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Open Disclosure – Mr. James Chandler,
Northwest Middle School
Integrated Science – 7th Grade
Course Description
The underlying theme of the 7th grade science core curriculum is phenomenon as a means to
observe, question, and explore areas of life science, physical science, and earth science.
Topics such as forces are interactions between matter, changes to earth over time, structure
and function of life, reproduction and inheritance, and changes in species over time are
standards that will be examined. The seventh grade SEEd standards help students to look for
and find relationships of cause and effect in order to discover scientific principles. The
seventh grade SEEd science curriculum includes three dimensions of science understanding:
science and enginering practices, crosscutting concepts, and diciplinary core ideas. For more
information on the Utah science with engineering education (SEEd) standards see

Course Goals and Objectives
The goal of this course is to cultivate and build on students’ curiosity and sense of wonder of the world.
The course objectives are that students:
 Use scientific and engeneering practices.
 Identify and use science crosscutting concepts.
 Manifest science interests and attitudes.
 Explore, discover, and understand important scientific concepts and principles.
 Communicate effectively using scientific and academic language and reasoning.
 Demonstrate awareness of the social and historical aspects of science.
 Understand the nature of science.

Course Materials
Students are expected to bring paper, pencils, school binder and planner, and student science journal
to class everyday. Textbooks, lab equipment, computers, etc. will be provided for students to use at

Format and Procedures
Students will interact with the content through activly being a hands on participant in their learning
experience. Some methods of participation include but are not limited to reading, writing,
homework, research projects, models, experiments, presentations, partner work, and group work.
Students will have access too, and use science lab areas and equipment. As such they will be
expected to conduct themselves safely, respectivly, and responsibly. Infractions of science lab
expectations will result in students being unable to use the lab facility.

Field Trips
Learning experiences outside of the classroom can be a valuable piece of a child’s education. If we
are able to have a field trip students will be expected to act as ambassadors of the school. Students
will be expected to act responsibly and appropriatly. Failure to act appropriatly and adhere to school
rules will result in loss of field trip privileges.
Telephone (801) 578-8547 x 1309 Email: Room 1309

Field trips will be categorized as follows: Essential: those that build on the curriculum being taught
in the classroom and Enrichment: those that are not directly related to the curriculum being taught.
Only students with grades C and higher in all classes will be invited to attend the enrichment
field trips, students with lower grades will stay at school and use the opportunity to make up work.

Hall Pass Policy: Students will be given 2 hall passes per quarter. They can be used after the first
10 minutes of class and before the last 10, and only during times where students will not be missing
instruction. If they are not used, they may be turned in at the end of the quarter for extra credit.
They will not be replaced if lost. Under rare and special circumstances, students may earn an extra

Course Requirements
Participate: Try your hardest. Ask questions. Give and receive feedback. Stay curious and explore.
Come to school every day and be on time for class. Be prepared to learn and work hard. Complete
assignments. Do the daily At The Bell assignments / weekly ATB tracker sheets. Participate in class.
Complete labs, assignments, homework, tasks, and projects. Follow all directions. Take healthy
risks. Adopt a growth mindset. Support our learning community. And most importantly take
accountablity for your learning and growth.

Homework: Most of our school work will be given suffiecient time for students to complete in
class. If a student does not finish their classwork then it will become homework. Every week
students will be given a homework assisgnment, usually on Monday, that will be due on the Friday
of that week. Homework tasks may be alloted some class time but students should plan to do these
at home and should not count on classtime. Sometimes there may also be homework assignments
given out during the week in addition to the normal weekly homework. If an assignment is not up to
an acceptable standard (homework or in class work) the student may need to redo or rework the
assignment in order for it to be accepted. Reminders for Homework and other assignments will be
sent out through Remind. To sign up for reminders through the Remind App see attached paper.

Absent and Late Work: Students should be in class, on time, EVERY DAY. The new science
curriculum is very hands on. Students will quickly fall behind if they are absent. It is the
student’s responsibility to ask for and make up any missed work. Students must inform
myself and Principal Zuchetto about any planned extended absences. Students who have an excused
absence on the day an assignment is given will have two days for every one day missed to make up
missed work (Gone for 1 day = 2 days to make up work).

All work must be turned in ON TIME in order to earn full credit. Late assignments lose 1 point per
day until they are at 60% (D-). (This means you should do your assignments even if they are late! If
you turn it in you can avoid a failing grade!)

Redo Policy: The aim of this class is for students to gain a mastery level of understanding of major
scientific concepts and principles. With that goal in mind, if you are not happy with your score on
an assignment you can discuss a redo with me. Mastery of Science Concept work can be redone
until Mastery is gained. Students must turn assignments in on time however, and completed, to
qualify for a redo. (Note: some quizzes, tests, participation activities, projects, and labs will not
have a redo option.)
Telephone (801) 578-8547 x 1309 Email: Room 1309
Grading Procedures:
Mastery of Science Content (50%) – May be assessed by, but not limited to; assignments,
worksheets, homework, projects, tests, and quizes.
Participation (50%) – May be assessed by, but not limited to; class participation,
homework, worksheets, projects, lab work, data collection, notes, partner work, group work,
and daily At The Bell work.

Although I will be doing my very best to keep grades as up to date as possible, grades will be
updated on the computer every two weeks at the very least and parents can access their students’
grade via the district website

Grading Scale:

A = 94-100% B = 83-86% C = 73-76% D = 63-66%

A- = 90-93% B- = 80-82% C- = 70-72% D- = 59-62%

B+= 87-89% C+ = 77-79% D+ = 67-69% F = 58% and lower

Citizenship: Citizenship grades will be assessed through attendance, work habits in class, and
following directions and routines. The following scale will be used for tardiness and unexcused

Tardies: 5 per quarter = N, 6 per quarter = U

Unexcused Absences: 2 per quarter = N, 3 or more per quarter = U

A satisfactory citizenship grade (S), means a student is meeting all expectations.

Extra Credit: Some small extra credit opportunities will be available to all students throughout the
year, but will NOT be given in the last week of the quarter as an emergency grade boost.

Just a reminder about a few school rules and expectations expected in my class:
- Students are expected to show respect, tolerance, and consideration for all people and property in
the classroom. Inappropriate language, behavior, or dress is unacceptable.
- Our science room is a No Food and Gum Zone. Spit gum out when you walk in the door. Mints are
okay. There is no food allowed in class.
- I may confiscate phones, ipods, headphones, toys etc. that are distracting to the learning process.

If you choose not to follow these, and other school rules, some possible interventions include:
verbal warning, conference between student and teacher, seat change, lunch detention/community
service, a phone call to a parent, conference with the student and his/her parent/guardian,
administrative action.
Telephone (801) 578-8547 x 1309 Email: Room 1309
For more information on school and distict rules see , Families &
Students, Student Handbooks. You may also review Northwest rules, policies, and expectations in
the student handbook/ planner.

I look forward to getting to know you and your student this year. The most efficient way to contact
me is by district email which I check daily ( I am available
Monday through Friday before and after school if you need to meet with me. Weekly office hours
are posted by my classroom door. It would be best to schedule a meeting to ensure my time can me
dedicated to our meeting. However I welcome any parents to stop by and check in as needed. The
main form of communication will be through the student planners so please check it daily for
assignments and due dates. It will communicate the students homework and classwork everyday as
long as students are recording work in their planners. Reminders through the remind App will also
assist in communicating assignments and due dates. I will be doing my best to reach out to parents
to communicate students progress throughout the year. In order for me to best do so please indicate
the most effective and prefered method to contact you.
Telephone (801) 578-8547 x 1309 Email: Room 1309

Please fill out the detached signature form and return to Mr. Chandler. Thank you and lets have a
great year!

Mr. Chandler, Open Disclosure Signature Form:
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