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To be a good teacher, you have to possess some of the qualities that can reflect you to

be a good teacher someday. As I reflect on my personal qualities, I consider myself as one of the
dedicated student teacher who wants to pursue their dreams and ambition in life. Once you are a
teacher, you have to be dedicated in your profession that even your personal time is given up. I
always apply the motto “Patience is the great virtue” in my personal life to motivate me how to
be a successful individual someday. I can use these qualities of mine to become a good teacher in
a way that, I always put in my mind that I should always be patient enough to handle a crucial
situation in the classroom. Being a good teacher you have to be emotionally stable. You have to
learn how to hold your temper so that you will think positively and create right decisions on how
to handle the situations. A teacher must remain mentally alert and a teacher must be quick to
adopt himself to any situation.
Another quality of mine that I considered to be a good teacher is my passion on
everything what I’m doing. Passion on teaching is one of the key on how to be a good teacher.
Passion as associated with teaching denotes a teacher’s strong feeling, enthusiasm and intense
love for this magnanimous profession. A teacher’s desire, emotion for such chosen vocation is
manifested in her daily teaching chores, duties and responsibilities. As a good teacher, you have
to be very passionate in teaching because you will never be a good teacher if you do not love
what you are doing. You have to enjoy every challenge that comes into your way. And a good
teacher should always open to criticism; either it is negative or positive.