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Learn To Design

 Learning to think outside the
box leads to new discoveries.
The design process is an
The vision of the STEM important part of STEM. Here
at Pine Ridge students learn
program at Pine Ridge the design process with
Elementary is to prepare our hands-on activities to help
students to meet the students dig deep into
learning and understanding.
challenges of the 21
Century by innovative
What is STEM?
thinking, problem solving,
and immersing students in STEM is comprised of four
real world experiences. components: Science,
Engineering and Math subject
areas. STEM requires students
15750 GA-315, Ellerslie, GA 31807 to solve real world problems
using content they are
(706) 568-6578 currently studying.
Why STEM? Thank You
STEM programs have become a
major part of schools around the
to Our

Currently 18 elementary schools in
Georgia are STEM certified and we
would like to join them. The STEM Harris County High School
initiative originated over 120 years FDR State Park
ago when professors from Harvard Harris County Health Department
determined that students would Columbus Water Works
need to be prepared for an
Get Involved First Peoples Bank
increasingly industrialized
technological society. Ready to make a difference in
student's lives?  Get involved by
 Preparing children, beginning at the sharing your career, your time or your
elementary level, is key in building resources!
the foundation for our students to
be college and career ready in the Contact Pine Ridge today to find out
21st century. ways to be apart of building bright
futures for students.