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New QU 8/2017

1- narcotic iv still effective till :-
a- 12 hours b- 24 hours
c- 36 hours d- 72 hours

2- women with phobia with car which drug is for ttt:
Buspirone (Generalized Anxiety Disorder GAD)

3- Flumazenil with overdose of diazepam with no effect due
to -received multiple anesthetic agents in addition to benzodiazepines or
- antidote was small amount or - antidote taken after 4 hrs

4- Most potent Statin: Rosuvastatin, Pitavastatin and

5- which has fastest action diazepam or lorazepam:

6- 48 yrs man he took pneumococcal with influenza
vaccines, which vaccine should take next
a- influenza b- pneumococcal polysaccharide
c- hepatitis B d- MMR

7- Lithium and Gentamicin can be measured and curved
down after: 8 hrs
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

8- GMP in KSA means: good manufacturing practices

9- Simvastatin max dose in geriatric:
a- 20 mg c- 40mg
d- 60 mg e- 80 mg

10- Monophasic OCs means :
a-Estrogen b-progestron
c-Estrogen + progestrond
11- Warfarin antidepressant drug interactions :
a- Decrease Warfarin metabolism b- increase plasma level

12- Athlete's foot player treatment:
a-oral anticiotic b-oral antifungal
c-topical antifugal d- topical …. Oil
**NORTE** Antifungal such as Terbinafine (Lamisil®); 250 mg/day
orally once or 2 divided doses for 2-6 weeks

13- Carbidopa and Levodopa contains mainly effect ?
Entacapone which is selectively and reversibly inhibit COMT

14- Potassium channel blockers:
class III antiarrythmia

15- Interleukin I Inhibitor : Anakinra
16- Ciprofloxacin side effects: seizures
17- Cephalosporins side effects : Allergic reactions (cross-
sensitivity) &Hypoprothrombinemia & Mild stomach cramps

18- Cyclophosphamide side effects:
Bladder toxicity (Hemorrhagic_Cystitis)

19- Intermittent cough (asthma) treated with:
Short-acting β2-adrenoceptor Agonists (SABA)

20- Toxin that can be used therapeutically:
a-Botulinum toxin b- x toxin

21- 2 Vaccines (live attenuated and killed ) how can be
administered :
a- at same time b- day after day
c- 2 weaks between them d- monthes between them
22- Phase 3 and phase 4 in cardiac action potential
Phase 3 (Rapid Repolarization K )
Phase 4 (Resting Membrane Potential; RMP)

23- Tyramine not taken with :
Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs)

24- According to KSA cold preparation; drugs not given
to children less than:
a-2 years b-4 years
c-6 years d-6 years

25- Maximum daily dose of ibuprofen OTC:
a-800 b-1000
c-1200 d-2000
** If Q: Maximum dose of Ibuprofen : 3200

26- ttt of hyperkalemia
a- kaylexate b- Na
27- Dose of heparin: 80-100 units /kg

28- Digoxin dose calc should be measure through or post
dose ?
-Through dose , before second dose by half hour
-Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)
29- types of errors in pharmacy:
a-adminstratin b-dispensing c-ommission

30- Heparin Side effect :
bleeding complicatins & Hyper sensitivity reactions & Thrombocytopenia &
Osteoporosis has been observed in patients on long-term therapy

31- Patient burn hand when cooking:
a-wash with water for 20-30 min b- put ice c-put vasline

32- SE of Lithium:
headache, dry mouth, polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia
may include ataxia, slurred speech, coarse tremors, confusion, and convulsions,
arrhythmia, hypotention & Teratogenicity with pregnant
33- Nurse give pt dose 2 hrs later what is the type of
error: wrong time errors - administration error
34- Fingolimod which used for multiple scelerosis
must check up of the following: ECG

35- Patient with depression and took amitriptine after
days she felt depreesed Dr should:
a-shift b-double dose
c- add another antidepressant

36- Old patient end stage colorectal cancer take 60 mg
morphine twice . Suffer pain when he go to bathroom. Add
a-Mg b- morphine c-……..

37 Patient second exposure in h. Pylori and there is risk
of resistance he took in first time:
a- amoxicillin + clarithromycin + lanzopazol with doses
b- amoxicillin + bithmuth sulfate + clarithromycin+ amoxicillin
c- Bithmuth sulfate + doxycycline + lanzoprazole
d- Bithmus sulfate+ tetracycline + lanzoprazol

38- Phenytoin suspension dose : 15ml/day or 5 mL (125 mg/5 mL) three times
daily, or one teaspoonful, by mouth 3 times daily. Adjust the dosage to suit
individual requirements, up to a maximum of 25 mL daily
39- Penicillin allergy caused by : IgE

40- according to the saudia food and drug authority cough
medications are contraindicated in children:
A- less than one year B- less than two years
C- less than three years D- less than six years

41- at what age the tuberculosis vaccines (BCG) should be
a- at birth b- 6weeks_2months_4months
c- 2months_4monthd_6months d- 1 year

42-a man travelled to Africa and while he was there he got
ameoba and started metronidazole 500mg three times daily
after 7 days he still have symptoms .what medication can
be added ?
a- vancomycin b- erythromycin
c- diloxanide

43- a child is taking high dose amoxicillin (99mg/kg) for
otitis media came to the clinic for pneumonia and infuenza
a) cancel the vaccines b) proceed to give the vaccines
c) delay the vaccines for one year

44- MMR vaccine is given at what age?
first dose 12months and second dose 4years

45- the cause of diphtheria: corynebacteriam
46- Vit c used for:
a-Coloring agent b-Preservative
c-Tasting agent
47- Alndronate dose per week: 70mg once aweak =10 mg daily
48- Antidot for atropin? : Physostigmine
49- Role of scientific office in pharmaceutical company:
A pharmaceutical establishment that provides scientific, technical and
marketing information on pharmaceutical preparations throughout the

50- Nilotinib:
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor use as
chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)
gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs)

51- 40 years .playing sport . Dry cough , Weezing ,
chest tightness :
a- Laba b- SABA c- Inhaled corticosteroid d-Loncet

52- Dr ask pharmacist about interaction between warfarin
and heparin? Chosse ipnr after how many days and the
test result:

53- Prescription of tramadol written 2days ago in Riyad
and you are a pharmacist in dammam what will you do
a- don't dispense b- call doctor to change drug
c- dispense
d- fill 3 days

54- Mechanism of action of sitagliptin:
dipeptyl peptidase no. 4 inhibitor (DPP IV Inhibitor)

55- adanafil effect on pt using nitrate with diabetes
is: non pharmacological treatment
56- most common dispensed in otc : Multi Vitamins

57- drug disponsed to patient and the nurse found that
there was another dose at the patient room so what
should she do :
a- return the dose to the pharmacy
b- keep it to the next dose
c- throw it away

58- one of the OTC : Ibuprofen

59- Misoprostol is used for :
a- prevent ulcer b- prevent and treat gastric ulcer
c- treatment of ulcer

60- A woman with seizure is on valproic acid shes
planning to get pregnant what is the best choice?
a- continue on valproic acid b- stop valproic acid
c- change to levetiracetam

61- which of these laxatives have the lowest onset of
a- milk of magnesia b- glycerin
c- Biscodyl d- psyllium

62- A patient with a gastric ulcer caused by h.pylori
and started on triple therapy ( clarithromy,
metronidazole ,ppi)but his symptoms not improved
because of bacterial resistant :
a- (clarithromycin, amoxicillin,ppi)
b- (bismuth, tetracycline, metronidazole ,ppi)
c- (bismuth, doxycycline, metronidazole,ppi)

63- at what time 99% of the drug will be cleared from
the plasma:
a- 4.5 t half b- 6.6 t half
c- 7.4 t half

64- What is the meaning of pregnancy category B :
Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus
and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women.

65- validity of Pharmacy permit :
a-1 year b-3 years
c-5 years d-10

66- MMR vaccine is given at what age :
first dose 12months and second dose 4years

67- when we should stop plavix before cardiac surgery
5-7 Days

68- in which muscle we give vaccine for infants :
The vastus lateralis muscle in the anterolateral thigh

69- -which of this lowest potency laxative :
a- glycrine b- magnesium milk
c- bisacodyl
70-Pharmacy regulation & guidlines is comming from:
c-sFda d-scfhs
‫ موجوده بيقي هي الصح‬General Pharmaceutical Council GPhC)( ‫لو‬

71-therapeutic equivalent dose of omeprazole 20 is:
a- cimetidin 800 mg b- esomeprazole 40 mg
c- ranitidine 300 mg d- pantaprazole 40 mg

72-dose of ferrous sulfate: 300 B.I.D

73- which NSAID has more enterogenic effect
a- Piroxicam b- Naproxen c- Dicofenac d- Ibuprofen

74- physician prescribe Amoxicillin if you don't have the
brand what you will do:
a- Will you give the generic b- send him an other pharmacy
c- tell him you dont have the medicine

75- child receive high dose Amoxicillin for otitis and he
has-appointment for vaccine what we do shall we postponed
the vaccination ?: NO
76- child receive short acting b agonist without
improvement then he develop cough with wheeping what is
the treatment: a- Amoxicillin b- azithromycin
c- steroid

77- pt was treated with Fluoxetine without improvement
after how many weeks: you shift him to anther group
78- Warfarin and heparin was prescribed to pt in hospital
how long he will take the heparin and how much the INR :
Take heparin for 2 days with warfarin then stop heparin , warfarin biological t/2
after 48 hours

79- Total knee replacement which anticoagulation he should
a- asprin b-heparin c-Clopidogril

80- Pseudoefedrine is:
a- antiallergic b- decongestant

81-20 mg omeprazol equal to which doses of pantoprazol or
ranitidin in the H.Pylori treatment: pantaprazole 40 mg
82- Pt with Prostate hyperplasia and dysuria what
medication u will give :

83-35years BMI35 , (Oral contaceptive)?:
Only progesterone pill

84- Baby with immunedeficiency syndrome took
immunoglobulin which vaccines is C.I:
a- mmr b- rubella c- meningitis d- rotavirus (RV)

85- Baby with fever & tugging ear. Doctor exclude
bacterial infection : (amoxicillin with different doses + antiviral i do not

86- Calculate age 40 &weight 80 & Result mg
For male
- For female = CrCl of male x 0.85

87- what is the treatment of keto acidosis :
-Correction of fluid loss with intravenous fluids

-Correction of hyperglycemia with insulin

-Correction of electrolyte disturbances, particularly potassium loss

-Correction of acid-base balance

-Treatment of concurrent infection, if present

88- what should be monitored when giving patient lithium

89- Liraglutide MOA:
Liraglutide (NN2211) is a derivative of human incretin (metabolic hormone) glucagon-like
peptide-1 (GLP-1) that is used as a long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist,
binding to the same receptors as does the endogenous metabolic hormone GLP-1 that
stimulates insulin secretion.
90- child weight 16 kg and length 92 cm calculate the body
surface area ?

so BSA(m²)= SQRT (92x16)/3600

= SQRT (.48555)

=.69681 m²

91- Anti metabolite cause bone marrow suppression:
Azathioprine or Methotrexate

92- Relation between autism and vaccine:
Relation between autism and MMR vaccine ?? No relation
Relation between autism and thimerosal vaccine ?? relation
93- Urine incontinence drugs for urge conditions?:
-Anticholinergic medications
-Mirabegron (Myrbetriq)
-Ona botulinum toxin type A (Botox)
94- Body mass index and body surface area calculation:

95- Duration of using domperidon 6–8 hrs

96- Duration of esomeprazole in gastroesophagial disease:
up to 24 hrs
97- Drug and dose of Infant with mild fever:
paracetamol 1 gm per day
98- Antibiotic cause hyperkalemia:
trimethoprim - sulfamethoxazole
99-Selective estrogen modulator:

100- Masking acidic taste of syrup use which flavor:
strong base anion‐exchange resins
(grape, maple, raspberry, and wild cherry- Menthol )

101- Dose of enxaparine in male with DVT1.5 or1 rout IV or
IM: IV ‫اعتقد االجابه هي‬SC
102- organophosphorus toxicity removed by:
a-gastric lavage b-paralidoxime
c- charcoal d- hemodialysis

103- Reduce gastric side effect of metoformine administer
metoformine. .......?:
biggest complaint people have about Metformin is that it causes gas and
diarrhea. This can often be reduced by increasing the dose gradually
104- Dispense a prescription of diazepam for:
a- 7days b- 14 days c- 30 days

105-A man with hypertension and myocardial infarction his
medications are metoprolol and nitroglycerin for his MI he
present to the clinic with erectile dysfunction what
medication is the most appropriate for his erectile
a- sildenafil b- avanafil c- no pharmacological treatment
106- Antiarrhythmic drug cause iodine hypothyroidism :

107- Metformin avoiding its side effect of N, V:
Metformin nausea and vomiting may be asign of lactic acidosis.And treatment is :
treating Lactic acidosis sometimes represents a medical emergency. Increasing
oxygen to the tissues and giving IV fluids are often used to reduce lactic acid
levels. Electrolyte-replacement sports drinks such as Gatorade help with
hydration, but water is usually best.

108- Pt taking prazocin , want to give him tadalafil ,
want the time duration bet them: 4 hours

109- patient is on Omeprazole and it's expired what you
advice her?:
a- she can take it if it was stored properly
b- buy a new one

110- Anti hypertension drug safe in pregnant?: labetalol
111- pt take morphen and we want replace by Fentanyl ?:
Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine (80)

112- Removing a drug from formulary:
pharmacy therapeutic committee
113- Anti hypertensive drug... can affect fetal growth:
a- Amlodipine b- hydrochlorothiazide c- lisinopril
114- Diuretic side effects are ototoxicity and deafness:
a- frusemide b- triamterene c- hydrochlorothiazide
115- Food that should be avoided when taking amiodarone:
grape fruit
116- The meaning of compassionate drug use:
use a drug that not approved yet (new unapproved drug)
117- Overlapping of clexane with warfarin:
At least 5 days

118- Voriconazole dose is adjusted in hepatic impairment:
100 mg/ twice daily

119- Chlild with otitis media with QT prolongation , which
abx is CI: azithromycin
120- Mechanism of action of (aliskiren):
Aliskiren (trade names Tekturna and Rasilez) is the first in a class of drugs
called direct renin inhibitors. It is used for essential (primary) hypertension.
121- Lamotrigen we start with small doses then
to prevent develop of serious Rash.

122- When Women start folic acid :
-One month before Pregnant

123-Dose of enoxaparin in knee replacement:
30 mg SC q12hr; initiate therapy 12-24 hr postoperatively and continued for
10 days or up to 35 days postoperatively or until risk of DVT has been
significantly reduced or patient is on anticoagulant therapy

124- terazosin Mechanism of action :
selective alpha-1 antagonist

126- maximum dose of Phyntoin: 300mg/d

127- what enzyme we used for acute leukemia :
L-Asparaginase enzyme

128-Cetirizine MOA-: H1 blocker

129- MMR is : mixture of live attenuated viruses

130- Pilocarpine : medication used to treat open angle glaucoma

131- Sevelamer: decreases serum uric acid concentration .
132- bone marrow suppression :
a- Vincristine b-Ergot c-L-aspiregase d- doxorubicin
133- Vincristine adminstration:
by minibag (IV push) or infusion (IV)

136- simvastatin daily dose for pt hypercholestrolemia:
a- 20 b-40 c-60 d- 80

132- zolpidem maximum dose:
a- 5 mg/d b-10 mg/d c-15 mg/d d-20 mg/d

134- labetalol M.O.A:

135- Montelukast MOA :
Leukotriene antagonists
used for the maintenance treatment of asthma and to relieve symptoms of
seasonal allergies. It is usually administered orally.

136- dosage form preferred for children : Oral

137- Biosimilar means:
is a biologic medical product which is almost an identical copy of an original
product that is manufactured by a different company.[1] Biosimilars are
officially approved versions of original "innovator" products, and can be
manufactured when the original product's patent expires.
138- Proton Pump Inhibitors MOA:
inhibitors act by irreversibly blocking the hydrogen/potassium adenosine
triphosphatase enzyme system (Inhibitors of the H+/K+-ATPase proton pump)

139- Example of drug disease interaction:
pioglitazone and heart failure

140- speed of response of receptors ( receptor response in
milliseconds and other receptor response in seconds :
a- voltage gated receptors and ligand gated receptors
b- voltage gated receptors and G _ protein receptors
c-ligand gated receptors and G _ protein receptors
d- ...........................................

141- Which solution is isotonic
a- dextrose 5% b- saline 3%
c- ringer solution d- ....................

142-(case) is taking doxycycline for acne and doctor
prescribe adapalene for topical use and doxycycline for
systemic use and he suffer from heartburn you advised him
to :
a- take omeprazole with doxycycline b- stop adapalene
c- apply adapalene as thin layer

143- smoker man which drink coffee , take steroid drug ,
married to two wifes , how many factor effect ulcer :
a- 1 b- 2
c- 3 d-4

144- MAO inhibitor drug inhibited with cheese:
a- linezolide b- tranylcybromine

145-Side effects of enoxaparin
A- hypokalemia B- hyperkalemia
C- hypocalcemia D- hypercalcemia
146-malignant hypertension treatment :
intravenous sodium nitroprussideinjection,
In less urgent cases, oral agents like captopril, clonidine, labetalol,
or prazosin can be used, but all have a delayed onset of action

147- (Case)diabetic patient needs drug for
a- statin b-glifibrozide
c-cholestyramine d- Eztimibe

148- Antipseudomonal Drug
a- nafcillin b- Merobenem

149- (case) with upper respiratory tract .. penicillin
a- cephradin b- cephdinir
c- ciprofloxacin d- clindamycin

150- Drug for Myasthenia gravis : pyridostigmine

151- Phentolamine MOA : -α Adrenergic Antagonists

152- (Case) addictive driver challenge police , talkative ,
aggressive .. addiction of :
a- amphetamine b- morphin saline 3%
c- cannabinoid d- LSD

153- (Case) had accident .. phobia from cars .. treated with
Anxiolytic .. she takes also cimetidine for hyperacidity
.. she become phobic when takes cimetidine .. why ?
a- cimetidine decrease excretion
b- cimetidine increase metabolism of anxiolytic
154- (Case) Woman wants the prescription of her drug because
her case is like his case as she said what will you do:
a- give her the prescription
b- give her the bottles of drugs in the prescription
c- prevent her from taking it without her brother approval
d- give her the telephone of the prescriper doctor

155- (Case) girl has epilepsy .. taking valproic acid and
it's control the disease she planned to be pregnant and
she already takes folic acid what to do:
a- shift from valproic acid to phenytoin b- keep her using valproic acid
c- give her leviteracetam and decrease valproic acid till epilepsy is well
controlled then discontinue

156-(Case) car driver wants Antihistaminic: desloratidine

157- Minoxidil is : arteriodilator only

158-What is the time interval between two drugs if half
life time is 4 hrs : 8 hrs
159- Example of error of deteriorating drug:
example of giving expired drug

160- What's the five right of drug administration
the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right route, and the right
161-(case) of hypertension patient takes 40 mg Lisinopril
and 10mg carvedilol he has normal heart rate but
hypotension after drug administration
a- stop Lisinopril b- decrease dose of Lisinopril
c- decrease dose of carvedilol d- stop carvedilol

162-(case) pt go to doctor and his blood pressure is high
then after that he measure the pressure after that but his
blood pressure is normal . the doctor prescribe two
antihypertensive drugs although its pressure is normal at
last times he prescribe:
hydrochlorothiazide and spironolactone

163- base that use in suppository : cocoa butter

164- dose of zaleplon as sedative:

165-(case) Someone has cold symptoms and he has drug A
contains pseudo ephedrine and chlorpheniramine maleate and
drug B contains pseudoephedrine with loratidine you
advised him sensitivity
a- use both of them as they have same efficacy
b- use one of them as they are the same brand
c- take drug B as it has more benefits
d- don’t use any one of them

166-(case) patient take ciprofloxacin you advised him to:
a- administer hour before and two hours after phosphates administer
b- administer ciprofloxacin with food
167- taste disturbance caused by drug :
a- verapamil b- captopril
c- …………….

168- more important mentalic multivitams:
a- cobalt b- iron
c- beta carotin

169- hydralazine mechanism of action:
smooth muscle relaxant and cause arteries and veines dilation and relaxation

170- labetalol M.O.A :
is a dual alpha (α1) and beta (β1/β2) adrenergic receptor blocker and competes
with other Catecholamines for binding to these sites

171- role of GMP:
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is part of a quality system covering the manufacture and
testing of pharmaceutical dosage forms or drugs and active pharmaceutical ingredients, diagnostics,
foods, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices. GMPs are guidance that outlines the aspects of
production and testing that can impact the quality of a product.

172- Drug which increases the action of warfarin:
a. Carbimazole b. Oral contraceptive
c. Phenobarbitone. d. None of the above

173- (case) woman take levothyroxine 50 and she become
pregnant and she feel fatigue :
a- don’t change dose coz fatigue is normal sign in pregnant
c- increase levothyroxine dose
174- Duration of domperidone: 3-5 days