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The construction worker

August 2017 by heather
Learning priority:

Wow! You are so busy. You have been a
chef, a doctor, and a bus driver. Now you
are a construction worker. You are doing
every part of the construction from
making a strong foundation, building the
design and joining it all together with
hammer and nails.
As you grow you will learn and try many
different challenges and each of these
activities is building on your identity and
working out what you enjoy doing. From
what I have learned about you so far is you
like working out how something is done
from the practical side and you learn these
things by doing.
It was great watching your control of the
hammer and just how precise you were
with your hits of the nail, never missing it or hitting your fingers.
So where to next…..who knows but I look
forward to following your journey next