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Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 2

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 2: Making the Business Case 8
In use at more than 4,000 companies worldwide, Oracle
Business Intelligence Applications support leading enterprise Chapter 3: Customer Spotlight—Human Resources 12
applications, including Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle’s
PeopleSoft, Siebel CRM, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance,
offer high-performing analytics at a lower cost. This reference 18
Procurement, and HR
e-book contains success stories summarizing how Oracle
Business Intelligence Applications customers have achieved real
Chapter 5: Customer Spotlight—Analytics in the Cloud 30
business results. We hope you find this representative sample of
customer success stories a valuable resource. We will be
updating this e-book on a regular basis so stay tuned. Chapter 6: Big Ideas 34

Resources 40


Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications designed for faster deployment at lower cost and lower risk. Business Analytics product family. Lower Risk. role-based intelligence for everyone in an organization—from Faster Time to Value. prebuilt business intelligence (BI) solutions that deliver intuitive. In contrast. and JD Edwards solutions. These solutions enable organizations to gain insight from a range of data sources and applications. Oracle’s Siebel. Oracle BI Applications. and third-party systems. frontline employees to senior management—to enable better Expand View decisions. require many months to implement. including Oracle E-Business Suite. Watch the Video (3:58) Faster Implementation. PeopleSoft. and Better Business Results The majority of BI solutions available are costly. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are prebuilt solutions 2 3 . and are difficult to modify. so they provide better business results. Video: The Intelligence Guy: Build vs. actions. part of the Oracle Applications. are complete. and business processes. Oracle Fusion Oracle Business Intelligence Applications. Buy.

4 5 . and business unit profitability. a comprehensive. common operational applications and data sources. employee attrition rates. more than 5. Expand View Finance professionals have visibility into cash flow. Business Intelligence Applications provide the following benefits. Decision-Ready Analytics and Best-Practice Content including rapid deployment. and 500 dashboard pages across dozens architecture. This enables organizations to realize the benefits of a packaged BI application.000 completely custom BI applications—all on one common BI reports. as well as prebuilt extract/transform/load (ETL) adapters and business logic to tap into a multitude of Oracle BI Applications. The ability to monitor metrics and key performance indicators and built-in best practices. Oracle Rapid Performance Insight. lower total cost of ownership (TCO). and market-leading BI platform. or build Business Intelligence Applications include more than 3. gross margins. Oracle extend those solutions to meet their specific needs. modern. In addition. HR professionals gain insights into headcount trends.000 metrics. and the effectiveness of training programs. and best practices based on Oracle’s experience across tens of thousands of customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) automation implementations. while providing the ability to easily (KPIs) is the lifeblood of performance management. account balances. of functional areas. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Oracle Business Intelligence Applications include prebuilt data models.000 metrics. 5. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications are built on the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation. operating expenses.

6 . and improve customer service levels. identify problem areas that need attention. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 1: Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Procurement and supply chain professionals can track parts and material trends. Service managers can optimize call center and depot staffing levels. supplier performance. manage the pipeline. Executives gain cross-enterprise views of their businesses. increase product quality. Manufacturing operation managers can reduce production costs. and respond more effectively to customer service calls. incorporating metrics and KPIs from multiple lines of business and data sources. Sales professionals can more effectively forecast revenues and transactions. and track key opportunities. and warranty return costs. Marketing professionals can monitor the efficiency of promotions and campaigns and make adjustments that maximize success rates. trade discounts.

4 percent in affected parts of the organization. and 7 percent lower in the second year “BI helps you make better decisions. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 2: Making the Business Case After conducting in-depth interviews with four Oracle Business Intelligence Applications customers. the study found that the companies realized the following key benefits. with a 20-month payback period Significant ROI According to a Study by Leading Independent Research Firm Lower procurement spend: 5 percent lower procurement costs in the first year. inventory for the affected product categories over three years Increased gross sales and prices: An increase in gross sales of 0. But underlying any BI investment is the question.” That’s how the value of business intelligence is often described. Oracle commissioned Forrester million per year by the third year Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize by deploying Lower inventory working capital: A 15 percent reduction in Oracle Business Intelligence Applications. “What am I going to get for my Accounts payable savings: Savings of more than US$1 money?” In March 2012. and an increase in average sales price of 0.3 percent over three years IT and business labor savings: Efficiencies in both the IT and business sides of the organization 8 9 . Significant ROI: A three-year risk-adjusted return on Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Deliver investment of 97 percent.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 2: Making the Business Case 10 .

visual dashboards throughout NHS Enable fast. and improving the quality and safety of patient care in the United Kingdom. Watch the Video (4:08) Provide a new strategic facility to improve and enhance workforce reporting and analysis for more than 1.4 million employees with easy-to-access. and control (NHS) organizations across England and Wales. (McKesson) delivers solutions and more than 1. accurate access to HR information and McKesson Improves Workforce Analysis of 1. decision-making. as well as to private sector customers. McKesson is dedicated to helping its customers deliver high-quality 12 13 . streamlining processes.4 million NHS employees and allows up to 4.4 Million reports to improve management decision-making across NHS Employees Across 500 National Health Service hospitals and ambulance stations in England and Wales Organizations McKesson Information Solutions UK Enable NHS managers to analyze HR information for Ltd. McKesson manages the world’s largest human resources (HR) and payroll system.4 million NHS employees to improve staff and services to more than 99 percent of all National Health Service patient safety. which serves more than 1. As part of its service to NHS. Challenges Video: The Intelligence McKesson needed to Guy: HCM Analytics.500 concurrent users. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 3: Customer Spotlight—Human Resources healthcare by reducing costs.

and eliminate the need England and Wales to schedule overnight reports to deliver timely information in an easy-to-use format Provide management with immediate information about staffing levels (for example. improving efficiency. consultant registrations. and compliance service managers make more-informed decisions Calculate statistics from more than 1. flagging emerging staffing requirements and initiating action to address them 14 15 . and performance individual requirements. accelerate reporting. at the click of a mouse.4 million employee records on long-term trends. Deliver fast access to detailed human resources business reduce the number of reports by consolidating key facts and intelligence across more than 99 percent of NHS trusts in requirements into single dashboards. such as an increase in the average age of midwives within the NHS. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 3: Customer Spotlight—Human Resources Solutions Provide information on training courses completed to highlight where training must be carried out to meet McKesson deployed Oracle Human Resources Analytics and regulatory requirements or individual objectives are able to Improve system performance. the number of nurses on a Enable users to drill down into reports to get greater detail hospital ward) to enable rapid responses to changes in and granularity on specific workforce-related statistics to staffing requirements improve management decision-making and control Provide vital HR management information. information from Oracle Human Resources to help health safety. such as details Empower users to customize dashboards to meet on work permits. building on key templates to deliver appraisals.

detailed information much more efficiently and are fully confident that they are using the latest technology and timely data. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 3: Customer Spotlight—Human Resources “The speed and functionality of Oracle Human Resources Analytics has transformed workforce reporting throughout the NHS. Hologic Improves Business Visibility and Access to Critical Information with Oracle Business Intelligence Why Oracle Video: Hologic Manages Global Growth with Oracle To ensure its customers’ success. Human Resources Analytics as the best solution to deliver Watch the Video (2:41) comprehensive reporting and detailed workforce data in an easy-to-use format. McKesson Information Solutions UK Ltd. enterprise solutions director.” Leath said. Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides detailed reporting and analysis of more than 1.4 million NHS employees.4 million NHS employee records. 16 17 .” said Ian Leath. we have proven the performance and scalability of the solution for more than 1. “Oracle was also fully committed to making this Oracle Human Resources Analytics implementation successful for NHS and worked closely with us. Staff members can now access relevant. across more than 500 separate NHS organizations. Together. McKesson selected Oracle HCM Analytics. providing help and advice throughout the initiative.

accurate. space. Challenges Video: The Intelligence Guy: Financial Analytics The borough needed to Watch the Video (4:08) Identify where the council could cut expenditures through smarter financial. housing. and HR London Borough of Havering Preserves Community Services and Facilities in the Wake of Budget Cuts with Help from Advanced Business Intelligence The London borough of Havering is the third-largest borough in greater Video: The Intelligence London. and visitors. and other local government services to the borough’s residents. of which almost half is green Analytics. and human resources management to meet a 7. waste management. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance.742 acres. Procurement. Its administrative authority—Havering Council—provides Watch the Video (3:31) education.000 Guy: Procurement and an area covering 27. leisure facilities. with a population of 230. procurement.1 percent government funding cut without eroding service quality to the local community Gain timely. cost-per-service data to support planning and budgeting and make the financial and human impact of cost savings visible to decision-makers 18 19 . businesses. transportation.

refreshed subcontractors that manage waste disposal and cleansing on daily. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance. personalized of Havering’s budget—while maintaining high-quality data views. analysts. department heads. using business intelligence to human resources data to deliver meaningful intelligence that assess and compare total costs of running the buildings budget holders. in preparation for 2014 government funding cuts adoption after minimal training. and community care. procurement. and planners can use for fact-based decision. business managers. and transportation services costs—accounting for 80 percent Benefit from intuitive dashboard functionality. business-driven environment Solutions The Havering Council chose Oracle Financial Analytics. Benefit from accurate. and gain the ability to analyze the use of each service and identify where savings could be made with minimal impact on citizen satisfaction 20 21 . and multiple reporting formats to rapidly gain user standards. leisure. self-service behalf of the borough. timely data on the cost of providing making education. Oracle Human Resources examining statistics to produce strong business cases for Analytics. Reduce by 50 percent the time managers spend Oracle Spend Classification. and council exclusively occupies. to 400 executives with speed-of-thought. to ensure they deliver the best value drill down to data less than 24 hours old—removing the need for the money for the IT team to extract figures from the previous month’s data that could be up to six weeks out-of-date Identify how to reduce social care. Oracle additional social or community-care funding Procurement and Spend Analytics and are able to Cut!from six to four!the number of buildings that the Capture and scrutinize critical financial. Procurement. housing. streamlining the cultural transformation to an accountable. education. Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation. and HR Track and compare the costs and services provided by Deliver key performance indicator dashboards.

drug policy. relevant. saving US$2. or other public amenities policy. and counterterrorism. managers throughout the organization Watch the Video (4:12) Provide a centralized data source and reporting to deliver timely. passports. responsive. deployment. and HR Reduce back-office staff by one-third. trusted HR and finance business Analytics at Collaborate intelligence through a dashboard to more than 7. Its mission is to ensure visible. HR. and accountable policing throughout Exceed the efficiency target in the second year after the country.000 2014. from 245 to 160. border control. and accurate financial.4 Million with Self-Service Business activities and standardize use of more-efficient processes Intelligence Home Office is a United Kingdom (UK) ministerial Achieve the council’s target of saving US$4 million in the department responsible for immigration and first year and annually thereafter. Procurement. without closing parks.4 million in the first quarter alone Challenges Video: Chris Nelms from Home Office needed to Ameren talks about Oracle Spend and Procurement Deliver accurate. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance. crime libraries. and procurement information across the organization Eliminate the cost of producing thousands of manual back-office reports 22 23 . Home Office Improves Management and Reduces using business intelligence to analyze cycle times for routine Costs by US$12.

000 managers throughout the organization Home Office chose Oracle to rapidly deliver BI to 7. trusted.000 managers. but only Oracle could deliver the needed capability. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance. and HR Improve financial visibility to support decision-making Reduce the number of people needed to produce manual around key operational activities such as immigration. from up to four hours to approximately 10 and enable end users to find answers quickly. Home Office border and passport control. minutes 24 25 . underspending. information in dashboard format to more than 7. with detailed Solutions and timely reports Home Office implemented Oracle Financial Analytics. and planning. Reduce the costs of producing manual reports by US$8 million (£5. which Reduce the time needed to produce financial and human automatically provides personalized reports to guide managers resources reports.2 million) In particular. Oracle Human Resources Analytics. and Oracle Procurement and Deliver human resources reports in a timely way. and policing considered alternative options. centralized version of truth to E-Business Suite. The organization needed a self-service platform that was easy and flexible to use. border reports control and crime policy Improve budgetary control and gain a clearer view of overspending. immigration. and that would integrate with its Replace multiple disparate information silos containing existing enterprise resource planning system—Oracle inaccurate data with a single. Procurement. enabling Spend Analytics running on Oracle Business Intelligence managers to make informed staffing decisions quickly Foundation Suite and are able to Why Oracle Deliver accurate. Home Office liked the dashboard interface for Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite. Speed to deployment and the flexibility to improve the management of key operational areas such as make future changes were also key factors.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance. colored stones. have made it possible to compare and boost performance. the number of stones graded. Dashboards. and is the world’s largest diamond-grading entity. giving business model) by expanding insight into the types of all managers a single view of the resources they are responsible services ordered. Its mission is to ensure public trust in gems and jewelry by providing the education. 26 27 . and more The ability to quickly produce reports to respond to new or unique requirements has made the organization better equipped to Provide more-timely insight into laboratory operations for identify and respond to change. where they were graded. Enable business analysts to spend more time identifying and studying trends. Improve throughput and operational efficiency across the “Oracle Business Intelligence enables managers to access and institute’s laboratory operations (part of GIA’s new lean act upon information quickly and confidently. the location for. Procurement. and pearls. and HR Home Office used Oracle Business Intelligence Applications with Challenges minimal customization. research. as opposed to creating reports. which. head of improved decision-making business intelligence team for the Home Office’s Adelphi Services Unit. together with prebuilt connectors for Oracle E-Business Suite.” explained Matt Vale. and Gemological Institute of America Makes Laboratories provide them with on-demand access to the data they require More Efficient and Productive with Timely and Rich Operational Data The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds. laboratory services. were key enablers in completing the GIA needed to implementation in just 13 months. and instruments to accurately and objectively determine gemstone quality.

spreadsheet-based reporting process that required four hours daily to complete and Why Oracle resulted in a one-day delay in reaching regional laboratories GIA uses Oracle Database and PeopleSoft applications. however. Sabra Norris. Business analysts can readily create new reports and completed in each lab. global productivity with detailed and timely information on the director of financial planning and operational analysis for GIA. and HR Solutions Gather the intelligence required to load balance services across the organization’s laboratory network to optimize GIA deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Suite. This fact alone. Procurement. number and type of grading services ordered daily. freeing time previously spend on report reporting and data analysis. and Oracle Human Resources Analytics and are able to Improve analyst productivity and impact. and laboratory Edition and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications when production information to enable integrated global reporting seeking a BI solution. so it logically considered Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Combine finance. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 4: Customer Spotlight—Finance. did not drive the and support the introduction of a lean business model selection process. and HR into data. 28 29 . giving them on-demand access to information and the ability to drill down Provide interactive online operational. gaining granular visibility into development daily activities and finances for more-informed decisions Expand the use of the BI tool to track laboratory service Provide analysts and laboratory managers with timely quality operational data and reports. financial. Gartner’s upper-right ranking of Oracle’s solution in its Magic Quadrant report and its low administration Advance efforts to improve laboratory efficiency and overhead weighed heavily in the decision. Enterprise utilization and accelerate stone-grading services Edition Plus. inventory levels. and the time spent on each stone easily access the information they need without IT team support. time and labor. which are refreshed twice per day!eliminating a manual. Oracle Financial Analytics. number of stones graded and factors. by also cited the solutions’ flexibility and ease of use as important location.

Adler Tanks. Through its business building rental sales. construction. and other business units. education. Create a highly flexible and scalable BI environment that petrochemical. which Analytics Capabilities with Cloud-based Business include groups that provide electronic testing equipment. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 5: Customer Spotlight—Analytics in the Cloud Challenges McGrath RentCorp needed to Gain expanded insight into key performance indicators McGrath RentCorp Improves Business Reporting and (KPIs) across the company’s diverse operating units. could evolve with the organization and its requirements Roll out the BI environment rapidly to accelerate return on investment 30 31 . on-demand access to information about equipment and primarily in the United States and Canada. and liquid and solid containment tanks and boxes. without IT team support Enviroplex. procurement spend. and containment tank rentals and related services McGrath RentCorp is a diversified business- to-business rental company. and environmental sectors. It rents and sells mobile modular buildings. the company serves a broad spectrum of industries. including the telecommunications. Intelligence Solution groups providing modular classrooms. Mobile Modular. TRS-RenTelco. and metrics. electronic test Give line-of-business managers and sales personnel equipment.

first month rental revenue. average contract term. sales. We then selected Oracle Business and are able to Intelligence for its robust capabilities. Video: Elizabeth Arden's and other areas to track and analyze critical KPIs.” said and other KPIs Tiffany Smith. driving more-productive customer meetings. to enable more-informed decisions Increase visibility into each division’s spend as well as factors that drive revenue and costs. services sales. and Watch the Video (5:26) average actual term. keeping them informed. enterprisewide Enable sales team members to access and drill down into customer sales data from their mobile devices. and native integration to Oracle E-Business Suite. user-friendliness. as well as its Gain expanded insight into finance. flexibility. applications manager. Enable line-of-business managers from finance. and facilitating rental and service fee collection 32 33 . gross Cloud. procurement. McGrath RentCorp. sales. profit. ability to easily integrate data from third-party vendors. such as Success with Oracle HCM building and equipment rental sales. and equip the company to ultimately gain visibility into the complete procure-to-pay process. which was a Business Intelligence Applications Managed Cloud Service perfect fit for our business. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 5: Customer Spotlight—Analytics in the Cloud Solutions Why Oracle “We wanted a tier 1 ERP vendor and considered a few options. McGrath RentCorp selected Oracle Business Intelligence The tipping point for Oracle E-Business Suite was Oracle Enterprise Edition Managed Cloud Service and Oracle E-Business Suite Lease and Finance Management.

covering 227.5 million people. increased outpatient services and early analytics to ensure more patients get the care they need. This is due to factors such as the time of treatment. Profit: How has Ambulance Victoria changed in recent years? those services have consolidated into one entity—Ambulance Dousset: Ambulance Victoria has a long history of serving the Victoria—which answers calls for help from the metropolis of community. with four fixed-wing and five helicopter aircraft for fast “We’re an organization with a proud history of using data very connections between rural communities and major specialist widely to improve the welfare and survivability of our patients. Ambulance Victoria Uses Analytics and Modeling to Serve the Expanding Needs of a Growing Population Since 1883. says John Dousset. In 2008.” facilities in the metropolitan region. Rural Ambulance Victoria. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 6: Big Ideas Dousset talked to Profit magazine about how Ambulance Victoria has evolved. discharges. For example. 3. have addressed the emergency medical needs of the country’s most southeastern mainland state. and has done so with a lot of support from the Melbourne and the surrounding rural territory. Ambulance Victoria was created as a single square kilometers and 5. and limitations to other health services in rural 34 35 . increasing numbers of embarked on an ambitious program to use data collection and people living alone.000 paramedics.000 volunteers. and what technology he is watching now. manager of enterprise architecture at Ambulance Victoria. we’ve seen about 4 percent of annual growth in special notebooks to capture empirical data about each patient at demand for our services since 2000. Dousset’s team at Ambulance Victoria has population growth. Australia. and evolved to earn a global reputation for superior patient the Alexandra District Ambulance Service. How has an entity by merging the state’s three remaining ambulance services: organization that started with a single horse-drawn ambulance Metropolitan Ambulance Service. and 1. an aging population. the ambulance services that operate in Victoria. Over the years.000 community. paramedics are armed with On average. We now serve the outcomes? entire state with 250 branches. the innovative ways his coworkers are using data to visualize solutions.

" resources? Which resource should go where? Second. we knew we to use one platform to third was centered purely needed to do two things. what is our margin? How can we improve our transport Victoria we picked up multiple systems with multiple business costs? processes and variable definitions of our data.3 million. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 6: Big Ideas settings. Part of the Dousset: There are probably half a dozen key events that occur reason upper management embraced this plan was that I could in the treatment of a patient.. so we have had to figure out how to do more with what workforce planning. For example. because an aging "We invested in Oracle population also means an Profit: How does technology help you do that? technology and were able aging workforce for us.000 introduce advanced resource modeling: What would happen if we requests for assistance in 2011–2012. 36 37 . which is fairly substantial. We didn’t need to buy a they push a button on an in-vehicle mobile data terminal device. unique technology stack just to support different business That is an event that arrives in our real-time data feed along with a processes. First. operational decision support in real time: Where are our including margin models and reporting program. This is critical because with the creation of Ambulance our loss. A (say. we have.. The Dousset: To be more efficient with our resources. The first was to hospital). what is cost. Last year Ambulance Victoria had a running deficit of about Profit: How can analytics help managers or paramedics in the AU$3. increased the number of paramedics? What would happen if we But we can’t simply increase resources to service that growing increased the number of cars? The second was centered on demand. we needed to improve our launch a major analytics on financial modeling. starting from the time of an demonstrate how we could reuse the same technology stack to emergency call. enable multiple business processes. Every five seconds we receive an update on the vehicle location’s We invested in Oracle technology and were able to use one coordinate. but the organization still undertook a major field do their jobs better? investment in Oracle analytics and reporting solutions. geospatial coordinate that gives us the ambulance’s location. we and models about product needed to work on the business side: What is our profit. which tells us that an ambulance is en route from point platform to launch a major analytics and reporting program. the scene of an accident) to point B (presumably a centered around three business objectives. Ambulance Victoria received approximately 830. when our paramedics accept a call.

Analytics and In the end. Where management and providing the best care possible to the possible. such as what resources are social media tools. Are there things we can access and blend into stationed at the hospital and which hospitals are full or becoming our analytics and reporting? Social media could also be useful in full. their in-field decisions. reporting paramedics—and they are provided more information to assist in that’s away in the corner of for our CEO and board. we have a proof of concept going that would allow Profit: What else are you excited about. one of the things that really arrive—and when they should expect them. users should be enabled to drill up and down the data community in the most efficient and effective manner. When we get that information to our hospital emergency providing context for major events and helping us plan an departments and our own team leaders. What if I can send members of other organizations an corner of the office and difficult to consume. make some real-time decisions to improve the overall resource management. with a common having the correct information starting point and the right level of message model? Then they send me something back that I can visualization to fulfill a surface through a tablet or a device in the field. Also there’s the innovation side of it: Can I share data with other emergency service organizations this way? I’m keen for B2B Business intelligence should not be something that’s away in the integration." the CFO. guaranteed messaging. it’s about XML feed in real time. they can see where other "Business intelligence real-time operational resources are—such as police officers and other should not be something decision support. looking forward? hospital workers to see how many ambulances are scheduled to Dousset: Looking downstream. the office and difficult to and financial modeling for consume. business need—such as our paramedics can see a fire line. 38 39 . then they can start to appropriate response. Lo and behold. Really. Ambulance Victoria is a vital member of the overall reporting should be simple healthcare system that saves lives. We’ll always presented. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Chapter 6: Big Ideas Right now. We are also starting interests me is figuring out how to leverage Twitter and other to figure out how to publish data. be looking for innovation and technology to help keep Ambulance Victoria as one of the leading ambulance services in the world. It is about resource enough for everyone to use to assist in their daily tasks.

Video: The Intelligence Guy - Manufacturing Analytics HCM Analytics (4:08) (4:05) Video: The Intelligence Guy . Video: The Intelligence Guy - Supply Chain Analytics (3:47) Oracle Enterprise Asset White Papers and Reports Management Analytics (3:41) Report: Packaged Analytics White Paper: Business Applications: Accelerating Intelligence Applications on Time and Value Oracle’s Engineered Systems Forrester Report: The Total White Paper: Oracle ERP Economic Impact of Oracle Analytics Business Intelligence Applications White Paper: Oracle CRM Analytics Videos Video: The Intelligence Guy . Video: The Intelligence Guy - Procurement Analytics (3:31) Financial Analytics (4:08) 40 41 . Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Resources Video: The Intelligence Guy . Video: The Intelligence Guy - Build vs. Buy (3:58) Dashboards and Reports: The Tip of the Iceberg (3:03) Video: The Intelligence Guy .

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