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Digital Consumer
Behavior Report 2016

A shift in Indonesia
Consumer Behavior
• The Indonesian consumer is ranked as one of
the most confident people in the world and 50%
of Indonesia’s 253 million citizens are under the
age of 30.

A shift in Indonesia
Consumer Behavior
• Indonesia’s internet users right now, are around
83,600,000 with 28.3% people are categorized as late
adopters (40-59 y/o) and 69.3% are categorized as a
digital native (20-39 y/o)

• Active mobile subscription reach almost 282 million
subscribers, 13% bigger than Indonesian population

Social Media

00 • Break = social media time 14.00 >18.00-18. .After Office = Happy Hour 06.00 • Lunch break is also counts. but 11% the prime time is after office 14% hours (above 6pm) 65% 10% • This is the time most workers and students in Indonesia finished their schedules/ activities.00 10.00 .00-14.10.

8 timeline when opening 0.2 (update status.6 social media • Around 30-35% update 0. Social Media Activities • 79% of Indonesians 1 choose to Browse their 0. upload photo.4 their information 0. or share 0 links/videos) Upload Update Share Location Browsing other photo status links/videos Checkin .

49% Indonesians looks for Entertainment .25 0.125 0 Option 1 : Option 4 : Option 5 : Option 6 : Acara TV hiburan teknologi Other While Technology. and Politics pretty the popular topics on social media. Sport.625 0.Popular Topics on Social Media 0.5 0.375 0.

77% Indonesians open their social media timeline while watching TV .

.665 active mobile subscription 6% 4% • It’s 13% bigger than the 1% 5% population 84% • That’s the main reason on why 84% of Indonesians choose to use smartphone for accessing social media.Smartphone is the Primary Device for Accessing Social Media • Indonesia is a mobile-first Phone Smartphone Tablet Laptop Others country with 281.963.

• Instagram is one of the most Facebook popular social media platform. Remains on Top they even beats Twitter and Path. . • But. Facebook remains on top as the most popular social media platform in Indonesia.

• Today. 81% of Indonesian still uses Facebook.2%* • From that point.A Facebook Country • Facebook’s journey in Indonesia started around 2008-2010. that was when the Facebook user growth reach to 8223. *Kompas (2011) . Facebook kept growing until Indonesia became the 4th largest Facebook population in the world.

BlackBerry Messenger who had their glorious day back in 2011* remains on top. BBM is still the Champion of Messaging Platform • Like Facebook. 77% Indonesian are still using it today. • WhatsApp and LINE follows closely in the 2nd and 3rd place. *IDC .

Streaming Services .

and only 36 % are willing to .TV Cable Subscribers Remains Low • 57% of Indonesians are not subscribing to a cable TV • 64% of them didn’t have a plan to.

225 to pay for a TV cable services.000 Rp 250.9 0.675 thinks That 250.45 highest price people are willing 0.000 < Rp 500.Rp 500.000 IDR is 0. 0 < Rp 250.000 .000 .Budget for a Cable Network 85% of Indonesian 0.

6% for a couple of days days week *Akamai (Q1 2016) .255 compared to last year* 0.17 • 32.425 • Internet access speed in 0.5% enjoy streaming 0.085 service everyday.Time Spent for Streaming (days-weeks) 0.34 Indonesia is 5x better 0. 0 Everyday Couple of Once in a Never • 32.

1 jam >1jam minutes.5% Indonesians choose to enjoy 0 streaming under 30 <30 menit 30 menit . .Time Spent for Streaming (Minutes-Hours) 0.375 them spent more than an hour to do 0.25 streaming. 0.5 • Although many people enjoy streaming everyday.125 • 42. only 21% of 0.

there Film Music 26% 22% is a sharp increase in viewing video streams* • 52% of Indonesians prefers Video to watch video instead.Video is the Preferred Streaming Service • With the explosion of video content on the Internet. 52% (usually YouTube and Facebook) contents *Ericsson Mobility Report (2016) .

majority (67%) 3% of Indonesians use 22% their smartphone to 8% enjoy streaming 67% service • 22% still rely on computer. .Smartphone as the Primary Device to Stream DEVICES • Just like in social Smart TV Smartphone Tablet Computer media.

While Wi-Fi stays on top • Majority of Indonesians 4G agree that the 15% implementation of 4G / Wi-Fi LTE will drive the 3G 55% 30% economic growth and expand the Internet access in the community* *DailySocial Survey: Public Opinion on the Implementation of Technology 4G / LTE (2015) .Internet Connection to Enjoy Streaming Services • 4G starts to get attention.

only 27% choose to pay for it. . No • 73% are not willing 73% to pay for a streaming services.Offering Paid Content is still a Big Issue • Although majority of Indonesia start to Yes enjoy streaming 27% service.

59% Yes 33% are still think 7% about it.Willingness to Pay in the Future Remains Low • 59% of Indonesians won’t paying for No streaming contents. Maybe • The challenge is on 33% what kind of scheme that will drive Indonesians to pay .

000 57% reasonable pay for a < Rp 50. .000 IDR to 9% Rp 50.000 monthly streaming 33% services.000 think that 50.Budget for a Streaming Services Majority still choose not to pay for a streaming service.000 - 250. with the rest > Rp 250.000 IDR is the most Rp 250.

Online Transportation .

A shift in using Transportation Service Behavior • In 2015. three online transportation services in Indonesia with significant marketshare: Uber. Go-Jek. and Grab. . • These traction are showing no sign of slowing down in 2016. both from investor side and consumer side • People behavior start to change on using transportation service • Today. on-demand service started to getting the people’s attention.

y • One of the main reason of this 55% Daily 15% usage is to evade traffic jam. . But most of them choose to use it on a monthly basis Weekl y • Only 15% use the transportation 29% Monthl app on daily basis. Online Transportation Used in a Monthly Basis • Majority of Indonesia now use transportation apps often.

Preferred on-demand App for Transportation Car transport Motorbike transport UberMOTO GrabC R 2% ar 45% GoCar GrabBike 14% 14% Gojek 83% Uber 41% Go-Jek dominant in motorbike services since it starts early. Uber and GrabCar have tight competition while Go-car show some traction. And for car services. .

both in on-demand delivery and food delivery. .Preferred on-demand App for Delivery On-demand delivery Food delivery Grab KlikEat Foodpanda 2% 4% Send 16% Go-food GrabFood 87% 7% Go-Send 84% In term of delivery services. Go-Jek remains dominance.

cash in still 8% the king in Indonesia for preferred 89% payment method. .Payment Method Cash Credit card e-wallet Although cashless 4% starts getting the traction.

and App Afforda 11% ble Affordable are top 23% Good three reason for service Easy 39% payme Indonesia to pick the nt 27% online transportation service .Why do you choose those services? Good Service. Easy Good Payment.

Bad App bad service.Why you DON’T choose other services? Meanwhile pricing. and 12% Expensive 39% trouble with payment Bad are top three reasons service 32% Trouble for not switching to with payment the other services 18% .

Smartphone Buying Decision .

0 4G support Battery Model/Design Price User Interface Other .0 17.5 0.0 52.5 70. Price is still the Major Factor for Buying New Smartphone 87.5 35.

5 Inch is 24% the new standard 5% 4% for smartphone 50% 18% screen size .5 inch 5 inch 5.Screen Size Preference < 4.5 inch 6 inch > 6 inch 5 Inch to 5.

Impact of Local Brand Community for Buying a Smartphone Local brand community Yes 31% play a small role on No affecting 69% buying decision .

Public Figure Endorsement Impact Public figure Yes endorsement 23% don’t really play for this No decision also 77% .

Online Shopping Behavior .

2 million < 84% 4% million rupiah for Online Shopping. 1 . 1 million Rp.Spending (monthly) Behavior for Shopping Online Majority (84%) of Rp. .2 million Indonesians still 12% spend less than 1 < Rp.

65% of 9% Indonesia are shopping 5% 65% less than once in a month .Intensity for Online Shopping Rarely once a month 1-2x a month 2-5x a month More than 5x a month Can’t expect people to 22% shopping online regularly.

15% 21% • This is followed by electronics in second 0% place with 45% Fashion items Electronics Others .Popular Item for Online Shoppers • Most of fashion item 75% price are below 1 million rupiah. That’s 60% 60% one of the reason why 45% fashion item become 45% popular for online 30% shopper.

Popular E-commerce Platform Bukalapak • Tokopedia. Lazada 11% Lazada Indonesia and Indonesia 20% Bukalapak are the most Tokopedia 23% popular platforms. Others 13% • While Instagram and OLX Facebook Facebook still play Indonesia 10% 9% significant part in Instagram 14% “online shopping” .

Impact of Advertising Google Ads Obviously Instagram 15% Facebook Ads and Ads 24% Twitter Ads Instagram Ads 1% have major impacts to drive Outdoor billboards Indonesian people 11% Others to do online Facebook 11% Ads shopping 38% .

32% Others • Awareness for the Site brand 2% 13% site’s security start to Price rise too 42% .Pricing remains major factor • Majority still consider the price before buying Merchant Site security 11% something online.

Campaign and Promotion Discount and free Free shipping are two shipping 32% Others most popular Cashbacks 7% 1% campaign and promotion that Buy 1 get 1 19% Discount consumers find 40% attractive .

175 22% 19% • Most are just browse and comparing prices 0 Just Comparing Order only Order and browsing prices pay .7 • Although activity on 65% mobile is high.35 opposite.E-Commerce Activities for Mobile 0. 0. the 0.525 51% conversion (until paying) is the 0.

as always. Others 1% prefers bank transfer for Credit card ATM 7% their primary payment Transfer Vouchers COD 19% method. . followed by COD 71% e-wallets 2% and credit card in the distance.Preferred Payment Method to Shop Online Indonesians.

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