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Just ask AAP Chief – Arvind Kejriwal, only one question – who is

funding AAP..?
Ask the same question to JD(U) Chief and Bihar chief Minister Nitish
Kumar – who is funding JD(U)..? Ask the same Question to RSS Chief –
Mohan Bhagwat -– who is funding RSS...?
Ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi – to give a speech on Rs 60,00,000
( invisible but Real British Rulers ) before independence to DEFEAT /
DE-RAIL Hindu Nationalism, after India became Independent. Whenever
a Honest , “..Desh Bhakt..” Prime Minister comes to power, RSS, VHP &
SANGH PARIVAR join together to topple the Government, using
“..NAUTANKI..” Hindutva Politics.. This is to ensure that India is ruled
by CORRUPT Politicians, who will bring BLACK MONEY to Foreign Banks ( controlled by ROTHSCHILDS ) and then the
consecutive government will then take TRILLION Dollar LOANS from ROTHSCHILD controlled ADB, World Bank and IMF. Money
of Indian people lying in Foreign banks, comes back as LOANS from World Bank and IMF.
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Senior Leaders of RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR openly supports HOMOSEXUALITY and give tacit support to “..Live In
Relationships..” ( cohabiting by ‘..unwedded..” sex partners ), unwed Motherhood and surrogate motherhood. BJP is run by Wheeler
Dealers, CROOKS and CONMEN – all appointed by Senior Leaders of RSS.
Narendra Modi Government is selling India’s Mineral Resources, Oil & Gas Fields, Coal mines to foreign companies in the name of
FDI, who refuse to even pay taxes in India. Narendra Modi Government is now resettling Africans ( Negroes ) across India and his
government is passed legislations that make it mandatory for Indian / Foreign Companies to hire Africans in the name of racial
diversity. Ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi – to give a speech on Rs 55,000 Crore Air India Scam – A joint venture between BJP &
UPA Government under Sonia Gandhi. “…Desh Drohi..” Narendra Modi Government is now SINKING India in Foreign Debt, with its
“..SHAM..” Development Agenda. BEFORE Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government came to power – from March 1991 to March 2003,
India’s Per Capita Debt burden (owed to World Bank)– Rs 6,500 (US $ 100 ), But by March 2010, it was Rs 32,812 – and by March
2012, India’s Per Capita Debt burden was Rs 33,000. But by March 2013 - India’s Per Capita Debt was Rs 41,129. After Narendra
Modi Government came to power - by March 2015 - India’s Per Capita Debt was Rs 44,095. By March 2016, India’s Per Capita Debt
burden – Rs 53,796 As of March 2016, very Indian carries a debt of Rs 53,796, payable to World Bank.
“...Desh Drohi..” Narendra Modi Government is sinking India in FOREIGN DEBT.
SECULAR ( Anti Hindu ) Indian Media ( including Wikipedia ) is controlled by ROTHSCHILDS, with Indians as FRONTS.
All TOP Indian politicians have ROTHSCHILD connections, and those who don’t end up like Tamil Nadu Chief Minister –
J.Jayalalitha ( Murdered)
Hindu Nationalist exposes RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR