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Introduction-- (Jessi)

Good Morning everyone. My team is formed by Saul, Danny, Sebastian and Me. And we'll
talk about our project called ‘‘Flip-flop’’.

That is basically a switch that turns on and off with the sound, in this cases an applause.

The materials we used were: A plate, resistances, potentiometer, transistor, and a


1. The circuit was made and printed on a laser printer on a calcable paper.


2. Since the circuit is printed, a copper plate is bought in which the printed circuit is placed
in the sheet and transferred with the heat of a plate, little by little until the ink sticks and
impregnates the plate.

3. Put the plate in an acid container and move it constantly so that the copper is eaten and
the ink is impregnated and the circuit is marked, since this circuit uses drills to realize the
holes in the circuit where it is marked


4. Then it takes a plate, 3 and 3 resistors that are 330 or a kilo, a potentiometer, two
sockets, a transistor and a microphone, the microphone occupies sockets, which will be
the sending and the receiving.

5. Two gates will be fitted to receive the binary data and transforms them to logical data
that will be sent to the potentiometer and the transistor making it allow the passage of the
current, as with a switch.

CONCLUSION-- (Sebastian )

The reason why we decided to do this project is because it can be of help to people who
have some kind of disability, generating some kind of accessibility.

Creating systems like these we have benefit that are reduce the materials of copper,
rubber, plastic, etc. These are used to a large extent by today's society.