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Barely a stretch Beyond nutrition
BREAST milk is the best source of nutrition
your infant needs for the first six months of
increases milk
flow. It also
STRETCH marks affect most ingredient that helps improve the skin’s life. In addition to its numerous nutritional facilitates the
women during and after hydration level benefits, the physical closeness promotes regaining of
pregnancy. Due to the l Collagen – A protein which bonding as well as cultivates some of the infant birth
growth of their babies in a occurs naturally in the human body. most intimate moments between a mother weight in early
relatively short period as A building block of skin, it gives skin and her child. postnatal days.
well as the abrupt cease of the ability to bind together Low milk production may be due to In addition to its lactation-boosting
pressure on their abdominal l Sweet almond oil – A popular nutritional deficiencies, consumption of benefits, red raspberry leaf helps reduce
skin after giving birth, essential oil that has a high birth control pills, hormonal changes, uterine swelling and strengthens the uterus,
stretch marks develop easily. moisturising power and boosts skin improper latching of the baby and assisting in postpartum recovery. Blessed
Palmer’s incorporates the suppleness infrequent breastfeeding. thistle seed enhances appetite and relieves
goodness of its cocoa butter formula (CBF) l Argan oil – An anti-inflammatory Breastfeeding is a supply-and-demand indigestion in nursing mothers. Fennel aids
into its stretch mark prevention and substance and natural source of vitamin E process. The more you breastfeed, the more in digestion and relieves symptoms of colic
treatment range. The range comprises: l Gotu kola – A medicinal herb that milk you produce. in babies.
l Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks – A promotes collagen production and is used to Herbal remedies can naturally boost your
light formula for everyday use treat skin conditions milk supply. Fenugreek seed increases milk This article is brought to you by
l Massage Cream for Stretch Marks – A l Vitamin E – A powerful natural production by stimulating milk ducts of the VitaHealth.
heavier formula suited for application on a antioxidant that enhances the protective mammary glands. It has an oxytocic effect,
slowly expanding belly during pregnancy for function of skin and minimises lipid loss which helps with the let-down reflex and n For more information, call 1800 183 288.
intensive hydrating care l Shea butter – A gentle yet effective
l Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks – A moisturiser that contains anti-inflammatory Benefits of breastfeeding
concentrated formula to use at night, with a properties and is naturally packed with For mother For baby
calming lavender scent to lull you to sleep vitamins A, E and F
l Body Milk for Stretch Marks – A Enhances post-partum weight loss and helps burn Provides ideal nutrients for optimal growth and
lightweight, non-greasy formula for a quick Palmer’s CBF products are hypoallergenic, extra calories development
moisture boost at any point of the day paraben- and phthalate-free and Reduces post-partum bleeding and helps the uterus Helps prevent constipation and stomach upset
dermatologically tested for your assurance. return to its pre-pregnancy size
The Palmer’s CBF stretch marks treatment
and prevention range contains myriad This article is brought to you by Propharm Lowers the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, Provides antibodies that can protect against
hydrating ingredients to keep dry and itchy (M) Sdn Bhd. high blood pressure and post-partum depression allergies, diarrhoea, ear infections and respiratory
skin as well as stretch mark development at tract infections
bay. n For more information, call 016-331 0641 Decreases the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer Helps prevent sudden infant death syndrome
l Cocoa butter – A moisturising natural or visit
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Skincare TYT Herbal

for babies
Medicated Oil is
a gentle
massage oil
suited for
OUR skin is our bodies’ foremost physical
defence against environmental irritants such
as toxins and allergens. MAL20034700T

A suitable massage oil
Sometimes, the skin is unable to perform
well as a protective barrier due to certain mimics the protective oily layer birds have
diseases and conditions such as psoriasis and on their feathers and skin.
atopic dermatitis. As a result, irritation and The efficacy and compatibility of EUBOS
inflammation occur. Haut Ruhe skincare have been
Infants are more vulnerable to skin dermatologically confirmed, making both THE choice of a suitable massage oil is very create a multipurpose traditional oil that is
conditions that cause dry, sensitive skin. As lotion and cream safe for daily application. important as it needs to be gentle and not only suitable for massage but can also be
dry skin is stripped of moisturising surface Made without preservatives, parabens, pleasing for your baby’s delicate skin and used to treat minor injuries, stomachache,
oils after cleansing, lotions and creams can polyethylene glycol, lanolin, dyes, synthetic senses. headache, cuts, insect bites and stings, and
help restore essential fatty acids in the skin fragrances, silicone or paraffin, EUBOS Haut TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is a great choice other aches and pain.
for it to retain moisture and reduce Ruhe Lotion and Cream are suitable for for baby massage due to the various benefits Each essential ingredient has its own
inflammation. babies and children. derived from its herbal ingredients and its properties, such as:
However, oil-heavy creams are less EPO is particularly rich in linolenic and user-friendliness. l Wormwood leaf dispels cold and
suitable as they can clog pores and leave -linolenic essential fatty acids, which are It has a soft and pleasing aroma, is not oily relieves pain in the lower abdomen with a
skin feeling greasy. In the warm climate of integral in building the skin’s natural when fully absorbed into the skin and does cooling sensation.
Malaysia, light hydrating lotions that are barrier. These lipids cannot be synthesised not leave stains on clothing after washing. It l Chinese Angelica activates blood
absorbed into the skin are preferable. in the body and must be obtained externally. is ideal as a massage oil as it gives no hot or circulation, relieves pain and traumatic
Lotions suitable for infants are ones that Other naturally occurring fats such as burning sensation and is thus gentle enough injuries.
are clinically proven to be fragrance-free shea butter, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil for baby’s skin and also safe for all in the l Chinese Arborvitae stops minor
and preservative-free. help nourish and protect the skin while family. bleeding and helps minor injuries.
EUBOS features two types of skincare for allantoin and panthenol support skin TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is carefully l Piper betel leaf has antioxidant
dry skin – a light lotion (oil-in-water regeneration, especially in minor wounds formulated and produced in its modern properties.
emulsion) for basic care and a heavier cream and lesions. Sweet almond oil also enhances manufacturing facility with Good l Lemongrass improves blood circulation,
(water-in-oil emulsion) for intensive care. the effect of EPO. Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification with many benefits to health.
Easy to spread and delicately thin, EUBOS Soothing herbs can calm skin irritation from the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical l Ginger dispels cold and improves blood
Haut Ruhe Lotion is quickly absorbed into and inflammation from dryness and Control Bureau under the Health Ministry circulation.
the skin and leaves little to no residue. sensitivity. St John’s wort extract contains of Malaysia and is also certified halal by l Agarwood bark promotes Qi flow,
It contains 6% evening primrose oil (EPO), bioflavonoids, which display anti- JAKIM. relieves pain and distension, and helps
sweet almond oil and St John’s wort extract inflammatory effects and are helpful in TYT Herbal Medicated Oil is its flagship relieve pain in the chest and abdomen.
for protective comfort for the skin. Suitable calming skin itching or chafing. product and is formulated based on a l Palm oil is a natural source of vitamin E
for mild skin irritation and general use, this centuries-old formula inherited from the and antioxidants.
lotion can be used by the whole family. This article is brought to you by Propharm company director June Choo’s ancestors.
For more inflamed dry skin conditions, (M) Sdn Bhd. Its eight essential ingredients – wormwood n For more information, contact Tiffany
one may opt for the EUBOS Haut Ruhe leaf, Chinese Angelica, Chinese Arborvitae, at 012-429 9427 or
Cream. This rich, hydrating cream contains n For more information, call 03-6243 6389 Piper betel leaf, lemongrass, ginger, Chinese This is a traditional product advertisement.
10% EPO as well as purcellin oil, which or visit agarwood bark and palm oil – are blended to KKLIU No.2648/2016
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Making Malaysia happier
MORE women are joining
Malaysia’s workforce than ever, in
accordance with the 10th Malaysia
Plan that aimed to raise female
labour participation rate (FLPR) to
55% by 2015.
The move is continued in the Kao Malaysia's innovative, value-added products,”
11th Malaysia Plan to raise FLPR to president Fujiwara says Fujiwara.
59% by 2020, indicating a need for Masaki (left) and
a shift in conventional parenting
and family structures to encourage
marketing vice- An ear to the ground
president Tan Poh
and maintain equal opportunity in The Welcome to My Modern
Ling with the star
the workforce by recruiting and Parenthood campaign is able to
products of Welcome
retaining women in their return for a second phase due to a
professions. To My Modern multitude of positive feedback
As a result, women who are Parenthood campaign from consumers in the first one.
mothers or want to be mothers – Merries, Magiclean From that feedback, Kao
face challenges in starting a family and Attack. Malaysia was able to assess what
or taking care of their families. consumers really wanted, how
Maintaining a balance between they wanted it and why it would
career and the home becomes a benefit them.
delicate balancing act. True to its vision to be a
The move to increase FLPR in company that is closest to its
Malaysia has seen a rise in double- consumers first and foremost, Kao
income families where both aims to earn the respect and trust
parents have careers to focus on. of its most valuable audience.
With kids in the mix and both “We hope to educate and help
parents working, it is a challenging modern parents find smarter ways
world of juggling multiple roles to take care of their homes and
without dropping a single ball. families to gain better control of
Kao Malaysia aims to help new their time. Being able to be a
parents share responsibilities in parenting guide, The Secret To My into a frenzy trying to keep their of its product safety. helping hand to Malaysian families
managing their family and life Modern Parenthood. home sanitary and as germ-free as “We are unique in that we have is a true satisfaction for us.
together to create happier families Its content was curated based on possible for their child, on top of a chemical plant where we develop “As long as Malaysian families
who spend more time together. insights from the Kao Japan everything else they do to prepare raw material from palm oil appreciate and want this campaign
The Merries, Magiclean and Lifestyle Research Centre, with the baby’s surroundings for his byproducts into our finished to continue, Kao Malaysia will do
Attack product lines were fine- Positive Parenting Malaysia acting arrival. products. Kao Malaysia is a its best to bring it back every year
tuned to cater to this aim, designed as the official expert and Babies under the age of five are research- and development- with more practical home care and
to let parents complete home educational content provider in at heightened risk of infection due focused company, which lets us parenting tips,” says Fujiwara.
management tasks more efficiently developing material for the to their still-underdeveloped maintain an eco-friendly Through this campaign, Kao
and free up more time dedicated to parenting guide as well as input immune system. With Kao development department,” says Malaysia has been able to engage
the family. from advisory medical and Malaysia’s Magiclean range, Fujiwara Masaki, president of Kao with consumers who in turn have
The simpler home-cleaning tasks healthcare perspectives. hygiene concerns can be put aside Malaysia. a chance to engage with the
are, the faster they can be handled Kao Malaysia’s featured products as you focus on bringing your baby “We work to understand and products and observe for
and this gives parents the freedom are detailed in the guidebook as home. reduce the environmental impact themselves how the products’
to choose what they do with their well, with helpful illustrations and Personal hygiene is as important of our operations throughout the efficacy can help them save time
free time. information. for parents as it is for children. entire life cycle of our products, on chores and, more importantly,
Launched last year, the Welcome Attack is the choice laundry from procurement of raw material to have fun with their families.
To My Modern Parenthood
campaign is back by popular
Thoughtful products for detergent for parents, with unique
anti-bacterial properties for sweat
to production, logistics, sales, use
and disposal,” says Tan Poh Ling,
Besides promoting the Merries,
Magiclean and Attack lines, the
demand this year for its second peace of mind odour prevention all day, every marketing vice-president of Kao Welcome to My Modern
phase, with the slogan True day. Malaysia. Parenthood campaign and
Happiness is Made of These. Having a newborn baby at home Attack laundry detergent comes Kao Malaysia also expressed its guidebook function to advise
This phase of the campaign and adjusting to being a parent is in different advanced formulae for commitment in reducing the parents on how to make the most
operates to give consumers an stressful enough, so let Merries your different needs to keep you environmental impact of its of quality time with the family.
opportunity to interact with and be diapers help take the pressure off fresh and odour-free throughout operations, conserving biodiversity Encouraging fathers to adopt a
educated about Kao Malaysia keeping your child clean. your day, so you can spend more and conducting environmental more active role in the household,
products as well as help anxious These diapers are of high time with your newborn child and activities through community reminding mothers to take care of
new parents transition into the breathability, promoting moisture create happy moments together. engagement to further contribute themselves after giving birth and
overwhelming yet exciting world distribution and ensuring that your to the well-being of the planet. suggesting ways small children can
of parenthood.
Kao Malaysia’s featured product
baby is comfortable and fresh all
day long.
Friendly to families and “In line with Kao Malaysia’s
mission to promote satisfaction
help with household chores are
just a few strategies detailed in the
lines are Merries diapers, Kao Malaysia hopes to keep your the environment and enrichment in the lives of comprehensive guidebook.
Magiclean surface cleaners and babies comfortable throughout the people, we are continually making
Attack laundry detergent. day to maximise the happy Kao Malaysia practises product improvements from the n For more information or to
In conjunction with the moments you as parents can sustainable development of perspective of our consumers. Our download the guidebook, visit
campaign, Kao Malaysia is also experience with your child. products and services by understanding of consumer needs
launching Volume II of its Many parents work themselves innovation to assure consumers is Kao’s way of conceiving parenthood.