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On i PUBLIC SCHOOLS OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT FRANK QUATRONE ‘Sinetron August 29, 2017 Lodi Board of Education Lodi, New Jersey Re: Addendum to Superintendent's Monthly Report Special Meeting August 29, 2017 Trostes: 32, Tuition 2017-2018 School Year {request approval ofthe tution contract forthe 2017-2018 school year for the student listed below: i, Essex Regional Educational Services Commission Student Code Program Eifiective a. m9-12 $43,265.00 Altemative Education 9-5-1710 6-30-18 33. Resignation of SSI 1am in eesipt of alter from Brian Long, School Safety Investigator, resigning from his position effective August 25, 2017. 34. Donation of Dell Laptops {am in receipt ofa letter from Christie Vanderhook, Wilson Schoo! Principal, requesting to accept 11 DELL laptops that were donated to Wiison School from the Law School ‘Admission Council of New Jersey. The estimated value is $330.00 for each laptop. The laptops will be utilized to enhance instruction in a LLD classroom, | request appreval to accept the donation of 11 laptops from the Law School Admission Council of New Jersey. ADDENDUM Superintendent's Report Regular Meeting August 29, 2017 Page 2of 35, Unpaid Medical Leave of Absence {am in receipt ofa letter from Danielle Palasti-DeFranco, English Teacher atthe Thomas Jefferson Middle School, requesting an unpaid medical leave of absence from September 1, 2017 to October 13, 2017. Ms. Palesti-DeFranco will resume her duties on October 16,2017. Sincerely, FE Jatin — Vm Oo Seino eS FQ:ma