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What it does? 1
What business process it solves? 1
SAP system 1
Functional specification 1
How to use the app 4
How to install 7

Lior Tabib

User Guide
Community Marketplace ltd

Document Management for HR Master Data

Manage documents (DMS) for HR master data (employees) in a tree structure matches the HR
infotype structure

What it does?
This mini application allows the following:
1. Manage Standard DMS (Document Management System) for HR master data (employees in
the current version but can be used for any other entity like position and so).
2. Manage the document in a tree structure matches the HR infotype structure.
3. Manage the documents from transaction code PA30/PA20.
4. See the document directly from the tree structure.

What business process it solves?

In SAP ERP, ECC6 systems, when using the HCM module, SAP standard solution contains no
document management system (files attachments to infotype/subinfotype).
A tool to allow the DMS in the HR master data in required.

SAP system
SAP ERP ECC6, any support package.
Users using the upload files function, must operate Windows Operation System with SAPGUI.

Functional specification
1. The extension is aimed to allow managing of any document to any infotype or subinfotype
of employee. It can be used for other HR master data with a customer enhancement. The
documents created are simple DMS dirs with one file attached and a long text (See
transaction codes CV01N/CV02N/CV03N/CV04N) that is managed from a tree of the
employee's infotypes and subinfotypes.

Community Marketplace ltd

2. See the SPRO customization tree at:

Document type ZHR

Community Marketplace ltd

3. DMS "dirs" created with this extension partially support navigations using CV01/2/3N - all
tabs are supported except Object Links:

4. The extension allows the creation of DMS, Changing file Creation date, Deleting DMS and
displaying the attached file - all directly from the navigation tree.
5. The DMS customization include a class type 017 with the name EMPLOYEE_DOCUMENTS.
See transaction code CL02 for the class definition:

6. Objects:
Type Name Remark
Imp.Enh. ZCHANGE_PF_STATUS_IN_PAXX Sets the ZEDM transation call from program SAPLXPAD (t.code
pa30/pa20) in form CALL_TRANSACTION

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T.code ZEDM Employees tree with infotypes/Subinfotypes and DMS documents

T.code ZHDMACTV Activate this solution (ZHDM)
USER_NAME = SAP user name or leave blank for all users
ACTIVATE = X to activate
STORAGECATEGORY = the files storage category (if blank, system uses
MNTYP = Menu Type to display*
MENUE = Infotype menu to display*

* if blank, all infotypes/Subinfotypes displayed, else, only

infotypes/Subinfotypes that are linked to this manu.
SPRO cust. ZHR New DMS document type that linked to the employee master data (linked
to table PA0003)

How to use the app

1. Use transaction code ZHDMACTV to activate the solution:

You can limit the solution to one or more users (several lines can be inserted), or set it open
to all users (by leaving the "User name" field blank.
Do not forget to set your recods active .
2. You can use the standard PA30 or PA20 transaction code, before choosing an employee, the
screen looks like :

Community Marketplace ltd

3. After an employee was assigned, the screen looks like this:

See the button. Clicking this button will lead you to the ZEDM tree:

Community Marketplace ltd

4. If you want to see more than one employee in the report (root tree node for every
employee) use transaction code ZEDM directly:

5. Choose your criteria and execute:

6. In the tree, choose a node, and click the:

Button for new document upload.
Button for deleting a document.
Button for changing a document.

Community Marketplace ltd

7. To upload a document, click and then see popup window:

You can change the description and the creation date of the document (the system takes
the actual creation date from the file properties by default)
8. Uploaded file in the tree structure look like this :

9. Double clicking the files icon (not the file name) will open the file.
10. Double click on the file name is open for your future development

How to install
1. Manually create, using transaction code CT04, the following characteristics:
1.1. Name: EMPLOYEE
1.1.1. Basic data tab
Description: Personnel number
Status: Release
Data type: NUM
Number of Chars: 8
Template: __,___,___
Exp. display: 0
Mark Single-value
1.1.2. Description tab
EN Personnel number
1.1.3. Values tab
Leave blank
1.1.4. Addnl data
Leave blank
1.1.5. Restrictions tab
Leave blank
1.2. Name: INFOTYPE
1.2.1. Basic data tab
Description: Infotype
Status: Release
Data type: CHAR
Number of Chars: 4
Mark Single Value
1.2.2. Description tab
EN Infotype

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1.2.3. Values tab

Leave blank
1.2.4. Addnl data
Leave blank
1.2.5. Restrictions tab
Leave blank
1.3.1. Basic data tab
Description: Subtype
Status: Release
Data type: CHAR
Number of Chars: 4
Mark Single Value
1.3.2. Description tab
EN Subtype
1.3.3. Values tab
Leave blank
1.3.4. Addnl data
Leave blank
1.3.5. Restrictions tab
Leave blank
1.4.1. Basic data tab
Description: File creation date
Status: Release
Data type: DATE
Mark Single Value
1.4.2. Description tab
EN File creation date
1.4.3. Values tab
Leave blank
1.4.4. Addnl data
Leave blank
1.4.5. Restrictions tab
Leave blank
2. Manually create, using transaction code CL02, the following Class:
Class type: 017
2.1.1. Basic data tab
Description: HR employee documents
Status: Release
2.1.2. Keywords tab
Leave blank
2.1.3. Char. tab
Add the following:
Community Marketplace ltd

2.1.4. Texts tab
Leave blank
3. Implement change request transport LDVK939448 (HDM:Employee Document
Management: Add DMS to an employee) by using your SAP BASIS team or use MINIPPS
free mini application Uploading transport from local files.
4. Import the transport that is now in your queue list, to your system (use transaction code