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The mission of the Sons of

Norway is to promote and to
Solglimt Posten preserve the heritage and culture
Volume XLII, No. 5 of Norway, to celebrate our
May, 2017 relationship with other Nordic
Countries, and to provide quality
insurance and financial products
to its members.

Syttende Mai Celebration Reservations by Thursday, May 11th.
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 Cancellations by Saturday, May 13th. If your
(Note: This is a week earlier than usual!) caller misses you, or if you are not a member
Cedar Falls Woman’s Club and would like to attend, please call Karolyn
3 and Clay Street, Cedar Falls IA Haugebak, 277-2294. Also call Karolyn for
Dinner: 6:30 pm Cost: $16.00 cancellations. Remember, if you reserve and
do not attend, you will be asked to pay for your
Menu meal.
Lutefisk and Meatballs
Parsley’d Potatoes, Sweet Cabbage
Fra Presidenten
Lefse, rommegrot, Sweet Soup
Norwegian Pastries
Mmm…I think I smell the aroma of lutefisk. It
must be May! Indeed, it is! And speaking of
lutefisk, and I’m not sure many do, we all have
a chance to invite our friends and neighbors to
our May meeting. Let’s fill the room! And it is
just a guess, but if your friends are willing to
take on a plate full of lutefisk, they surely have
Members of the Lodge are invited to bring an interest in things Norwegian and would be
Norwegian Pastries to share. In addition, great candidates for joining our lodge.
Carol Schultz will bring Lefse, Christa
Hanson will bring rommegrot, and Percy Once again Cultural Fest was a successful
Slattenow will bring fruit soup. adventure for the lodge. My apologies to Pam
Flanders for not thanking her at our lodge
“Our Stories” meeting. She did a great job of pulling us all
together, and she did it while dealing with
We will have an opportunity to share stories some personal health issues. Mange takk,
from our own Norwegian heritage as we reflect Pam! And thanks to all the rest of you who
upon our own traditions, tales, and helped with our table that evening and supplied
remembered experiences from our past. We kringle. Thanks to Carol Schultz for donating
will laugh and perhaps shed a few tears as we lefse once again. Both of our “goodies” were a
bring to mind our dear friends and families with big hit with the crowd.
our memories from our past that we hold dear.
Strategic planning is under way! We held our
There will also be an opportunity to share first meeting a week ago and used it to get a
stories about Solglimt Lodge—how much we basic understanding of what we want to
enjoy our Lodge and how we can make it accomplish as we move forward. Understand
better! We will also give folks an opportunity to this will neither a short or fast process. We
express their thoughts as they relate to the have much to consider and give serious
Strategic Planning process we have now thought to in order to grow our lodge and
begun. insure future success.
(Fra Presidenten continues on next page)
(Fra Presidenten, continued) A total of $214 had been collected Plans for the Sturgis Falls event
for the Northeast Iowa Food Bank are on track under the leadership
Opportunities for each of you to at the March Lodge meeting which of Joel Johnson.
contribute to the process will come included a $50 budgeted donation
about over the next weeks and from the Lodge. Treasurer’s report A discussion followed on
months, so be thinking. accepted (Jim/Dottie.) arrangements for an Officers
Jim shared a DVD of a Workshop to be held Saturday,
Please be generous in helping performance of The Uprooting, a May 13, at St. Paul’s Lutheran
Joel Johnson put together play performed by a group from Church in Waverly. Those
another Sturgis Falls Days food Duluth. Sent as a thank you gift planning to attend should notify
booth. Your time in staffing the for the Lodge donation which Keith by the April 25th Lodge
booth, your contribution of helped make it possible for the meeting so that he can meet the
Norwegian “goodies” to sell, and group to accept an invitation to May 1st deadline for reservations.
any level of cash donation to present the play in Tysvær,
complete our annual fund raiser Norway, during its Midsummer As there was no further business,
will be most appreciated. Festival in June, Social Directors meeting adjourned.
Chris Johnson and Kathy
[NOTE: See the staffing Schuhmacher will preview the Respectfully submitted,
schedule at end of this Posten. DVD for possible showing at a Eunice Becker, Secretary
Call or email Jon Tehven to let future Lodge meeting.
him know when you can work. Book Club
319.352.6094/] Vice President Dottie Roiseland
had information on Sons of The May meeting of the Book Club
As summer approaches, May is Norway’s “Growing to 2020” will be a lunch at “Whiskey Road”
our last monthly meeting until member recruitment drive, a in Cedar Falls on Thursday, May
August, so I encourage each of promotion to acquire 3500 new 18th at 11:30 am. They will discuss
you to do your best to join us at members this year. She the book The Readers of Broken
our May meeting and enjoy the distributed pins to the officers Wheel Recommended,
opportunity to experience some of present to promote awareness
the Norwegian culture and heritage (see April Posten for further
we always promise. There will be details.)
lutefisk on the table! And, there
will be meatballs for those of you Solglimt’s current membership is
who have yet to acquire a taste for 109, with one new member added
lutefisk, plus other Norwegian since the last report.
goodies. Oh, yes, and bring a Social Director Kathy
friend! Schuhmacher noted that plans
which was the April book, since
are in place for the April meeting there were only a few at the April
Keith Jorgensen, Presidenten on the 25th with Jennifer Kovarik of
meeting. The group will also talk
Vesterheim and her presentation
about the books of the past year
“When Disney Called.” and the books to read in 2018.
Secretary’s Notes, Apr. 4, 2017
Business Meeting Editor Gloria Tehven requested
reports and news items for the At the April meeting the book The
President Keith Jorgensen called next issue no later than April 26 Vikings; a History was presented
Solglimt’s monthly business due to an early May deadline. to the members attending to be
meeting to order on Tuesday, April passed around.
4, at his residence in Cedar Falls. Details regarding Thursday’s
In attendance were Dottie CultureFest at the Waterloo Center The members of the club will each
Roiseland, Gloria Tehven, Chris for the Arts were discussed. read a different portion of the book,
Johnson, Kathy Schuhmacher, Kringle and lefse for patron to be discussed during the
Jim Miller and Eunice Becker. sampling and artifacts for September Book Club meeting.
displaying were lined up as well as The book is lengthy but very
Minutes of the March meeting volunteer staffing. Keith is in interesting and well worth reading.
were reviewed and approved as contact with organizer Pam It will be in the Solglimt library
written (Kathy/Chris.) Flanders. ready for checking out after the
September meeting.
Treasurer Jim Miller’s report A strategic planning meeting was
showed a balance of $3,139.64 in scheduled for Thursday, April 20th If you have questions, contact
the Lodge operating account with at the Jorgensen residence, 3pm. Marilyn Young
expenses of $1,395.18 and 319-830-3400 or
receipts of $956 during the month.
Secretary’s Notes, April 25, 2017 are currently on loan and displayed this powerful play which runs
Lodge Meeting at the Norsk Kulter exhibit at Epcot through June 17.
in Florida. Scenes from the movie
Solglimt’s monthly Lodge meeting “Frozen” Congratulations to Don Meyer,
was called to order by President winner of the drawing for a Lodge
Keith Jorgensen on Tuesday, dinner.
April 25, at the Cedar Falls
Woman’s Club. As there was no further business,
President Jorgensen declared
Following his welcome the the meeting adjourned.
anthems, Pledge of Allegiance and
table prayer were sung and showed how these objects, which Respectfully submitted,
recited. include clothing, furniture, Eunice Becker, Secretary
tableware and jewelry to name just
As dinner was being served, Jon a few, influenced Disney animators Lodge Member News
Tehven circulated a sign-up sheet in the production of the film based
for this summer’s Sturgis Falls on Hans Christian Andersen’s Congratulations to Duane
booth staffing and donations of story “The Snow Queen.” Lindberg, whose novel The
food and cash. Kingdom of the Rings was
An interesting Q & A session nominated “Book of the Year” in
A basket was also circulated for followed Ms. Kovarik’s “When Historical fiction.
Food Bank donations. (Ed. Note: Disney Called” program.
Linda Slattenow reported that
$158.35 was collected!) Sturgis Falls Coordinator Joel
Johnson encouraged volunteers
Guest Caitlyn Bauler, Waterloo, to sign-up for time slots and
was introduced and welcomed. donations on the form being
She is the granddaughter of Joel circulated.
and Chris Johnson.
Keith reported on the initial
Musician Kathy Schuhmacher Strategic Planning meeting. Lodge
and Duane Lindberg led the strengths, weaknesses and Marcia Klinefelter was one of the
singing of Kan du glemme gamle challenges were discussed and performers in the 2017 Shell Rock
Norge? and Nidelven. objectives and how to achieve swing show. She sang in the
them are to be determined. The chorus, sang and danced in two
next meeting is scheduled for songs (“Kansas City” and “Route
Thursday, May 18. 66”),chaired the Choreography
committee, and was a production
Sports Director Jim Walsh associate.
presented Jon Tehven with
bronze medals in both gangmerke Jon and Gloria Tehven send
(walking) and idrettsmerke greetings from Dorothy Sundet
(general fitness) as part of the who they visited recently.
“Happy Birthday” was sung to Sons of Norway Sports Medal
those celebrating April birthdays. program. Jim also had cards for
tracking hours in these and other Sunshine
Social Director Kathy sports activities for those
Schuhmacher introduced the interested.
evening’s program presenter, Bev Haugen reports that Axe is
Jennifer Kovarik, Vesterheim Coordinator Dave Haugebak had currently at the Western Homes
Archivist of Decorah. already completed this spring’s Martin Center. It was noted that
highway clean-up as part of the Phyllis Ver Ploeg had been
Lodge Adopt-a-Highway project. hospitalized. We wish her well.
Tusen takk, Dave!
If you know of anyone else who
Dr. Lindberg and Mardell had could use a little sunshine, contact:
been to the Commonweal Bev Haugen
Theatre’s production of Ibsen’s Western Homes Communities
final play “When We Dead Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Awaken.” He highly recommended (319) 266-2269
With the aid of slides she shared
a trip to Lanesboro, Minn., to see
photos and described artifacts
from the Vesterheim collection that
Culture Fest 2017 Ibsen Fest And you are doing them a favor by
protecting their insurability. In
The 10th Annual Culture Fest, a For the last two decades the other words, if they become
celebration of diversity, was held Commonweal Theatre has been diabetic or if they have some
Thursday, April 6th, at the Waterloo bringing Henrik Ibsen’s works to disease come up, you’ve already
Center for Arts from 5:00-7:30 pm. life in Lanesboro, MN. with an taken care of making sure they will
The event consisted of many “IbsenFest”. But this year the be able to have some life
diverse performances, cultural curtain closes on the event, with insurance protection. That’s a
exhibits, international cuisine, the presentation of Ibsen’s final pretty powerful gift!
crafts and games. The celebration play, “When We Dead Awaken”.
is attended by hundreds of children After much deliberation, Among the many great products
and adults each year. Commonweal decided that the 20th SofN offers is a life policy that you
Annual Ibsen festival to celebrate can purchase for your
Our exhibit had Norwegian the Norwegian playwright will mark grandchildren or other relatives.
artifacts brought by Gloria the end of the event. The value of this gift is priceless. It
Tehven, our Norwegian flag hung is a forward-thinking gift that will
on display by Keith Jorgensen, benefit them throughout their life.
Norwegian lefse made by Carol
Schultz and kringla samples This product is used for children,
brought by Cheryl Moore, Chris but can also be purchased for a
Johnson, and Pam Flanders. family member who recently had a
Joel Johnson also worked at the baby or bought their first home. If
exhibit. We shared our Norwegian something were to happen, this
heritage, food and hospitality with policy would help pay the home off
the attendees. or take care of the new baby. The
The 2017 Ibsen Festival was the younger the relative you purchase
Numerous times we heard “I love weekend of April 21-23rd. Henrik a life policy for, the cheaper the
this food!” The Courier interviewed Ibsen will now take his place in the premium.
an attendee who said her favorite line of other classic writers which
food was the Norwegian cuisine!!! the Theatre will choose to feature. Unfortunately, some children and
This is a great and traditional young adults are diagnosed with
community event!!! A big thank- diseases such as juvenile onset
you to all who were involved. Diabetes, which is on the rise. The
goal should be to get an affordable
Plus a special thank-you to Pam policy in place prior to life altering
Flanders for heading up our events. If a policy is not in force
participation in the Culture Fest for them and a diagnosis is found
and for providing this article! that has longstanding
characteristics, you will either pay
more or not be able to purchase
The good news is: The play, any policy at all!
“When We Dead Awaken” will be
performed several times during Life insurance is tax free to the
May and June. To learn the dates, beneficiary, and that is another
call the Commonweal Box Office: benefit we should include as we
(800) 657-7025, or call Gloria list the positives on the child or
Tehven, 352-6094. policy, or any life policy! When a
child reaches the age of majority,
Sons of Norway Benefits the policy can be converted to a
more suitable policy for an adult.
Did you know that Sons of Norway
has a policy that you can purchase Contact your Sons of Norway’s
for your grandchildren? You can Licensed Benefit Counselor to set
take a little bit of money and put it up an appointment or to ask
in a life insurance policy for you questions.
grandchildren. You can still be the Eldon Neighbor,
owner of that policy and control it. 319-350-9101,
But down the road when you’re
gone they will have something that or
is going to continue to build in Mary (M. E.) Levsen, 319-538-
value. 5933
2016 Sports Medal Report 2017 Saturday, May 13th
President: Keith Jorgensen
For 2016 the following medals All Solglimt officers (and any
have been awarded to Solglimt Vice-President: Dottie Roiseland others that can/want to attend) are
Lodge members: encouraged to attend a workshop
Secretary: Eunice Becker for Zone 7 of Sons of Norway on
Jon Tehven: Bronze in both Saturday, May 13th at St. Paul’s
Gangemerke (minimum 100 miles Lutheran Church, 112 2nd Avenue
Treasurer: Jim Miller
walked) and Idrettsmerke in Waverly.
(minimum 1050 points ).
Membership Secretary: Don Meyer
Counselor/Past President:
Steve Norby
Social Director: Chris Johnson
Social Director: Kathy Schuhmacher The workshop begins at 10 am
Duane Lindberg: Bronze in Cultural Director: Cheryl Moore and should be over at 2 pm.
Skimerke (min. 25 kilometers Dennis Rusinko, the President of
skied) Editor: Gloria Tehven District 1 will be the workshop leader.
Jim Walsh: Enamel in Sports/Youth: James Walsh
Sykkelmerke (minimum 600 miles More information will be provided
biked), silver in Idrettsmerke Telephone Chr. Karolyn Haugebak at the Solglimt Business meeting
(minimum 1500 points earned) and on May 2nd.
bronze in Gankmerke (minimum Sunshine Chr. Beverly Haugen
150 miles walked). Editor’s Note: If you have any
friends that you would like to invite
If you have any questions or would to our Syttende Mai meeting and if
like to log, please contact Jim Treasurer’s Report they want to know what Lutefisk is,
Walsh at (712) 269-1038. For Period Ending 4/30/2017 here’s a “good” definition:

(Ed. Note: Thank-you to Sports Lutefisk
Director Jim Walsh for this
report.) Lutefisk is a Scandinavian dish
make from cod soaked in lye for an
Strategic Planning Meeting extended period of time, or by
some modern, scientific method,
Chris Johnson, Gloria Tehven, 1.Savings/Checking Account and usually prepared at holidays or
Eunice Becker, and Duane on special occasions. Lutefisk
Lindberg joined Keith Jorgensen Balance, 4/1/2017……….$3139.64 gets its unique aroma from being
on Thursday, at 3pm, April 20th, for Receipts………………….(+)657.97 cooked. It is then sprinkled with
an initial Strategic Planning Interest……………………(+) 15.92 warm memories and served with
meeting at the Jorgensen Sub Total…………………$3813.53 love. (Lutefisk Buffet, by Ed Fisher,
residence. Disbursements…………...(-)809.67 p. 96)
Objectives were discussed and If you have any news that you
suggestions shared o how to reach want or need to have in our June
2. Certificates of Deposit
them. Items included member POSTEN, send it to:
4 $1000 Certificates….$4000.00
recruitment and retention and
meeting attendance, among Gloria Tehven
3. Savings Bonds (none)
others. 1507 Hickory Heights Drive
Another session is planned for 4. Cash on Hand……………$50.00 Waverly IA 50677
Thursday, May 18th, at the same (319) 352-6094
time and place. Total Financial Assets, 4/40/2017
(Report by Eunice Becker) Officer Training Workshop
Work Crews 2017 Saturday, June 24 – 9:30 am –9:00 Sunday, June 25 – 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday, June 22- Set-Up: 2 - 5 pm 9:30 - 2:00 - Chr:
Joel Johnson_____________________ 8:30 – 2:00: _________________
Chris Johnson____________________ Chr:__________________
Dave Haugebak__________________ 8:00 am – 11:30
Karolyn Haugebak________________ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Jon Tehven______________________
Bill Hanson______________________ Gloria Tehven___________________ Kathy Schuchmacher______________
Jon Tehven______________________ Need 4
Sunday, June 25 - Take-Down Don Meyer______________________ _______________________________
Joel Johnson_____________________ Need 3 _______________________________
Dave Haugebak__________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Karolyn Haugebak________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Bill Hanson______________________ _______________________________ ______________________________
Friday, June 23 – 10:30 am-9:00 pm 2:00 – 5:00 Chr:
2:00 – 9:00 Chr: ___________________
10:30 – 5:00 – __________________
Chr:_________________ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Noon – 4:00 pm Need 9
10:30 am – 3:00 pm Mardell Lindberg_________________
Karolyn Haugebak________________ Duane Lindberg__________________ ____________
Dave Haugebak__________________ Need 8 _______________________________
Need 2 _______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
__ _______________________________ _______________________________
NOON _______________________________ _______________________________
Bob Haugebak___________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Jean Haugebak___________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
5:00 – 9:00 – Chr: 2:30 – 5:00 pm (Also, take down)
_________________ 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm Dottie Roiseland_________________
Need 8 Need 6
2:30 pm – 6:30 pm _______________________________ _______________________________
Steve Norby_____________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Jon _______________________________ _______________________________
Tehven_______________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
PamFlanders____________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Joan Headington_________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Need 3 _______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
_______________________________ Dottie Roiseland_________________
Audrey Fimreite__________________
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Need 5
Don Meyer______________________ _______________________________
Need 6 _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
Food - Friday Donations Bring your cash donation to the
Name May meeting, to the booth
Food Jon & Gloria Tehven_____________
Gloria Tehven bars__ Hovey Brom___________________ during your work time, or send
Margaret McCombs bars__ Eunice Becker__________________ to Solglimt Treasurer:
Pam Flanders Kringle Margaret McCombs_____________
_______________________________ Beebs Downing_________________
Jim Miller
_______________________________ Shari Cornish__________________
_______________________________ _______________________________ 1724 Four Winds Drive
_______________________________ _______________________________ Cedar Falls, IA 50613
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
______________________________ _______________________________
Saturday _______________________________
Name Food _______________________________
Gloria Tehven bars__ _______________________________
Kathy Schuchmacher bars__ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
_______________________________ _______________________________
______________________________ _______________________________
Sunday _______________________________
Gloria Tehven bars
Kathy Schuchmacher CRolls-2 pans
Dottie Roiseland CRolls-2pans

Each Day
Percy Slattenow _____Sweet Soup
Kalender Solglimt Posten
Gloria Tehven, Editor
May 2: Lodge Business Meeting 1507 Hickory Heights Drive
May 13: Officer’s Workshop
Waverly, Iowa 50677

May 14: Happy Mother’s Day!

May 16: Lodge Meeting
Syttende Mai Celebration
“Our Stories”
May 17: Happy Syttende Mai!

May 18: Book Club Lunch
Stategic Planning Meeting

May 29: Memorial Day

June 6: Lodge Business Meeting

June 18: Happy Father’s Day!

June 23-25: Sturgis Falls
“Let the Band Play On”

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