December 2007

Dust Covers for Passap DM80 Machine
Susan Sled

Tightly woven cotton – 56” (150cm) wide – 2 ¼ yards (2 metres)

When you tear cotton it will always tear straight which is not always the case when you cut with scissors.

Mast Assembly Cover
Finished size: 23” (58.4 cm) wide by 34” (86.4 cm) long

1. From the selvage edge measure across 24½” (62.2 cm) and tear down the length of your fabric. Put the remaining piece aside for the machine cover. 2. If the fabric was cut at the store, tear a narrow strip across to make sure you have a straight edge. 3. From the torn edge across your fabric, measure 72” (182.8 cm) and tear across. 4. Press all torn edges to flatten them out. 5. Fold in half lengthwise and sew a 3/4” (2 cm) seam on both edges. 6. Trim off half of one layer of the seam. Fold the other layer of the seam over the trimmed layer encasing it and sew a flat felt seam. By making a flat felt seam there will be no raw edges that could fray and threads catching on the machine.

Bottom Hem
1. On the right side of the fabric, measure up 2” (5 cm) and mark with pins. Turn the case inside out. 2. Fold the bottom edge up to meet the row of pins and press. 3. Fold this new edge up so that the pins are at the bottom of the fold. Remove the pins as you press the hem. 4. Sew hem in place.

Macintosh HD:Users:eileenmontgomery:Library:Mail Downloads:Passap - Dust Covers for DM80.doc

From the selvage edge measure across 27“ (68.Dust Covers for DM80.December 2007 Machine Cover Finished size: 23” (58. Make a 2” (5 cm) hem on all 4 edges. 2. measure 78” (198. Macintosh HD:Users:eileenmontgomery:Library:Mail Downloads:Passap .cardiknits. 5.1 cm) and tear across. Press all torn edges to flatten them out. From the torn edge across your fabric.6 cm) and tear this edge. Measure 79” (200. 4.doc .6 cm) down the length of you fabric and tear across to get a straight edge. 3.4 cm) wide by 74” (188 cm) long Instructions 1.