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Abi Bamigbola

NYT Analysis #4 (sexual violence or human trafficking)

FP MD 6331-090 Summer 2017


many of the victims still have records with convictions from the time when they were not necessary seen as victims. Trafficked individuals or those who fear being trafficked may be unable or unwilling to seek the protection of the state law enforcement due of fear that it might makes their satiations worse. or any number of oppressions. It is also a major obstacle to social justice and equality. State Law Helps Those Who Escape Sex Trafficking Erase their Criminal Record Human trafficking is a fundamental abuse and violation to human rights. Unable to live decent lives. Countless number of women and children are trafficked annually across national borders. These criminal records can follow these victims and make it nearly impossible for them to overcome financial hardship. they turn to crime or even go back to a life of abuse. sexual and domestic abuse. states and countries worldwide or whether only certain crimes should be erased. racial or ethnic oppression. which can mean a lifetime afresh for these individuals.S. but it would also be a way for them to get a fresh start. Majority of them are young and helpless. but rather are part of populations made vulnerable through economic injustice. They are unable to fend themselves even after they’ve escaped or are set free. Overturning these convictions is not only going to be a positive way to help these people move forward. . These people are subjected to control. The article discuses a state law that helps those who escape from sex trafficking erase their criminal record. Individuals who fall victim to trafficking are not just random. labor and terror by their perpetrators. They suffer from different reproductive issues and economic problems. The question now becomes whether this law should be implemented by all U. And though treatment of prostitution by law enforcement has evolved significantly through the years. exploitation. gender discrimination.

Human Trafficking: A Reproductive Justice Issue. V. Stating by erasing their criminal records would be a step leading to them getting reproductive-justice-issue Ishayik. These victims would be able to seek medical care and address some of the concerns they have about their reproductive health. Adopting laws such as the one discussed in this article nationally would reduce chances of victims falling back to crime. from https://www. Retrieved July 20. In the mix of sex slavery are victims who are subjected to a number of crimes. It would also open doors to financial stability and reproductive wellbeing. from https://www. shed-its-stigma-too. (2012. Women who are trafficked are faced with several issues concerning reproductive health. current responses still fall short on addressing the entirely of the challenges it causes for its victims. It would increase reproductive rights and social justice for women and all other victims worldwide. E. Reference: Flores.html . While global commitment to combat human trafficking has increased. Law Helps Those Who Escape Sex Trafficking Erase Their Criminal Record. The years of abuse could have also led to infertility or even chronic infection of the reproductive organs.nytimes. ranging from rape to drug and sexual exploitation. (2015. 2017. depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Many suffer from drugs abuse. March 23). April 26). Retrieved July 20. B.