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Using Big Data Analytics

to Understand Customer
Journeys and Drive Revenue

customers can access just about any kind of information in seconds to inform what they should buy. social media and e-commerce. More than ever. Given these trends. and at what price. customers expect more. they expect companies to provide consistent information and seamless experiences across channels that reflect their history.) Based on the information available to them. At the same time. As explored in this e-book.Datameer. (For millennials. Today’s customers are more empowered and connected than ever before. information includes the opinions of strangers. marketers need to continuously adapt how they understand and connect with customers. this requires having data-driven insights that can help you understand each customer’s journey across channels – not just within each channel. For example. .com Technology is radically transforming the customer journey. which they value more than product information provided by companies. customers are making buying decisions and purchases whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them. from where. the quality of the customer experience drives sales and customer retention. Using channels like mobile. preferences and interests.

companies like yours are collecting customer data to generate valuable an unprecedented amount of customer insights into each customer’s journey.5 quintillion bytes center.1 Armed with the generating interaction data. Product usage and contact center interactions. “like” a product. All of it can be enriched with all types of publicly available data. such as cookies and demographic data. how can you understand how good (or bad) is it from their perspective? PA G E 2 . social media and acquisition. write a review. and then analyzed. customers generate tons of digital data. And along the right analytics. which you can analyze to gain big insight about them. up a vast percentage of big data that’s browse your website. Digital advertising. marketing automation data. they are enterprises every day. place items in a cart. Customers always have some kind of an experience with your brand.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK The good news is. you can analyze your way. The question is. such as patterns that help you take Think Web logs and mobile interaction informed steps to accelerate customer data. CRM and transaction data. and make of data being created by consumers and or walk away from a purchase. Every time customers click on a digital These types of customer data make ad. data – both structured and unstructured. contact your call contributing to the 2. prevent churn and more.

Figure 1 shows the time journey of leads that have converted into customers and F I G U R E 1: Campaigns that influenced the leads that converted to customers what campaigns influenced those leads. For example. they can design campaigns that turn more leads into customers. they can determine which kinds of customer behaviors are associated with a high propensity to churn – and then proactively engage with customers before it’s too late. and marketing totally new visibility into behavior patterns. automation to web analytics and CRM. the call center experience. marketers can identify which combination of campaigns convert most leads to customers. What’s the root of the problem? marketing needs to analyze all of their Data and analytics issues. So to understand each customer’s journey. PA G E 3 . today’s customers customer experience. but only 8% of their interact with brands across multiple customers agree. Armed with this information. CRM analytics and customer experience. This requires channels for marketing – from digital ads. So data is fragmented. of 362 firms by Bain & Company.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK The challenge is analyzing all of your customer data over time and across channels. Similarly. big data analytics – and it’s what provides social media. which marketers need to zero in on how to turn leads into customers. social media an excellent understanding of the overall sentiment analysis. And just 44 percent more. In a 2012 survey the mobile experience). the website pretty scary.e. 3 channels – even for a single sale.. as they probably know less experience.1 This is customer experience (i. Despite access to so much customer The problem is that they are analyzing data – and the relatively widespread use the impact of their campaigns within of various customer analytics tools – less these silos using separate tools for web than 1 in 10 companies feel they have analytics. or than they think they do. mobile analytics. most marketers are using multiple same time (see Figure 1). customer data across all channels at the First. mobile apps. and analytic have a good or excellent understanding of results provide only siloed views of the the overall customer experience. 80% of companies believe they deliver a superior As stated earlier.

96% faster time to insights 2X 3X F I G U R E 2: INCREASE in revenue 36 hours .Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK And second. in database And you can only generate reports based tables) takes a great deal of time and on predefined questions. which is the bulk of your results is dependent upon choosing most customer interaction data being the right data to analyze before you really generated today. click path analysis. the accuracy of unstructured data. And in most cases. few people have the skills and expertise to use these cumbersome analytical tools. a typical do ad hoc analyses – you have to wait for EDW can’t run sophisticated analytics several weeks to get another set of data such as clustering. So if a new resources – and limits its potential value question comes up – or someone wants to as a source of insight. structure it (for example. you have to wait too long But traditional EDWs can’t handle for insights. In addition. And any attempt to know what questions you need to answer. data for analysis. most companies rely on All of this limits your ability to analyze traditional enterprise data warehouses data in fundamentally important ways.51 minutes INCREASE in customer Examples of returns achieved (Online Gaming Company) 7X increase in data acquisition by Datameer customers (Software Security Company) PA G E 4 . In addition. and from IT. because you need IT to prepare (BI) software for customer analytics. For (EDWs) and business intelligence example. advanced data mining.

you need a this. customer view and holistic insights. To precisely understand your customers Big data analytics can help you achieve and their customer journey. you can way to integrate data from every channel bring together all of your structured – structured and unstructured – and and unstructured data into Hadoop and analyze it all at once for an integrated analyze all of it as a single data set. analytics. With these technologies. Most regardless of data type. questions aren’t even conceivable with traditional you never knew to ask. PA G E 5 . The analytical importantly. big data enables you to do results can reveal totally new patterns and iterative data discovery that leads to insights you never knew existed – and insights you never had before. The possibilities are endless.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK The solution is big data analytics.

cleanse. data-driven organizations.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK Datameer Delivers Faster Insights from Big Data Datameer’s insights platform quickly transforms businesses into agile. integrate and analyze all types of data in one place With our solution. there’s no need for a data scientist to model. prepare. It provides an intuitive platform for fluid data discovery that reveals insights in hours instead of months. Our solution overcomes the challenges of traditional EDWs and analytics by 1) delivering big data analytics that are powerful and yet so simple that anyone can use them to turn big data into valuable. integrate. FIGURE 3: Aggregate. F I G U R E 4: Datameer requires no schema to bring data sources together PA G E 6 . analyze and visualize your data because no schemas are required (see Figure 4). timely insights and 2) by developing a solution that enables you to quickly aggregate and integrate all types of data in one place (see Figure 3). vs.

it’s designed for business analysts. Datameer provides: • 60+ out-of-the-box connectors and a file parser to integrate any data • 270+ pre-packaged data algorithms in a simple-to-use spreadsheet interface • Join. cleanse. empowering you to generate insights faster than any other solution on the market. our solution is fully extensible using an open architecture. decision tree and recommendation functions to segment cus- tomers • Behavior and time series analytics In addition. Excel-based interface. APIs for custom connectors.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK Integrate. prepare. not months. Datameer is simple to use and designed to empower everyone across your enterprise to make data-driven decisions. for better de- cision making. analyze. We support every step in the analytics process. and visualize all your data for the fastest insights from big data. Anyone can use it. right from day one. So just about anyone can learn to use it and get answers to complex questions such as: • What’s really happening across every step in the customer journey? • Who are your high-value customers? • What campaigns motivate customers to buy more? • How do they behave? • How and when is it best to reach them? • Which offers are driving customer retention and referrals? • What are the top campaigns across all channels?What combinations of campaigns convert leads to customers most effectively? Now you can ingest. With its intuitive. and more. PA G E 7 . transform and enrichment functions • Tools for visual data wrangling • Self-service schema-on-read capabilities (which eliminates the need for ETL and static schema) • 30+ visual widgets plus free-form infographics for stunning visualizations • Automated clustering. analyze and visualize all of your customer data – structured and unstructured – in hours.

retail. PA G E 8 . and technology. insight-driven organizations – and it’s already delivering bottom-line results for leading firms in industries such as finance. telecommunications. Let’s explore the value of Datameer as illustrated through real-world case studies. McKinsey estimates that data-driven companies worldwide improve their marketing ROI by 15-20%.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK Exploring Customer Successes Datameer transforms businesses into agile. In the marketing area alone. among others. which adds up to $150 - $200 billion in additional value.

Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK A major credit card company: Lowering customer acquisition costs A major credit card company was spending millions of dollars on digital advertisements.5M per year. Armed with this insight. the company was able to define a more personalized advertisement strategy to target people with certain profiles. Management wanted to create more relevant. targeted ads and increase digital advertisement conversion. F I G U R E 5: Improve digital advertisement conversion PA G E 9 . This involved creating advertisements to run on the Food Network channel and special promotions for Whole Foods customers.5 million per year. These patterns enabled management to see that a large percentage of their high-value customers regularly watch the Food Network and shop at Whole Foods. while at the same time improved advertisement understanding of high-value customers – customer profiles. wallet share. This data was then correlated with transaction histories and data on things that customers “liked” on Facebook to identify hidden patterns. ad click stream data to gain a deeper data on customer purchase histories. Reduced advertisement This would require analyzing all their Using Datameer. the company correlated cost by $3. and using these insights to deliver more behavior collected from social media targeted campaigns that would boost sites indicating their personal interests. and customer conversion by 25%. The end result? They reduced their advertisement cost by $3.

Their goal was to create more targeted Using Datameer. For all business units to better understand ad example. Now they can trace 50-60% of the people who receive their ads based on cookies. analysis. they reallocated their budget to other consumer segments to increase ad conversion. FIGURE 6: Identified that 60% of ad budget was focused on 4% of their customer PA G E 10 . they found that 60% of the overall company advertisement budget was focused on only 4% of consumer segments. as well as empower analysts and targeting certain consumer segments. business managers to run everything The company ingests four to five billion from basic to sophisticated analytics advertisement records per month across without the need for programmers. using customer segmentation exposure for each consumer segment.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK A global financial services company: Accelerating customer acquisition A global financial services company uses big data analytics to perform clickstream analysis on their digital advertisements. they can ingest and ads that improve conversion and ensure process large amounts of data extremely the different business units were not over. quickly. and they have increased advertisement conversion 25% by creating more targeted ads for each consumer segment. Based on this analysis.

they decided to use Datameer. the bank The company started by building a successfully retains at-risk customers custom solution to help them pull together 50% of the time if the customer loyalty all of the necessary data from CRM team knows in advance they are and call center systems. Results enabled marketing to identify specific customer behaviors that signal when a customer is likely to transfer their investment. by proactively reaching out specific behaviors so they could focus on to educate them about their wealth the people who might consider moving management services. third-party considering moving their assets – for sources (such as demographic data). and corporate financial systems. a financial services company wanted to understand client behaviors that indicate potential churn – especially as people approached retirement. Historically. They also wanted to identify and track example.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK A financial services company: Predicting and preventing customer churn As part of a strategic initiative to reduce the amount of funds being transferred to competitors. their retirement funds to a different financial firm. as it would make it much faster and easier to ingest and prepare data – especially for users with little Hadoop experience. transactional systems (such as 401K deposits and beneficiary data). marketing was able to integrate and analyze all of this data in less than three hours. FIGURE 8: Reduced customer churn by 50% PA G E 11 . But at the recommendation of senior IT management. Using Datameer. website reports. And they were right.

as well as identify change in address. The bank to these customers. they found that customers By correlating this data. they were able are more likely to churn if they had to determine the statistical relevance recently called the call center for of each activity. workplace. PA G E 12 . or recently browsed the The company now reaches out proactively company website for forms. customer churn has been For example. that created a risk score for consultant on the line. or combination of information with an outside financial activities. or power patterns of customers at risk of churn. they tracked clients’ specific reduced by 50%. offering their wealth then pulled multiple data sources together management products at the right time.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK For example. to build out activity paths for each client. requested a customer churn. of attorney. And as a result. activities and whether these activities ultimately led to a transfer or withdrawal.

For example. For example. PA G E 13 . Harnessing these insights. Datameer helps them understand what motivates users to play longer and interact with others – behavior that enhances the gaming experience for all players. This means giving customers data and user profile data (see Figure 10). And to increase monetization. they can test to see if giving away a free sword during certain parts of the game would entice power players to pay for a second sword given their determination to win. than 3.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK An online gaming company: Driving continuous. They have grown FIGURE 9: revenue from $50M to $600M in just 3 Designing more innovative products by understanding customer behavior years. a steady flow of new functionality that Using Datameer.000 servers.000 daily reports. And this means getting more users to pay To gain critical insights into players and to play – and do so more often and for their behavior. this gaming company continues to enhance its games and design new games that have made them one of the most popular online gaming companies. retention and monetization. they pull data from more attracts and entices them. a major gaming company longer periods to maximize revenue per uses Datameer to analyze game event log customer. these insights help product development know where to focus future enhancements. they use Datameer to identify user behavior by segment and the characteristics of users most likely to pay. make it available to the developers and designers and run more than 2. agile product en- hancement to maximize revenue per customer The primary goal for gaming companies is to increase customer acquisition.

improve cross-sell and upsell results and reduce churn.7 easily overwhelmed by their existing tools billion data – far too long for this amount and required a significant investment in of data.Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK A major financial services company: Increasing revenue per customer The consumer cards division of a major financial services company needed a faster way to analyze billions of customer attributes to better understand the customer journey and systematically engage with customers in ways that boost revenue per customer. Because marketers can analyze so much more data at once. Their prior solution – SAS analytics on analyst assistance. At the same time. they chose to deploy Datameer. they wanted training before using them. And they are using these insights to systematically acquire more customers. F I G U R E 10 : Analyze 7x more data points. prevent credit card fraud. the credit card division can analyze seven times more customer attributes (in other words. 96% faster PA G E 14 . they have a much more precise understanding of the customer journey. business users were Teradata – took 36 hours to process 0. Now. to move to an analytical tool that would empower more of their end users to After evaluating a wide range of generate insights without requiring IT and competitive solutions. which is 95% faster than they could analyze a much smaller data set with their prior software. These outcomes have resulted in a higher revenue per customer. 5 billion attributes) in just 51 minutes.

Datameer C U S T O M E R A N A LY T I C S EBOOK Learn More As explored in this e-book. companies can optimize campaigns to drive greater customer acquisition. you can use these kinds of insights to make decisions that: • Reduce customer churn • Accelerate and increase customer acquisition while lowering associated costs • Strengthen customer relationships  • Increase revenue per customer • Improve existing products and services and design better products As the examples provided in this eBook. And using these insights. PA G E 15 . Datameer enables companies to become much more customer centric and agile by providing a deep understanding of customer journeys and interactions.

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