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Esta prueba consiste en contestar cuarenta (40) preguntas tipo test sobre diversas audiciones

con un intervalo de quince a veinte (15 a 20) segundos entre cada audición. 

Las contestaciones deben marcarse en la Hoja de Respuestas adjunta y en la forma en que se


1 X 

Marque solamente una respuesta para cada una de las preguntas numeradas. Para anular tache

el recuadro y marque de nuevo la que considere correcta. Ejemplo:

1 X X 

Las respuestas erróneas no penalizan.

DNI: Empleo: Fecha: Nombre y Apellidos: A B C D A B C D 1 X 26 X 2 X 27 X 3 X 28 X 4 X 29 X 5 X 30 X 6 X 31 X 7 X 32 X 8 X 33 X 9 X 34 X 10 X 35 X 11 X 36 X 12 X 37 X 13 X 38 X 14 X 39 X 15 X 40 X 16 X 17 X 18 X 19 X 20 X 21 X 22 X 23 X 24 X 25 X Firma: . IDIOMA INGLÉS NIVEL PROFESIONAL INGLÉS COMPRENSIÓN ORAL TEST DE AUDICIONES  Antes de comenzar el ejercicio. lea atentamente las instrucciones en la carátula del cuadernillo de preguntas y rellene sus datos personales en el cuadro que le identifica y que sigue a continuación. PRUEBAS PARA EVALUAR LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA.  No olvide firmar la presente Hoja de Respuestas.

D. B. C. In a plane. IDIOMA INGLÉS NIVEL PROFESIONAL 1) A. 8) A. 6) A. The woman is too late to get it. A comfortable seat. A window seat. Finish a draft. They are strangers. They are close relatives. An aisle seat. D. She will have to pay a fine. They are neighbors. C. The final draft is ready. B. A pastry. They are good friends. Make a presentation. A roll. D. At an airport. A coffee. Arrange a meeting. Putting the paper too fast. A center seat. B. C. On the way to their house. C. C. 3) A. A glass of milk. D. She will have to buy the books. At a friend’s house. 2) A. It’s still being typed. D. It is confidential. C. 7) A. B. The machine was not on. C. 4) A. B. B. Using the wrong kind of paper. PRUEBAS PARA EVALUAR LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA. Go on a trip. D. D. B. B. C. She will get to keep the books. She will lose her library card. D. 5) A. . Letting the paper get caught.

The presentation is short. Before the tour starts. D) Into the school. They can’t be late. C. C. 15) A) At midnight. IDIOMA INGLÉS NIVEL PROFESIONAL 9) A. D) A member of Bonne’s family. B. A Movie. PRUEBAS PARA EVALUAR LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA. They’ll need a short time. D. B. Call the man. D. Wait for the client. At the end of the tour. D. 11) A. B. C) The hotel is full. D) She needs another passport. A conference D. B) Someone Bonnie dislikes. C. 14) A) She cannot take the midnight flight. C) From his house to mine. D. 13) A. During the tour. 12) A. A price list. C. On a different tour. C. Notices of upcoming sales and events. B) She has red eyes. A play. Bills for purchases. Ask the client inside. There are too many people. B) After work. B. . 10) A. A store credit card. B. An opera. Send the client up. 16) A) Someone Bonnie knows. C) A close friend.

D) Someone who looks motherly. D) Her job is to oversee the project. C) The shower is running. B) Someone who looks old. D) Regularly. B) Had I known about it I would have. PRUEBAS PARA EVALUAR LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA. D) Time is up. B) A special need. C) Seldom. B) She has just found a new job. D) It was worse than she expected. C) There are some supplies on the shelf. B) The sink is blocked. 19) A) It was amazing. C) He’ll be home when practice has finished. B) He’ll be home after midnight. 20) A) A desire. D) He’ll be home sometime in the future. D) If I could have I wouldn’t. IDIOMA INGLÉS NIVEL PROFESIONAL 17) A) If I knew about it I would. B) It’s your responsibility. C) It was better than she expected. C) Someone who looks exactly like Elizabeth. 22) A) It’s your turn. . C) This period will pass. B) It was unexpected. 21) A) Someone who looks like a mother. 18) A) He’ll be home late. D) The toilet is by the door. 24) A) Her problems will get worse. C) If I would know about it I might could’ve. 23) A) The sink is logged.

31) A) She is trying to find something in her bag. D) She is intelligent and attractive. D) Really sad. 29) A) If men wear skirts they will catch on things. B) She is jobless and begging in the street. . D) She is putting groceries into her bag. B) Men would look really silly wearing skirts. B) She is changing the strap on her bag. C) They sound like they are asleep. D) The dog ate them. PRUEBAS PARA EVALUAR LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA. 32) A) That it is useless to try. D) She sometimes attends social events to find a job. C) That trying is expensive. B) They are listening to music as they sleep. D) That she has plenty of time. C) Really burned out. B) The dog polished them. 26) A) Really angry. D) They are sleeping deeply. IDIOMA INGLÉS NIVEL PROFESIONAL 25) A) She will be at the party. C) She is clumsy and awkward. 30) A) He’s tall and slim. C) She doesn’t usually attend social events. B) He has blond hair and blue eyes. D) Men wearing skirts could become popular. B) Really excited. C) The dog destroyed them. C) There’s a real possibility that men will wear skirts. 27) A) The dog wore them. B) That time is a problem. C) She is angry and in a bad mood. 28) A) They are restless but in bed.

36) A) Looking at the behind you. C) Usual. 38) A) Wealthy. IDIOMA INGLÉS NIVEL PROFESIONAL 33) A) Tie it up using its bridle. B) They are shopping malt. C) Plant a garden. D) A light-show with opera music. C) The convict spent time in jail. D) They are watching an athletic event. D) Give it sugar. B) Looking at the calendar. B) Cheap. 37) A) They are playing cards. C) Having financial problems. B) Needing more workers. B) A rock opera. C) Let it stop to eat at the gate. C) Reviewing the special moments. PRUEBAS PARA EVALUAR LA COMPETENCIA LINGÜÍSTICA. C) A selection of music from various operas. 39) A) Go to university. 34) A) Some foreign operas. B) Tie its legs together. D) Reviving the light. D) Good. 40) A) New. B) Become more stable. 35) A) The police followed him and captured him. D) The convict was chased. C) They are spending time together. D) Develop her career. . B) The convict evaded the police. D) Being repaired.

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