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Highly responsive. Not forgetting optimised curve-shaped tele. 2 4 Performance Economy Where no reach. unrivalled reach plus extra space for stacking and provides its customers with handling opportunities so far not to be found within the reachstacker market! . 1 3 Comfort Reliability Operating a Liebherr reachstacker (LRS) isn’t just Proven Liebherr components have been taken work – it is enjoyment. reliability of Liebherr reachstackers. Amongst other features. over from such successful product lines as comfort is assured by a highly effective shock the harbour mobile crane series and the STS absorbing system which has been incorporated crane range which are key ingredients for the to achieve optimum vibrations damping. reduced noise emissions as well as an scopic boom offers extended lifetime of power-pack components. smooth and sensitive driving – that’s what stacker has reached the reachstacker driver experiences due to the implementation before… A uniquely of a fully hydrostatic transmission. fuel consumption.The latest design in reachstackers – totally manufactured by Liebherr.


Highly effective shock absorbing system. he’ll experience the trend-setting comfort of this machine which obviously contributes to an overall improvement of handling rates Control meets comfort A spacious. The cabin. and transmission are all supported on one frame leading the service staff benefits from an optimum access to to a remarkable decrease of natural frequencies and a all service points. power pack as well as the selection of horizontal/vertical load paths. With a Liebherr reachstacker you don’t just see the difference.1 Comfort you can feel. from the moment the driver takes his seat. even enabling a spreader service reduction of vibrations. comfortable cabin with unique working visibility provides the driver with an optimum working atmosphere. movement as well as any spreader activation by means of two simple joysticks – combining ultimate control Long live the reachstacker with outstanding comfort! Whereas conventional reachstackers are characterised by strong vibrations in the chassis and the driver’s Access all areas cabin. resulting in a long lifetime of directly from the ground. Touch-screen providing all information at a glance. Where the driver appreciates step-less speed control tive shock absorbing system. air- suspended seat he can easily operate any reachstacker and a remarkable reduction in fatigue times. you can even feel it! Actually. Liebherr reachstackers come with a highly effec. Optimum access to the complete power pack. components. From his ergonomically designed. .

The “award” for the most striking feature of Liebherr reachstackers certainly goes to a uniquely curve- shaped. Consequently a Liebherr reachstacker is not just a suitable tool for handling present requirements. the Liebherr in the front row. telescopic boom has been labelled the “banana direct access to 2nd and 3rd row containers is easily boom” almost immediately after its first appearance manageable without any necessary removal of boxes in the market. Obviously such innovative container reachstacker offers plenty of vitamins – in other movements will have a major positive impact on the words – useful resources to its operators. but also an investment into the future! Inspired by nature. 2 Performance you need. loading/unloading containers from/to below ground level e. telescopic boom for unrivalled reach plus extra space for stacking.g. . In terms efficiency of container stacking yards in terminals of reach. the Liebherr reachstacker. this comprises the unique possibility of around the globe. Boosting container handling designed by Liebherr efficiency Due to its unconventional design the curve-shaped Having turned away from the straight boom concept. And just like the banana. from/to barges – without any special boom extension! Supporting pads for increased lifting capacity in the Reaching below quay level – another feature of second and third row (option).

regular service and maintenance. .” Sooner or later any kind of reachstacker may face malfunctions and – if it’s a critical one – may even cause the unit to be out of of thoroughly tested and maritime-proven compo. quick and reliable. doesn’t it?! That’s fibre reinforced construction of the chassis) right into exactly the time when a Liebherr customer benefits the “heart” of the reachstacker (implementation of from an excellent world-wide service network with the Litronic® electronic control system). Tested and proven . 3 Reliability you can trust. Liebherr could make substantial use of thousands You are not alone A common saying goes “A product is just as good as its after-sales service. order for some time.the in-house developed Spare parts availability guaranteed. During its long relationship with the maritime world. highly qualified engineers who understand their business and assist their clients within the shortest possible time. So when the time came to build its own reach-stacker. Every reachstacker deserves nents – which is obvious from the cover (use of glass. After-sales service around the globe – Liebherr engine. Liebherr has gained an excellent reputation with respect to quality and reliability of its products.

With the revolutionary integration of a fully hydrostatic transmission and a step-less speed control Liebherr Conventional Drive Individual Wheel Drive Individual reachstackers allow for an optimization in diesel rpm Driven Wheel Axle which is clearly reflected by a very low fuel consump. This reduces wear and tear of the tyres to a great extent and minimises any impact of side impact on the overall price of a reachstacker! forces on the steering and driving axles (especially with small radii). utmost efficiency. 4 Economy makes you smile. Boosting terminal performance. . When looking at your budgets one has to bear in mind that for the investment in a reachstacker. steering of the reachstacker is effected via the front axle. Side No Side Forces Forces Steering Steering Axle Axle Outstanding handling possibilities for Suitable for all kinds of application. thus increasing the lifetime of steering Hydrostatic transmission components. Drive tion. And as the hydraulic pressure is also at a lower Drive Forces Drive Forces level – compared to conventional reachstackers – a long lifetime of power pack components can be taken into account as well. the purchase price is just one figure that needs to be analysed. Additionally the actual operating costs as well as the service & maintenance costs definitely have a major Individual wheel drive Due to the implementation of an individual wheel drive.

LHM. . Fax: +43 5525 606-447 www. lenging and demanding environment for dreds of harbour mobile cranes. the container industry. Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH P.. Liebherr has gained an ambition to present itself as the outstand- invaluable amount of experience in the ing sole supplier for container handling maritime field – definitely the most chal. Box 10. E-Mail: reachstacker@liebherr.: +43 5525 rubber-tyre and rail-mounted pays off in the handling of each and every gantries as well as special crane solutions box and obviously contributes to Liebherr’s on the market. competence! Printed in Germany by BVD BK-RP LWN 10223756-05. RTG. A-6710 Nenzing/Austria Tel. Such experience shore cranes.Container Handling Competence – LRS.. ship-to. Boxes are our daily business! With hun. .05-2gb Subject to change without notice. RMG.liebherr.