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 My history 1-3
 Life after matric 4-6
 Teaching practise 6-8
 Community work 9-10
 My skills and academic 11
My history

I’m Bongiwe Dlamini from KwaZulu Natal
province in Vryheid. I grew up staying there. I
started to attend school when I was 7 years
old at Mange Primary school in rural areas at
2004.I started my grade one there till grade
7.From grade 1 to grade 7 I have never failed
or repeated a class ,I was smart.
In 2011 I moved to Langeni Combined school
Start my higher grades .When I arrived there
life was too different from my previous school,
new school, meeting new teachers and
friends. I think teachers were not good as my
previous school.

Life was good after…grade 10 was pretty good although I was struggling
with physics .Middle school was fun I learned things I never knew about
myself. Life sciences was my life, there reason why I wanted to go to
school .I knew I was good at this subject and I loved my Life Sciences
teacher, for she made me to believe In myself. She saw potential in me I
never knew existed, not only by that but she natured and unleashed it.
Middle school was like home to me .I felt there to be who I wanted to be
.I developed and felt comfortable , even had and knew my comfort zone.

But that was never good enough .Even though I was at ease my main
goal was to be in grade 12 and pass it with excellent marks.I reached
grade 12 in 2015 by that time I was 17 years old .

I realised that nothing comes easy in life, there must be struggle before
success .I had to do whatever that I could make me pass even means
not to sleep. I was a little bit scared of failing because at home I am the
first person to reach matric so everything was hard for me but at the end
I managed to get that bachelor even.
Figure: 2 My matric certificate

I know the tittle says “life after matric” but I thought it would be
appropriate to start at the beginning first day at school.
The same day that remarked the beginning of something huge and
better: My future had finally came. I was nervous like other people, but
deep dip down I was looking forward for this journey. As a child I always
longed to be an adult. I was impatient I see. As I look back I regret ever
trying to force time to rush by, because I never knew growing up could
come with so many challenges.

There were always people I looked up to .But this time as I was the first
one who completed matric it was different. I would usually here people
telling me that I should apply earlier to higher education institution when
I was in matric but unfortunately all universities rejected me because I
failed mathematics. My mind was like block after…I did not know what to
do, but I realised that it’s not time to give up now from all this year’s
struggling and fighting for success, “everything in life happens for a
reason” this words always gives me hope whenever I face problems.

But I will never forget that I disappointed myself and my parents. I think
that I’m better, strong and I can face life challenges than those who
commit suicide after failing in life especially matric. I upgraded my result
in Sand ton Technical College here in Pretoria on 2016. Fortunately
everything went well. I passed mathematics and physics because I knew
what I wanted to do in my life.
Even tough, I am not finished creating my goals and aspirations I
already have many. The two most important are to be happy and
successful. Failing mathematics didn’t mean it’s over for my life, I knew
that are still available chances. All wanted to do is to further my studies
and be one of rich people in this world. Education was one of my
choices and I’m starting to fall for it because I know its holds my life,
success and happiness. I want to be the best teacher and treat my
learners the way I wanted to when I was in school.

Success for me is simply doing something that I’ve always wanted to do.
That its self is quiet achievement. There are many obstacles that may
get in the way of pursuing my goals. You never know what will happen
next. I knew if I stay focused I have the power to get over obstacles that
stands in my way. Determination is not teachable skill, but it has to take
place to accomplish goals in life. Life tend to change direction very often.
Even if my pans do change, I will always have goals for myself.


My student teaching experience has been incredibly rewarding.
I have been able to apply much of what I have learned as
Mathematics and Science student at Tshwane University Of
Technology and developed effective and engaging teaching
strategies in the classroom. The areas of within my experience
involve creating a safe and welcoming classroom environment,
positive report with learners, Individualisation of instruction,
knowledge and application of new state standard. I thought I
was going to only observe but I found myself designing lessons
plans on the individual need of my learners.

Accommodations for student who were advanced and those
who were struggling were always considered and employed in
a lesson. I frequently spoke to student on one to one. Students
were comfortable approaching me as they want help and

Important skills

My mentors were good leaders. As learners need someone to
guide and set tone of class. They were able to communicate
with learners and be patient when teaching. They taught me
how to be a good teacher.
I know that in order to be a good teacher you should be
passionate about it. Standing in front of those learners is not
only about content, you must also understand and
accommodate all earners in classroom. Acknowledge their
different cultural diversity, interest, unique learning styles and
their uniqueness. You must encourage and support your
learners in order for them to realise their potential.
Community work
Engaging myself in community service I think gave me an
opportunity to become an active member of the community.
We volunteered to help learners by gardening and cleaning the
school. This enables me to acquire life skills and knowledge, as
well as provide a service to those needed it. This helped me to
increase my overall life satisfaction and helped me to feel good
about myself because I was helping others. I created a special
bond my group members and the school we were serving,

It also increased my social awareness and responsibility. My
personal knowledge was enhanced, grow from new experience
and developed better interpersonal communication skills.
Participating in community service activities helped me to
develop new social responsibility skills and become more
aware of what others need.