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25 Questions You Should Ask Your Grandparents Before It’s
Too Late
Posted January 31, 2014 by Chelsea Pullano (

Your grandparents have seen and
experienced quite a bit. They are
sources of information that could make
your life easier. They also are the history

of your family. While you have your

of your family. While you have your
history and theirs in front of you, it is
important to learn about it.

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Why do you think you ended up
with one another?

Being together long enough to not only
raise a family, but to see your own
family raise a family is an
accomplishment. Finding out the
reasons two people stay together that
long can be interesting and
heartwarming at the same time.

. and that will teach you something about their past that you may not have known.What is your biggest regret? Learning about your grandparents' lives is something that will benefit both you and them. and one that you can stand to learn from. Regrets are an important part of life. What was your proudest moment? This is a question that they will enjoy answering.

or you'll get a history lesson as part of the answer. Either way. What do you consider your .What was the biggest challenge of your life? The challenges your grandparents faced were far different from many that we experience today. Chances are you'll either learn something you never knew by asking this question. it's bound to be educational.

Asking them to pick one thing . what would it be? When you have this much life experience at your fingertips. and something you really should know about them and their past.What do you consider your biggest loss in life? While this is a sad topic to talk about. it is an important aspect of your grandparents' lives. you should take advantage of learning from it . If you could offer one piece of advice to your grandkids.

This couple has been in it for the long haul - ask them to help you to do the . and pick what they honestly believe will be of the most value to you. If you could offer your grandkids one piece of financial advice. what would it be? Again. what would it be? . Asking them to pick one thing ensures that they will think long and hard. take advantage of an expert while you have one in front of you. If you could offer your grandkids one piece of relationship advice.

they watched your parents raise theirs. and many people who made a mess of things. Find out how they recommend handling your money.Your grandparents have seen economic ups and downs that are barely imaginable to many of us. what would it be? Not only have they raised their own family. because they're sure to have seen many people who did so correctly. and were there when countless other friends and family members did . If you could offer your grandkids one piece of advice on raising a family.

They are bound to have an opinion on what is and is not successful. . what would it be? Loss is something we will all have to experience at some point. If you could offer your grandkids one piece of advice on how to cope with loss. Having advice from someone who has already suffered through it can only make it more manageable.other friends and family members did so.

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