting the future fields they wish. IT Analyst. Becoming IT engineers / creators with “high media capability” is the primary goal.Sound Media . their job areas will vary. Faculty of Information Technology Information and Computer Sciences To be the leaders in info-oriented society.Games . especially on Internet.Networking .Information Specialist Training Information Network and Communication Information Network Technology is growing and regarded as indispensable because of the high demand from many different industries especially enhanced by the emerging era of cloud computing. or Application Specialist.Security . Different courses are available from the foundation course to ones require special knowledge. Courses offered by the Department: . who can work not only in the creative fields but in the other skirts of IT industry.Human Media .System Development and Management .Basic Information Studies .Information Design . This course focuses on researches of inter-communications among human-socio-system to raise the leading IT engineers with skills in computer and network structure.Characters . IT Consultant.CG Animation . cellular phone-communications and info-security. Courses offered by the Department: . After completion. students retain the skills in contents creation through learning about basic IT courses that are truly of experience-centered. System Engineer.

Food Bioscience .Health and Medical Bioscience . “Food Source and Products”. expected to work in numerous fields in the society.Faculty of Applied Bioscience Applied Bioscience The growth of the academic fields directly related to life-science has been significant since the emergence of biotechnology.General Bioscience Nutrition and Life Science This course prepares the students to be registered nutritionists with scientific knowledge and mind.Environmental Bioscience . Faculty of Nursing Nursing On progress for official launch in April.Plant Bioscience . and “Environment and Energy” responding to the socio demand in “Medic-Food-Shelter” field in 21st century by creating bioscience researchers. Studying at the facilities with top technologies and under the fulfilling curriculum and high grade support system. Food Production & Safety. Medical Care. based on biotechnology. students strive to pass the national license examination of registered nutritionist. and Environmental Cleansing. focuses on “Health and Medical Care”.Cosmetic Bioscience . 6 . This course. 2015. Courses offered by the Department: .

precision grinding. Next Generation Vehicle Structure Light and stiff structural technologies for better crashworthiness.Disaster Prevention and Rescue Robots . drag reduction. biological heat and mass transfer. assembly technology. Intelligent Vehicle Systems Intelligent systems for safer. wind power generation.Measurement and Evaluation of Emotion . manufacturing process.Scheme of Sign and Universal Design . mechanism and control of robot. Fluid Engineering Multiphase flow.Human-Robot Interaction Using Image Processing and Voice Recognition 7 . Advanced Product Development Process Product planning. ride. efficient and comfortable driving based on advanced sensing. Strength of Materials Deformation and fracture of materials. etc. Mechanical Systems Engineering Master’s Program Doctoral Program Next-Generation Automobile Power Systems Electric and hybrid electric systems. recognition. etc.Measurement and Evaluation of Body Composition . control and human-machine interface technologies.Auditory Human-Machine Interface for the Visually Impaired .Development of the Multi-Agent Robot System . etc.Fluid Mechanical Study on the Formation of Cerebrovascular Diseases . designing.Dynamics and Stability of Walking and Posture . flight characteristics of specific aircraft. sound quality and fuel economy based on advanced structural analysis. Stirling engine. etc. icing phenomenon. computational mechanics. Graduate Programs Graduate School of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Master’s Program Doctoral Program Mechanical Dynamics Active control of noise and vibration. Robotics and Mechatronics Master’s Program . Production and Processing Precision cutting. acoustics. etc. control and composite material technology. fluid dynamics. etc.Communication Robot Based on the Gesture Recognition . cost management. Thermal Engineering Thermophysical properties of fluids and their mixtures. strength of composite materials and ceramics. internal combustion engine downsizing and alternative fuel power systems. medical thermal engineering.

LSI technology.Computer Architecture .Human Information Processing Applied Chemistry and Bioscience Master’s Program Doctoral Program . Sensing Systems Engineering Sensing system. high-voltage phenomenon. etc.Wireless Multi-Hop Networks and Wireless Sensor Networks .Safety Assessments of Food and Its Environment . Information and Communication Systems Engineering Advanced communication circuit.Screenings and Applications of Useful Microorganisms and New Enzymes .Electrical and Electronic Engineering Master’s Program Doctoral Program Electrical Engineering Energy application. power generation by natural energy.Entertainment Systems . etc. signal theory.Interactive Systems Design .Investigations of Biofunctions and Metabolites . Information and Computer Sciences Master’s Program Doctoral Program . image processing. etc.Multimedia Technology . etc. electromagnetic environment.Research on Structure and Functional Mechanisms of Proteins .Developments in New Energy . electronic circuit.Ubiquitous Systems Design .Real-Time Multimedia Communications on High-Speed Networks . Electronic Physical Property Engineering Electronic devices.Advanced Security .Innovations in the Field of Electronics and Biotechnology . control algorithm.Developments and Productions of Functional Materials .Research on Earth Science and Ecotoxicology .Investigations of Material Cycles and Waste Management .Network Security System and User Authentication Method .Computer Graphics .Human Media . optical and quantum devices.Artificial Intelligence Engineering .Research on Food and Nutritional Chemistry .Functions of Food and Prevention of Lifestyle-Related Diseases 8 .Developments in Chemical and Biochemical Processes for Energy and Resources Conservation .Parallel and Distributed Computing . next-generation transmission method.High-Realistic Communication System and Human Factors .

Smart House Research Center “information. as the “base of knowledge” that meets the industries’ needs and as the “base in the region” that focuses on the local Information society.” and “life science. Research Centers and Institute The Institute places top priority on .Environmental Chemistry Research Center are expected to grow in the coming . the following research Robots centers conduct research in the priority Security areas of “environment and energy. 9 .Human Media Research Center that meets social needs”. Utilization Research Center Human Beings Environment & Life & Health Energy Nutrition & Life "Stop the CO2 Project" Health & Welfare Environment Biotechnology Solar Energy Bioscience Smart Grid Safety & Security . the Institute promotes research that leads the era. Based on . Information Systems Specifically.” Human Media .Healthy Life Science Research Center .Security Research Center this policy.Advanced Solar Energy years.Health and Welfare Support and Development Center Institute for Advanced Technology (Established in June 2014) The center will give spot-light on the cutting-edge research projects from among the numerical studies of KAIT to tailor them to be a significant addition to the society.Next-generation Sensing System Research Center “promotion of leading-edge research .Bioorganic Research Center .” which .

HEMS). health. environment. the nearby areas. Vlrtual Reality Laboratory (Cubic Immersive 3D Display) HEMS (ECHONET Lite) Certification Support Center Human Media Research Center Smart House Research Center Electrical & Chemlcal Experiment Robot Project Bioscience Building Building Center 10 . thereby contributing to people living in education. renewable energies. self-reliance of elderly and disabled people. methods for removal of pollutants in the local accumulation. and utilization of solar energy and other environment. Environmental Chemistry Advanced Solar Energy Utilization Research Center Research Center The objective of the Center is to develop innovative The Center is conducting research on generation. Health and Welfare Smart House Research Center Support and Development Center The objective of the Center is to develop technologies The objective of the Center is to promote the smart for welfare robots and daily life support to assist house (home energy management system . and daily life. Also it demonstrating technological viability of ECHONET aims to provide support for health maintenance and Lite-compliant housing equipment and providing enhancement. Next-generation Sensing System Human Media Research Center Research Center The Center aims to establish core technologies for the The Center aims to conduct basic study and develop development of sensing systems that are utilized in application technologies related to media-human various devices and services related to the interface. including 3D graphics and virtual reality.

Facilities 9 5 4 12 11 6 7 1 3 8 2 10 13 17 Under Construction 14 18 15 16 1 Central Green Space 2 KAIT Workshop Building 3 Lecture Building 4 Information Technology Building 5 Bioscience Center 6 Automobile Engineering Building 7 Robot Project Building 8 Electrical & Chemical Experiment Building 9 HEMS (ECONET Lite) Certification Support Center 10 Institute for Advanced Technology Student Service 11 Library Building 12 Student Service Building The first and second 13 KAIT Hall floor are for the offices 14 Ikutoku Hall of student services. 17 Tennis Court 18 Gymnasium (KAIT Arena) KAIT Stadium & Arena Lecture Building 11 . as well as the lecture 15 KAIT Stadium rooms and lobbies on 16 All-Weather Track the third and fourth.

text books price of ¥200. KAIT serves students as a home for “the on-campus independent creators” . Some snacks. All items overlooking the surrounding from books to quick snacks are 10% off for area from the 12th floor and the the students from the regular price. refined Cafe types of menu. The Active Learning Rooms are assembled with electronic blackboards where small meeting and discussion may take place. serves regular meals as set menus (Teishoku). “Cafeteria #2” is connected to the Coffee shop where its gourmet coffee enjoys the high reputation. Open to numerous innovative projects. “Learning through Creation”. 12 . Bookstore “Cafeteria #3” offers Soba and Convenience Store Udon noodles all around the The books on the major studies. The largest.000㎡ with random pillars associates with an image of a big forest that enables the creators to develop their own imagination. and different rice bowls reasonably priced. from beginners to experienced. Internet stations and personal CD/DVD booths are available on the first floor. Building. curry & rice. This unique workshop building symbolizes the mission of KAIT. “Cafeteria #1”. Ramen-noodles. “Cafeteria #4” candies or beverages are available at the commands the high view convenience store connected. At the top of and general magazines can be purchased as Information Technology well as the stationeries. no matter how big their creative desires would be.000 collections and 620 reading spaces including individual study desks to group conference room. Dining Options on Campus Four campus restaurants are available. Library KAIT Library holds over 230. An wall-free-look-through-space of 2.KAIT Workshop Building KAIT workshop is the landmark to expand the limit of students creativity.

Credit transfer and financial aid are available. Thai. biology.K. 13 . Lectures are related to the oversea academic programs of students’ major fields and given in English. Students in this program can graduate within four years. and Sweden for students exchange.K.K. students can take language training. Taiwan. engineering. as well as their major academic courses.S.S. Oxford Brookes University Africa DR Congo Institut Superieur de Techniques Appliquees DR Congo Institut Superieur de Commerce de Kinshasa DR Congo Universite de Kinshasa Mozambique Institute Superior de Ciencias e Tecnologia de Mozambique Programs Student Exchange Program KAIT is affiliated with the universities in China. Long-Term Study Abroad Program At the affiliated universities in the US or in Taiwan. eg. Chemistry & Information Media Inviting lecturers from affiliated schools in the US for special sessions to KAIT students. University of Glasgow U. students raise their language ability and level of cross-cultural understanding. Every year some of our Japanese students study at these universities.  Their credits at the hosting college can be transferred and counted toward graduation.A. Study English Abroad Program One-month language program at affiliated schools in the US. International Programs Partner Institutions Area Country Institutions Asia India Indian Institute of Information Technology.S. in Taiwan. during their stay of 6 months. engineering. Summer Special Workshop for Bioscience. DigiPen Institute of Technology U. biology. University of Leeds U.A.A. Students can study at these hosting schools from 6 months to one year. as well as their major academic courses. . Design & Manufacturing Jabalpur China Yangzhou University Korea Hanyang University Taiwan Mingdao University Thailand Chulalongkorn University North U. eg. South Seattle College America U. and so can the students from these hosting universities.  Some scholarships will be granted as a part of tuition and travel expenses. chemistry.K. English or Chinese. students can take language training. or in Singapore. Lake Washington Institute of Technology Europe France Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers Germany Munich University of Applied Sciences Sweden Uppsala University U. and flight operation) during their stay of 2 to 4 weeks.  Short-Term Study Abroad Program At affiliated schools in the US. Credit transfer and financial aid are available. Through staying in a different culture and taking courses. chemistry. English or Chinese. Coventry University U. and flight operation. A very beneficial program enriching academic competence and cross cultural experience for the students unable to participate oversea programs.

Academic Support Tutoring center The Basic Education Support Center assists students to review their learning in high school. Career Support Since many Japanese companies look for the work force with knowledge and skills plus round personality. Several seminars.Support System for International Students International Center Committed to support the international students KAIT is committed to take initiative for the international students’ life on campus through International Center. Class-based teacher assignment Our institute has introduced the class-based teacher assignment system to allocate a teacher to each class and give guidance and advice to all individual students. 14 . Instructors are open to the students’ questions and for consultations. and company job fairs are held on campus which have been utilized as active opportunities directly connects the students with the company leading to successful job search. its expansion. scholarship application. Students can visit the center every day from Monday through Friday without a reservation. Also Office of Career Services updates the employment information and advices about effective resume and entry form writing and job interviews. Newspapers. A fulltime tutor in each subject will give them one on one lessons so that they can study at their own pace. Lectures are offered free of charge. mutual understanding. Student Lounge The free-gathering space is available at Student Lounge. and off campus housing. It is the school commitment to provide different opportunities beneficial for the job-seeking students for them to be ready learning what is expected when it comes to work in Japan. relaxing. ranging from academics to life in Japan at their office hours. magazines are available as well as the personal computer booths. Both international and Japanese students gather for studying. International Club The International Club has been established to promote friendly exchange between international and Japanese students. career guidance sessions. and establishing an international schoolmate network. promoting friendship. The expert staff members support their visa application procedures. The club carries out various events with the aim of encouraging cultural exchange. All is to serve as the primary support for each student. and meeting friends.

ic@kait. Admission Period Application period : Mid. or equivalent.000 Japanese Yen For examination schedule.Interview. please contact International Affairs Office. tests related to applicant’s major field Applied Bioscience given in Japanese.Interview.Examination. February Examination . December 30. Period “A” or “B” are for all courses. Information and Computer Sciences. Electrical language command. Examination date : Early September 2) By Examination for Japanese University Admission for 3) Period “B” International Students Application period :Early to Mid. . or recognized as formal school education for 12 years or more.Examination. recognized as equivalent. Admissions for International Students Undergraduate Graduate Entrance Examination for International Students KAIT Graduate School Entrance Examination (same for Japanese Applicants) Qualifications for Admission Successful applicants are who Qualifications for Admission 1) do not have Japanese nationality and are 18 years of Successful applicants are who completed his/her age or older at the time of entrance. including the level check of Japanese .Period “S” is for Mechanical Engineering. including the level check of Japanese Admission Procedure language command. it is desirable that applicants acquire sufficient 3) acquire sufficient Japanese language proficiency level Japanese language proficiency level as high as as high as Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 level Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 level or higher. application documents. The following two types of admission options are available. June Japanese. and Electronic Engineering.Application Document Review Information Media . university education and finished formal school 2) completed his/her secondary education and finished education for 16 years or more. Admission Period 1) By KAIT Undergraduate Entrance Examination 1) Period “S” .Application Document Review Application period :Late May to Early June .jp. including the level check of Japanese Application period :Late August to Early September language command. Mathematics and English tests given in Examination date : Mid. 15 . Also. and details about the admission procedure. to Late November Examination Fee Examination date : Mid. 2) Period “A” .000 Japanese Yen Examination Fee 30.Document Review date :Late February .Score of EJU Notes : . Courses Departments Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering Applied Chemistry and Bioscience Applied Chemistry Mechanical Systems Engineering Vehicle System Engineering Robotics and Mechatronics Robotics and Mechatronics Information and Computer Sciences Home Electronics Information and Computer Sciences Admission Procedure Information Network and Communication . or higher.Interview.

Admissions Eligibility Applicants ought to have completed their secondary education.intermediate. mathematics. Furthermore. Options for Learning at This Course Use of library. English. Regarding the academic preparation. Also. either in undergraduate or graduate schools when officially enrolled in these academic programs.beginning. some elective courses are available for the preparatory studies before college enrollment either for KAIT or for other Japanese universities and vocational schools. Cafeteria and other facilities are available for the students in Intensive Japanese Course for International Students.Intensive Japanese Course for International Students About the Course This is the course established to prepare international students whose primary intentions are to enter either undergraduate or graduate schools of Kanagawa Institute of Technology as well as other competitive Japanese higher educational institutes. Origami (paper craft). educational videos. physics. If the certificate was denied. Through the diverse class arrangement.000 examination fee. I. 16 . For document details. Maximum size of one class is up to 10 and the whole students are divided into 3 levels. Admission Procedure Done by Documents Review Application Period 1) April enrollment: From October 1 to November 10 2) October enrollment: From April 1 to May 10 How to Apply Mail the application form and necessary documents to the International Affairs Office and complete payment of ¥15. Experienced teachers provide effective study environment so that students can reach the goal very efficiently. the students receives different types of instruction and activities to enrich their cross-cultural experience including cultural lectures. and III. Not only about the languages skills. and speaking. and hands on experience in Japanese art. The whole process may last until one month before their prospective enrollment. KAIT Workshop Building. students undergo the placement test before the semester starts to be determined of their appropriate classes. Within one year. Course Length Period intended for completion: One year Maximum period for completion: Two years Enrollment This is two semester course and students may enroll either in April or in October. clubs and events. students are waived of their fee for enrollment fee if they choose to enroll at KAIT. Once admitted. the students will raise the both levels of Japanese language proficiency and cross-cultural understanding. contact International Affairs Office. the enrollment to KAIT is not granted. or acknowledged as the students can enjoy making friends with other international or Japanese students on campus from the free use of student lounge and participation of regular students’ activities. Furthermore. Student Visa For the candidates.advanced. KAIT will apply for the Certificate of Eligibility at Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau on behalf of the candidates upon their acceptance to KAIT. and chemistry. ic@kait. calligraphy. writing. students raise the level of language proficiency under the intensive curriculum. Program Outline Japanese is a mandatory class for the students where different levels of students can brush up their skills in Japanese according to the level of command across the four language skill areas. II. traditional flower art arrangement and excursions. The classes are designed for the students to pass LEVEL2 of Japanese Proficiency Test that assures the ability to take college courses taught in Japanese. listening. reading. auditing some college courses is permitted. completed 12 years of formal education.

000 **) Tuition 3rd year 1. laboratory fee.390.000 1st year 1. Financial Support Tuition Waiver for Self Funding Student International students. Scholarship System KAIT Scholarship Open to doctoral degree candidates. Tuition fees Students can choose to pay annually or bi-annually.000 *) 4th year 1.000 Alumni Association Membership 10.000 (600.000 (Annual payment) Notes * For doctoral course students.370.000 600. (Not applicable for students in Intensive Japanese Course) Honor Student The graduate school candidate from our undergraduate program whose achievement is ranked highly shall be eligible for honorary tuition waiver.000 100.380. ** For students enrolling Intensive Japanese Course for International Students more than one year. the application regulation will vary. both undergraduate and graduate.000 600.000 (600.000 15. and study camp fees shall be added. 30% deduction was conducted to the students approved for this option.000 600. 17 .000 200. Textbooks. Other Scholarships There are numerous scholarships offered by JASSO or other private organizations for international students.000 2nd year 1.000 Admission 3. Depending on the regions.000 KAIT Sponsoring Association Fee Membership 15. Academic Fees Currency : Japanese Yen Undergraduate Graduate Intensive Japanese Course (2015-2016) (2015-2016) (2015-2016) Enrollment Fee 170. academic year. For 100% waiver is granted to those who ranked within upper 8% of the students body and 50% for the upper 15%. are apt to the tuition waiver if they are self-funding students and certain conditions are met. major or research content.400. In the year of 2014.000 3.

the train accessibility is high to nearby cities TOKYO Shinjuku Tokyo Narita Airport as Tokyo and Yokohama. international students are permitted to work up to 28 hours a week during the school term. The studio type of housing cost between 40.Location The city of Atsugi. Part Time Job By Japanese law. Haneda camping and hiking. Sony and NTT. in the suburbs of Tokyo. CHIBA KANAGAWA Living Housing Around the campus. From Hon Atsugi Station.000 to 50. utilities. or 8 hours a day during long school breaks between the terms. The average hourly wage for part time jobs around campus is from 900 to 1. 18 .000 Japanese Yen.000 to 100. and other necessities. is in the center of Kanagawa Prefecture. The best Airport location for academics unifying Atsugi Yokohama nature and technological development. approximately 80. These accommodations provide either room & board or the room only which can be selected on the students’ preference. where Kanagawa Institute of Technology is located. and surrounding area of campus is full of nature where students enjoy BBQs. Known as a campus town full of NAGOYA young people. the city is dotted with a total of five universities and junior KYOTO colleges. Living Expenses In addition to the above housing. telephone and internet bills. numbers of apartments are available. food.000 Japanese Yen of monthly payment shall be counted. The city is also a TOKYO “techno-town” as it is the center for offices and research institutes of OSAKA such major companies as Nissan.000 Japanese Yen.

243-0292.5 hours Airport Limousine Bus Shinjuku 1 hour Odakyu Line Yokohama 50 minutes Sotetsu Line + JR Line Hon-Atsugi to KAIT 25 minutes Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) 1030 Shimo-Ogino Atsugi Kanagawa. JAPAN TEL: +81 46 291 3313     FAX: +81 46 291 3314 URL: www.5 hours Kanachu Bus Haneda Airport 1 . To Hakone Narita Airport to Hon-Atsugi 2 .2.1. Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) Haneda Airport Ebina . Hon-Atsugi     E-mail: ic@kait. Yokohama St. Tokyo St.Access to KAIT Narita Airport Shinjuku St.kait.