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Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World

Book · January 2017


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5 authors, including:

Alexander Klimchouk Jo De Waele
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine University of Bologna


Augusto S. Auler Ph. Audra
Instituto do Carste University of Nice Sophia Antipolis


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De Waele. Prices and other details are subject to change without notice. Audra (Eds. 200 This book illustrates the diversity of hypogene speleogenetic processes and void- illus. 250 illus. student. All errors and omissions excepted.e. 2017.99 € (A) | approx. conduit patterns depending on variations of the geological environments by presenting regional and cave-specific case studies.00 development of solutional porosity and permeability by upwelling flow. Klimchouk. the approx.) Hypogene Karst Regions and Caves of the World Series: Cave and Karst Systems of the World ▶ Presents the most representative coverage of hypogene karst of the world ▶ Helps the reader with numerous regional and cave-specific case studies to acknowledge the diversity of hypogene speleogenetic processes and void-conduit patterns ▶ Enables the generalization and categorization of hypogene karst and shows regularities in its distribution ▶ Improves the ability to adequately model hypogene karstification and predict related porosity and permeability 1st ed. A. CHF 143. . in color. $149. i.99 € | approx. Prices indicated with ** include VAT for electronic products. 650 Order online at springer.99 ▶ springer. 19% for Germany. geodynamical and evolutionary contexts of hypogene speleogenesis. independent ▶ *approx. ▶ or for the Americas call (toll free) 1-800-SPRINGER ▶ or email us at: customerservice@springer. MyCopy Printed eBook for just ▶ € | $ 24.00 | occurrence. Hypogene karst has approx.09 € (D) | of recharge from the overlying or immediately adjacent surface. 20% for Austria. ▶ For outside the Americas call +49 (0) 6221-345-4301 ▶ or email us at: customerservice@springer. Palmer. and practical importance of hypogene karstification (speleogenesis). 129.00 been identified and documented in many regions where it was previously overlooked or misinterpreted. Prices indicated with * include VAT for books. The book enriches the basis for generalization and categorization eBook of hypogene karst and thus improves our ability to adequately model hypogene karstification and predict related porosity and permeability. and practitioner dealing with karst. The cases include both well-known and newly recognized hypogene karst regions and caves of the world. They all focus on geological. global ▶ approx.. 142. the €(D) includes 7% for Germany. ▶ springer. 139. subject to local VAT. It is a book which benefits Available from your library or every researcher. Auler. £97. The first € price and the £ and $ price are net prices. P. All prices exclusive of carriage charges. Printed book hydrogeological. the €(A) includes 10% for Austria. J.   Hardcover The last decade has witnessed the boost in recognition of the possibility.

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Polyak V. Tabasco. and Australia 55 Auler AS Hypogene caves and karst of South America 56 Auler AS. Bezerra Origin and evolution of Toca da Boa Vista and Toca da Barriguda FHR. Souza TAR Hypogene speleogenesis in the Vazante Group. Gary M Hypogene processes in the Balcones Fault Zone segment of the Edwards Aquifer of south-central Texas 42 Blackwood KW. Brazil 58 Audra P Hypogene caves in North Africa (Morocco. Brahana V. Polk J Hypogene Karst Influences in the Upper Floridan Aquifer 51 Mylroie J. USA 46 Doctor D. and Egypt) 59 Martini J Hypogene karst in Southern Africa 60 Stratford D A review of the geomorphological context and stratigraphy of the Sterkfontein Caves. Development and distribution of hypogenic caves and paleokarst features in the Arbuckle Mountains of South Central Oklahoma 43 Tennyson R. Hypogene speleogenesis in the Southern Ozark Uplands. Decker D 44 Olson RA Sulfides in the Mammoth Cave Area. Mexico Part IV: South America. Klimchouk A. Rosales-Lagarde L Hypogene speleogenesis of Cueva de Villa Luz and area. Taylor P. Cazarin KL. Tunisia. 41 Schindel G. Terry J. mid- Potra A. Algeria. Asmerom continental United States Y. Terrell L Hypogene karst springs along northern border of Appalachian Plateaus 48 Ford DC Carbonate-hosted massive sulfide deposits and hypogene speleogenesis: A case study from Nanisivik zinc/lead mine. Ennes Silva R. South Africa 61 Osborne RAL Hypogene caves of the Tasmanic karsts of eastern mainland Australia View publication stats . Tamaulipas. Canada 49 Upchurch SB Hypogene speleogenesis on the Florida platform 50 Gulley J. Mexico 54 Hose L. Orndorff W Hypogene caves of the central Appalachian Shenandoah Valley in Virginia 47 Palmer A. Africa. Minas Gerais. Baffin Island. Mylroie J Bahamian flank margin caves as hypogene Caves 52 Gary M Sistema Zacatón: volcanically controlled hypogenic karst. Libya. Chihuahua. cave system in northeastern Brazil Balsamo F 57 Auler A. Mexico 53 Forti P The Naica Caves. Pollock E. Covington M. Kentucky 45 Florea L Sulfur-based speleogenesis in the Cumberland Plateau.