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Maharashtra can be split into 4 States

( -
24th, March ,2016 – Thursday ).
RSS tried to stoke dissension in the Indian
army in 1950s ( - 29th, January, 2017) – a
declassified CIA report.
RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR was set up by
Nationalism. It’s a Jewish Conspiracy.
At the time of independence, Senior Leaders of RSS wanted
to create a North South divide in the Indian army – states a
declassified CIA report..
RSS helped create Muslim dominated
State of Telengana
When UPA Government was in power, RSS helped
Congress President Sonia Gandhi DIVIDE Andhra Pradesh
and create an Muslim dominated state of TELENGANA
that has over 55% of Muslim population. With New arrivals
from trouble spot Muslim countries , this includes
Bangladeshis , Rohingiya Muslims from Burma , those Iraq
& Afghanistan. Also a large number of muslim from
Somalia.Many of these Muslims are students and those
already settled in Hyderabad. Telengana will be dominated
by Muslims. Narendra Modi Government recently in the
year 2015, resettled more than 15,000 Rohingiya
( Burmese ) Muslims in Kashmir, but not Kashmiri Pundits.
Statehood of TELENGANA was a long standing demand of
Majlis-e-Ittahadul Muslimeen (MIM) after former
Hyderabad State of Nizams, was merged by Sardar Vallabhai
Patel with Hindu dominated Andhra Pradesh. Congress
President Sonia Gandhi assured Muslims of Andhra Pradesh, a
new Muslim dominated state called Telengana. Congress
President Sonia Gandhi created new political party Telangana
Rashtra Samithi (TRS), which would create a demand for
separate state of Telengana. It was the RSS that ensured that a
new Muslim dominated state of Telengana comes into existence.
Even Mamata Banerjee was against it.
“…Muslims will be new decisions makers in Telangana
State, says Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh..”.

RSS supports Homosexuality
After Narendra Modi Government came to power, on 18 March ,2016 – Friday, RSS Leaders said they support
Homosexuality. All BJP ruled states, have introduced laws that give legal status to Live In Relationships and prohibit
discrimination against homosexuals. Way back in 2014, RSS spokesman Ram Madhav said, it is debatable
Homosexuality is crime. Narendra Modi Government allows free flow of Africans to India under Long Term Visas
( valid upto 6 years ) and has made it easier for Africans to acquire Indian citizenship. More than 4 million to 5 million
Africans are living in India. Narendra Modi Government has passed a legislation that makes it mandatory for Indian /
foreign companies to hire Africans in the name of Race Diversity. Read – Rs 55,000 Crore Air India scam. This was a
Joint Venture between BJP & Congress Party ( under Sonia Gandhi ) to KILL Air India – a Government owned Airline
company. Make sure to visit INA Market ( New Delhi ) and see the number of Africans. Narendra Modi Government in
2015 resettled more than 15,000 Rohingiya ( Burmese) Muslims in Kashmir ( but not Kashmiri Pundits ). Just Google -
Hindu Nationalist exposes RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR