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At the beginning, we were thoroughly oriented with the processes, the system, regulations and the

safety issues of the company (Holcim Philippines, Davao Plant) since it was very important to them that
we do so. Since I was already quite close to my supervisor, I was then given the proper personal
protective items and then toured around the plantation with appropriate supervisions.

We were briefed if we can handle heights since we were about to engage with some everyday.

One supervisor provided

Basically always following orders from the provisions of the supervisor

When the supervisor is not present, assignment is automatically in order

Seldom assigned to another supervisor for another experience

Assignments include encoding, redocumenting things, reading annual assignments for when the
supervisor becomes present, the reading is applied to some activity which include calibration, repair and
alteration of some devices and machines

Most of the time, assigned work involve specific circuit drawing in AutoCAD, drawing and
redocumenting old manuals for digital use.

Most half of the days spent there were following the supervisor to their respective fields. In my case, the
supervisor covers the areas Packing House (where cement are packed to excels or bulks) which is ready
for delivery, And the finish mill (where it involves the final mixing of the cement which will be ready for

Field activities involves tending to summons to places where it needs maintenance or daily checking of
the respective filed of operation.

We do often join the meetings of the supervisors and managers for observations. Field activities also
include assistance through various assignments.

With our supervisors leave, we are assigned to others with different respective fields. I was assigned to
the maintenance department at the electrical instrumentation and automation.