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High Performance Loop Pile Modular Carpet

Milliken’s high performance level loop pile modular carpet combines beautiful aesthetics
with exceptional wear performance.

Engineered to Perform

o Utilises a high performance Antron® yarn which is twisted for enhanced
appearance retention. Yarn is de-lustred to give a wool-like appearance.

o Robust manufacturing process makes each module dimensionally stable and
free from problems of fraying or unravelling.

o Milliken’s unique Millitron® Imaging technology creates deep and sophisticated
textural aesthetics.

o Precisely modulated patterning provides highly accurate pattern registration
through the digital placement of colour.

Comfort Plus²® High Performance Cushion Backing System.
Manufactured from 85% recycled open cell polyurethane, Milliken’s unique modular
carpet backing system provides a lightweight sustainable solution with outstanding
o Protects the surface of the carpet by absorbing the effects of wear, keeping the
carpet looking good for longer. Comfort Plus® backed products carry an industry
leading 15 year wear guarantee.

it does so without the need for wet adhesives. Stain Resist and Soil Release characteristics. This treatment provides state-of-the-art protection against penetrating stains and soil. Guarantees o 15 Year Wear o 15 Year visual equivalent availability o Latent defects . o Luxurious underfoot comfort which offers reduced leg muscle fatigue. Flexible Carpet Installation System TractionBack is a remarkable new high-friction coating which prevents lateral movement of carpet. TractionBack® Clean. Product Enhancements StainSmart® is a proprietary treatment applied to select Milliken modular carpets to provide Stain Repel. This patented innovation not only keeps your carpet securely in place. Soil Release: Prevents soil from adhering to or imbedding in the fibre surface and enhances the efficiency of soil removal when proper cleaning techniques are followed. Stain Repel: StainSmart allows many liquid spills to be blotted and removed easily before they can penetrate beyond the carpet surface. Milliken’s advanced. Recovers back up to 93% of its original thickness. toxin-free formulation which good indoor air quality by inhibiting bacterial and fungal growth that can cause odours. moving or replacing modular carpet is easier on the end user as well as being kinder on the environment. lessening the ability of a stain to bond with the fibre. floor sealers or primers. o Absorbs 36dB of sound which considerably reduces the disruption of reverberative noise. This means that installing. Proper maintenance is vital to the long-term effectiveness of the StainSmart treatment. AlphaSan® Anti-microbial Protection. o Spring-like structures within the backing act like tiny shock absorbers to soak up the impact of heavy objects placed upon them. Stain Resist: This chemistry blocks the dye sites of nylon fibre.

Environmentally Responsible o BRE Environmental Profile A Rating o 85% Recycled content cushion backing Delivery Despatched within 10 working days from order placement (up to 1000m²). .34m². Minimum quantity 3.