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Smith Meter® Ultra™ Series We put you first.
And keep you ahead.
Liquid Ultrasonic Flowmeters

FMC Technologies’ Ultra Series ultrasonic flowmeters are BENEFITS OF ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY
for much more than just flow measurement. That’s because
»» Low Pressure Drop. Pressure drop is equivalent to an
they come with a touch-screen interface, state-of-the-art
equal length of straight pipe reducing pumping cost
diagnostics and communication tools and robust on-board
and operating expense.
memory, allowing you to use your meter for data tracking
and analysis. Remote communications options also allow »» Low Maintenance. No moving parts that need to be
you to monitor product flow from anywhere. replaced due to wear – especially beneficial in severe
That cutting-edge technology is backed by FMC Technologies’ operating environments increasing operational flexibility
experience. With 85 years of custody transfer measurement, and decreasing maintenance expense.
we’re known for the quality, accuracy and reliability of »» Ideal for Problematic Applications. State-of-the-art
our meters. Our measurement specialists, engineers and meter characterization in the Flow Research and Test
service technicians understand every customer’s application Center guarantees superb accuracy performance
is unique, and we’ll make sure the job is done right, from the simplest to most challenging and
the first time. problematic applications.
But what sets FMC Technologies’ Ultra Series ultrasonic
»» Operational Flexibility. Wide measurement range
flowmeters apart is they’re the best solution over the widest
for light refined products to heavy viscous crude
range of applications. Each of our ultrasonic meters is tested
oils, bidirectional flow capability, and resistance to
in our industry-leading accredited Flow Research and
fouling from the straight pass through design provides
Test Center, which can simulate the widest range of flow
exceptional performance over a range of applications.
conditions in the world. That capability gives you assurance
that your ultrasonic meters will work with the accuracy you
need, even for the most difficult applications.

Web-Based The intuitive interface design makes accessing advanced Operator diagnostic data simple. analysis and diagnosis of meter alarms or process accredited Flow Research and Test conditions. hard-to-handle high- operating expense. ensuring optimum accuracy »» Measurement Accuracy. paired with an advanced veloc- ity profile correction algorithm. The meters can detect sudden Diagnostics variations in the product and alert operators to changing Access parameters. options allow you to monitor your data remotely. Heavy Oil. production analysis system. Communi- cations and diagnostics tools and In-Line Each transducer is held inside a protective housing. reducing the products. experience no mechanical wear. Ultra 6c. screen interface. Heavy Oil Memory reliability and improved access. »» On-Board Intelligence. make Flexible Ethernet and serial communication options are provided. high-speed digital signal processor provides outstanding measurement reproducibility over a wide range of operating conditions. even in difficult installations with less straight pipe upstream. digital. The Ultra for every barrel of product. minimizing maintenance costs. meters in operation. Compensation That measurement characteristic improves accuracy over extended ranges. the ultrasonic meters any device with network access and a web browser. diagnostic information. Series ultrasonic flowmeters have the accuracy you’ve come to expect Digital Signal Advanced digital-signal filtering provides superior from FMC Technologies’ Smith Meter Filtering performance that will not drift with time. Communications for Heavy Oil viscosity crude oils that often contain sediment and water. Advanced The Ultra 6c and 8c meters continuously monitor flow Flow Profile profile and signal quality parameters for meter Algorithms and performance diagnostics. flow profile or meter performance. 2 .000 expense of the meter. housing. The Optimized Specialized low-frequency transducers are designed to meters’ low pressure drop lowers Transducer accurately measure high-volume. On Board Historical log data is stored directly on the meter for »» High Viscosity. the Ultra Series 6c and 8c proven Communication Built-in fiber optic input can reduce installation costs by custody-transfer solutions for difficult Options eliminating the need for additional components and applications. and pulse inputs or outputs are available for configuration flexibility. trending and system parameters from the optional touch fluid properties. Its communications delays. The Ultra 6c and 8c deliver accuracy over a wide measure- High Viscosity ment range for products from LPG to heavy crude oils. reducing installation cost. Our industry-leading. A wide range of analog. ULTRA SERIES UNIQUE FEATURES Key Benefits High Speed Electronics The all-new. 8c ADDED FEATURES True Swirl and Crossing measurement paths on the same plane Crossflow provide direct measurement of swirl and crossflow. optional on-board memory make Transducer isolating it from the process fluid. options minimize the need for con- ventional wiring and enclosures. Applications Operational flexibility is greatly increased because the Ultra 6c and 8c meters can handle a wide diversity of products and operating conditions. Accessing the the meter a data tracking and Replacement transducers does not require costly shutdown. with 85 years’ experience frequency of recalibration and the long-term operating in custody transfer and 300. eliminating the cost of maintaining »» Low-Cost Ownership. or special tooling. Lab. With no Interface separate interface software and expands accessibility to moving parts. enabling detailed historical Applications.

000 6.8 »» NACE »» ATEX.380 Ultra 8c: 8 paths in 4 chordal planes using a total 12 (300) 22.820 16 (400) 33.680 Complies with API MPMS Chapter 5.000 19.620 of 16 transducers 14 (350) 24.12% or better 28 (700) 108.000 2.5 RF.000 3.620 Product Range 40 (1. 600.000 12.000 7. APPROVALS/COMPLIANCE »» API MPMS Chapter 5. APPLICATIONS »» Custody Transfer »» Pipeline Transportation »» Bulk Terminal Loading/Unloading »» Floating Storage and Off-Loading Vessels (FSOs and FPSOs) »» Line Balancing »» Inventory Control »» Allocation »» Line Integrity The meter interface is accessible from a PC or from a web enabled wireless device providing engineers and commissioning personnel outstanding access to advanced diagnostic information.340 Repeatability 18 (450) 42. Class 150.940 Flange Connections ASME B16. There is no separate interface program for IT to install and maintain.170 (based on operating conditions) 30 (750) 120.25% or better 24 (600) 78. UL/CUL »» OIML R 117-1 Specifications and approvals are based on model and application.530 Ultra 6c: 6 paths in 4 chordal planes using a total of 12 transducers 10 (250) 15. IEC.000 28. and 900 34 (850) 156.500 870 of 8 transducers 8 (200) 9.000 cSt 48 (1.8 20 (500) 50.000 35.600 depending on meter size * Based on an extended maximum flow rate of 20%.000 49.080 32 (800) 138.000 24. 3 .15% or better 26 (650) 90.540 Ultra 4c: ±0.800 36 (900) 180.000 14. Ex.400 Ultra 6c: ±0.800 3. Ultra Series FLOW CHART* SPECIFICATIONS Size Maximum Flow Rate Measurement Paths Inches (mm) BPH m3/h Ultra 4c: 4 paths in 4 chordal planes using a total 6 (150) 5.310 Ultra 8c: ±0.000 21.000) 222.600 5.200) 312.000 9.600 1.000 17.950 Linearity 22 (550) 60. 300.290 Refined product and crude oils over 2.

Germany Houston. and whose quality is backed by 40 years of experience in testing.000 bph (6.000 to 672. And keep you ahead. Texas 77067 USA P:+49 4101. Range 1.00 . Pennsylvania 16510 USA 3601 Kongsberg.5000 P:+47 32. our technicians can achieve Reynolds Numbers ranges no other lab in the world can. SFLS002 Issue/Rev. Using dynamic testing. FMC Technologies gives you the peace of mind that Ultra Series ultrasonic meters work with the accuracy you need. That’s because they’re tested in our industry-leading ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited Flow Research and Test Center. Norway © 2014 FMC Technologies.260. FMC Technologies’ Flow Research and Calibration Lab is accredited through NVLAP (NVLAP Laboratory Code 200939-0). whether for leak detection or custody transfer. Inc. heavy crude oils and other similar applications.67.4 (7/14) P:+1 814. Our Flow Research and Test Center can test up to 30-inch meters using hydrocarbon fluids on flow rates up to 1602 Wagner Avenue Box 1012 Erie. Smith Meter GmbH 500 North Sam Houston Parkway West.2190 Norway Operation USA Operation Kirkegardveien 45 www.898.670 m3/h) and viscosities up to 300 cSt. 0. We put you first.304. 12" Ultra 8c PERFORMANCE IN ERIE FLOW LAB Testing Over Reynolds No. whose experts can simulate the widest range of flow conditions in the world.28. That world-leading capability means FMC Technologies’ Ultra Series ultrasonic flowmeters measure in the field with the accuracy you need for highly viscous.fmctechnologies.0 P:+1 281.746 NEW CHART TO FOLLOW Dynamic Testing to ISO/IEC 17025 Ensures Accuracy With the variety of crude oils today. Regentstrasse 1 Suite 100 25474 Ellerbek. FMC Technologies Germany Operation Measurement Solutions. All rights reserved.