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Mahidol University International Demonstration School

Pre-Observation Form

Name: Tim Girard Administrator: Dr. Steve Coryelle.
Date of Preconference: 11/10/2016 Date/Time of Observation: 10:15am
Grade Level: 10 Subject Area: Computers in the Modern World
Observational Focus: Student Centered Learning

Directions: To the teacher: Write the area of instruction that will be the focus of the observation on the line
above. Be prepared to answer the questions on this form when you attend the pre-conference with the

1. Briefly describe the students in this class. 6. How do you plan to engage students in the
content? What will you do? What will the
This group has 16 grade 10 students mostly girls. students do?
Sometimes it is a challenge to keep them focused
the entire lesson. Some of the students such as I will split the class up randomly into small groups
Pond, Tar and Tinn are easily distracted. Other and have them participate in a group activity.
students like Aim are very shy and need special
attention because they usually struggle with the I will give them a very visual Scratch programming
content. Students like Nut and Jump are very assignment in groups. They are experienced with
technically strong and require little assistance, even this and seem to enjoy it.
with the most challenging problems.
Students always seem to respond well to the
This class performs well on assignments and quizzes quick questions.
and has the highest overall average for quarter 1.

Most students’ English skills are not advanced
enough to solve some of the technical problems
they will encounter during the assignments. I allow
them to speak Thai to each other while they work
on group assignments.

2. What are the goals for the lesson? What do you 7. What difficulties do students typically
want students to learn? experience in this topic, and how do you plan to
anticipate these difficulties?
Students should be able to answer the following
questions at the end of the lesson: Students get stuck on complicated English with
tools when trying to complete various tasks.
1. How do objects communicate in a
program? I will provide examples of what needs to be done,
so that students can see what they have to do.
I will provide 1 on 1 assistance as required.

3. Why are these goals suitable for this group of 8. What instructional materials or other resources
students? will you use? (Attach any sample materials you
will use in the lesson.)
The students already had introduction lessons and
assignments to learn about the basics programming I use Edmodo for giving out the assignment, and
with Scratch. letting them turn it in before the beginning of the
next class.
Scratch is designed by MIT as a learning tool to
teach programming to students of all ages. will be used for the programming
The lesson is very visual, as the students have to
watch the behavior of a program and replicate it on There is a PDF that has all the instructions for the
their own. assignment. will be used for the quick questions.

4. How do these goals support the school’s 9. How do you plan to assess student
ESLOs, standards and benchmarks? achievement of the lesson outcomes? What
procedures will you use? (Attach any tests or
 STRATEGIC LEARNERS: Use technology to do performance tasks with rubrics or scoring
research and to work guides)
 INNOVATIVE THINKERS: quiz and assignment to
apply what they know to analyze, evaluate and Students will produce the following:
solve problems.  Scratch program
 ARTICULATE COMMUNICATORS: Use  Socrative worksheet (optional for
technology and media to clarify, explain, and advanced students)
state our ideas.  Quick questions at the end of the lesson.
 LEADERS FOR THE FUTURE: Use technology to
solve our problems and do our work together.

5. How do these goals relate to broader 10. How do you plan to use the results of the
curriculum goals in the subject area as a whole assessment?
or in other subject areas?
I will tailor future review lessons to focus on the
These goals allow the students to relate to broader ideas and concepts students struggled on.
goals in Computer Science and other subject areas
in the following ways: These lessons are building up to a larger project to
 High expectation on quality of work applies finish off the quarter. The time students take will
to all subjects. help me to determine how detailed the project
 Use of technology to create products of should be for them.
high quality.

To the teacher: List any items below that you wish to call to the attention of the Administrator. Share your
lesson plan at least a day prior to the observation.

1. The classroom has fixed tables, they cannot be moved. There is limited space for group activities.
The middle row can easily become too crowded to walk through.
2. The whiteboard is absolutely terrible, hard for the students to see and almost impossible to erase
with the eraser. I have some yellow sheets I use on top of the white board.
3. Often the projectors have issues and they flicker off/on and I need to turn one off.
4. The teacher’s desk is stuck in the corner and hard to demonstrate online coding activities etc.
5. Some computers and equipment do not work properly in the room. E.g. Internet, keyboards and