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Boots and Cats (Beatboxing) - Anthony Kim

The objective of the task is to be able to imitate the sounds of a drum with the voice. Also known
as vocal percussion, the goal for this assessment will be to create your own style of beatboxing.

1) Create and establish 3 or more sounds to be used while beatboxing (ex. Boots and cats
establishes 3 different sounds [base, closed hi-hat, snare])
2) Create a set “beat” to work on
3) Beatbox alongside set portion of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star starting at entrance of words
and ending on the word “are" (Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are!)
4) Record and upload video on YouTube
5) Fill out Grading Rubric for yourself
6) Fill out Peer Rubric for partner
7) Re-record or Turn in same Video for Final Grading

Grading Rubric 3 2 1

Number of sounds Three or more sounds Three sounds were Only one/two sounds
used were used with distinct used however were were used
timbres not distinct timbres

Tempo Stayed on tempo with Tempo fluctuated Rarely stayed in
song throughout tempo

Creativity Used different Used only one Used no patterns
rhythmic patterns rhythmic pattern
throughout recording throughout

TOTAL: Turned in on time: +1 Had fun: +1 /10

Partner Name:____________________
Peer Rubric Yes No

Did the person at least 3
distinct sounds?
✔ ✖
Did the person stay in
✔ ✖

Did the person use different rhythmic patterns? ✔ ✖ Please turn in the worksheet filled out above and turn in with recordings to askim6@illinois. And other questions just message me. thanks guys! Pairs: Taylor and Amy Brenda and Kennedy Eun Young and Eric .edu To fill out charts just HIGHLIGHT or change font COLOR.