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Lesson Plan

Course: Adult ESOL Entry 2 Name:

Day and Date: Friday 20th January 2017 Venue: OB20 Students: 10-12

Topic: Past Simple
 To introduce the three pronunciation of the past forms of regular verbs
 To practice the use of past simple tense

Learning Objectives:
 Compare the t, d and id sounds of the -ed
 Use simple past tense to describe last holiday

Group Profile:
Encourage lower level students to use translator to
This is a mixed level class consisting of low entry 2 and solid entry 2 levels of ability.
All lessons are linked to the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum
Where possible, learners are encouraged and referred to access future courses at the Institute.
IT skills will be developed through a regular session in the computer suite.
Group members are from a range of backgrounds and specialisms. The conduct of the lesson will allow
members to participate and express their views. Those who are not as experienced will be able to learn
from others and will be encouraged to participate fully in group discussions. Questioning strategies will
ensure that all learners are engaged in the discussions. Timings are flexible to allow for group members’

Recognition of Progress/Assessment:
Question and Answer X Observation X Group Work X
Assignment X Set Task X Other – Starter X
Feedback X Discussion X Other – Puzzle Game X

Students Prior Knowledge:
To be assessed X From oral Q&A X From questionnaire

Support Materials for Teacher and Student:
Handouts X PPT X Video X
Whiteboard/Pens/Rubber X Flipchart/Pens X SMARTBoard X
Register X Course docs

Write the target words on the board: . Assessment/ Time Content/Aim Learning Activity/Stages Resources Styles 2 mins Welcome. out of the way (Health & Safety) VA Register Register.-ed and read a narrative and understand the structure of the session. make sure all bags etc. com/past- Watch a video to practice the pronunciation tense-verb- pronunciation- t-d-id/ . d.NB All timings are flexible according to student needs. Objectives Tell ss that today we will be looking at the different sounds of the past tense of regular verbs. .ele Go through the voiced and voiceless vocal sounds vibration /d/ and no vibration /t/ mentalenglish. past tense verbs with an -ed ending are pronounced in three different ways: rammar- practice/have-  [t] got  [d]  [Id].She enjoyed (enjoyd) the trip to Jamaica last year. For students to know that the session has started 5 mins Starter Handout a list of regular verbs in base form to students and ask them to complete the table timer with the past forms.e. 3mins Aims/Learning Go through the aims and objectives for the lesson. take To facilitate Pronunciation: MCQ understanding of the new language Analyse the different pronunciation of verb + -ed http://learnengl ishkids. http://www. For students to Practice the different pronunciations of regular verbs i.britishc You may have noticed that in English.I looked (lookt) for you at the mall yesterday. Welcome. .t. 30 mins Presentation VA Kahoot.Trina needed (needId) to fix her glasses so we waited (waitId) at the station.

151 . New cutting edge. What can you see? Open Played the piano. Observation Extracts A.3. Objectives the students know about family vocabulary. C. (2005). pp. P. 12th ed. dad. Play T7:11 and do the example together. mum. Have students write the numbers while playing the remaining extracts. professional singer. E-4. written on the white board Listening & VARK PPT Slide 5 Speaking Tell ss: This is Marlene. Harlow: Longman. B. toy piano. F.. Q/A. Take a look at the pictures. Eales. S.2.10 mins Practice Hand out worksheet 2 and tell students to group the verbs under the right pronunciation To explore/assess what using the rules on the handout. D-6.22. discussion. and Moor.22 VARK Worksheet Literacy Numeracy Further reading & references Cunningham.1. F-5 Numeracy Student book p.