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Barangay Mayamot is a barangay in the city of Antipolo located in the province of

Rizal. It is located in the Northwestern part of the City of Antipolo. It is about 20

kilometers to Quezon City and 12 kilometers of cemented roads through Sumulong

Highway beyond the boundary of SSS Village, Marikina Metro Manila. Its land area is

estimated at about 1,200 in hectares, 50% of which is composed of depressed

residential areas while 10% is composed of agricultural lands of Sitio Kamandag, Sitio

Taguisan and Purok Villa Ynares. Barangay Mayamot is composed of 37 Sitio and


As of 2014, the population in Barangay Mayamot is about 61,597. Female

population dominated the male with 32,215 compared to the latter with 29,348. There

are about 13,440 households in the barangay. The voting population in Barangay

Mayamot is a total of 47,455 as of 2013.

The name of Barangay Mayamot is derived from the Maya birds that is abundant

in the area of Barangay Mayamot. During the Spanish time missionaries used to pass

through the trail of a vast of rice fields during their pilgrimage to the Chapel at Buso-

buso in the then Municipality of Antipolo. They were surprised to notice the abundance

of small birds in the area. They began asking the farmers as to what kind of birds were

flying around the area. Until such time that whenever they passed the area they called

those birds as “Maya Mucho” in Spanish which translates to “too much maya” and

from then on the place was named by the farmers as “MAYAMOT”, which it was

recognized up to the present.

. The proponents of this case study are assessing the condition of peace and order in Barangay Mayamot. Antipolo City in terms of the programs and policy implementation being done by the officials in the barangay in addressing the said issue.