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Baguio City National High School Hymn (New version


In all the world aye,

There’ll be but one highland home fondest to me.

Baguio City fairest by far,

And but one Alma Mater, Baguio City High.

However lowly, however lofty,

Fickle fate may lead me away,

Always remembrance will bring me back

To dear Baguio City High.

In sunshine 'neath clouds,

'midst towering pine, colorful bouquets abloom,

Our loved campus greenward spread out,

Loveliest in all the land, Baguio City High.

Today we sing, fore'er see visions,

ah, the years shall tell our story

We shall not break faith we pledge thee,

oh dear Baguio City High.

Baguio haven for all people For you we thank the Lord and God of all Pine sifted sunshine air we breathe so fresh Tranquil beauty and invigorating breeze Your countless wonders known afar and near Your verdant hills of kissed by clouds of pearl Myriad flowers bloom so beautiful in you Like children of every land and hue For any race whether dark or light None can resist your great invite To love and live in you forever Our Eden dreams and gifts of the Creator .Baguio City Hymn Oh.

your name we shall not fail Honor and fame to you we’ll strive to bring Your glory won we shall forever sing. Refrain: Cordillera. Here dwell freedom loving people Strong our bond it’s hard to topple For our freedom we rise and fight Our priceless ancestral birthright. Dreams of peace of oneness and progress Cherished goals our regions’ praises Striving to build a brighter dawn For our children to call their own.Cordillera Hymn Music and Lyrics by: Julia Saganib and Juanita Madarang Cradled by majestic mountains Blest with nature’s flowing fountains Blowing flow’rs and verdant hills Is a region of murm’ring rills. ‘Neath the sky the rain may gather Angry clouds may craz’ly wander But the sun shines forever fair As we climb up the golden stair. . region of wonder hail Beloved land.