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Fact Manager

Relativity Fact Manager helps you organize the relevant facts, issues, people, and
documents in your case.

Relativity Fact Manager assists you with case strategy and analysis throughout
the various phases of litigation. It allows you to organize the details of a matter, Do more with Relativity
such as facts, issues, people, and documents. You can create a case outline, define
Relativity provides the power
a protocol to prioritize document review, build out facts and issues during review,
to build custom applications
analyze a case, and prepare for deposition and trial.
to users of all abilities without
any programming knowledge
Case Strategy
required. These applications can
Prior to legal review, you can enter the details of a case into Fact Manager. When you be transported into multiple cases
create a new fact, you can add as much or as little information as you have, and can and environments to solve a wide
return to this fact at any point to add more detail. Since Fact Manager is integrated range of problems and help you
with Relativity, you can connect these facts to supporting discovery documents do more with your investment
with a mouse click. This information never has to be duplicated or reentered at any in Relativity. The advice@kCura
stage of a case. team helps you conceptualize
and build custom applications,
Case Analysis and sometimes they build their
own. Fact Manager is the first
After you have organized your document set, you can analyze your findings. You
application built by advice@kCura
can see facts in a nested or list view, filter on the list, and drill into individual facts
for general release to all users.
to see documents that may be related to multiple issues. When preparing for trial, For questions on Fact Manager,
you can use Fact Manager to create reports. An interactive timeline reporting or to learn how to build your own
feature provides chronological context to your facts. You can also export your applications in Relativity, please
information into Excel or HTML, where you can view facts, issues, and their related contact
documents offline.

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