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3 Specifications

RTN 905 1E: 1 (microwave direction) 8 (microwave directions) 10 (microwave directions) 20 (microwave directions)
IF port
RTN 905 2E: 2 (microwave directions)
> 500 Mbit/s (single channel; > 600 Mbit/s (single channel;
without compression of frame headers) without compression of frame headers)

Dimensions (W x D x H) 442 mm x 220 mm x 44 mm 442 mm x 220 mm x 88 mm 442 mm x 220 mm x 88 mm 442 mm x 225 mm x 220 mm

ODU operating
frequency band (GHz)

Channel spacing 3.5/7/14/28/40/50/56 3.5/7/14/28/40/50/56/112

Switching capability 8 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s 10 Gbit/s 43 Gbit/s

Valid slots for service boards Unpluggable 1-6 1-6 1-14

Microwave types Integrated IP microwave
SDH microwave
Four N+0 (N = 2) Five N+0 (N = 2)
Two 1+0 groups 10 N+0 (N = 2) groups at maximum
RF configurations groups at maximum groups at maximum
One 1+1 or 2+0 group N+1 (N ≤ 7)
N+1 (N ≤ 7) N+1 (N ≤ 7)
AES-based encryption
Not supported Supported
at air interfaces

13 modulation schemes: 14 modulation schemes:
Modulation schemes
QPSK Strong to 2048QAM QPSK Strong to 4096QAM

E1 priority
Microwave features Frame header compression over air interfaces
Huawei OptiX RTN 900
Transparently transmitted point-to-point, VLAN-based, and QinQ-based E-Line services
IEEE 802.1q, IEEE 802.1d, and IEEE 802.1ad-compliant E-LAN services
Ethernet features QoS

MPLS Supported Long Distance
SDH line clock/E1 tributary clock SDH line clock/E1 tributary clock
Microwave link clock Microwave link clock
Synchronous Ethernet clock
Service cascade port clock
Synchronous Ethernet clock
Service cascade port clock High Bandwidth
2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz external clock 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz external clock
IEEE 1588v2 clock IEEE 1588v2 clock/IEEE 1588 ACR clock
IEEE 1588 ACR clock Channelized STM-1 line clock/E1 channel clock
High Reliability
Protection schemes For microwave links: 1+1/PLA/EPLA For Ethernet services: LAG/ERPS/MSTP Equipment-level protection: 1+1 hot standby
For TDM services: SNCP/Linear MSP For MPLS services: 1:1 APS/ML-PPP
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.. 400M Low temperature test Freezing test 400M 400M Device down Device online 400M Flatlands Urban areas Gas fields Banking industry Severe multipath fading Costly site acquisitions Difficult-to-access areas High availability requirement Water ingress test Vibration test When optical fibers are insufficient.9% 1. do not worry about information leaks.999% link availability.999% Time Up to 670 Mbit/s Industry-leading reliability 400 Mbit/s Original bandwidth High-order XPIC Frame header 8KA surge protection ODU dustproof and waterproof rating: IP65 Frigid conditions Desert environments High altitudes Transoceanic modulation scheme compression –35ºC Over 50ºC 5154 m High humidity and salt fog Industry average: 3KA Huawei: 8KA EPLA implements Gbit/s bandwidth. The OptiX RTN 900 is a new generation TDM/Hybrid/Packet integrated microwave transmission product developed by Huawei.000+ hops H direction Up to 2 Gbit/s Low priority 99..000+ ODUs 4096QAM V direction Power Education Media ISP 12 bits High priority 01 0101010101 99.99% 8 bits 01010101 Up to 1. Without AES Encryption With AES Encryption It is easy and flexible to install and configure.. High bandwidth Diverse industry application Single-channel bandwidth increases to 2 Gbit/s.3 Gbit/s Voice 99. Huawei RTN devices are the best choice. 8+ industries Frame header Payload Public safety E-government 100+ countries Finance Transport ID Payload Capacity OPSK Strong to 4096QAM 700.000. Mountainous area Desert 1 Zambia Saudi Arabia RTN 905 (tail-end access) RTN 950/950A RTN 980 (100 km) (90 km) (integrated aggregation) (large-capacity backbone) TDM/Hybrid/Packet/Layer 3 integrated platform Transoceanic Flatlands Cyprus Inner Mongolia Payloads without encription Encripted Payloads (150 km) (90 km) Signal splitting/combining 14 modulation schemes are available in AM mode. .1 Product Profile 2 Product Highlights High reliability Product overview Long distance transmission Security level for services is increased. on MW Link on MW Link A single hop of link can span 100 km or longer. . Demonstrated Performance . IF and service boards Antenna ODU system ensuring up to 99.