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Tools for the Actor THE 122, 002

T/TH 11:00 - 12:50, Annex 5

Prof. Lisa Brescia (417) 836-6391
Craig 394A
Office Hours: MW 2:00-4:00 PM, T 2:00-3:00 PM or by appointment

Required Text: Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater
The Viewpoints Book by Anne Bogart & Tina Landau

Statement of Purpose & Course Objectives: This course is an introduction to the
fundamental tools of the actor: physical awareness, vocal awareness, and ensemble
collaboration. Through our work in this laboratory, it is our goal to:

1. Train the body and voice in an effort to build up strength and potential in
2. Increase awareness of physical, mental and vocal habits and develop tools
to build a more neutral, malleable and available instrument.
3. Foster listening and collaboration, both audible and physical.

Required Productions: Students in THE 122 are required to see all MSU Department of
Theatre and Dance productions.

Absences equal to the number of 4 contact hours (2 classes) are permitted. Thereafter,
the student's grade will be lowered by 5% per each additional class absence. Students
who miss class due to University, College, or Departmental sponsored events will be
allowed to make up missed work and will not be counted absent when the instructor is
provided with appropriate documentation. Students should provide this documentation
prior to the event. If you are ill, you will need to bring proof in the form of a signed
Doctor's note. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. After 2 absences your final grade
will be lowered 5% for each additional day you miss.

Tardiness: BEING LATE FOR CLASS IS UNACCEPTABLE. 2 Lates = 1 Absence
We will begin to work when class begins. This means that we are ready to get on our feet
to warm-up, move, and/or participate in any class discussion right at 11:15.

Sitting Out/Observing Class: If illness or injury prohibits you from feeling able to
participate in class, I recommend observing your class work from the side. You will
not get full participation credit for observing, BUT you will not be marked absent

therefore we will be treating it as a professional rehearsal period. When cell phones or pagers ring and students respond in class or leave class to respond. pagers. Students are required to provide documentation of disability to the Disability Resource Center prior to receiving .edu/disability/contact. Other exceptions to this policy may be granted at the discretion of the instructor. Observing is a powerful part of learning and it will keep you relatively on track with the progression of our work this semester. but may be helpful. Meyer Library. or similar communication devices during scheduled classes.htm. If that is not the case. emotional. with no images or text on your clothing (no graphic tees or patterned fabrics). Not receiving an email in a timely manner is not an excuse. we may be working for the full class period without a break. www. In professional rehearsals. Attire: Come dressed to move IN SOLID COLORS. Please check it regularly (i. No hats. Leaving Class: This course is a professional training course.either. We will be working barefoot. Statement on disability accommodation: To request academic accommodations for a disability. it disrupts the class. there is a ten minute break for every two hour rehearsal period. you may be asked to remove any jewelry if I see an encumbrance for you or your classmates. no jeans. Sexual Harassment: Any inappropriate behavior. All such devices must be turned off or put in a silent (silent. When this occurs. the Office of the Provost prohibits the use by students of cell phones. PDAs. These clothes should be workout/movement clothes. Statement on cell phone policy: As a member of the learning community. contact the Director of the Disability Resource Center. Email: I will be communicating through MSU email and Blackboard. Please bring a paperback book (or books) to class for Constructive Rest (for under your head). Suite 111. will not be tolerated.e. Since our class is one hour and fifty minutes long. please purchase a Yoga Mat and bring it to class. or verbal. students may consult their devices to determine if a university emergency exists. the devices should be immediately returned to silent mode and put away. NOT vibrate) mode and ordinarily should not be taken out during class. You are responsible for all information sent out via email. each student has a responsibility to other students who are members of the community. It is not required. you must ask permission. Therefore. No dangly jewelry. Given the fact that these same communication devices are an integral part of the University’s emergency notification system. daily). an exception to this policy would occur when numerous devices activate simultaneously. 417-836-4192 or 417-836-6792 (TTY). Yoga Mats and Paperback(s): If you have an aversion to lying on the floor.missouristate. physical. I do not want a revolving door. If you absolutely need to leave the class to use the restroom or for any reason.

the University reviews a variety of factors. Statement on academic dishonesty: Missouri State University is a community of scholars committed to developing educated persons who accept the responsibility to practice personal and academic integrity. The Disability Resource Center refers some types of accommodation requests to the Learning Diagnostic Clinic. Students with disabilities impacting mobility should discuss the approved accommodations for emergency situations and additional options when applicable with the which also provides diagnostic testing for learning and psychological disabilities. or other assignments as a consequence of their sincerely held religious belief shall be provided with a reasonable alternative opportunity to complete such academic responsibilities. For information about testing. You . For more information go to http://www. In making this determination. contact the Director of the Learning Diagnostic Clinic. http://psychology. At all times.e. students should become familiar with a basic emergency response plan through a dialogue with the instructor that includes a review and awareness of exits specific to the classroom and the location of evacuation centers for the building. Please visit the OED website at www.missouristate. including whether the accommodation would create an undue hardship. Religious accommodation: The University may provide a reasonable accommodation based on a person’s sincerely held religious belief. It is the obligation of students to provide faculty with reasonable notice of the dates of religious observances on which they will be absent by submitting a Request for Religious Accommodation Form to the instructor by the end of the third week of a full semester course or the end of the second week of a half semester Students who expect to miss classes. 117 Park Central Square. Park Central Office Building. examinations. Other types of concerns (i.missouristate. concerns of an academic nature) should be discussed directly with your instructor and can also be brought to the attention of your instructor’s Department Head.missouristate..htm and http://www. Statement of nondiscrimination: Missouri State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. The accommodation request imposes responsibilities and obligations on both the individual requesting the accommodation and the University. Suite 111. and maintains a grievance procedure available to any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against. All instructors are provided this information specific to their classroom and/or lab assignments in an e-mail prior to the beginning of the fall semester from the Office of the Provost and Safety and Emergency response statement: At the first class meeting.htm.accommodations. 417-836-4252. it is your right to address inquiries or concerns about possible discrimination to the Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance.

edu/policy/Op3_01_AcademicIntegrityStudents. All program- specific sanctions should be included in course policy statements. especially graduate programs. If you stop attending this class but do not follow proper procedure for dropping the class. . Dropping a class: It is your responsibility to understand the University’s procedure for dropping a class. For information about dropping a class or withdrawing from the university. room 355. The grade of “Incomplete” remains on the transcript until the appeal is resolved. or if the allegation of academic dishonesty is brought forward at the end of the semester. Each voucher may be redeemed 10-6 M-F only at any MSU box office. Lost vouchers cannot be replaced.are responsible for knowing and following the University’s academic integrity policy plus additional more-specific policies for each class. Any student participating in any form of academic dishonesty will be subject to sanctions as described in this policy. Note to instructors: Some academic programs. Students receive a packet of vouchers each semester.missouristate. contact the Office of the Registrar at 836-5520. These can be picked up in the main office. formally known as the “Student Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures” is available online at http://www. you will receive a failing grade and will also be financially obligated to pay for the class. * This syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the Instructor. The student should receive a grade of “Incomplete” in the course if an appeal from an allegation is still in progress at the end of the semester. Note to instructors: Please be aware that the academic integrity policy requires that a student who is charged with academic dishonesty in a course be allowed to continue attending class and fulfilling course requirements while they exercise their right to appeal allegations of academic dishonesty.htm and also at the Reserves Desk in Meyer Library. The University policy. may have published policies regarding additional sanctions for academic dishonesty. Student Vouchers: Each Theatre and Dance major receives free entry into department productions.

5-10% • Almost always actively engaged and focused on the work we are doing in class • Almost always participates in discussion with respectful and insightful questions and feedback • Almost always actively investigates the work instead of zoning out or "phoning in" the exercises • Never disruptive to students working in class • Superior growth in understanding and application of Voice. Participation Points: Expectations for Participation Level 1: 8. in an educational environment.Grading Breakdown: Art is subjective.100% * I will be grading on a +/.scale. it is important to have some means of evaluation .5% • Sometimes engaged and focused on the work we are doing in class • Sometimes participates in discussion with respectful and insightful questions and feedback • Sometimes actively investigates the work instead of zoning out or "phoning in" the exercises • Almost never disruptive to students working in class • Adequate growth in understanding and application of Voice. However.for both practical reasons (your university grade) and personal reasons (your growth as an actor). TOTAL . Readings/Discussion/Prompts (15%) Journal Entries (15%) Poem Work In-Class (10%) Poem Presentation (10%) Le Coq Movement Series (15%) Participation (35%) You must ACTIVELY participate in class daily. Movement and Ensemble work introduced in class Expectations for Participation Level 2: 7-8. Movement & Ensemble work introduced in class Expectations for Participation Level 3: >7% • Rarely actively engaged and focused on the work we are doing in class • Rarely participates in discussion with respectful and insightful questions and feedback • Rarely actively investigates the work instead of zoning out or "phoning in" the exercises • Occasionally or often disruptive to students working in class . That is a fact.

In this room we always show RESPECT FOR OTHERS. ." Instead of "You're not making sense. Movement & Ensemble work introduced in class Please review the Attendance / Tardiness policy above to note how absence(s) and tardiness will affect your grade. "Is this mindful? Is this wise?" Or. simply check in with this rule. • Minimal growth in understanding and application of Voice. Please always feel free to see me if you have any questions or concerns." In this room there is NO EYE ROLLING." we say. In this room we use "I STATEMENTS. "when I get on the bus and I don't have money and I feel embarrassed. but I do ask for you to TRY everything we do with enthusiasm. You will meet with me at midterms to discuss progress and your participation grade at that time. fidget. We do not speak with hatred or malice. "Would I hurt myself or others?" If the answer to that final question is "yes.. I encourage you to be IN THE ROOM. You don't have to like everything we do. Final Grading Note: While this work is highly subjective. We listen attentively when others are speaking. "I really want to punch this wall"). We will make sure we are on the same page and if improvements need to be made. I encourage everyone to curb the impulse to dismiss an exercise or an idea before it starts and instead enter bravely and openly. or day dream." we say "I didn't understand. I encourage you to resist the urge to whisper (no side chat). doodle. However. In this room we will be following our impulses with freedom and bravery." Instead of "You know when you get on the bus and don't have money and feel embarrassed. We make this room a place where everyone feels safe. what direction those improvements need to take. BE MINDFUL AND WISE. While you are in this room.. it should not be confusing and I maintain an open door policy." then perhaps you can funnel that impulse into a different action. if an impulse might cause you or a peer bodily harm (ie. Classroom Rules In this room we are always LISTENING and FOCUSED on the work at hand.

Two entries. not class criticism 2) What do you notice about how you move? 3) What do you notice about your voice? 4) What realizations arise based on the reading assignments . Assignment for 9/5: READ FTNV pgs 13-17. Answer prompts Assignment DUE 8/29: Self-evaluation paper .Between 350-500 words. Rest (Mat. Answer prompts 14 Warm-up / Linklater's Preparation for the Work (26-27) . typed with 12 pt. 12 point font. AND YOUR JOURNAL ENTRIES. Single-spaced.self-evaluation. Answer the following questions: 1) When I think about my movement abilities. should total a full page. sports. Answer prompts 7 Warm-up / Elements. the voice. Energy Levels DUE: JOURNAL ENTRIES 12 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Energy Levels in Groups DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pgs 18-25) ANSWERS Assignment for 9/19: READ FTNV pgs 39. yourself? 31 Warm-up / Ensemble Plateau Exercises September 5 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Ensemble Plateau Exercises DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pgs 13-17) ANSWERS Assignment for 9/12: READ FTNV pgs 18-25. what do I consider my strengths? What do I want to work on? What is my experience with vocal training (if any)? 24 No Class . For all reading assignments and answers to my prompts.August 22 Substitute Instructor: Welcome. the body.)? 2) When I think about my vocal abilities. yoga.about acting. Possible topics (in case you need inspiration): 1) Reflections on your work in class . etc. what do I consider my strengths? What do I want to work on? What is my experience with movement training (if any . Class Schedule Information Assignment DUE 8/29: READ FTNV pgs this is the format to be used throughout the semester).48.47. printed out.Must be typed and handed in at the start of class on the due date. Book) READING ASSIGNMENT AND SELF-EVALUATION PAPER DUE (Bring both to class. typed.Continue work on written assignments 29 Introduction / Syllabus Review / Discuss Reading / Const. font. Answer prompts ONGOING Assignment: Journal Entries (2 entries due every 2 weeks .

Begin research and memorization 12 NO CLASS . Dilley DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pgs 110-112.140.97. Answer prompts 21 Warm-up / Plateau / Le Coq Movement/Breath JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE 26 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Le Coq Movement/Breath DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pgs 50. Dilley JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE 10 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Le Coq Movement/Breath / B. 140) ANSWERS Assignment for 10/17: READ FTNV pg 267.47. Answer prompts Continue to memorize poems 26 Warm-up / Le Coq review / JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE Continue to memorize poems 31 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Viewpoints DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (TVB pgs 15-20) ANSWERS Continue to memorize poems .51. Answer prompts 5 Warm-up / Le Coq Movement/Breath / B. Answer prompts 28 Warm-up / Plateau / Le Coq Movement/Breath October 3 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Emotional Physicality Exercise DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pgs 85. 19 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Le Coq Movements/Breath DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pgs 39. 50.97) ANSWERS Assignment for 10/10: READ FTNV pgs 110-112.FALL HOLIDAY 17 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / B.51) ANSWERS Assignment for 10/3: READ FTNV pgs 85. Dilley / Music Movement / Review DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (FTNV pg 267) ANSWERS Assignment for 10/24: READ TVB pgs 3-13. Answer prompts Assign: Poems.48) ANSWERS Assignment for 9/26: READ FTNV pgs. Answer prompts Continue to memorize poems 19 Mid-Semester Evaluations 24 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Tools to Physicalize Text DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (TVB pgs 3-13) ANSWERS Assignment for 10/31: READ TVB pgs 5-20.

November 2 Warm-up / Viewpoints Continue to memorize poems 7 Discuss Reading / Warm-up / Viewpoints DUE: READING ASSIGNMENT (TVB pgs. please volunteer to work on Thursday this week.NO CLASS 28 Warm-up / Le Coq Presentations 30 Warm-up / Le Coq Presentations December 5 Warm-up / Poem/Prose Work 2 Assignment: Students who are prepared to do poem presentations on 12/17.REHEARSE AND PREP FOR PRESENTATIONS 23 THANKSGIVING BREAK. Physicalize Poem . 7 Warm-up / Poem/Prose Work 2 JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE December (Date TBD): Final Exam .Poem Presentations . 15-20) ANSWERS 9 Warm-up / Viewpoints / Review Le Coq Movements JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE Assignment for 11/14: Review Poem (Must be fully memorized) 14 Warm-up / Poem Work (must be fully memorized by today) 16 Warm-up / Poem Work / Le Coq Movements Review Assignment: Begin to devise Le Coq Movement Series 21 Warm-up / Poem Work / Clown / Le Coq Movements Review JOURNAL ENTRIES DUE Assignment for 11/28: Devise Le Coq Movement Series.