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How BJP Government ( Narendra Modi Government ) treats

Pakistani Hindus living in India..?
This article EXPOSES How Narendra Modi Government in the Centre and BJP Government in the States treat Pakistani
Hindus living in India. Here we are not talking about Sonia Gandhi led Congress party..!!

Pakistani Hindus who have taken refuge in India , have suffered religious persecution in Pakistan , where their women were
abducted , RAPED , converted and married off forcefully to Local Muslim criminals. Hindu Businessmen also fear
abduction by local Muslim goons for Ransom , since taking ransom from Non-Muslims is not a sin in Islam. To all Indian
guys – there is a legal and religious sanction to persecute Hindus within Pakistan , so nobody can help them – neither will
Indian government. You wont read about it in ( Foreign funded ) Anti Hindu Indian media.
You won’t see RSS and SANGH PARIVAR Leaders speaking about persecution of Hindu Community in Pakistan.

To begin with there is no official estimate of the number of Pakistani Hindus living in India, but over the years, small
groups have been crossing the border to reach Delhi or other northern states, such as Rajasthan and Haryana. Once in India,
they apply for asylum and, eventually, citizenship.

Horrible situation of Pakistani Hindus in India

To begin with you won’t see any BJP / RSS or SANGH PARIVAR Leader speaking about plight of Hindus in Pakistan or
Bangladesh and you wont read any article in Indian media highlighting the horrible living conditions of Pakistani Hindus in

They live in Camps often situated in isolated areas scattered across Delhi / NCR in the outskirts of the city and there is a
Roll Call System within these camps , like it happens in prisons. Then they are monitored round the clock by the Q branch
of local police, like they are criminals.

Then they live in reed and bamboo huts, with tarpaulin sheets providing water-proofing to those who can afford it. They’re
fragile dwellings, pieced together with bamboo, twigs and branches. The transition from their lives in Pakistan to this
refugee existence in India has been riddled with hardship.

Pakistani Hindus have to wait for more than 3 years to get a VISA to India , which is again given case by case basis. The
only VISA given to them for visiting India is for Pilgrimage. Once they are in India they are supposed to report to local
police station.

Many of these Pakistani Hindus living in India have been around since 1998 and they are eligible for Indian citizenship. But
none of them have been given any kind of identity cards by Indian governments. Without identification that declares them
Indian, the refugees end up doing odd jobs, like selling mobile covers.
Without identity documents - No ration, no electricity and no job.
Many of them were well educated and were well-settled in Pakistan but end up doing odd jobs in India. Without
identification papers, these children cannot continue their education. As a result these children have little to do and just
roam around the settlement area.
Without identity documents , there is no citizenship and acceptance – only to find their Indian dreams shattered.
Most of them are considered Pakistanis , viewed suspiciously and face harassment from local police.
Tortured Hindus of Pak came here with the sense that they are Hindus and will be warmly welcomed. But the scenario here
is totally different. It’s a sad ghar wapsi for Pakistani Hindus.
Many of them have written letters to L.K Advani and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh but there has been no response.

Just Google

Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam
Police Brutality and Abuse of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur
Hindu Nationalist exposes RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR
Was former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Murdered..?
Why former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan was forced to RESIGN..?

Uncertain situation of Pakistani Hindus in India
While BJP / RSS Government ( including Narendra Modi government ) gives RED CARPET Welcome to Pakistani &
Bangladeshi Muslims to come and settle down in India , Pakistani Hindus living in India face an uncertain future , they can
be deported any time by government authorities. Their camps are under police watch 24×7.
Only a small fraction of them are given refugee status , while others have wore out their pen writing petitions to Rajnath and
Modi seeks official grant of Indian citizenship to all the refugees. They have got no response.
Not many Indians know that Narendra Modi government processes Tourist VISAS for more than 60,000 Bangladeshi
Immigrants each day. This is carry forward of a policy first instituted by Sonia Gandhi led UPA Government.
Narendra Modi government = Sonia Gandhi Government
Its an old wine in new bottle.

Bangladeshi Muslim Immigrants in India live like Indians – have voter ID cards, have their Political parties like IUDF in
Assam and many of them have joined the Air Force and Army. They all enjoy political protection.
In case of Pakistani Muslims – they have SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS, nobody knows How many Pakistani Muslims come to
India each day , how many go back to Pakistan.
SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS and Lahore Bus Service was started by Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA Government with blessing
Narendra Modi government = Sonia Gandhi Government
What is more important is that Muslims have well funded Arab Lobbies that fight for their cause.
Just as what Dr Syama Prasad Mukherjee feared , Hindus today are Political orphans with no party willing to speak for
them. We have more than 6 Crore Bangladeshi Muslim Immigrants living in India with Political Protection.
Time to BOOT OUT Modi Sarkar.

Brief Expose on RSS and SANGH PARIVAR
RSS and SANGH PARIVAR run by ( Anti Hindu ) Traitors make a Fool out of Hindu Community.
Many Pakistani Hindus have been DELIBERATELY been kept in CAMPS ( under Police Watch ) and those who go out of
the CAMPS are simply DEPORTED back to Pakistan. None of them have been given any ID cards ( not talking about
Indian citizenship ) which could give them some kind of legal status.
What is more important is that many Pakistani Hindus consider India to be their natural home and they had hoped that BJP
under Narendra Modi would give them necessary ID documents but their hopes have soured.
Many of them have been living in India, since 1990s like Destitute in squalid CAMPS ( under Police Watch ) with no more
than a small fan and wooden bed with VISAS long expired.

Narendra Modi Government forced many Pakistani Hindus to go back to Pakistan
Of course this was done with blessings of the RSS and SANGH PARIVAR.
More than 200 Pakistani Hindus had come from Darki in Pakistan in 2015 on pilgrim visa, they stayed back in a in a
hutment in Jogiyon-ke-Vas, near Gajroopsagar in the district and applied for extension of their visa.

To all Indian guys – most Pakistani Hindus are only entitled to Pilgrim VISAS, for which they have to wait for minimum 3
years , but lasts only for 6 months.
Vasundhara Raje ( BJP ) Government in Rajasthan first sent to Jodhpur under police escort , then put on a train back to
Pakistan. They all had written letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to let them stay in India. They were sent back to the
same HELL, they escaped from where they face threat of religious conversion, extortion, forced marriages and

Many Pakistani Hindus with legal documents take the THAR EXPRESS to come to India , and once they land in India ,
they are under Police escort. Incase, they refuse to go back to Pakistan once their visa Expires, they are sent back to
Pakistan with Police escort.

Indian people should see the clear double standards of Narendra Modi government when it comes to Pak Muslim Singer
Adnan Sami and other for the distressed Pak Hindu Refugees in India..
We are NOT talking about Congress President Sonia Gandhi , who is known to be Anti Hindu but about BJP / RSS
Leaders. They and their “..PHONEY…” Hindutva Organizations like VHP , Hindu Mahasabha and other Hindu
organizations will launch “…SHAM..” ‘Ghar Wapsi’ programmes to fool the Hindu Community to get votes.
The petitions to Rajnath and Modi seeks official grant of Indian citizenship to all the refugees.

Just Google

Rs 60,00,000 Crore Thorium Scam
Police Brutality and Abuse of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur
Hindu Nationalist exposes RSS, VHP & SANGH PARIVAR
Was former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa Murdered..?
Why former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan was forced to RESIGN..?

Pakistani Hindus going back to Pakistan ( under Narendra Modi Government )
A few months back, many newspaper reports claimed that due to efforts by Narendra Modi
Government, 4,230 Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Afghanistan were granted Indian
citizenship, but an RTI query yielded the fact that only 281 Afghan and 289 Pakistan
migrants have been granted citizenship between March 2014 and March 2015.
RTI query further found that all 281 Afghan and 289 Pakistan migrants were MUSLIMS
( not Hindus ).

( Anti Hindu ) Newspapers , THE TIMES OF INDIA and THE HINDUSTAN TIMES are
known to COOK – UP False News reports.

It’s a sad ghar wapsi for Pakistani Hindus
Bharat Yagnik | TNN | Jan 6, 2016, 02.29 AM IST

Pakistani-origin singer Adnan Sami was granted Indian citizenship after just staying for less than 2 years in India , while
Lakhs of Pakistani Hindus are waiting for some kind of ID Document that could give them some LEGAL Status.
After living in Squalid CAMPS for decades without being given any ID Documents , hundreds of Pakistani Families from
Sindh and Kutch ( Gujarat ) regions have returned back to Pakistan. They claim that their 'Ghar Wapsi' to India had proved
an illusion.
To all Indian guys this is happening in Gujarat and Rajasthan where bulk of Pakistani Hindus live. Both these states are
governed by Supposed “…Pro-Hindu…” BJP. Gujarat for decades was ruled by Chief Minister Narendra Modi.
Pakistani Hindus, who have already returned back to Pakistan, after staying in India for decades , waiting for some kind of
ID Document are ALL from Narendra Modi’s Gujarat. They have a BJP Government over there.
Nobody from RSS and SANGH PARIVAR bothered about them.

Motiram Khatri, 37, who fled Pakistan in 2009 to settle in Ahmedabad, has applied to go back to Sindh because the local
police filed a case against him allegedly for violating visa rules, which prohibit him from stepping out of the city.
More importantly because he doesn’t have any ID documents , he cannot find a job or rent a place to live.
He is a Stateless Citizen in India.

Dr Ramesh Lohana, 38, finds no hospital was willing to give him a job in Ahmedabad. He came from Karachi to
Ahmedabad in December 2001, seeking a secure life in India. He is going back to Pakistan once his children's exams to be
over. He claims he was harassed by local police and authorities because he did not have any ID documents.

Hurdles DELIBERATELY created by Indian Government for
Pakistani Hindus in India
Most Pakistani Hindus have found that BJP no different from Congress Party in Practise.
They claim that BJP government under Narendra Modi, which claims to have sympathy for Hindus, is no different from
Congress Party under Sonia Gandhi.
Many Pakistani Hindus hoped that they will be WARMY WELCOMED in India but they were harassed and victimized by
local police and authorities on government orders. They were made to live in Squalid camps ( under tarpaulin sheets for
roof ) with a Roll Call System every morning. They are not allowed to move out of the City or they get deported.
No Hindu Religious leader from RSS and SANGH PARIVAR ever visited them.
Since they don’t have any ID documents they can’t find jobs and their kids can’t enroll in local schools.
They have written numerous petitions to L.K Advani, Rajnath Singh and Prime Minister Narendra Modi but no response.
Vasundhara Raje led BJP Government in Rajasthan has already DEPORTED thousands of Pakistani Hindus back to

Indian government’s refusal to give them citizenship is very simple – their Pakistani Passports had Expired along with their
VISAS. Inorder to get the passports renewed, they have to go back to Pakistan , but they fear they won’t be allowed to
return back to India. More importantly they could be prosecuted.

Many Pakistani Hindus argue that Adnan Sami has been given Indian citizenship for no reason but Pakistani Hindus living
in India have been denied Indian citizenship for decades. Many have written hundreds of petitions to TOP BJP Leaders but
got no response. They also wrote to Indian authorities but got no confirmation. Their children born in India are naturalized
Indian citizens but are not eligible for a government job.

Inorder to prevent children of Pakistani Hindus from getting any kind of LEGAL DOCUMENT , in Gujarat ( &
Rajasthan ) , local government schools have been given orders by Government Authorities to teach them only till standard
eight , so as to ensure that they don’t get 10th Pass Certificate.

To all Indians BJP ( RSS & SANGH PARIVAR ) Government is ANTI – HINDU.

In many Government Schools , many children of Pakistani Hindus have been asked to STOP attending classes, since their
only ID was a Pakistani passport. As a result, worst hit are the children, since their schooling comes to a halt as early as
Class Nine. Without identification papers, these children cannot continue their education.

Without identification papers, Pakistani Hindus cannot get education, job , ration or even electricity connection.

Unlike Bangladeshi Muslims , all Pakistani Hindus have valid documents and visas.
Many well educated Pakistani Hindus , who have educational qualification from Pakistan , cannot pursue further studies in
India or find jobs since their academic records are not recognized in India.

Sunita, a Pakistani Hindu, who migrated to India in 2012, had completed a year studying in the Maulana Azad Institute of
Pharmacy in Jodhpur, when her admission was cancelled, a day before her examination. This was done DELIBERATELY
by the management on orders of Senior Government Authorities.

Deliberate Hurdles created by Indian Government to DENY them any Legal Documents

No Refugee Status for Pakistani Hindus
India refuses to recognize fleeing Pakistani Hindus as “…Refugees..”.
There is no intervention by the Indian government or international agencies for the plight of Pakistani Hindus.
A refugee status would have helped Hindus from Pakistan to acquire residence permits and find employment.
So having crossed over into India and with no intention of returning home, the sole identity for many continues to be,
ironically, their Pakistani passports. And on its expiry, they become stateless citizens.
Finally when they apply for citizenship but the Union Government refused to accept their expired passports.

Refugee Status for Africans and Muslims from Abroad
Indian Government offers Refugee Status to asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Democratic Republic of Congo,
Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan, the same option is not extended to Hindus from Pakistan.
Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar are now living as Indian citizens safely in Hyderabad.
Sonia Gandhi ( with collusion of BJP and RSS ) even created an Islamic State of Telengana ( with Muslim Majority ) as a
safe House for Muslims not only from South India but all over the world.
Thousands of Somali Muslims , Sudanese Muslims , Eritreans ( Africans ) are living comfortably in Hyderabad , capital of

BJP and RSS Leaders are Anti Hindu
Most people must have noticed that BJP is no different from Congress Party when in Power.
This is because BJP and Congress Party are the same party.
All TOP BJP Leaders ( Rajnath Singh , Arun Jaitley , Sushma Swaraj ) belong to inner circle of Nehru Gandhi Family.

Indians both within India and Pakistan must understand that BJP / RSS and SANGH PARIVAR have 0% commitment to
Hindu Nationalism , they are ( Anti Hindu ) Hindutva Parties set up to De-Rail Hindu Nationalism in India.

Hardly any Pakistani Hindu has been given Indian citizenship but those Pakistanis who have been given Indian citizenships
have been found to be MUSLIMS.

Hurdles have been deliberately created for Pakistani Hindus to acquire Legal Indian Documents ( forget about Indian
citizenships ) , their kids are not allowed to qualify beyond 8th Class , their Pakistani Academic Records are NOT
recognized in India.

Pakistani Hindus are NOT allowed to write exams in India, so that they cannot get any LEGAL DOCUMENTS.

Africans who come to India don’t just come from Africa but also from Brazil ( South America ) and Caribbean countries
like Bahamas , West Indies. Africans students also come on e-Visas. All this is a CARRY-Forward of UPA policies under
Sonia Gandhi. That is why I told NDA Government under Narendra Modi is the SAME as UPA Government under Sonia
Exposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his Fans
Senior BJP Leaders are NOT Hindutva leaders, but rather ( Anti Hindu ) Traitors.
At best they are ideologically neutral political leaders, with 0% commitment to Hindu Nationalism.
Godhra Riots took place just a month after BJP lost Assembly Elections in SIX STATES across Northern

Shocked Leaders of RSS, VHP & other “…Naqli...” Hindutva Organizations orchestrated Godhra Riots
to burnish the image of BJP as a Hindutva Party.

BJP, RSS, VHP & other “…Naqli...” Hindutva Organizations then used genuine and committed Junior
Hindutva leaders within the rank and file of Sangh Parivar like tissue paper.

Let me Quote :
According to official figures, the Godhra Riots resulted in
the deaths of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus.
An estimated 254 Hindus were killed during Godhra Riots ,
of them at least 251 Hindus were killed during police
firing. Indians need to remember – of the total 254 Hindus
killed during Godhra Violence , 251 Hindus were SHOT DEAD
by RAF Battalions and Gujarat Police. This was done
As Anti Muslim Riots spiraled out of Control , by end of
March 1st , RAF and Army Battalions were flown in to
swiftly contain the violence and a curfew had been declared
in 27 towns and cities across the state.
A Shoot To Kill order was issued.
As a result, a large number of Junior Hindutva Leaders and
members of Hindu Community were caught up confronting
Heavily Armed RAF and Army Battalions, now guarding Muslim

Govardhan Zadafia, the State Home Minister boasted in front
of the media that
“…there would be no more retaliation from the Hindu
Community for the train burning and the violence has been

Chief Minister Narendra Modi stated that if the situation
warranted it, the police would be supported by deploying
the army.

BJP Leader V.K Malhotra was a Spokesperson for the party –
and was defending the then Gujarat Chief Minister -
Narendra Modi’s role in Godhra Riots.
Here is a statement from BJP Leader and Spokesperson for
the party - V.K Malhotra in - THE TIMES OF INDIA -
“…V K Malhotra said that the official toll of 254 Hindus,
killed mostly by police firing , indicates how the state
authorities took effective steps to curb the violence…”

To all Indians, RAF Battalions were specially created to tackle Hindu Muslim Riots, by Atal Bihari
Vajpayee led NDA Government, after it was noted that Local Police and Paramilitary Forces were Biased
in favor of Hindus ( or against Muslims). RAF Battalions consists mostly of Muslim Personnel and Non

More than 200 VHP Leaders got life imprisonment upto 30 years in prison, along with scores of men and
women from Hindu Community.

This is a classic case of Running with Hare and Hunting with the Hounds.

Gujarat Government under Narendra Modi as Chief Minister asked for
Death penalty for Hindutva Leaders involved in Godhra Riots.
Narendra Modi as Chief Minister was given a clean chit by Supreme Court-appointed Special
Investigation Team (SIT) on Dec 3, 2010. On 15 September 2011, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi
sought Death penalty for 27 Ode case riot convicts. The Gujarat government approached the high court to
enhance the punishment of 27 Ode case riot convicts from life imprisonment to death penalty. A Hindu
mob killed 23 Muslims, including nine children, in the Ode village of Gujarat's Anand district.

Gujarat Government under Chief Minister Narendra Modi seeks death
for Minister – Maya Kodnani
Sources revealed that Gujarat Government gave the sanction to public prosecutors to file an appeal in the
Naroda Patia massacre case to demand capital punishment for Maya Kodnani , Babu Bajrangi and nine
Gujarat Government gave an order to form a panel to file an appeal with Gujarat High Court in the 2002
Naroda Patia massacre case and seek capital punishment for 10 convicts, including Kodnani and Bajrang
Dal leader Babu Bajrangi , who had been sentenced to life imprisonment.
The SIT had sought the state government’s nod immediately after special judge Jyotsna Yagnik had
delivered her verdicts, convicting Kodnani, Bajrangi and a host of other accused.
The special court had sentenced Kodnani to 28 years in jail for the massacre of 97 Muslims in Naroda
Patia. Babu Bajrangi was sent to jail for the rest of his life.
Gujarat Government under Chief Minister Narendra Modi pressed for enhancement of 24-year jail terms
to 30 years for 22 convicts. Narendra Modi led Gujarat Government gave sanction to public prosecutors to
file an appeal to press for enhancement of 24-year jail terms to 30 years for 22 convicts; this was apart
from seeking death sentence for the 10 convicts.This was reported by Assistant Public Prosecutor Gaurang
BJP, RSS, VHP & other “…Naqli...” Hindutva Organizations used genuine and committed Junior
Hindutva leaders within the rank and file of Sangh Parivar like tissue paper.

'Hindutva an opportunistic issue for BJP: Jaitley'
PTI | Mar 26, 2011, 01.23 PM IST

WikiLeaks: ‘Hindutva an opportunistic issue for BJP’

Excerpts of Text from the Newspaper
It was BJP’s turn yet again to be hit by Wikileaks cables
with a US diplomat reporting that its senior leader Arun
Jaitley had remarked to him that Hindu nationalism is an
“opportunistic issue” for his party.
“Pressed on the question of Hindutva,Jaitley argued that
Hindu nationalism ‘will always be a talking point’ for
the BJP. However,he characterized this as an
opportunistic issue,” a cable by Robert Blake,the Charge
at the US Embassy,to his government, had said after a
meeting with Jaitley on May 6,2005.
Jaitley, however, maintained that he had not used the
word ” opportunistic” while Congress attacked him saying
those living in glass houses should not throw stones at

The cable by Blake said,”in India’s northeast,for
instance,Hindutva plays well because of public anxiety
about illegal migration of Muslims from Bangladesh.
“With the recent improvement of Indo-Pak relations,he
(Jaitley) added,Hindu nationalism is now less resonant in
New Delhi,but that could change with another cross-border
terrorist attack,for instance on the Indian Parliament,”
the cable,accessed by The Hindu,said.

RSS never appoints genuine and committed Junior Hindutva leaders to senior positions within BJP.
They use genuine and committed Junior Hindutva leaders as tissue paper.
Arun Jaitley was Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, when UPA Government was in power. He
is now Union Finance Minister in Narendra Modi Government and is a close friend of

Madhya Pradesh to be 1st Indian state to legalize Live-In-
Read more at:
In all probability, Madhya Pradesh is likely to be the first state in India, where live-in-relationships
are set to get official sanction. Till now, this was considered as a western phenomenon, though a
number of such relationships are surfacing in metros or some urban areas across the country.You
must thank MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan for this grand move.

Madhya Pradesh is ruled by BJP under Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan dons skull
cap as he greets Muslims on Eid
PTI | Aug 9, 2013, 02.49 PM IST
BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Friday sported a skull cap
while greeting the Muslims on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.State Congress unit president Kantilal
Bhuriaand former Union minister Suresh Pachouri also wore skull caps while sharing the dais with
Chouhan at the Idgah here. This is not the first time that Chouhan donned a skull cap as he had
worn it on earlier occasions also.Film actor Raza Murad, who was present at the Idgah, appreciated
Chouhan's gesture of putting on a skull cap."I do not think much importance should be given to
sporting a skull cap as wearing it does not mean anything much," the actor said.However, the actor
quipped, "It was time that Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi learn some things from Chouhan
and does not show his aversion to skull caps."

Close down all British Era Newspapers
What British Colonial Rulers bequeathed upon us Indian people, a government that is structured to favour the
ruling elite. The oppressive and exploitative laws established by British Colonial Rulers, were part of that
government structure.

This included British Era Newspapers and British Era Criminal Justice System, that gave legitimacy to this
oppressive and exploitative government, which was a legacy of British Colonial Rule.

Many post colonial nations have dismantled this structure but India hasn’t.

Corruption is a double edged sword, held by the ruling freemason politicians, it strengthens their positions, as they
come to possess enormous sums of money, upto Billions of US Dollars, while the teeming millions can’t feed
themselves two meals a day. This creates enormous disparity in wealth, between powerful and influential
politicians vs. teeming millions.

Corrupt politicians simply siphon money out of the system, take it to tax havens and again bring it back to India
the form of FDI. Once again cash strapped Indian Government borrow money from World Bank ( owned &
controlled by Jewish Banking Cartel ), pushing India into debt slavery and spiraling poverty.

This is a cyclical process will keep going on and on, until and unless Indian people join together, and dismantle
this structure that feeds off the common man.

To begin with, India must close down all British Era Newspapers starting with – The Times of India and The
Hindustan Times. These newspapers are owned by Marwari Families, who were once opium drug runners for
British East India Company. These Marwari Families are just benami fronts, for newspapers that are still
controlled by Rothschilds.These newspapers are fundamentally Anti Hindu and deliberately publish articles that
hurt the sentiments of Hindu community.

If Indians are truly serious about fighting corruption and also our “..Desh Drohi..” Political leaders, they must
close down all British Era Newspapers.

If Indians are truly serious about fighting corruption
1. Close down all British Era Newspapers starting with– The Times of India.
2. Close down British Era Criminal Justice System, since all top Judges of Supreme Court & High Court
are Freemasons. British Era Criminal Justice System is structured in a manner, that if you have money
and influence, you can buy innocense. Have you seen how easily Congress President Sonia Gandhi and
other Senior Congress Leaders got Bail, in a matter of minutes..?
3. Ban Freemasons from entering politics. India must ban Freemasonry. Many post colonial countries have
BANNED Freemasonry, including Pakistan, but India hasn’t. Freemasonry was infiltrated by Rothschild
using fellow German Jew - Joseph Johann Adam Weishaupt, in 1776, to cloak the true nature of their
FUTURE evil activities - drug running, slave trading, destruction of national governments and religious
institutions. Freemasonry is banned in almost all Muslim countries.
Will – The Times of India – publish the names of Indian Politicians, who are freemasons, without
censoring Big names..?
The oppressive and exploitative laws established by British Colonial Rulers, are still followed in India,
because Freemasons sitting at high ranks in the govt., who are upholding those laws. These laws were
designed to oppress colonial subjects, and gave disproportionate power to the ruling elite and very little
rights to the citizens. This was all a Rothschild conspiracy.
Rothschilds make use of Freemason politicians to steal wealth of poor countries like India and push
countries into Debt Slavery. Frederick Morton wrote in his book, The Rothschilds:
“....the wealth of the Rothschilds consists of the bankruptcy of nations..”
British Era Newspapers led by – The Times of India – deliberately demoralize Indian people.
British Era Newspapers like – The Times of India – will never support Indian people, especially the Hindu
Community. These newspapers ( controlled by Rothschild ) ensure perpetual “..Dhimmihood..” of the Hindu
community. These newspapers are the hidden strength of our corrupt ( Anti Hindu ) politicians.

Indians must close down all British Era Newspapers, along with foreign Media houses.
India must also ban foreign journalists from covering news in India. This is since many foreign Media Houses are
a part of World Wide Jewish Media Network. This includes CNN and other mainstream news channels.
All these Foreign News Channels came to India in the 90s, when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of

Indian people, must also close down British Era Criminal Justice System, since this is a remnant of the colonial
era. Many top judges are known to have ties to freemasonry, just like top politicians.

British Era Criminal Justice System has nothing to do with giving justice, but to act like a parallel government
and also act like a constitutional authority. British Era Criminal Justice System gives legal backing to political
decisions. Rich, powerful and influential people can easily buy innocense in our British Era Criminal Justice
System. Have you seen how easily Congress President Sonia Gandhi and other Senior Congress Leaders got
bail, within 7 minutes flat, after they entered the courtroom, even before the arguments could begin..? Can you as
a common man get bail within minutes of entering the court, no matter how innocent you are..?

British Era Criminal Justice System acts like a bone crushing machine for the common man. It’s also a big
money making machine for sundry lawyers and judges. If you don’t have money to buy your innocense, you will
rot in jail for years even for the most minor offense. Believe it or not, if you are a poor man, you will rot in Jail for
an eternity, even for the most minor offense. Every time you will go to court they will give you another date, this
cycle will keep going on and on.

Decades after India became independent, genuine and committed freedom fighters were still rotting in Jail until
1970s – and all British Era Newspapers like – The Times of India – simply ignored them. The then ruling
Congress Party led Government ( under Prime Minister Pt Jawaharlal Nehru ) simply claimed that freedom
fighters still in Jail could not be released because of bureaucratic red tape. Many genuine and committed freedom
fighters died of tuberculosis, while they were still in Jail.

This is why I am telling that all British Era Newspapers like – The Times of India – must be closed down.

Finally, if Indians are truly serious about fighting corruption, close down all British Era Newspapers starting
with– The Times of India. Then close down British Era Criminal Justice System.
British Era Criminal Justice System acts like a parallel government.
British Era Newspapers give legitimacy to British Era Criminal Justice System.
This is all a Jewish – Rothschild conspiracy.