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I. Listen carefully to each word, question or sentence. Write the word and sentence you hear.

1. elbow - I have two elbows.
2. pants - I am wearing blue pants today.
3. father - My father is James.
4. shoulder - John has large shoulders.
5. living room - We watch TV in the living room.
6. put on makeup - Ana puts on makeup before going shopping.
7. December - December is the 12th month of the year.
8. cold - The weather is cold today.
9. shirt - The students are wearing green and white shirts today.
10. Portuguese - People speak Portuguese in Brazil.
11. take a shower - The students take a shower every morning.
12. go to class - I went to class at 9 o’clock today.
13. kitchen - I wash dishes in the kitchen.
14. shaved - My husband shaved before going to class today.
15. turn off - Mr. White turned off the lights before going to school.
16. take notes - It is important to take notes in English class.
17. knee - I have a pain in my right knee.
18. brush hair - Ana brushed her hair early this morning.
19. get up - I got up at 5 a.m.yesterday.
20. make the bed - My daughter makes her bed every morning.
21. hat - The soldiers are wearing blue and white hats.
22. turn to page eight - Please turn to page eight in your books.
23. open the window - Jane opened the window during class.
24. get dressed - The boy got dressed for school at 7:30 in the morning.
25. grandmother - My grandmother’s name is Maria.
26. cousin - There are many cousins in my family.
27. weather - The weather is sunny today.
28. garage - John parked his car in the garage last night.
29. brush teeth - It is important to brush your teeth after eating.
30. dust - Mrs. Jones dusted the bedroom at noon.

II. Write the past tense of the words you hear.

1. to go (went)
2. to clean (cleaned)
3. to wear (wore)
4. to work (worked)
5. to take (took)
6. to put on (put on)
7. to get dressed (got dressed)
8. to iron (Ironed)
9. to watch (watched)
10. to vacuum (vacuumed)