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G3608 GENERATOR AND INDUSTRIAL January 1998 to Current 4WF00001-UP(SE...

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Producto: GAS ENGINE
Modelo: G3608 GAS ENGINE 4WF
Configuración: G3608 GENERATOR AND INDUSTRIAL January 1998 to
Current 4WF00001-UP

Manual de Operación y Mantenimiento
G3606 and G3608 Engines
Número de medio -SEBU6278-05 Fecha de publicación -01/01/2005 Fecha de actualización -13/01/2005


Overhaul (Major)
SMCS - 7595-020-MJ

Scheduling a Major Overhaul
Table 1 lists the approximate number of service hours before a major overhaul for different G3600
Engine applications.

Table 1

Estimated Service Hours Before a Major Overhaul
Fuel Compression Ratio Service Hours
Wellhead gas or natural gas 9.2:1 100000
Natural gas 10.5:1 75000 to 80000
Bio-gas 9.2:1 52000 to 54000

The need for a major overhaul is determined by several factors:

z An increase of oil consumption

z An increase of crankcase blowby

z A decrease and variation of cylinder compression

The following changes in the three conditions normally require a scheduled overhaul:

z A 300 percent increase in oil consumption

z A 200 percent increase in crankcase blowby 23/06/2006

Additional parts and labor may be required in order to completely rebuild the engine. the increased use of lube oil will dilute the wear metals.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw.. If the engine operation is satisfactory. gaskets. An increase in the levels of noise and vibration indicates that rotating parts require service. Your Caterpillar dealer can provide these services and components.. If necessary. an immediate overhaul is not a requirement. Alternatively. Major Overhaul Information A major overhaul includes all of the work that is done for a top end overhaul. Note: It is possible for oil analysis to indicate a decrease of wear metals in the lube oil. seals. the crankshaft may be replaced with a Caterpillar replacement part. A major overhaul can also include all of the work that is done for an in-frame overhaul. Note: The driven equipment may also require service when the engine is overhauled. If you elect to perform an overhaul without the services of a Caterpillar dealer. The crankshaft is measured for wear. Page 2 of 3 z A 20 percent loss of cylinder compression Note: These indications do not require an engine to be shut down for service. These indications only mean that an engine should be scheduled for service in the near future. The parts are cleaned and inspected.. In some cases. the engine is relocated for disassembly. The engine does not require an overhaul if the engine is operating within acceptable limits for oil consumption. Other factors must also be considered for determining a major overhaul: z The service hours of the engine z The wear metal analysis of the lube oil z An increase in the levels of noise and vibration An increase of wear metals in the lube oil indicates that the bearings and the surfaces that wear may need to be serviced. 23/06/2006 . crankcase blowby. bearings. The cylinder liners may be worn so that polishing of the bore Consult your Caterpillar dealer about scheduling a major overhaul. and components that wear are disassembled. the parts are replaced. For the major overhaul. https://sis.G3608 GENERATOR AND INDUSTRIAL January 1998 to Current 4WF00001-UP(SE. Your Caterpillar dealer can ensure that the components are operating within the appropriate specifications. and cylinder Monitor the engine as the engine accumulates service hours. Also. A major overhaul includes additional parts and labor. be aware of the following recommendations. The crankshaft may require regrinding. Refer to the literature that is provided by the OEM of the driven equipment.

refer to the Service Manual. https://sis. Red privada para licenciados del SIS. "Index of Publications on Reusability or Salvage of Used Parts". Page 3 of 3 The following definitions explain the terminology for the services that are performed during an overhaul: Inspect . "Specifications" module. Table 2 Major Overhaul (1) Procedure Component Camshafts Inspect Connecting rods Replace Crankshaft Rebuild Inlet air piping Aftercooler Camshaft lifters Replace Exhaust manifolds Gear train bearings Oil cooler (1) In addition to these procedures. Consult your Caterpillar dealer about repair options for your engine. perform the procedures for both the top end overhaul and the in-frame overhaul.The component can be reconditioned in order to comply with reusability guidelines.2006 Caterpillar Inc. Replace .com/sisweb/sisweb/techdoc/techdoc_print_page. If the components are not in the reusability guidelines. New parts are not required if the existing parts can still be used. 23/06/2006 .. Rebuild . reconditioned. Refer to Guidelines for Reusable Parts and Salvage Operations.. a CAT remanufactured part. The replacement part may be a new part. a rebuilt part.Inspect the components according to the instructions that are in Caterpillar reusability publications.The service life of the part is exhausted.G3608 GENERATOR AND INDUSTRIAL January 1998 to Current 4WF00001-UP(SE. SEBF8029.jsp?returnurl=/sisweb/sisw.. Fri Jun 23 14:11:26 EST 2006 Todos los derechos reservados. or a used part. or repaired. The guidelines were developed in order to help Caterpillar dealers and customers to avoid unnecessary expenditures. The part may fail before the next maintenance interval. Some worn components may be exchanged with your Caterpillar dealer.. The part must be replaced with a part that meets functional Copyright 1993 .