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Associated Engineering Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified professional

engineering company providing services in the field of third party inspections,
NDT inspections, Welding, Piping and NDT Training, being a value creator for its
clients who utilize our services to add value to their goal through all services right
from Acquisition, Servicing and Retention of their customers. Associated Engineering
Services is one of the well identified and leading company in the field of Inspection
and Training offering its services across the globe.

AES started commencing Inspection services from 2004.

AES has been catering to the core industries of Oil and Gas, Petroleum, Power to
name a few through its cutting edge expertise and world class man power.

Associated Engineering Services
not only in inspections but also in
Constructions. AES has worked for
NTPC, IOCL, BPCL, etc. for many
projects in fabrication, operation &
maintenance activities in process
plants and construction plants.

a. Critical Joints in Turbine like IP Casing, CRV Joint, MS Lead Pipe.
b. Inspections of welding defects for your products.
c. Preparation of Proposed WPS, PQR & Approved WPS.
d. Witness of Welders Performance Qualification Test.
e. Witness of Mechanical Testing like Bend Test, Tensile Test, etc.
f. Also, Training for Welders in various processes.
g. Training for Certified Welding Inspectors Preparatory courses like CSWIP, AWS-CWI.
Non Destructive Testing
 Penetrant Testing
 Magnetic Particle Testing
 Ultrasonic testing
 Radiography Testing
 Visual testing
 Boroscopy
 Fibroscopy
 Hardness test
 Surface roughness
 Painting coating inspection
 Vacuum Box Testing

Advanced Non Destructive Testing

 Long range ultrasonic testing
 Short range ultrasonic testing
 Time of flight diffraction
 Phased array ultrasonic teting
 Corrosion under insulation
 Digital radiography
 Thermography
The above services are provided by AES
individually or along with collaborators.

Positive Material Identification Services

Associated Engineering Services has
latest handheld XRF (X-Ray
Fluorescence) Analyzer to provide
100% positive material identification
and superior material sorting. It is fast,
reliable material analysis. AES serves
in supply of hiring of PMI Machines for
your ready purpose. We can also
arrange to ship these machines to your
location along with trained operators.
We hope you would find these offer

most attractive and trust us with your valued orders, which we assure you would receive our prompt and best
attention always.
Third Party Inspections

Associated Engineering Services offers
an Inspection Services to industries lying
in Power, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and
Manufacturing Plants. Our wide range
of Inspection services helps you to
reduce risk, control quality and meet the
regulatory requirements and customer’s

Third Party Inspections  Storage Tank Inspections  API Inspectors Resourcing  Level 3 Services
Vendor Inspection & Expiditing
Vendor Inspections ...
 Design review
 Review of material certificates
 Visual Inspections
 Various NDT Inspections
 Witness of mechanical & functional
Expediting Services ...
 Order status,
 Inventory of equipment in stock,
 Design verification,
 Progress in manufacturing,
 Testing,
 Packing,
 Shipment in delivery.
As per National or International codes & Standards or client specifications
Lifting and Thermography
Safe and successful lifting operations
depend, in large part, on the continued
safety of the lifting equipment and
accessories that are used. Failures in this
kind of equipment can result in significant
or even fatal injuries. Health and safety
law therefore places a number of specific
obligations on those providing, controlling
& using lifting equipment to properly
manage these risks.
Thermal Imaging is a valuable tool that
can have a significant impact on your
troubleshooting and maintenance
productivity, as well as the bottom line, for industrial, electrical and building applications.
Hiring Services
Associated Engineering Services
Induction Heating Machines on Hire
catering to the sectors of Power, Oil,
Gas & Petrochemical Industries.
We have extremely well qualified and
trained personnel for Pre-Heating, Post-
Heating and Post Weld Heat Treatment
(PWHT) services for use in Pressure
Vessels, Piping, Oil and Gas Pipelines.

Induction Heating

AES has ProheatTM 35 Miller Heating
Machines which provide consistent
heating throughout the part, are
easier to apply and have greater
reliability than other heating
equipment. We have recorders
which have both analog and digital
recording features.


Resistance heating is the generation
of heat by electric conductors carrying
current. The degree of heat is
proportional to the electrical
resistance of the conductors.
Our machines have PID Controllers,
with 6 Auto or 6 Manual operating
systems capable of performing heat
treatment on 6 different joints at time.
We use both Coil type and Wire type
resistance heating pads.
Recorders we use are hybrid which employ bright and clear, easy to view LCD displays. Measuring value display is
prepared as multi-points simultaneous display.

Local heat treatment facility offered by us works on using electricity as the source of heating for stress relieving of weld
joints. Our heat treatment services are designed to minimize downtime, improve structural integrity as well as enhance
the effective plant life. Additionally, depending on the mobility of the required equipment, many of the offered heating
processes can also be applied onsite.
Non Destructive Testing Boiler Inspection Pump Inspection
• Ultrasonic Testing • Tube Thickness Measurement • Casing Inspection
~ Flaw Detection • Impeller Inspection
• Scale Measurement
~ Thickness Measurement
• Pumps Alignment
• Radiography • Leak Treatment
~ X-rays • NDT in Boiler Vendor Inspection
~ Gamma Rays • Welding Inspection • Raw Material Identification and
• Penetrant Testing • RLA Studies Inspection
• Surface Finish • Mechanical Testing witness
• Documentation
• Magnetic Particle Testing • Stage wise process inspection
• Hardness Test Turbine and Generator • Final Inspection
Advanced NDT Inspection • Documentation
• Long Range UT • Deguassing
Heat Treatment Services
• Short Range UT • Bond-Debond Inspection
• Rental of induction & resistance
• TOFD & PAUT • Rotor Inspection heating machines along with the
• Thermography • Visual operator
• Positive Material Identification • Preheating, Post Heating, PWHT of
• Documentation
• Digital Radiography Weldments

Welding Specialized Services Tower Inspection
• WPR, PQR and WOT • Third Party Inspection • Communication Towers
• Welder Qualification • ASME U - Stamp Certification • Power Transmission Towers
• Expert Witness Services • Level - III services • Wind Mill Towers
• NDT Consultancy
• Personnel Resourcing Hiring Services
• ISO Consultancy
• Inspection • Rental of Induction Heating &
Thermography Resistance Heating Machines,
Piping Inspection • Electrical Safety Audit along with operators.
• Piping Inspection as per ASME & API • Inspecting equipment's and • Rental of PMI & Thermography
buildings machines, along with operators.
• Leometrics Preparation
• Perform routein mantainance • Rental of all NDT & welding
• Project Documentation machines with accesories & repair
• Confirming repairs have been
made correctly works
• Online Pipe Mill Inspection
• Discover and diagnose potential
break downs
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