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COLDSTORE One Leaf Hinged Door COLDSTORE Double Leaf Hinged Door COLDSTORE Sliding Door

Temerature Range (°C) 0 / +10 Temerature Range (°C) 0 / +10 Temerature Range (°C) 0 / +10

Door Dimension (mm) 800 x 2000 Door Dimension 1200x 2000 Door Dimension 2350 x 3300

Hinges & Locks FERMOD Hinges & Locks FERMOD Hinges & Locks FERMOD

Kingspan Opens The Doors! Coldstore Doors Product Range Temperature Range Door Leaf Standard Door Leaf Thickness
One of the leading world manufacturers of insulated wall Coldstore doors are essential part of cold and chill store Coldstore Doors – One Leaf Hinged Door, Double Leaf Coldstore Doors: +0° / +10°C In all of our door production we use standard 0.5mm Coldstore Doors – 80 mm
and roof systems launches the production of modern rooms, freezers, food manufacturing and processing facili- Hinged Door, Sliding door Freezer Doors: -0° / -25°C standard gauge steel, the same grade that is used in the Freezer Doors – 100 mm
insulated coldstore doors – solutions dedicated to cold ties. They can also be used in smaller cold stores such as Freezer Doors – One Leaf Hinged Door, Sliding Door Office Doors: +10°C only for internal installation. production of our Roof and Wall Panel Products. For more (Future capabilities will include a 200mm thickness)
store market. those found in the hotel restaurant and catering services. Service doors – Office Door, Flip Flap Door Automatic command is an option for each type of sliding door. specific usage or requirements we also manufacture doors
Also food distribution and other similar industries. in 0.6mm gauge stainless steel. Also if required for special- Threshold
Founded on several years of experience, Kingspan
Coldstore Doors Dimensions Protective Coating ist project specification we can also provide a stainless All door thresholds designed for freezer rooms contain
presents a complete range of coldstore doors adjusted All doors have a PES lacquer coating of 25μm thickness. This is steel door rounding in a polished finished thickness of a heated cable to prevent water condensation.
to all types of rooms as well as different technologies. Future Developments Coldstore & Freezer One Leaf Doors:
further covered with removable PES foil. Insulation is provided 0.6mm.
Flip - Flap Double Leaf Hinged 800 x 2000 mm to 1500 x 2700 mm
Together with Kingspan insulated panels, coldstore doors by rigid polyurethane foam with a density of 40 kg/m3. Door Frame
create perfect and total solution for investors that plan to Large Dimensions Sliding Doors Coldstore Double Leaf Doors: A further advantages of KINGSPAN coldstore doors
Galvanized steel PES coating polyester lacquer 25μm
utilize the most modern and stable methods of construc- Cam Lock System Cold Rooms Hinged 1200 x 2000 mm to 2400 x 2800 mm is our ability to produce different colours other than
Door Surrounds thickness covered with removable foil. Double sided
tion to create a cold store building solution for maximum Office Double Leaf Hinged Doors & Sliding Doors Coldstore & Freezer Sliding Doors: RAL 9010/9002 colours on the door leaf. We have the
The door surrounds consist of rounding gasket seals which connection to installation with insulated panel.
efficiency. Freezer Double Leaf Doors. 900 x 2000 mm to 2350 x 3300 mm additional ability to produce the door leaf in two colours
contact the door on three sides on both the leaf and frame. One sided when assemble to in brickwork.
Automatic Sliding Doors on the inside and on the outside
SERVICE Office Doors: 800 x 2000 mm to 1200 x 2000 mm
The seal on the lower part of the door is formed by a rubber
SERVICE Flip - Flap One Leaf Door: 1200 x 2000 mm
sweeper gasket.

Belorussia. COLDSTORE DOORS Kingspan Insulated Roof.2009 Architectural Wall Systems IPN Core KS1000 SF KS1000/1150 TF KS1000/1150 TC KS1000 TT KS1000 RW Secret Fix Through Fix Through Fix Thermatile Trapezoidal Hanging System Mineral Fibre Core KS1000/1150 TP KS1150 FA Acoustic KS1000 FH KS1000 FR Through Fix Through Fix Secret Fix Through Fix FREEZER One Leaf Hinged Door FREEZER Sliding Door Roof Systems COLDSTORE DOORS SYSTEM Temerature Range (°C) 0 / -25 Temerature Range (°C) 0 / -25 Door Dimension (mm) 1500 x 2700 Door Dimension 2350 x 3300 IPN Core KS1000 RW KS1000 SX KS1000 SM KS1000 RT KS 1000 XD Hinges & Locks FERMOD Hinges & Locks FERMOD Trapezoidal Trapezodial Flat RoofTile X-DEK COLDSTORE DOORS Kingspan Opens The Door Mineral Fibre Core Rooflights KS1000 RM KS1000 FF KS1000 HTL KS1000 RW/GRP40 KS1000 FF/GRP40 Flat Trapezoidal Hybrid Therma Light Trapezoidal Trapezoidal SERVICE Flip-Flap Door SERVICE Office Door Temerature Range (°C) 0 / +10 Temerature Range (°C) 0 / +10 Door Dimension 1200 x 2200 Door Dimension 800 x 2000 Hinges & Locks FERMOD Hinges & Locks FERMOD Details for the following countries: Austria. Finland. Hungary. Croatia. Latvia. Romania. Serbia. Poland. Slovenia. Wall & Facade Systems 02 . Czech Republic. Lithuania. Bosnia & Herzegovina. Estonia. Denmark. Ukraine can be found by visiting our website www.kingspan. Bulgaria. Germany. Russia. India. Insurer Approved Systems .