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Key Activities Incentives for Schools

English Education program Providing subsidized english education to students to
Soft Skills program improve the english skill levels which will provide
Web Portal/Online Courses
Basic Computer Education
Fair where products of latest
Edtech startups can be
E-Libraries New Resources for students to learn, Keeping students
Smart Classes( work with and teachers
Improves up toeffectiveness
teacher date with latest
andglobal eduation
productivity in
government and schools to class.

Significant improvement in .Incentives for iB Hubs Support Activities Scouting for trainers and training Communitythem programs to motivate parents Develop and promote a Open Source platform Monetary'iB Hubs Central benefits Library' rich from government contracts.

academia program Startup fest Workshops MOOC Web portal Startup Manual Faculty Training Mentoring Support Course material development Project funding Policy assessment & admin Pop-up classes Social Entrepreneurship – Virtual Hubs Weekly local entrepreneur engagement at grass root level Project-based studies One-stop-shop approach “Prototyping” entrepreneurship education .What's needed in universities? What's in it for Universities Key Activities Seminars Colloquium Angel & VC’s in classrooms Industry.

Rules & Framework Incentives for Institution Students get to interact with entrepreneurs. industry experts ss root level . investors. 1.

Incentives for iB Hubs ustry experts .

better to discuss returns trends and deals with [1. and have the data of when they are prototyping Pink sheets .Mediating in Trading shares of This will probably be done by starting some kind unlisted Startup express .to Investors from outside UP will get access to the bring investors Meetups from other states to UP with Students growing Investorsstartups of UP. also among other . This exchange visibility will have among potential product makers and innovators. They can get We will have connectionvery to high returns a pool if they of start-ups.Free with thetoright Access lateststart-ups in the(inright happenings thatstage monthin or the quarter) in the ecosystem. New investors may get confused by Collaboration with India Innovation Fund . likesupport Legal quora Q&A open to all other investors without joining Ease of becoming an angel investor.Activity Whats in it for them? Create an Angel Network Better Networking -> Access to trends. better Investor Portal / Forum screening Opportunity of deals. Training Program There are many opinions on investing available in free videos. get to meet very early stage startups in Shark tank events this way. any angel Startup Forum consulting support for the investors to engage Online Newsletter . upcoming events.Monthly magazine for investors of companies Startupprompt Provides exchange.

This training program Bigger investor pool. itBranding investors. what Bettertype of investors relationships they with need. datapool. Better startupstudent When these ecosystem in UP. can act as consultants for investors and .Whats in it for us? Bigger investor pool Access to trend discussions Many people may be hesitating to invest because of Wethe barrier have to entry (from the requirement listlegal side). If trading We can emerge as a start-up and investorof startup already existing. may be ones for iB Hubs Lack of proper education is another barrier that stops people from investing. startups are looking for further support. both start-ups and They investors will flock to partner with us and be a Many investors hesitate to invest in startups as NSE Emerge is 'Exit' takes very long time. they will look to iB Hubs. of the Providing start-ups. once 1-2 pitch is done.

What's in it for Entrpreneurs? nothing-babaji ka thullu .

Non disclosure agreement students in coming up with more startups. Presentation skills More funding for student startups Phase 2 and 3 . they will get courage to venture out on Problem Centre Newspaper column & TV stories Decreased resistance from parents will help NDA . sell and grow Workshops the not product. Ideation Competition Meetups with existing startups When students see others of their age beginning Idea Development Workshop startups.Whats in it for students and why they connect Is this sheet for students or student with iB Hubs? entrepreneurs? Activity Whats in it for the students? Mandatory Business course They would know how to market. Internship but through a start-up simulator they will mock Final year projects Most Engineering students work on real ideas Student scouting with PhD scholars and academia in their final Hackathon Students will get to know about real-time Local startup competition problems that corporates are facing. This can MOOC Courses Comprehensive and up-to-date offline courses Zero to One on various topics at their doorstep. Bootcamps .Same activities at a bigger scale .Pitching. The product just knowing won't about how be sitting to run on the a company.

which can be eventually doled out We can market ourselves as sole "GO TO "people for final year project showcasing candidates Similar to iB Leads If students can think of solutions for the problems being faced by corporates. they may Ecosystem of high quality developers who can join in startups. .Whats in it for us? We can promote ourselves as the GTM specialists andpioneers We can be the consultants of start-up simulator programmes. For any future support. they will come to us and join our Revenue from the bootcamps. they will come to us and join our More student startups come up. We can get good revenues from More student startups come up. For any future support.

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What Govt expects? Act as Nodal Centers Trusted agency to furnish letters of recommendation free of charge benchmark the startup ideas provide the level of assistance to MSMEs required to operationalise ideas .

Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) and Indian Angel Network and All India Biotech Association (AIBA) .Certifieed Incubators Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (Ficci). Indian Software Product Industry Round Table (iSPIRT). the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (Assocham). National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom).