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PASC –“Pacific Area Standards Congress”

ACCSQ –“ASEAN Consultative Committee for Standards and Quality”

AIDMO – “Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization”


JISC – “Japan Industrial Standards Committee”

Arabia Saudita

SASO –“Saudi Arabian Standards Organization”


ANSA –“Afghan National Standard Authority”


SARM –“National Institute of Standards and Quality”


BSTI –“Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution”

Brunei Darussalam

CPRU –“Construction Planning and Research Unit”


SAC –“Standardization Administration of China”

CSSN –“China Standards Information Center”

Hong Kong

ITCHKSAR –“Innovation and Technology Commission of the Government of the
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region”


BIS –“Bureau of Indian Standards”

Indonesia BSN –“Badan Standardisasi Nasional” Iran ISIRI –“Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran” Jordania JISM –“Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology” Kazajistan KAZMEMST –“Committee for Standardization.Department of Standards Malaysia Oman DGSM –“Directorate General for Specifications and Measurements” Pakistan PSQCA –“Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority” . Metrology and Certification” República de Corea o Corea del sur KATS –“Korean Agency for Technology and Standards” Kuwait KOWSMD –“Public Authority for Industry. Standards and Industrial Services Affairs” Kirguistan KYRGYZST –“State Inspection for Standardization and Metrology” Libano LIBNOR –“Lebanese Standards Institution” Malasia DSM .

Productivity and Innovation Board” Sri Lanka SLSI –“Sri Lanka Standards Institution” Siria SASMO –“Syrian Arab Organization for Standardization and Metrology” Taiwan BSMI –“Bureau of Standards. Metrology and Inspection” Tailandia TISI –“Thai Industrial Standards Institute” Emiratos Arabes Unidos ESMA –“Emirates Standardization and Metrology Association” Vietnam TCVN –“Directorate for Standards and Quality” Israel SII –“The Standards Institution of Israel” Africa ARSO –“African Regional Organization for Standarization” SADCSTAN –“Southern African Development Community (SADC) Cooperation in Standarization” .Estado de Palestina PSI –“Palestine Standards Institution” Filipinas BPS –“Bureau of Product Standards” Singapur SPRING SG –“Standards.

Egipto EO –“Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control” Ghana GSA –“Ghana Standards Authority” Kenia KEBS –“Kenya Bureau of Standards” Mauricio MSB –“Mauritius Standards Bureau” Marruecos SNIMA –“Service de Normalisation Industrielle Marocaine” Nigeria SON –“Standards Organization of Nigeria” Seychelles SBS –“Seychelles Bureau of Standards” Sudafrica SABS –“South African Bureau of Standards” Tanzania TBS –“Tanzania Bureau of Standards” Uganda UNBS –“Uganda National Bureau of Standards” Oceania Australia SA –“Standards Australia” .

Papua Nueva Guinea NISIT –“National Institute of Standards and Industrial Technology” .