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The following are some suggestions of what we can do to

mobilise the prayer before and during the mission trips:
Everyone of us will partner together ( pair up by 2)
 Tracy & Mei
 Sis Pat & Avylyn
 Job & Ebol

Before The Mission Trip :

1. Fast and Pray. Each partner choose one day for
every weeks which will start by next week (24/7) .
We will do the fast and pray for two weeks. You and
your partner can choose which day you want to do
fast and pray. ( I will post the prayer items in the
whatsaap group everyday)

2. Morning devotion / bible verses

Each one of us will take turn to spend 10 minutes
time to share what you have learn and what God
have speak to you from the bible verses @ morning

( Pray for teachers. ( I will post the bible verses everyday start by next week ) Monday : Tracy Wednesday : Ebol Tuesday : Avylyn Thursday : Mei Friday : Job Saturday : Sis Pat During Mission Trip : 1. Do the prayer walk to SMK Kanibongan during sunday. students & the places ) 2. pray together with partner / group of students 5-6 students ( Pray for what we’ve learned in that day @ pray for the program and preparation for the next day / Pray for what the students needs) 3. devotion (your own reflection ) & list down the struggle / needs / any additional prayer items so that every members can pray together . Pray with partners together and do the short sharing time together with your own partner ( Share what you’ve learned in that day ) . During the prayer time at night.