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Esta prueba consiste en contestar 20 preguntas tipo test sobre cuatro (4) textos de dificultad

variable, con una duración máxima de 35 minutos. 

Las contestaciones deben marcarse en la Hoja de Respuestas adjunta y en la forma en que se


1 X 

Marque solamente una respuesta para cada una de las preguntas numeradas. Para anular tache

el recuadro y marque de nuevo la que considere correcta. Ejemplo:

1 X X 

Las respuestas erróneas no penalizan.

EN EL IDIOMA INGLÉS INGLÉS COMPRENSIÓN ESCRITA COMPRENSIÓN DE TEXTOS  Antes de comenzar el ejercicio lea atentamente las instrucciones en la carátula del cuadernillo de preguntas y rellene sus datos personales en el cuadro que le identifica y que sigue a continuación. DNI: Empleo: Fecha: Nombre y Apellidos: TEXTOS A B C D A B C D 1 X 11 X 2 X 12 X 3 X 13 X 4 X 14 X 5 X 15 X 6 X 16 X 7 X 17 X 8 X 18 X 9 X 19 X 10 X 20 X Firma: .L.P. PRUEBAS DE NIVEL S.  No olvide firmar la presente Hoja de Respuestas.

. which many French broadcasters oppose. Advertising will be permitted only at night. 5 The text tells us that the proposed legislation . 3 According to this text. The legislation of commercials is pending approval in the French Senate. French Channel 2 presented its first commercial-free night Monday. is against certain types of commercials such as those for tobacco. He supports this legislation. 1 What may happen soon on French public television channels? a. c. the French government . Commercials will be limited to the 4 public TV channels.. feels the new law would reduce producers’ rating worries. b. He will lose power under the new legislation. what can we say about President Sarkozy? a. The legislation of commercials has only been approved by the Senate c. will give the power to finance TV to the French President. d. c. The government has also promised to compensate for lost revenue when commercials are eliminated. c. would use tax money to pay for commercials. d. Programs on the 4 public channels will have no advertising. will raise revenues to public TV stations. PRUEBAS DE NIVEL S.L. according to the text? a. eliminating advertising between eight o'clock at night and six o'clock in the morning. The law would give President Sarkozy power to hire public television bosses and make funding decisions.. b. The government will pay for all future advertising on TV. would increase income for the public TV stations. a. More strikes are planned Wednesday when the French Senate begins debate on the broadcast reform legislation. 2 Which statement is true. The legislation of commercials still needs approval by the two French parliamentary houses. d. All advertising on all four public television stations would be eliminated by 2011. d. The staff at one French station walked off their jobs Monday to protest the changes. is in favor of a limited schedule of advertising hours per channel. b.P.. b. . d. c. would reduce control of all hiring and firing decisions to heads of public TV stations. Supporters of the advertising change say broadcasters would no longer have to worry about trying to get high ratings and could put on better quality shows. The lower house of parliament has already approved it. 4 According to the text. EN EL IDIOMA INGLÉS Text 1 Commercials on French public television will soon become a thing of the past under President Nicolas Sarkozy's media reform plans. The legislation of commercials has not yet been debated in Parliament. He thinks the new law would raise TV revenues. a. He feels commercials raise TV program quality. b.

As a great potential danger to the environment. will raise the temperature to about 40 to 50 degrees Celsius.. 10. What does the text imply about the carbon footprint of the average American? a. the number of personnel needed for the hotel to function. was installed on the sand at the beach. That it represents about ten tons of carbon dioxide every year.. PRUEBAS DE NIVEL S. As a sustainable element in the environment. As a way to reduce the Dubai carbon footprint. Analysts estimate that each person living in Dubai has a carbon footprint (impact of human activities on the environment) of more than 44 tons of carbon dioxide a year . will reduce the number of people accommodated. c. b. Air conditioning at the hotel beach. a. b. The beach is part of the Palazzo Versace hotel. d. And if the sea breeze is not enough to tame the area's typical 40-to-50 degree [Celsius] heat. 9. c. and will include a system of heat-absorbing pipes under the sand. 6. . 8.L. c. lowering the risk that its high- paying guests might hurt their feet on the sand. how much the hotel’s facilities will affect the environment. But the Palazzo president. d. Soheil Abedian. That no money has been spent to put in a refrigerated beach. saying the hotel will greatly increase the levels of greenhouse gas emissions. 7. That it contributes more than four times the Dubai footprints to the increase of global warming.. d. How does the text say environmentalists see the hotel? a. Environmentalists are infuriated by the plans. That its sea breezes are very dry. That its levels of greenhouse gas emissions will be highly enlarged. EN EL IDIOMA INGLÉS Text 2 A new luxury hotel in Dubai plans to offer the world's first refrigerated beach. b. That spending a night there would be affordable. will consist of heat-absorbing pipes and huge fans. What do we know about the hotel the text refers to? a.more than four times what the average American produces. giant wind blowers will keep things cool.P. The term “sustainable” as used in this text refers to.. d. d. to what an extent the hotel will affect the local economy. c. That it is one of the lowest in the world. b. As a greenhouse for improving toxic gas emissions. a. said the hotel will be sustainable (have an unimportant impact on the environment). That it is much higher than that of the average resident of Dubai. how long it will take for the hotel to make a profit. c. b.

That it is an African maritime services company which uses French ships. . An unknown number of pirates is holding nine people captive on a French ship. b. The ship's crew includes five Nigerians. 13 What does the text tell us about pirate attacks in general? a. d. That they take place in Asian waters. But piracy also has spiked in Nigeria over the last two years. That they have increased near Nigeria lately. off the coast of Somalia. d. On Saturday morning. who says all the crew members are in good health. 15 What does the text say about the company which owns the hijacked ship? a. c. That it works offshore in France for the oil and gas industry. The company's Web site says Bourbon is involved in offshore work for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. Nigerian pirates have captured a French oil vessel. EN EL IDIOMA INGLÉS Text 3 A French company says pirates off the coast of Nigeria have seized one of its ships and nine crew members. d.L. b. 11 What has happened here? a. Nine Nigerian pirates have captured a French ship. c. A group of pirates is holding some Somalis captive on a French ship. That all are citizens of African countries. On Sunday afternoon. The maritime services company Bourbon Monday said the Bourbon Leda was seized late Saturday or early Sunday off the southeastern Nigerian coast near Bonny in Rivers state. The Bourbon Leda is a 155- foot ship known as a fast support and intervention vessel. designed for quick transportation of personnel and cargo. That their families are aware of what is happening.P. Most pirate attacks in African waters take place in the east. b. That all hold Nigerian citizenship. c. On Saturday afternoon. b. That they mainly take place in the west of Africa. PRUEBAS DE NIVEL S. mainly involving attacks on oil vessels. The company says it is keeping their family members informed. The exact time is not clear. That it is out of touch with the Bourbon Leda. b. d. d. c. That all hold French residence cards. 14 What do we know from the text about the ship’s crew? a. A company news release says Bourbon representatives have spoken by phone with the captain. That at the moment it is in communication with the ship’s crew. a Cameroonian and an Indonesian. two Ghanaians. c. 12 When did this event take place? a. That they are mainly carried out by oil vessels.

To stop foreign search engines from operating in China. That she is a lawyer hired by Google to defend the site’s operations. Cui Jin. c. 16 What is China’s aim here. In a written statement. d. b. b. To base more Web sites overseas. Dismiss Cui Jin from her post. b. its Internet police find it hard to block Web sites that are based overseas. China listed search engines like Google and Chinese search engine Baidu. Google's China-based spokeswoman. PRUEBAS DE NIVEL S. That China is defending its operations. Take legal action over any violations it is able to uncover. c. d. To prevent use of Internet to spread pornography. d. EN EL IDIOMA INGLÉS Text 4 China has launched a campaign to end pornography on major Web sites. Use international law to investigate violations. . it will take action in accordance with the law. That it has tried to stop political activists expressing opinions on Internet. c. c. That it constantly updates its links to pornography sites. b. targeting popular online portals and search engine giants such as Google. Cui Jin says that if the company finds any violations. c. b. It has suspended licenses for Google. In a government announcement Monday. However. That its search operations are currently stressed. That she has been investigated for violating the law. The statement said the companies have failed to respond effectively to government complaints that search engine results contain numerous links to pornographic Web sites. It has failed to respond to complaints about links to pornography on Google. That she is a Chinese State employee investigating Google’s Chinese activities.P. It has blocked overseas Web sites. 19 What does the text say Google has stated about its operations? a. China has carried out Internet campaigns against pornography. according to the text? a. 20 What do we know from the text about Cui Jin? a. defended the site's operations. That she works for a foreign company operating in China. 18 What does the text tell us that Google intends to do? a. 17 What does the text tell us about China’s past actions? a. Prosecute political activists in accordance with the law. tricksters and political activists in the past. That its function as a search operation does not implicate it in disseminating pornography. To make its online portals more popular overseas. stressing that it is a search engine and that it does not generate pornographic content. among others. d. d.L.