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First City Providential College

Francisco Homes I, Brgy. Narra, City of San Josse del Monte, Bulacan

College of Education
School Year 2017- 2018

Lesson Plan in Englsih Grade 6

I. Learning Objectives:
At the end of the 60-minute instructional time, at least 80% of the total number of
learners will attain at least 80% performance level and they should be able to:
a. analyze the inference in the selection
b. develop the value of generosity in everyday life
c. perform a poster, role play, human tableau, and a song showing generosity

II. Subject Matter
a. Big Idea: Old Time Favorites
b. Title: Christmas Carol
c. Genre: Short Story
d. Lesson no.: 7
e. No. of Days: 2
f. Transfer Goal
I want my students to learn short story so that in the long run, they will be able to
appreciate the value of generosity which brings true happiness to all.
As God loving FCPCians, they will be able to share their possessions they had
without expecting anything in return.
g. Essential Questions
How do short stories affect our culture?
h. Comprehension Skills
Making inference makes the logical based on how reasonable the possible results
are. The details from the text will help you come up with a more valid inference.

i. Instructional Materials
Big book containing the routine, guide questions, FS and FA
Power Point presentation about making an inference
Task cards containing the assigned task, the 6 Facets of Understanding
Questions and rubric for Group Enrichment Activity

Routine 1. Checking of attendance and cleanliness of the classroon 3. Language Enhancement Drill 1. Grammar Awareness Directions: Answer Key: 2.verb phrase meaning: generous Tagalog translation – bukas-palad . Quezon City. Greetings 2. Araneta Ave.Words Pardon (v) Meaning: forgive Synonyms: excuse Antonyms: blame Tagalog translation: paghingi ng tawad miser (n) Meaning: a mean grasping person Synonyms: stiff Antonyms: waster Tagalog translation: kuripot na tao melancholy (v) Meaning: unhappy and depression Synonyms: unfortunate . pp. Learning Activity Flow a.299. Vocabulary Building Activites . i. Vibal Group Inc.Ribo et al (2014) Across the Borders through Reading. References Textbook: Mendoza . 288 . 1253 G. 157 Other References: III.Idioms Open palm part of speech . Recitation of CBDS before class b.

who was known as a miser. genre as well as the book pages states the author’s background asks motive question “How did Scrooge show care on Christmas day?” lets the students present their story grammar asks the students the guide questions since the reading of the story is pre- . teach us to give and not to count the costs. develop the value of generosity in everyday life. 3. Articulation of Purpose and Objectives “Lord. Antonym: happy Tagalog translation: mapanglaw Example: Scrooge. human tableau. instead of staying in the melancholy room and life. Motivation The teacher asks the students “How will you feel if you give someone a special gift? 2.” This is a beautiful prayer that we must always remember: to give and not asking for rewards as a return gift because it will not only double the blessings. we must be able to share our possessions we had without expecting anything in return. Development of the New Lesson 1. c. I expect all of you to analyze the inference in the selection. As God loving FCPCians who are expected to demonstrate communicative competence based on the K to 12 curriculum desired outcomes. and a song showing generosity. but also brings us peace of mind and true happiness to others. role play. And at the end of today’s lesson. learned to open palm to the needy and asks pardon to the people he offended. Presentation of the New Lesson The teacher: states the essential question states the title of the selection. perform a poster.

All Saints Day 2. Generalization: The teacher asks the students. Guard b. Halloween c. April Fools d. bright . Uniform provided. What are the characteristics of Filipinos shown in the selection? 4. Apply at concession stand at the corner of Broadway and 2nd Ave.” The settings describe that the occasion is a. 1. “It was dark. Fireman 3. Help Wanted: Young person to work at Cardinal's ballpark. Maid c. costumes are unusual and different. The person who takes this job will probably be a. “How will you infer a paragraph?” 5. assigned presents about the comprehension skills based on the comprehension questions. All Soul’s Day b. When a poem's speaker describes beautiful flowers. Salesman d. but not necessary. some are wearing scariest costumes they have. gives examples to practice their comprehension skills Comprehension Questions: How did Scrooge change his life? Support your answer. Some are wearing angels. Some sales experience helpful. Fixing Skills Oral: The teacher asks the students: “How do short stories affect our culture? Written: Directions: Write the letter of the correct answer. the streets are full of squashes around the streets and houses.

1. your works are very interesting in my company. Support c. Spend happy childhood days b. Having a party 4. Excited b. A h. Randy walked into his room and discovered that his hamster. you might conclude that he or she a. he placed a large stone on top of the hole. but it is still not enough” said Mr. He loves his work in the company b. She also thinks if she forgets her lines in her declamation piece. Sadistic d. sunshine and a happy childhood. “Joseph. Contest match d. He dug holes in his yard and put him there. He cleaned out an old box and carefully placed Pickled inside. Feels unhappy most of the time c. Protest b. What does Jane feel? a. Knight. In this scenario Mr. B 2. Why do you think people are doing? a. A 3. Fantastic 3. and effigies to be burned. yells. None of the above Answer key: 1. Thinks a positive things in life d. He will be removed from the job c. They carry posters. had croaked. Pickled. Jane began to think about her reports. People gather in the company. He must work hard for the company d. He must be competent in his field 2. Formative Assessment Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. She thinks also what will happen if his friend found out her secret. Later. Worried c. Knight tells Joseph a. What can you infer? .

Band Concert b. Application and Reflection Notes 8. all the audience began to amaze for his beautiful work. Rock Concert d. 8. He was happy that his hamster died b. the audience began to stand with ovation. He played his musical piece.I-Based Activity Group 1 . Piano Concert Answer Key: 1. B 3. What happen then to the place? a. will you give more than the salary of your employees? Why? Self Knowledge: In your own way. When the music ends. When he played it. A 4.Perform a human tableau showing showing generosity .2 Explanation. He felt sad because his hamster died. C 2. how will you give your possessions to others? 8. He didn’t care for his hamster Pickled d. a. D 5.3 M. Each member of the group is expected to answer the 6 Facets of Understanding Questions: Explanation: What is the message of the story? Interpretation: How do you consider that giving is a true happiness? Application: How will you show generosity to others? Perspective: What are your beliefs about giving? Empathy: If you are the boss. Mozart began to sit to play the piano. Group Enrichment Activity (GEA) The class will be divided into four groups to do the following: Each group shall receive an envelope containing the task card and the rubrics.1. D 6. Checking of Formative Assessment using Answer Key 7. Getting the frequency of scores 8. 5. Jazz Concert c. He didn’t know what to do to the hamster c.

Perform a jingle showing showing generosity Group 3 . Group 2 . Avila PSET .4 Presentation of the outputs 9.BEEd .I-Based Activity Criteria 5 4 3 2 Content Shows full Shows good Shows good Does not undertstanding understanding understanding understand the of the topic the topic on some parts topic well of the topic Creativity The The Some parts of All the parts of presentation is presentation is the presentation the presentation very unique somehow is very unique are adapted unique Seriousness All members 1-2 members 3 members are 4 or more are serious in are not serious not serious members are the presentation not serious Prepared by: Junel A.Perform a a poster showing showing generosity 8.General . Verifying the Attainment of Objectives 10. Assignment Write a short prayer about generosity Rubrics for M.Perform a poem about showing generosity Group 4 .