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1 -ed/-ing adjectives 2 a Look again at the article.

Which adjectives
111 in the article describe:

1 a Read the article about happiness. Which a how people feel? 1

activities do the people in the survey like? b the thing, situation, place or person that causes
Which do they hate? the feeling?

b Complete the rules with -ing or -ed.

How to measure happiness We use adjectives to describe how
people feel.
We use adjectives to describe the
thing, situation, place or person that causes the

c Write the -ed or -ing adjective for each word
in 1b.

satisfied satisfying

3 Complete the adjectives with -ed or -ing.

1 Eileen has been working twelve hours a day for

Scientists have found a new way to measure the last week. Shes absolutely exhaust ed .
happiness: they can calculate how 1satisfied people
are with their everyday lives by giving positive 2 I cant bear being without my family. I find it very
and negative points for typical activities. In a depress .
2fascinating survey, scientists discovered that 3 Please dont shout so loudly. Youre making me
commuting to work is the activity that people find really embarrass .
most 3exhausting and 4irritating. Many people 4 Juan must be very frustrat . Hes just failed
feel 5depressed, 6annoyed and 7frustrated when his driving test again.
they have to do housework and meet deadlines at 5 Waiting in queues is really irritat .
work. In general, the most 8entertaining activity
is relaxing with friends and the most 9satisfying is 6 My history of art course is absolutely fascinat .
spending time with family. However, some parents 7 Im afraid I was extremely disappoint by the
were 10embarrassed to say that looking after results of these tests.
children didnt always make them happy. Finally, 8 Marek doesnt earn much, but he finds his job
you may be 11disappointed if you think that a very satisfy .
higher salary will bring greater happiness. In fact,
9 You must go and see that new film. Its extremely
one scientist suggests that organising your time
entertain .
well might be the best way to improve your quality
of life. 10 Ill be very annoy if they dont reply to my

b Write adjectives 111 from the article in 4 Write three sentences about you with -ed
the table. adjectives and three sentences with -ing
positive meaning negative meaning adjectives.
satisfied I often feel exhausted after a long day at work.
Waiting for buses is really annoying.

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