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It’s that time of the year again! The U.S.

Embassy in the Philippines
continues to encourage young leaders to find innovative ways to tackle
community and/or national challenges. We want to support you as you work
to make your community a better place!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the 2017 YSEALI Philippines
Small Grants Competition!

All YSEALI members are welcome to submit project proposals for the
opportunity to receive funding in amounts up to Php 100,000, subject to
approval by our office. The project proposal should relate to one or more of
the four issue areas of YSEALI: Civic Engagement, Economic Development,
Education, and Environmental Protection. The deadline for proposals is April
30, 2017 and must follow attached proposal and budget template. Don’t
forget to complete the templates and follow instructions therein!

While projects can be done individually, we prefer that you submit proposals
as a team of YSEALI members. Remember, if you want to work with friends
who aren’t YSEALI members, it’s free and easy for them to sign up on! Deadline for submission is on midnight of April 30, 2017 to with subject title: YSEALI SMC_ (Project Title).

We want to help you become better leaders and more engaged citizens.
Connect with fellow YSEALI members, make a team, and find a way that you
can improve the lives of those around you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail us at !

Revised 1 April 2017 Page 1

key objectives. Revised 1 April 2017 Page 2 . Project proponent (Organization or Individual) : Davao del Sur Youth Network II. Established in November 2015. participation. The Davao del Sur Youth Consultative Sessions is a series of workshops targeted to ten (10) youth sub-sectors. PROPONENT INFORMATION I. profile and number of target audience.S. Government Funding Received (if applicable): Project Program Dates Amount B. the Network promotes youth welfare and youth empowerment. The Project will be implemented from June to July of 2017 at various locations in Davao del Sur. including essential details such as the problem being addressed. 2017 YSEALI Philippines Small Grants Competition Project Title: Davao del Sur Youth Consultative Sessions A. PROJECT SUMMARY Please summarize the project in no more than 200 words. Currently the Network is organizing the formation of the Davao del Sur Youth Development Council as encouraged under the SK Reform Act of 2016 III. project dates and site of implementation. Brief background of project proponent: Describe the organization and the project leader/s who will be the point of contact/s. The Network believes that through active citizenship youth can be tapped to address many important issues in the province.Previous U. key activities. The Davao del Sur Youth Network is a province-wide alliance of youth and youth-serving organizations. health and employment) and youth empowerment. The workshops have a two-fold purpose to (1) organize two-hundred young people as members of the Davao del Sur Youth Council and (2) consult young people on pressing problems of youth in four (4) thematic areas of youth welfare (education.

The ten sub-sectors include: student councils. The workshops will ask: what problems in a particular thematic area has adversely impacted them. community-based youth. young political leaders. The success of the Council’s activities depends largely on the breadth and quality of its reach. C. The workshops alumni shall then serve as ambassadors and focal persons within their respective organizations for the Council. The provincial government of Davao del Sur is on its way in building a convergence structure of youth and youth-serving organizations working alongside with national government agencies. fraternities. Describe the project’s context. Region XI is also one of the areas with a higher transmission rate of AIDS in the country. According to the Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study (YAFFS4). DIAMANTE Project Lead PORTIA DUMASIG Project Supervisor ROY MOLINA Facilitator Kieth Facilitator D. Include details on the organizations you will partner with. Then we shall follow it with a marketing campaign beginning with a press Revised 1 April 2017 Page 3 . The program will raise its visibility through tapping into personal networks of Council members. Name Program Role ARDEEN ROY C. The youth leaders will then be educated on various youth issues and consulted to form action plans through a series of workshops. DETAILED PROJECT DESCRIPTION Please expound your project proposal in no more than 1000 words. For this reason. in-school youth. Region XI suffers from higher than average youth drug use and early teenage pregnancies. and how you will use traditional and social (new) media. young entrepreneurs. how you will raise awareness and support for the project. the problem. a draft and revisable Youth Action Plan shall be formed from the various workshop responses. Davao del Sur is a small province in Mindanao with an overall population of 600.Mindanao.000+. Due to this and other national causes of concern on the youth sector. Additionally. youth- serving organizations. your proposed solution and the desired outputs and outcomes. For this reason the Council needs to invest in creating a mechanism that is also consultative and responsive to the needs young people identify as crucial problems and replicable solutions. After the consultations. sports clubs.000+ people and an estimated youth population of 180. the need to build a mechanism where youth take an active role in addressing their welfare is crucial for inter-generational development. the Council needs to cast a wide consultative net identifying youth leaders from ten (10) different youth sub-sectors. faith-based organizations and young employees. what solutions have been done to address them successfully and what projects and activities have they conducted to solve other issues that the provincial government/civil society can support. PROJECT STAFF Please identify key project staff and their roles. civil society and other private partners: the Davao del Sur Youth Development Council.

Project Objective 1: Organize Youth Organizations under the Council Activity 1: Invite prospective and identified youth leaders from ten youth sub- sectors Activity 2: Provide an orientation of the Council and the SK Reform Act of 2016 Activity 3:Register officers and members under the National Youth Commission’s Youth Organization Registration Program Project Objective 2: Craft a Consultative Youth Action Plan Activity 1: Ask a series of questions from participating members regarding youth welfare and youth empowerment Activity 2:Compile the data from the workshops into a Youth Action Plan Activity 3: Utilize the Youth Action Plan as the basis of the Project Objective 3: Activity 1: Activity 2: Activity 3: F. achievable. The next steps include setting up billboards advertising the workshops in strategic locations province-wide. the Davao Sur Youth Network is partnering with the Provincial Population Planning Office of Davao del Sur and the provincial government. GRANTEE MONITORING AND EVALUATION PLAN Please detail in no more than 400 words how the project will be monitored and evaluated. useful items. relevant and time-bound). the program will advertise and promote for many months the upcoming program. If possible. The Network seeks both funds. Include description on ensuring project impacts will be sustained even after project conclusion. DETAILED PROJECT OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES & OUTPUTS Please indicate your project objectives and the activities you will do to achieve these objectives. For this program. logistics.conference with the provincial governor. Revised 1 April 2017 Page 4 . E. venue and supplemental manpower that the provincial government can provide. make your statements SMART (specific. measurable. Utilizing the support of radio stations.

quantities and unit costs) for verification purposes. Make sure to include all cost assumptions (i. or fraudulent statements or claims may subject me to Signature: ____________________________________ Revised 1 April 2017 Page 5 . fictitious. DIAMANTE Title/Designation: Lead Convenor Tel #/s: 0910 290 3853 E-mail Address: ardeend@gmail. Title 218. complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. The Youth Action Plan shall then serve as a guideline for projects to be invested under the Gender and Development (GAD) Fund amounting to a total of 10 percent.The Youth Consultative Sessions and the subsequent Youth Action Plan will be monitored through the Provincial Population Office acting in its capacity as the Provincial Youth Development Office.900. or administrative penalties. Code. Amount Requested (in Philippine Pesos): PHP 99. I certify that the statements herein are true..000. I am aware that any false. BUDGETARY REQUIREMENTS I.Other organization/s you applied to with the same grant proposal & status of the application (if any): _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ By signing this application.e. civil.00 IMPORTANT: Please submit together with this document a SOFT COPY (in MS Excel format) of your detailed working budget showing the BREAKDOWN OF EACH budget category as indicated in the YSEALI Philippines Small Grants Competition Budget Plan. (U. III.S. Other sources of support for this project & type of support/amount (if any): The Provincial Government of Davao del Sur can counterpart at least 120. Section 1001) Name: ARDEEN ROY C. II. The Plan shall serve as the blueprint/guide for the Youth Development Council’s investment program.00 for this project. G.

Date Signed: _____________________________________ Revised 1 April 2017 Page 6 .