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Labor Day Weekend Celebration in Northfield

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Vol. 46, No. 17 403 US RTE 302 - BERLIN, BARRE, VT 05641 479-2582 OR 1-800-639-9753 Fax (802) 479-7916 August 30, 2017
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When Facing 47th Annual

Your Fears
Takes Off
by Katie
Mad River Valley Craft Fair
Moritz Sat. & Sun.
page 2
Sept. 2 & 3
Labor Day Weekend,
10am-5pm, Waitsfield,VT

Giffords Last Mile Ride Saturday, September 9th
Raises $105,000 for
End-of-Life Care 9am-7pm
page 5 Sunday, September 10th
Homes, SHINE
5th Wheels,
KenyonsToy Haulers,
Field, TravelRoute
Trailers, 100
Dont Drink and Drive
page 15
Four bands, door Trucks & Pre-Owned
prizes, RVs
delicious food court
and free bounce house!
$5 for adults, kids and parking are free!
May not be available in all papers
from Vermont
RELAX in our Man Cave: cocktails, couches
Aubuchon Hardware
Berlin City Auto Dealers
& York
& New Ping-Pong (all adults welcome)!
Pizza Hut
Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, THE YEAR-END
Toy Haulers, 6 RV Dealers
Travel Trailers, Trucks & Pre-Owned RVs from Vermont
Sat., Sept. 9 9AMSALE!to 7PM
Champlain Valley
Sun., Sept. 10 9AM to 6PM
Fair Grounds Sponsored by
Champlain Valley
Adult Admission $5 Children Under 16 Free w/Adult
$AVE THOUSAND$!Sponsored by:
Saturday, September 9th
Wherer ya going?
Northfields Labor Day Weekend
When ?
Sept. 2-3-4
Parade theme?

Each day at 10
Food, Craft and
Game Booths
Saturday, Sept. 2
Main Stage:
8:00 12:45 Northfield Savings Bank Footrace
12:45- 1:45 Exit 5 Rock Band -- local High School students
2:00- 3:30 Wildlife Encounter: Interactive wildlife show
3:45- 4:45 Jenn and John: local vocal artists 3 days of family
5:00-6:00 Northfield Comisky Comets jump rope performance fun and free
6:30-6:45 Minute to Win It game
7:00 10:00 Dancing under the Stars to the Rock Band, Mirage entertainment
Sunday, Sept.
Sept. 3
3 ___
12:00 1:00
1:00 Wunderles
Wunderles BigBig Top
Top Adventure
1:15 1:45
1:15 1:45 Minute to
Minute to Win
Win It
It game
2:00 3:00
3:00 BMX
BMX Bike
Bike Stunt
Stunt Show
Free admission
2:50 Car
Car Show
Show parade
parade upup Main
Main Street
Street Handicapped-
3:30 5:00 Turkey
Turkey Hill
Hill Performing
Performing Arts
5:00 Arts accessible
5:15 5:45
5:45 Marbles
Marbles Tournament-
Tournament- FINALS
5:45 6:45
5:45 6:45 Trevor,
Trevor, the
the Games
Games ManMan _____
7:00 10:00
10:00 Scared
Scared by
by Dolls:
Dolls: Classic
Classic Rock
Mon, Sept
Sept 44
10:30 12:00 Parade
12:00 Parade Many events
12:00 1:00
1:00 Island
Island Time
Time Band:
Band: Steel
Steel drum
drum island
island band
band offstage as well
1:15 2:15
2:15 Malayna
Malayna Johnson:
Johnson: Local
Local vocal
vocal artist
2:30- 3:00
3:00 Step
Step in
in Time
Time Line
Line Dancers
Norm Trepanier Kristian Page
Body Shop Manager Assistant Manager

For Your Next Body Shop Needs
CALL THE When Facing Your Fears Takes Off
AND MODELS By Katie Moritz
AWARDED hen David Brody, an internal medi-

cine doctor in St. Johnsbury,
Vermont, stepped toward the woman
CODY COLLISION CENTER he was about to marry on the pink sands of
received a 100% customer Eleuthera, Bahamas, he was moving forward
satisfaction rating and a in more ways than one. Getting from St.
Johnsbury to Eleuthera required two separate
100% of respondents saying they flights: one from Boston to Nassau and a
S AT I S FA puddle jumper to the tiny island of Eleuthera.
would return and would
recommend the facility to others! CTION Although David had flown a handful of times
as a child, he had developed a severe airplane
phobia as an adolescent. Prior to the Eleuthera
CALL NORM AT THE COLLISION CENTER 802-613-3017 trip, he hadnt flown in over thirty years.
Today, however, David takes flying lessons
at the Vermont Flying Academy in Burlington,
Vermont. He credits his decision to tackle his
nearly crippling fear of flying to the support
and encouragement of his then-fianc, now
wife, Annamarie Sloss. She had been the one
who had wanted to wed in the Bahamas, and
she had promised to hold his hand during David Brody on his Discovery Flight, Oct. 2016
takeoff. new way to experience space.
In preparation for the trip David explains that almost
to Eleuthera, David began everything one knows about
reading about the history of getting from here to there in
flight. Fascinated, amazed two dimensions does not apply
and still terrified, he arranged in flight and one needs to learn
to take a sort of test flight a new and often counter-intui-
with a friend in a small two- tive paradigm of locomotion.
seater. His thinking: if I can Its a new way of orienting
do this, I can do anything. oneself, and a new way of
After David and Annamarie moving forward.
returned home to Vermont, One large and unexpected
David decided to no longer challenge David is currently
shy away from travel involv- tackling is a battle with air
ing flight. They flew back to the Bahamas a sickness. Many new pilots are affected by it,
couple of times, as well as to the Carolinas. but it usually dissipates over time. His, how-
And somewhere along the way, David decided ever, has not. Oddly enough, he elaborates,
he was going to conquer his fears and embrace the anxiety has been less of an issue. When
his newfound enthusiasm for flight. And so he Im up at 3500 feet, I am focused on the tech-
signed up for a Discovery Flight through the nical task at hand. Still, he has moments
Vermont Flying Academy. when something unexpected happens, and he
The Discovery Flight is not simply for feels the cold hand of fear grab hold.
sightseeing, but actually putting one in the However, he has come to understand that the
pilots seat. David describes the cockpit as a more you know, the more you realize the
very small place indeed - just large enough for plane wont just fall out of the sky.
the immediate need at hand; and once strapped As the essayist Anais Nin says, life shrinks
in, there is a definite no way out feeling. But or expands in proportion to ones courage.
in a sort of daze of denial and determination, Facing a fear is empowering; it can have sur-
he continues, I fought down the fear and, prising consequences. It can introduce you to
furiously chewing gum (I had heard it helps new experiences, new people, and even a new
with nausea it doesnt) off we went. It was you.
quite a flight rather gusty conditions but When asked where David hopes flying will
there was a spark of joy and thrill. take him, both literally and figuratively, he
David describes his first lesson as surreal. explains that it is about the journey, not the
He felt a mixture of excitement, anxiety, quea- destination: I have set this goal for myself, to
siness, and disbelief- but ultimately pride in obtain my pilots license, and that is my focus.
his accomplishment. He explains that a well- But looking ahead I have toyed with the idea
executed banked turn has to be one of technol- of eventually purchasing a small plane. It
ogys most exquisite feats and there I was, would certainly be a fun and adventurous way
soaring over the Champlain Valley like a to go on family vacation - or to just spend an
hawk! At the end I was drained, but lighted. hour amongst the cumulus clouds chasing a
Learning how to fly requires one to learn a sunset.
page 2 The WORLD August 30, 2017
Christopher Curtis, Chief of the Public Protection Division at the Attorney Generals Office, and
Whytnee Bush of the Consumer Assistance Program distribute information to help Vermonters avoid
scams to Erik Dansereau, Manager of Walmarts Berlin store, and staff.

Attorney General Warns

Vermonters to Avoid Scams
Vermont Attorney
General T.J. Donovan
continues to raise
awareness of scams and
other illegal activity in Special Waste Collection
Vermont targeting con-
sumers. On Thursday,
August 17, 2017 former
Northfield resident
Hazardous Waste
Christopher Curtis, Please no Paint!
Chief of the Public
Protection Division, Ted Take paint to the ARCC or call us or visit our website for
Hobson, Director of the information about how to dispose of paint year round for FREE.
Consumer Assistance
Program (CAP), and
Whytnee Bush, CAPs Where: Bradford Town Garage
small business outreach
professional met with
representatives of CVS pharmacies (in South where the scammer threatens to shut off your
348 Fairground Rd.
Burlington and Burlington) and Wal-Mart (in power unless you pay, said Curtis. If some- When: September 9, 9am - 1pm
Berlin) to distribute materials to alert one you dont know calls or emails you: stop,
Vermonters about scams in Vermont. verify, and report it. Dont give out your per- The collection is open to residents of all CVSWMD member towns.
Attorney General T.J. Donovan launched sonal financial information, and dont be
the ScamBuster initiative in May and June fooled, he said.
of 2017 and is dedicating staff and resources Overall, the scams reported to the Vermont Disposal costs: $20 per car for in-district residents. $100
to getting information about scams out to Attorney General last year increased by per car for out-of-district residents.
Vermonters throughout the state, including approximately 25%, from 5,896 to 7,364
all 10 CVS locations and all 6 Wal-Mart reported complaints. These are the main scams
locations. Please note: Businesses must call ahead to pre-register.
reported in the last two years (see info-graph-
In addition, Vermont power companies, ic below):
businesses, and residents have helped raise
awareness about combatting recent scam
IRS Scams (4,261 complaints).
Computer Tech Support scams (463),
See our website for answers to questions
activity in Vermont. Phishing scams (382)
Vermont consumers can also enroll in a
Debt collection scams (222), and Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
new Scam Alert system part of the
Scams targeting businesses (197)
Department of Public Safetys VT-Alert sys- 229.9383 |
tem to learn about new and ongoing scams The IRS scam is typically a telephone call
in advance. To enroll in the program, saying you owe back taxes or outstanding
Vermonters should contact the Consumer payments are due to the government, typically
Assistance Program (CAP) at 800-649-2424. from callers claiming to be Internal Revenue
Or, type in to any Service, IRS, and US Treasury and Legal
web browser to get tips on avoiding scams or Affairs. The Office of the Attorney General
cautions Vermonters not to respond to these
enroll in the program. Vermonters can also
enroll directly by going to callers. If you think you may actually owe Together, we can put a stop to
We continue to raise the alarm about
scams in Vermont, said Christopher Curtis,
back taxes, hang up and contact the IRS
directly at 1-800-829-1040.
The Attorney General advises Vermonters
distracted driving.
Chief of the Public Protection Division at the who may be targets of scamming activity to
Office of the Attorney General. More than report it to the Consumer Assistance Program Ohio Mutual
half of the consumer complaints we receive (CAP) at 1-800-649-2424, or to go to the CAP Insurance Group
relate to telephone and other scams in website for more information on reported
Vermont, he said. We are seeing increases in scams in Vermont:
the so-called IRS scam, and utility scams consumer/?Page=scams.html

at Bragg Farm
DELIVERY FRESH DAILY safe drivers are Did you know that sending or
reading a text takes your eyes
off the road for five seconds?

focused drivers. At 55 mph, that's like driving

the length of an entire football
field with your eyes closed.
Dain Herring
The Noyle Johnson Group has
TOMATOES partnered with Ohio Mutual Insurance
Cellcontrol is an enforceable safe driving
solution that can disable the ability to text,
Group to help curb distracted driving.
email, Tweet, post to Snapchat and Facebook,
Were raffling off 20 Cellcontrol devices, which are take selfies and much more while driving.
Enjoy Autumn BRING YOUR
WEEKEND designed to limit cell phone distractions so that you &
at Bragg Farm! VISITORS your family are safer on the road. Added bonus: you may 2 WAYS FACEBOOK:
for our "World's Best" Noyle Johnson Group
1-800-376-5757 or 223-5757 Maple Creemees, qualify for certain discounts on your auto policy with TO ENTER WEBSITE:
Shakes & Sundaes, Ohio Mutual by using Cellcontrol for your young drivers!
Exit 8 off I-89 OPEN RAFFLE
5 miles on US Rt 2E, bear left,
1 mile on Vt. Rt. 14N, LABOR DAY
1005 Vt. Rt. 14N NOW OPEN DAILY Noyle W. Johnson Insurance Sawyer and Ritchie Agency
119 River St., Montpelier, VT 198 Route 2 W., Danville, VT
East Montpelier 05651 8:30-8:00 802.223.7735 802.684.3411
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 3
Spaulding High School Football Field Gets New Flag
Project Independence As a 1966 graduate of Spaulding High
School, and one who frequently walks the
track at the school, Mike Gilbert noticed

Welcome Home Open House how shabby the flag and flagpole was look-
ing at the football and track field. Since the
class of 1966s 50th reunion last year, they
Please join us as we thank our community; had a little money remaining in their trea-
sury, Mike thought it would be nice to give
we appreciate all your support! the pole a fresh coat of paint and a new
flag. For those who do not know, the flag-
Friday, September 8, 2017 pole was dedicated to James Ynsuela, class
of 1966, when he passed away back in
1:30-4:00p.m. 1971. Their class obtained a grass marker
81 Mo Main St. Suite 1 to rededicate the flagpole in 2006. Head of
SHS maintenance, Andre Dessureau, and
Barre, VT his crew, lowered the flag pole so Mike
could repaint it. They hung the flag and got
Entertainment & Light Refreshments the pole back up for him.

Special Thanks to the following for all their hardwork

& support during the roof emergency and the numerous others
who offered help and support!
Gifford Health Care Barre City Fire Department
Barre Senior Center Mayor Thom Lauzon
G. W. Savage American Red Cross

Cold Brew Coffee How is it different from

Ultra-smooth and Iced Coffee?
full-bodied Iced coffee is brewed using
Wellness Workshops Continue &
Trout Fishing Clinic Starts
Brewed without heat. heat, while Cold Brew
Steeped in Coffee is brewed
cold water for with cold water Wellness Programs continue at the rately. Call the library at 244-7036 or stop by
12-15 hours. which Waterbury Public Library. Along with Gentle to register.
Chair Yoga being offered by Kate Greenleaf Introduction to Trout Fishing is back with
results on September 6th at 11 a.m. and the Diabetes the Vermont Fish & Wildlife and Lets Go
in an Prevention Program which begins September Fishing instructors at the Waterbury Public
ultra 6th as well, at 5 p.m., the library will once Library on Saturday, September 16th from
again be offering the Qi Gong/Tai Chi classes 9:30-1:30 p.m.
smooth on Fridays beginning September 29th and
taste. No prior fishing experience? No problem.
running for 8 weeks. It has been shown that In this hands on clinic, the basics of fishing
gentle movements can promote well-being,
will be reviewed with a focus on how to target
energy and balance. New beginners are wel-
come as are those who are continuing in their trout with spinning equipment. Topics will
practice. The Tai Chi portion of the class fol- include ecology, knot tying, casting, lure
lows Dr. Paul Lams Tai Chi for arthritis making, and much more. At the end of the
program and is suitable for both standing and clinic participants will walk to the nearby
seated practice. Qi Gong will be offered from Winooski River and practice their skills. A
11 to 11:30 with Tai Chi immediately follow- bag lunch is suggested and all equipment is
ing from 11:30 to 12:15. All levels are wel- provided. To register email letsgofishing@
come and the classes are free, but participants or call 802-265-2279.
must register for each class and week sepa- Registration is required.
Barre B-M Road-Berlin DRIVE Montpelier DRIVE
479-0629 622-0250 223-0928
Veterans Law Student Association Invites
Community to 9-11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk Sept. 8
The Veterans Law Student Association fund for first-year law students who have
(VLSA) at Vermont Law School invites com- served in the military. We are naming the fund
CITYS munity members to join VLS students for the
third annual 9/11 Memorial 5K Run/Walk at
in honor of Professor Peter Teachout, a long-
time supporter of veterans and our associa-

WOODBURY 3:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8. The 5K will start on

the South Royalton Green and finish on the
VLS campus with a reception immediately
For more information about the 9/11
Memorial 5K Run/Walk, including registra-

AutoBody following.
Event registration is $25 and covers the
reception and a T-shirt. Any proceeds from
tion, visit or
The Veterans Law Student Association at
Mon.-Fri. 7:30AM-5PM CALL TOLL FREE 1-800-691-3914
the 5K will benefit the Teachout Book Fund
for First-Year Veteran Law Students.
VLS provides a support network for military
service members, veterans, dependents, fami-
Rte. 2 1/2 mile E. of the Roundabout Montpelier, VT In the Capitol City Kia Building The Veterans Law Student Association at lies, and community members; a social expe-
Vermont Law School is committed to honor- rience that builds on the bonds forged during
ing the memories of those who lost their lives national service; and a voice that advocates
Yes, were still during the events of September 11, 2001,
said Chris Whidden JD18, VLSA president.
for the unique needs of the military commu-
nity. For more information about the VLSA
here with the And we are committed to service and pro-
viding opportunities for veterans. Proceeds
and other student groups at Vermont Law
School, visit
same quality from this years 5K will be donated to a book student-groups.

service weve

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont to Host

offered for Central Vermont Heart Walk for 3rd Year Running
over 30 years Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont To join BCBSVT for this three-mile walk
(BCBSVT) is supporting the American Heart at their headquarters in Berlin, pre-register
Association by hosting the Central Vermont online using this link Click Here. Create a
Heart Walk for the third year running on team with coworkers, family and friends or
Saturday, September 16, 2017. In 2015 and sign up as an individual. Registration begins
2016 combined, BCBSVT, family and friends
FREE Green Technology
Guaranteed Repairs
joined together to raise $10,000 for the
American Heart Association.
at 8:30 a.m. on September 16, and the Walk
begins at 9:30 a.m. Strollers and dogs are
welcome, and Subway Sandwiches will
Estimates! Certied Technicians BCBSVT is once again honored to host
provide food for all the walkers. BCBSVTs
WATERBORNE this event for a cause that affects so many of
Free Estimate commitment to health promotion is evident
us, said Andrew Garland, Vice President of
Expert Collision Repair PAINT SYSTEM Client Relations and External Affairs and through their sponsorships and presence at
Direct Repair For Courtesy Shuttle Available over 200 community events each year, from
Chair of this years Central Vermont Heart
Most Major Insurance State Of The Art Spray Booth Walk. BCBSVT prides itself on being a a free water table at concerts and 5K races,
Companies Wash & Vacuum Included health and wellness company. Were commit- to signature events such as Snow Days and
ted to the wellbeing of all Vermonters. And, Hike, Bike & Paddle. Moreover, BCBSVTs
part of this commitment, is helping to raise Accountable Blue product encourages work-
ANY MAKE ANY MODEL ANY TIME awareness on how to prevent or manage heart site wellness and healthy outcomes for
disease, stroke and other diseases. members.
page 4 The WORLD August 30, 2017

Giffords Last Mile Ride Raises

$105,000 for End-of-Life Care
Nearly 400 runners, walk-
ers, and motorcycle riders
from all over the region gath-
Pump & Pantry
ered in Randolph on August
18th and 19th and raised
$105,000 for the 12th annual
Last Mile Ride. The popular
two-day fundraiser has raised
$646,000 thousand dollars
over the years to support Now Hiring Deli Help! Stop by for an application today!
unique end-of-life services
provided by Gifford Health SPECIALS GOOD THROUGH SUNDAY, SEPT. 3
Starting in 2006, when 74
motorcyclists rode the very Now carrying the Burlington Free Press 7 days a week
first Last Mile Ride route, the
event has expanded into a GREAT PRICE! Coca Cola Classic HOT SUMMER BUY! Gatorade
two-day celebration that includes a timed 5K Elmore (top 5K fundraiser). 6pk 12 oz cans 1 @ 1.99 or... 2 for $3 +dep 32 oz assorted flavors ............ 5 for $5.00
run and 1- and 2.5 mile walking routes. Top 5K runners were Lucy Rollins (overall WOW! Tide Liquid 100 oz assorted $10.99 Shurfine English Muffins, Hot Dog,
Last Mile Ride grows every year as loyal female) and John Mattern (overall male). VT Maple Syrup .......................... $16.99/qt
Hamburger Rolls &
supporters return with an expanding circle of Total race results are listed at http://802timing. White Bread (14 oz) .............. 2 for $3.00
friends and family. Many participate to honor com/results/17results/17results.html
BACK TO SCHOOL! Lance Crackers Shurfine Milk Skim, 1%,2% gallon ......$2.99
On Saturday morning the last of a heavy assorted 8 pks ........................ 2 for $4.00 Hood Half & Half Quart .......................$3.19
loved ones who received Last Mile Ride sup-
port. This year 222 runners and walkers mist had just lifted from the Gifford parking
Simply Done Bath Tissue Newmans Lemonade 59 oz ...............$2.49
12 pk 1200 ct ........................................$7.99
turned out on Friday as a day of heavy rain lot as motorcycle riders, led by Orange County Coca Cola Family
cleared for the evening events, and on Saturday Sheriff Bill Bohnyak, rumbled through town Yasso Ice Cream Bars 4 ct .................$4.99 24 pk Cans 12 oz......................... $6.99+dep
171 motorcycle riders participated in the to start the 75-mile ride. Safety along the route Poland Springs Water 16.9 oz 24 pk ..$4.99 Hood Ice Cream
assorted flavors 48 oz .....................$3.39/ea
75-mile morning ride through central was ensured by volunteers from the Combat Lays, Doritos or Smartfood
GREAT PRICE! Coca Cola Classic Veterans Motorcycle Association, with the Family Size 1 @ reg price or .. 2 for $6.00
Now offering
Manghis Bread & Marias Bagels!
The funds
6pk 12 oz cansraised1 @help people
1.99 or... 2 for with $3advanced
+dep help of local police departments. An abundant GREAT PRICE! Green Mountain Coffee Baked locally and delivered fresh to
WOW! celebrate
Tide Liquid the100ztime they have
assorted .. $10.99 left with BBQ lunch was waiting in Gifford Park when K-Cups 24 ct all flavors ..................... $14.99 Pump & Pantry! Grab some today!
friends and Syrup
VT Maple loved..........................
ones, supporting $16.99 /qt in the riders returned several hours later.
to School!Garden Room assorted
Lance Crackers suites and for $4.00 Participants raise $105,000 to support end
those whoDone
Simply choose Bathto remain in their home.
Tissue of life care
We now have a great selection of fine cheeses located next to our fresh produce!
12 Pk 1200ctflown loved ones home to
.........................................$7.99have last When all the donations were counted par-
gas in peoples cars ticipants had raised $105,000 for services that
Fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan, Blue Cheese & more. Grab some to enhance your salad or meal today!
Yasso IcewithCream moms;Bars 4ct put........................$4.99
to get here Springs
for last Water 16.9z 24 pk
moments or for a bring end-of-life services to patients and their
Lays, Doritos or Smartfood
patient to seek treatment at other facilities; families. Check out our NEW! Rana Five Cheese or Chicken Mozz Tortellini Family Sz..$7.99/20 oz pkg
Family Size 1 @ reg price or .. 2 for $6.00 Leading the top fundraisers announced on
we have hosted five
PRICE! Green Mountain Coffee weddings in our new selection of Beef New York Sirloin Steak ..................................................................... $6.99/lb
Garden Room, Giffords Saturday was Chip Milnor (who raised $7,600
K-Cups 24 ct all flavors .....................Development
$14.99 in donations!), followed by Todd Winslow, Marinated Mckenzie Natural Casing Franks 2.5 lb Box.............................................. $14.98
Director AshleyBUY! Lincoln
Gatoradetold the crowd.
Sometimes its as simple as
32 oz assorted flavors ............ 5 for $5.00 a voucher for a Lynda McDermott, and Larry Richburg. Top Meats! Pork Loins Whole Premium........................................................................$2.19/lb
pizza or ne
Shurfi a English
massage. MuffiWe Hot Dog, on you, and fundraiser prizes were: two tickets to a Boston
ns, depend Steaks, Pork GREAT ON THE GRILL! Hillshire Kielbasa or Cheddarwurst............. $3.49/pkg
Hamburgerthat Rolls
Ill see & you here year after year Red Sox game, two ISM Connect 300 Loins and Beef Ground Chuck Family Pk .................................................................. $3.99/lb
on White
the third
Bread week(14 oz) in ..............
August 2is for to our suc- NASCAR Cup Series tickets at the NH Motor
key $3.00 Turkey Breasts Kayem Natural Casing Franks 2.5 lb Box ..................................................... $9.99
Shurfine Milk Skim, 1%,2% gallon ......$2.99
cess. Speedway, four Six Flags & The Great Escape all ready to toss
Hood Half noted
& Half Quart the unique needs of day passes, and a Local Prize Package (two
that .............................$3.19 on the grill for GREAT VALUE! Chicken Thighs Boneless Family Pk ............................. $1.99/lb
these patients
Newmans and families
Lemonade are never predict- tickets to the New World Festival with a gift
59z .......................$2.49 dinner tonight! Pork Chops or Spare Ribs Boneless Family Pk....................................... $2.99/lb
able, andCola
Coca areFamily
never24the same. Last Mile Ride certificate to Saap Restaurant).
pk Cans
12 ozprovide flexibility and$6.99
............................................ an ability+dep to Last Mile Ride Raffle prize winners: Check out our PROUD TO SELL VP RACING
Meat Dept.
Dr. Dennis Henzig won the Harley- Manager
think Ice Creamwhen
creatively assorted flavors 48z to
responding .$3.39/ea
Davidson motorcycle donated by Wilkins Fresh Meats & Our 91 Octane Premium at the
Mike Ziter
al situations.
pump is non-ethanol.
The top fundraisers for the Friday events Harley-Davidson in South Barre We also have specialty fuels Serving
were Penny Maxfield (overall fundraiser), Joan Granter won the quilt made by EBT/SNAP available in 5-gallon cans.
Stop by and check our great selection Central VT
Rick Grant (top walk fundraiser), and Mark Gifford nursing staff Cards Welcome of VP Merchandise!
for 50 Years

OPEN EVERYDAY: Mon.-Thurs. 5a-9p, Fri. 5a-10p, Sat. 6a-10p, Sun. 6a-9p
6th Annual Chris Ludington
Memorial Trail Run/Walk at Classified Rt. 14, Williamstown 802-433-1038
Trapp Family Lodge
Deadline Is
MONDAY Most Cards Accepted DEBIT
On Sunday, September 17, 2017, Northern Vermont Ridge Before 10AM
Runners and Trapp Family Lodge will hold their 6th Annual
Chris Ludington Memorial Trail Run at the Trapp Family
Lodge Outdoor Center in Stowe, Vermont. Chris Ludington
was a much loved husband, father, athlete, and Trapp Family HOUSEWORK
Lodge employee. His family, friends, and fellow athletes
invite everyone to run or walk in this event to celebrate
Today, I...
Chriss memory and support his love of athletics and educa- washed my windows,
tion. cleaned my carpets,
Participants will have the option of either a 5k or 10k run
or walk. Entry fee is $25.00 per participant on race day. scrubbed and sealed
Online registration for $20.00 is available until 5:00 P.M. on my stone floor,
Friday, September 15 at and got that nasty stain out
tonmemorialtrailrun. All proceeds benefit the Chris Ludington
Scholarship Fund available to Lamoille South Supervisory of my couch.
Union students in support of their higher education.
The Best Part?
Registration begins at 8:00 A.M. in the Trapp Family Lodge
Outdoor Center Yurt. The race will start at 9:00 A.M.
For more information please e-mail Ron Ridlon (ron@
I didnt have to 223-6577
Professional Carpet/Upholstery Prizes will be awarded to the winning lift a finger! Cleaning & Maintenance
times in each division. All ages, levels of ability and interests
are welcome and encouraged to participate. 407 BARRE STREET MONTPELIER
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 5
Labor Hall Celebrates Labor Day
The theme of using your voice for social Greenberg and Ben Koenig, will open the
change will run through three Labor Day- evening with songs fit for the occasion.
related events sponsored by the Barre Kahn began his organizing career in 1965
Historical Society. On Monday, September with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating
4, acclaimed songwriter and community Committee (SNCC). He later worked with
organizer Si Kahn returns to Barres Old unions, including the United Mine Workers
Labor Hall to conduct a community orga- of America and the Amalgamated Clothing
nizing workshop at 4 PM followed at 7 PM and Textile Workers Union. He is the cur-
by a Civil Rights and Labor Songs Sing- rent lead organizer for Musicians United To
along. On Wednesday, September 6, phi- Protect Bristol Bay, an international net-
losopher and educator Dr. Elizabeth Minnich work of over 650 grassroots and community
will hold a community conversation and musicians who use their music and media
reading at the Kellogg-Hubbard Library, in access to help stop the proposed Pebble
Montpelier at 7 PM. Minnichs most recent Mine in Alaska.
book is The Evil of Banality. The Minnich Dr. Elizabeth Minnich is a professor of
event is co-sponsored by the Kellogg- moral philosophy at Queens University and
Hubbard Library. a Senior Scholar at the Association of
Kahn performed at the Labor Hall to an American Colleges and Universities. She
enthusiastic audience in March but had to served as philosopher Hannah Arendts
postpone his workshop due to bad weather. teaching assistant and wrote her doctoral
He proposed Labor Day as a fitting time to return. A sup- dissertation on John Dewey. In The Evil of Banality: The
porter of the Hall and friend of the late Chet Briggs, longtime Life and Death Importance of Thinking, Minnich reverses
president of the Barre Historical Society, Kahn wrote the song Arendts controversial concept, the banality of evil, and
Route 5, Lyndonville, VT The Old Labor Hall to honor Briggs death. draws on literature, psychology, economics, journalism, and
Along with leading the audience in songs of struggle and pop culture to explore how people both perpetrate and resist
Mon. thru Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-3, Sun. Closed protest, Kahn will tell the stories behind many of the songs genocide and other extensive evils.
and provide audience members with a free songbook to take Tickets for the Si Kahn sing-along are $15, and $12 for
1-800-439-5996 home. Following in the tradition of Joe Hill and Woody seniors, students, and union members. Children under 12 are
296 Meadow St., Littleton, NH Guthrie, Si Kahn has been writing songs about workers and free. The Kahn workshop and Minnich reading are free. For
their families since the 1960s, including the widely-recorded more information: , email info@old-
4584 U.S. Rte. 5, Newport, VT Aragon Mill. Local favorites Anything Goes, Mark, or call (802) 479-5600.


Old Brookfield Town Hall
On Tuesday, September 5th come learn about the history of
Vermont land. Starting at 7pm, Ecology and Geology of
Vermont: the shaping of our landscape will be presented by
The program is free, and supported both by the Brookfield
Free Public Library and the Vermont Humanities Council as
Eric Hanson, conservation biologist of the Vermont Center for part of their Speakers Bureau program.
Ecostudies and coordinator of the Vermont Loon Conservation Looking ahead mark your calendar for blues musician
Project. Vermont is at the crossroads of several ecological Dave Keller September 8th, and Troy Wunderles one-man
STICKLERS regions from areas with oaks and black locust trees in the circus Sunday September 10th.
south to boreal forests in the northeast. Mr. Hanson will Dave Keller is one of the finest soul and blues men of his
GO FIGURE explain how various factors including soil and climate have generation. His new CD, Right Back Atcha, brings together
influenced not only what we see on the landscape but how all the elements that make him unique: a voice that Blues
these factors have shaped the human settlement of the region Revue has called stunning; intense blues-fueled guitar
over the past 300 years. Sponsored by Chimney Savers, this work; and meaningful, memorable songs drawn from his life.
program is free. Admission is $10 for adults (under 18 free). The show begins
Since 1998, Eric Hanson has been the biologist for the at 7pm, and you can BYOB.
Vermont Loon Conservation Project (VLCP), a program of Come for the concert and also enjoy some Back Road
SNOWFLAKES the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. He has conducted Barbecue! Back Road BBQ is a group of four local operators
research on the Common Loon since 1992. His early work - one pig farmer and three chefs - on a mission to feed friends
focused on banding loons to answer basic biological questions and neighbors the best, locally sourced, Southern Style BBQ
and assess toxicology concerns. Eric then received his M.S. in the North! This event is generously sponsored by
degree at the University of Minnesota setting up a volunteer- Washington Electric Coop, and Eustis Cable.
based monitoring program for Minnesotas 12,000 loons. His Troy Wunderles one-man circus show thrills with the rich
loon work in Vermont has focused on management around and time-treasured delights of expert juggling, wacky globe
MAGIC MAZE loon nest sites and education of lake users. He also teaches walking, astounding ladder balancing, sensational plate spin-
various ecology courses at Sterling College and for the Road ning, teetering rola bolas, daring unicycle antics, mesmerizing
Scholar program. In the winter months, he takes care of the bubble routines, mischievous magic and comic buffoonery.
cross-country ski trails at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. This interactive show aims to dazzle and delight young and
On Wednesday, September 6th join writer/carver/painter old alike.
SUDOKU Tim Brookes for a presentation beginning at 7pm on Preceding the show will be carnival games and snacks,
Endangered Alphabets, Cultural Erosion, and the Future of face-painting, circus workshops, and more! Doors open at 3
the Written Word. What does the age of digital convergence, and circus starts at 4. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of
Facebook, and globalization mean for the future of the written Frankenburg Agency, entry to this special event is just $5 per
word? Tim Brookes offers remarkable and thought-provoking family.
perspective on this question by looking at a range of forms of As always, we thank The Frankenburg Agency of Randolph
writing from all over the world that are in danger of extinc- for serving as our lead sponsor for the entire 2017 series of
tion. For background on his work, you can explore his website events at the Brookfield Old Town Hall.

5 at 1 p.m. David will introduce you to SASH and provide

Barre Area Senior Center enrollment information Learn more about how you can have
access to a wellness nurse and team and health information
KAKURO FEAR KNOT 131 S. Main St. #4, Barre 479-9512 classes.

We are excited about bringing in our first art show. Please Line Dancing with Cheryl will resume Wednesday, Sept. 20 at
join us for the Art Exhibit opening of photographic work from 3:30.
Linda Hogans class at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center
beginning Wednesday, Aug. 30. TRIPS ON TAP...
Lunches will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 5.
SASH (Support and Services at Home) will be Tuesday, Sept. MAINE, $106 (MEMBERS)

SUPER CROSSWORD rhythmical instruments as well as props all based on a chil-

drens story. Thursday, September 21st at 10 a.m.; for ages
3-6. Please call to register. 244-7036.

Fall Programs
For the older kids, Tuesday afternoons from 3-4 are a chance
SEPTEMBER CHILDRENS PROGRAMS to create crafts from rubber band bracelets and Legos to Fairy
StoryTime On Tuesday, September 12th
Baby & Toddler and Preschool Story Times start up again Making Rubber Band Bracelets can be easy and fun without a
Thursday, September 7th at the Waterbury Public Library. loom. You just need pencils and colored rubber bands. Ages
September themes will be harvest time. Preschoolers (3-6
8-11. Please register at the library by calling 244-7026.
year olds) can look at picture books, and join in interactive
On Tuesday, September 19
play with music and crafts. Thursdays at 10 am.
Drop in for the Lego Challenge. This months theme is
For Babies & Todders, Story Time will begin Monday, Building a Bridge. Ages 8-11.
September 11th at 10 a.m. Songs and stories, lap games and On Thursday, September 26
rhymes all stimulate your babys intellect. There will be no Come Build a Fairy House where imagination rules and
Story Time on Monday, the 25th. nature supplies all the items you need. The library will have
supplies but please feel free to bring in any extra small items
AB2- Active Body, Active Brain if you have an idea of what you would like to create. Please
Books come to life with Music and Dance with Rachel register with the library for this program, as space is limited.
ODonald. Children can pick from a variety of musical and 244-7036.
page 6 The WORLD August 30, 2017
Capital City Concerts Announces 2017-2018 Season
The season opens on Friday, September 29,
7:30PM in a program called Magic, Modes &
lots to determine the program. They will play
music by Blavet, Poulenc, and a selection of
Minerals performed by an all-star ensemble French compositions.
of Vermonts finest musicians including vio-
linist Mary Rowell, violist Stefanie Taylor,
cellist Emily Taubl, harpist Rebecca
On February 24 and 25, the Formosa
Quartet returns Montpelier and Middlebury to
perform a folk-influenced program, including
Kauffman, and flutist Karen Kevra. They will
play Debussys masterpiece Sonata for flute,
viola and harp, Carlos Salzedos Scintillation,
Caroline Shaws Limestone and Felt and
Dana Wilsons Hungarian Folk Songs, Mark
OConnors Appalachia Waltz, and Dvoraks
American Quartet.
The season concludes on Saturday, April

Roussels other-worldly Serenade for flute, 21 with Treasures, when the former longtime
harp, and string trio. Repeat concert on Metropolitan Opera Orchestra principal horn AFTER THE PATRIOTS WIN.
Sunday, October 1 at 3PM at the Paramount Julie Landsman is joined by violinist Laurie
Theater in Rutland. Smukler, cellist Natasha Brofsky, pianist JUST PAY WITH YOUR ENROLLED DD CARD.
The second concert takes place on Saturday, Robert McDonald and others to perform
November 11 when soprano Hyunah Yu Brahms Horn Trio, Schumanns Piano
returns with a stellar ensemble including vio- Quintet, and Haydns String Quartet, Op. 77,
linist Theodore Arm, cellist Edward Arron, No.2. NOT A MEMBER? Enroll at
or on the Dunkin' MobileTM App today.
and pianist Jeewon Park in The Music of J.S. To learn more about the musicians, venues,
Bach. programs, and to order tickets visit www.
Sunday, January 21, flutist Karen Kevra Individual and sub-
and pianist Jeffrey Chappell are featured in scription tickets (new lower price for 2017- THAT'S LOYALTY.
The French Connection - French Music for get all 4 concerts for the price of 5) are also
flute and piano. An interactive concert of available at Bear Pond Books, Montpelier.
French music in which the audience casts bal- (Check or cash only)

From Generation to Generation We Are Here!
Barre DRUP B-M Road-Berlin UP
Montpelier UP
Honoring Lives Lost and Stories of Survival 479-0629 622-0250 223-0928
St. Johns in the Mountains Episcopal fight against ignorance, intolerance and fear.
Church is thrilled to be sharing a special one By sharing stories of survival, and teaching
day, community-wide showing of the Vermont their invaluable lessons learned, the Vermont
Holocaust Memorials exhibit: From Holocaust Memorial (a 501(c)(3) charitable THANK YOU FOR SAYING
Generation to Generation We Are Here!
Honoring lives lost and stories of survival
organization) envisions a time when preju-
dice, bigotry and hate are replaced by respect
Sunday September 3rd from 11am 2pm. for all. Additional information can be found
Following the exhibits opening at JCOGS on the organizations website: holocaustme-
(Jewish Community of Greater Stowe,) and
as a part of the Greater Stowe Interfaith
St. Johns in the Mountains Episcopal

T H A N K YO U !
Coalition and Community for Human Rights
and Dignity, St. Johns is proud to be carrying Church is a community of faith located at
forward the important lessons learned from 1994 Mountain Road (at the crossroads of the
the Holocaust. They are committed to encour- Mountain Road and Luce Hill Road) Stowe,
aging and supporting a community in which Vermont. For more information about St.
we are all one. Johns, please visit the website: stjohsinthe- Providing comfort at the end of life.
Knowledge is the most powerful tool in the

393 participants

New World Festival Preview at One Main

Patrons of Randolphs One Main Tap & expand the Festivals out-of-state audience.

& countless donors

Grill will get a preview of Chandlers 25th Were hoping that downtown merchants will
annual New World Festival when Irish super- see increased business, too, says coordinator
group Connla brings their energetic music to Becky McMeekin.
the restaurant on Saturday September 2 at 8 The New World Festival is one of Vermonts
PM. premier cultural heritage events, and it marks

raised $105,000
Connla are an exciting new band from its 25th anniversary on Sunday September 3
Northern Ireland with strong traditional roots, with a terrific line-up. This family-friendly
as well as influences from across the globe. celebration of Celtic and French Canadian
Their sensitive and innovative arrangements music and dance has been recognized as a
of traditional and modern folk songs and Vermont Chamber of Commerce Time
tunes have earned them praise across the folk Honored Top Ten Event, and will feature
community. Ciara McCafferty (vocals), more than 50 regional and international per- The Last Mile Ride was a huge success thanks to
Ciaran Carlin (whistles), and Paul Starrett formers on six stages from noon until mid-
(guitar) are joined by siblings Emer and night. the participants, supporters, many volunteers
Conor Mallon on harp and uilleann pipes. Dunwoody expects an enthusiastic response and these sponsors ...
Music Director Kevin Dunwoody is excit- to this event and reservations are strongly
ed about this development. It should be a recommended. They can be made by calling
great night! We hope that the people who hear One Main Tap & Grill at 802-565-8117.
Connlas music Saturday will come to the For more information about the New World #1 FOR TODAYS COUNTRY

Festival on Sunday for more great Celtic and Festival or to purchase discounted adult tick-
French Canadian music. ets before August 25, please visit the Festival
Chandler was awarded a $5000 grant from website at or
the Vermont Department of Tourism and call the Chandler Box Office at 802-728-
Marketing to support new initiatives to 6464.

TURNmusic Announces September Concerts

Revenue Cycle Strategies for a Healthy Bottom Line

Founder Anne Decker mixes her musical music punch. WNYC has called his music
tastes and experience to create unique sets of lush and inventive, and All About Jazz calls
live music. TURNmusic performances are the Orchestras 2014 debut as rare an LEAS

defined by quality not by genre and per- achievement as Carla Bleys Escalator Over
forms professional music concerts in the Hill... [a] tour-de-force and one of the best
Waterbury and is presented by the Flynn albums of the year. Cadence Magazine says
Theater in Burlington Vermont. TURNmusics that while its tempting to compare Saulniers COLTON EXCAVATING

program turned out to be a real musical style of flowing long lines and broad sonic

adventure, beautifully and effectively per- spectrum to Gil Evanss [he] has developed
formed, says Jim Lowe of the Times Argus. his own approach. KILBRIDE & HARRIS

TURNmusic brings new and exciting music With an emphasis on modern third-stream I N S U R A N C E

to Vermont this September featuring the 2017 music, Saulnier combines the industrial- and
Collegiate Music Prize Winner Zhuosheng alt-rock attitudes of his youth with 20th
Jin of McGill University and new resident of Century classical music, the post-bop, modal,
Vermont, composer Kyle Saulnier. and free jazz vocabularies, and even elements
With his music which has been described of the modern industrial, hip-hop, and elec-
Allans Vending W.B. Rogers, Inc. Firetech Sprinkler Corp.
as powerful and haunting (The New York tronic genres. Possessing a flair for the dra-
Times), Zhuosheng Jin, born in 1991, Ningbo, matic in all his works, he has carved a signa- BlueCross and White River Credit Union HEB Manufacturing
China, is a composer, pianist, and author. ture sound that is at once recognizable and BlueShield Company
Jins music spans on a variety of instrumenta- unreplicable. Eric Benson Appraisal Co.
tions and mediums, including orchestra, In addition to the Awakening Orchestra, Casella Waste Joanns Uniforms
F. L. Brousseau Stone
chamber, solo, electronic, and film music. Saulnier has led and composed for the cham- Management
Procducts Northfield Pharmacy
Throughout his works, Jin has been interested ber-pop group alice., and has composed origi- CompuCount
in relationships between gesture and sound. nal music for National Geographic Television Ferriter Oil Company Triller Print Source
His pieces are often comprised of two or and arranged and orchestrated for the
more alternating musical gestures in different Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra and the
shapes, registers, instrumentations, and 2010 BET Awards. Not confined to large-
sounding effects. He uses local gestural pro- ensemble composition, his catalog includes
cesses to combine with subtle timbral chang-
es. Composition for him is about how one or
works for string duo, string quartet, brass
ensembles, solo piano and countless combi-
more musical gestures go from a starting nations of jazz-based ensembles. The 13th Annual Last Mile Ride will be held
point to a destination point with richness of TURNmusic is presented by the Flynn
sound varieties and rational procedures. Theater and performs at FlynnSpace in August 17-18, 2018
As leader of the Awakening Orchestra, Burlington as well as in Deckers hometown
Kyle Saulnier fuses the jazz vocabulary with of Waterbury Center at the Green Mountain
modern orchestral techniques and a rock Club. 802.578.5028 for more info.
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 7
Minnie (Muzzy) Green. On November 24, 1946, she Barre, VT 05641 or to Vermont Food Bank, 33 Parker
married Mark R. Brown in Warren. Mark predeceased Road, Barre, VT 05641.
Mary on February 25, 2009. Mary grew up in Fayston
and following her marriage, she enjoyed life as a Mom,
Doris L. Wimble
DORIS L. WIMBLE 95, passed
Lillian Appleton being a homemaker and spending time with her large
and loving family. In her leisure time, she and Mark away at the Barre Gardens Health
Waits River LILLIAN enjoyed fishing and spending time in the outdoors. She and Rehabilitation Center (formerly
APPLETON, 70 of Waits River died liked to garden, travel to Maine with her sisters to visit Rowan Court) on Monday evening,
August 21, 2017 at her sisters home. family, lawn saleing, playing cards and Bingo and August 14, 2017. Born in Milton on
Born on June 11, 1947 in Hanover, caring for her pets, especially her feline best friend, June 18, 1922, she was the daughter
NH, she was the daughter of Kenneth Elmer. Mary is loved and mourned by her children, of the late Homer and Grace (Wagner)
and Pearl Appleton. She attended Avon Livingston of South Royalton, Aaron A. Brown Rankin. On January 18, 1941 she
Topsham graded schools and gradu- and his wife Joyce of Newport, WA, Kerney H. Brown married Owen A. Wimble, Sr. in
ated from Bradford Academy in the of Middlesex, Edward M. Brown and his wife Carol of Waitsfield. Owen passed away on
class of 1965. She went on to earn Clarksville, VA, Edwin E. Brown of Randolph; 12 June 9, 2003
her nursing degree from Springfield grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and 15 great- Doris was a 1940 graduate of Waitsfield High School
Hospital School of Nursing in 1969. After graduation great grandchildren; 2 sisters, Jane Bubar of Greensboro and then following her marriage, was happy and busy as
she made her home in Springfield, Massachusetts. On Bend, Maggie May of Berlin; her brother, Kenneth a homemaker, raising her family and in addition worked
August 1, 1970 she married Gibson Bryant and later Green of Roanoke, VA; as well as nieces, nephews and part-time as a housekeeper at the Mad River Barn and
divorced. She was employed many years at Baystate extended family. Mary was predeceased by 7 siblings, a was the bookkeeper for her husbands trucking busi-
Medical Center and retired from Dr. Keenan, Malladi, granddaughter and 1 great-grandson. It was Marys ness. With her children grown, Doris was employed for
and ONeill Office. Lillian was active in many clubs request that services be privately held for family. For 20 years by the Vermont Department of Fish and Game
while living in Springfield, the Shriners, and Daughter those who wish, memorial gifts would be appreciated to as a bookkeeper, retiring in 1982. In her leisure time she
of the Nile were among a few. After retiring she moved Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice, 600 enjoyed knitting, a variety of crafts, quilting and work-
back to her home town, Waits River, to be close to fam- Granger Road, Barre VT 05641 ( or to ing on her familys genealogy.
ily. In her spare time she loved watching the Red Sox the Woodridge Nursing Home Patient Activities Fund, Doris is survived by her children, Sandra Thurston of
and NASCAR racing, knitting and making pottery. She PO Box 547, Barre, VT 05641. Assisting the family is Essex Junction, Owen Wimble, Jr. of Waitsfield; 11
also loved animals, especially her dog Gigit and cat the Perkins-Parker Funeral Home and Cremation grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren and several great-
Pooh. Survivors include: sister Marie Brooks of West Service in Waterbury. To send online condolences great grandchildren. Doris was predeceased by a daugh-
Topsham, brothers: William Appleton and wife Carol please visit or the funeral ter, Barbara Shortsleeves, a son, Donald Wimble, a
of Waits River, Kenneth Appleton of Waits River, home Facebook page. grandson, Robert Wimble, a sister Anna Normandeau
Gerald Appleton and wife Ginny of Waits River, sister- and a brother, Alton Rankin.
in-law Joy Appleton of Corinth, nieces, nephews, great Laura Holt Coleman Delano At Doriss request, services will be held privately for
nieces, great nephews, and one great-great niece. Lillian BARRE TOWN - LAURA C. family. For those who wish, memorial gifts would be
was predeceased by her parents, her brother James DELANO, 96, died Sunday, July 9, appreciated to the Mad River Valley Ambulance Service,
Appleton and brother-in-law Peter Brooks. A graveside 2017, at her West Hill home. Born on PO Box 305, Waitsfield VT 05673. Assisting the family
service will be conducted at a later date. January 12, 1921 in Tupelo, is the Perkins-Parker Funeral Home and Cremation
Service in Waterbury. To send online condolences
Laurie Ellen Bailey Mississippi, Laura was the youngest
daughter of Laura H. and James A. please visit of the funeral
LAURIE ELLEN BAILEY, 60, of Coleman. She graduated from Tupelo home Facebook page.
Barre, died on Friday, August18, High School in 1938, completed a
2017 at UVMMC. Laurie was born Other passings....
B.S. in Elementary Education at
on July 17, 1957 in Montpelier, VT, Mississippi University for Women, JOHN B. JAY ALGER, 44, died Aug. 15, 2017, at the
daughter of Pauline E. (Greaves) and and a M.A. in Early Childhood Education at Columbia Woodridge Nursing Home in Berlin. He was born in Dover,
the late Dave A. Coburn. Laurie University. New Jersey, on Sept. 20, 1972, the son of John Robert and
graduated U-32 High School class of Patricia (Brophy) Alger. He was a graduate of Champlain
As a young woman, Laura taught school in the College and Community College of Vermont, earning two
1977. On June 22, 1996, Laurie mar- Mississippi Delta and in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. In
associate degrees. He later graduated from Ashford University
ried Steven F. Bailey in E. Montpelier. 1949, she accepted a teaching position in Schenectady, in San Diego, completing a bachelors degree in psychology.
Over the years, Laurie worked as an NY. where she lived with a group of young teacher He had been married to Sharon Reed. He had worked for five
elder care companion for many area families and local friends who loved hiking and canoeing as members of years for Cottage Hospital in Woodsville, NH, Microdata, of
elder care homes, over 12 years at the Berlin Price The Otyokwa Coed Outdoor Club. On Aug. 23, 1953 St. Johnsbury, and later, for Blue Cross Blue Shield. He was a
Chopper, and 10 years delivering the Times Argus with she married Arthur Brookins Delano, Jr. in Tupelo, MS, member of Danville Congregational Church. He was an avid
Steve. Laurie loved animals, coin collecting with Steve, honeymooning in the Blue Ridge Mountains as they New York Yankees fan. He enjoyed golf, travel, music, many
quilting, photography, watching old movies, country drove north to Vermont. Laura and Brookins settled in sports and loved his time spent with his daughter, Alyssa.
music, word puzzles, cribbage, and genealogy. Laurie is Shoreham, Vermont on the Delano family farm and Survivors include his daughter, Alyssa Alger, of St. Johnsbury;
survived by her husband, Steve, of 21 years; her mother, Laura taught school in Shoreham. The couple moved to his father, John Robert Alger, of Newfoundland, NJ; his
mother, Patricia Brophy, of Northfield; sister, Rebecca Alger,
Pauline Coburnl siblings Wendi, Cheryl, Scott, Brett, Montpelier and later to East Montpelier, where their of Northfield; brother, Christopher Alger, of Northfield; neph-
Lisa, and Mohsen and their families; and endless four children were born, before moving to Barre Town ews Kenneth R. Greenslit, Michael C. Alger, Aaron L. Alger,
extended family. Those wishing to, may make contribu- in 1960. Laura enjoyed her life as a homemaker and all of Northfield; niece Sarah Martell, of Williamstown; and
tions to a charity of their choice. Calling hours will be mother, providing loving and joyful childhood adven- several great-nieces and -nephews.
held Friday, 9/1, from 6PM-8PM at Hooker & Witcomb tures for her growing family. When her youngest
Funeral Home, Currier Park, Barre, VT. A celebration entered kindergarten, she returned to the teaching pro- JAMES WILLIS ASHLEY, 79, of Danville,
VT, passed away at home on Aug. 6, 2017, with
of Lauries life will be held at the Brick Church in E. fession in Barre City Schools, retiring in 1986. Laura his wife, Jean, by his side, after a long fight with
Montpelier on Sat. Sept. 2 at 2:00PM. was a dedicated and innovative teacher who had a per- pancreatic cancer. Jim was born in Syracuse,
Mary Eva Brown sonal connection with every child in her classroom.
Although a transplanted Southerner, Laura loved
NY, on April 26, 1938, to Carlyle and Dorothy
Keens Ashley, and into a family of engineers,
MARY EVA BROWN 87, passed away at the Vermont and enjoyed exploring the many roads and architects and artists. Inspired by his grandfa-
Woodridge Nursing Home in Berlin on Saturday, towns of Vermont with her husband, Brookins. Laura ther, George Hall Ashley, who was a state geolo-
August 19, 2017. Born in Fayston on December 24, loved walking in the woods, watching wild birds and gist, Jim studied geology at Syracuse University and went to
graduate school at Boston College. Jim practiced as a geolo-
1929, she was the daughter of the late Harold and animals from her kitchen window, and taking photo- gist for DuBois & King, and as a hydrogeologist for the State
graphs of the Vermont seasons. Laura was a gardener, of Vermont. Following his retirement from state service, Jim
an avid reader, and crocheted afghans for all her grand- developed a geothermal consulting business and served as
Owned & & Operated
Operated Since Since 1908
1908 children. She was well known for her cooking, espe- president of the New England Geothermal Professional
cially her homemade pies. Laura was an active member Association. Jims community service spanned state and
Locally Owned
Locally Owned
Locally Family Owned & Operated Since 1908 of the Barre Congregational Church. During her retire-
ment, Laura enjoyed community volunteer work and
town land use planning, waste management and recycling,
and support for community sports. Jims passions included
and Owned
and Operated
Operated tutoring. She will be missed by friends and neighbors,
who enjoyed her sense of humor, hospitality, and genu-
gardening, photography, canoeing, birding, the coast of
Maine, and classical music. Jim is survived by his wife of 35
years, Jean; sons, Thomas Ashley, of Los Angeles, CA, Dan
and Operated
Since 1908.
ine care and concern for others.
In her final years, Laura was cared for by her grand-
Miller-Arsenault and Jen; grandchildren, Jane and Jacob, of
Middlesex, VT; his brother, David, of Syracuse, NY, and sis-
daughter, Marianne Laura Holtz, as well as close neigh-
Since 1908.
Thoughtful Service in Accordance bors, friends, and caregivers who helped Laura stay in
ter, Joanne, of Bismarck, ND.
ROGER W. BOWLEY JR., 52, of Barre, died
Thoughtful withService
Your Wishesin Accordance her home of 57 years.
Thoughtful Laura is survived by her children, Marion (Delano) Aug. 21, 2017, at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical
Arrangements withService
Coordinated in Accordance
Wishes Anywhere Center in Lebanon, NH. He was born Jan. 18,
with Your Wishes and husband Edward Holtz of Escondido, CA; Linda 1965, in New Britain, CT, the son of Shirley
& Prepaid Services
Anywhere (Delano) and husband Gregory Schumacher of Holliston, (Taylor) and Roger W. Bowley, and raised in
and Trust
Prepaid Services MA; and George Delano and his wife Kim of Newcastle, Springfield. He married Lori Partlow in
Traditional & Prepaid
Funeral Services
Services CA; nephew Gene Holcomb and his wife Nancy of Randolph in 2014. Mr. Bowley worked at
and Trust
Trust Agreements
Agreements Memphis, TN; great-niece Dr. Laura Holcomb and her Walmart in Woodsville, NH, and Berlin. He
and Cremation Services for All Faiths
husband Eric Johnson of Oakland, Maine; sister-in-law enjoyed being outdoors and fishing. Survivors include his
Traditional Funeral Funeral ServicesServices wife, of Barre; two children, Marshall and Clarice Orr, both of
Edith (Delano) Ward and her husband William of
and and Cremation
Cremation Services
for AllFaiths
s (EARING!SSISTANCE Faiths Chatham, MA; daughter-in-law Deanne Delano of Haverhill, NH; stepdaughters Brianna Lane, of East
Alaska; 9 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild: Montpelier, and Brittany Butterfield, of Berlin; a sister, Lisa
Bowley, of Montpelier; and a grandson.
"RUCE7*UDD $IRECTOR Marianne Holtz, Benjamin and Sarah Holtz and their
802-476-3233 Fax 802-476-4310 son Noah, Daniel Holtz and his wife Courtney Kilian, WALTER LUTHER TED BRENNEMAN
#HRISTOPHER#*UDD $IRECTOR Rachel Holtz, Caroline Schumacher, Johanna JR., Ph.D., 80, died on Aug. 19, at The Residence
"RUCE7*UDD $IRECTOR Schumacher, Brookins and Niesje Delano, Daniel and at Quarry Hill in South Burlington, VT. He was
born on Dec. 5, 1936, the son of Walter L. and
802-476-3233 Fax 802-476-4310 Hannah Rizzo, Jaime Delano; nieces and nephews.
802-476-3233 Fax 802-476-4310
#HRISTOPHER#*UDD $IRECTOR Beatrice (Blouse) Brenneman in Harrisburg, PA.
Funeral & Cremation Services 802-476-3251 Fax 802-479-0250
#HRISTOPHER#*UDD $IRECTOR Laura was predeceased by her husband in 2005, her He attended Gettysburg College and received a
2"RENT7HITCOMB $IRECTOR son, James B. Delano in 2016, and siblings, Elizabeth bachelors degree in 1958. He received his mas-
Funeral &"ARRE 64
Cremation Services .ICK"7HITCOMB $IRECTOR
802-476-3251 Fax 802-479-0250 C. Holcomb and James A. Coleman, Jr. ters degree from the University of Chicago
A celebration of life will be held on Thursday,
Divinity School and his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Union
Funeral & Cremation Services 3ANDRA,7HITCOMB $IRECTOR
"ARRE 64
802-476-3251 Fax 802-479-0250
.ICK"7HITCOMB $IRECTOR October 5, 2017 at 11 am at the Barre Congregational Institute in 1974. Ted taught at The Stowe School, Marlboro
"ARRE 64
802-476-3243 Fax 802-476-4310 Church with Rev. David Vanderlinde-Abernathy offici- College, and retired as Professor Emeritus of Religion at the
,AWRENCE0RYOR $IRECTOR ating. Inurnment will be at the East Shoreham University of Vermont. He enjoyed research and traveled
802-476-3243 Fax 802-476-4310 Cemetery. extensively to Ireland and around the world. He enjoyed ski-
,AWRENCE0RYOR $IRECTOR In lieu of flowers donations may be made in her name ing, fishing, kayaking, music, and loved all creatures. For
HWF_World2colx5.indd 3
802-476-3243 Fax11/20/10
802-476-4310 to the Barre Congregational Church, 35 Church St.,
10:03:12 AM
continued on next page
page 8 The WORLD August 30, 2017
HWF_World2colx5.indd 3 11/20/10 10:03:12 AM
many years, Ted served as a deacon for the St. Augustine
Parish. On Sept. 19, 1963, Ted married Mary Helen Gavin in
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She predeceased him on May 4,
2011. Survivors include his children, Leslie Wheelock and her
husband, John, of Colchester, VT, Laurie Covington and her
husband, Steve, of Palmdale, CA, Tracy Gandin and her hus-
band, Dan, of Leland, NC, Valerie Brock and her husband,
Ronnie, of Wilmington, NC, Robin Wright and his wife,
Christine, of Bailey, CO, and Gavin Wright and his wife,
Karen, of Essex, VT; 11 grandchildren and nine great-grand-
BARBARA C. (WESTOVER) BROWN, age 91, passed
away peacefully Aug. 18, 2017, surrounded by loving family.
She was born Jan. 7, 1926, to the late Walter B. and Mabel
(Capsey) Westover, of Frelighsburg, Quebec. She was raised
in Frelighsburg, attending school and graduating at the age of
16. She furthered her studies in Montreal where she lived and
worked for many years. Barbara married her late husband of
60 years, George H. Brown, and made their home in
Montpelier, VT. She spent her career in banking and retired
from the Vermont Bankers Association in 1987. She actively
campaigned for the RNC, was a contributing member of
Christ Church and enjoyed watching as the seasons changed
at her camp on Peacham Pond. Barbara will be remembered
for never letting your glass be half-empty or your plate only
half-full, for her quick wit, fine cooking and her graciousness.
Barbara is survived by her children, David W. Brown, of
Swansea, MA, Martha Brown and wife, Donna Bowman, of
South Hadley, MA; granddaughter Brittney Kern, of Johnson,
VT; sister Jean Toof, of Clarksville, TN; niece Anne OShea
and husband Kenny Shelton, also in TN, and nephew Craig
Burnor, of Underhill, VT; dear sister-in-law Polly and hus- country proudly in the U.S. Army from 1955 through 1957. Bolton; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; as well
band Rosario Cannizzaro, of South Burlington. Also surviv- After completing his service, he returned to VT where he as nieces, nephews and extended family. She had a contagious
ing are many cousins, great-nieces and -nephews. worked on the family dairy farm in Barre. He married Norma personality and loved everyone she met. She has provided
Lillian Cole on Oct. 15, 1960, in Shelburne. The couple made care to many animals, including her favorite dog, Major, and
her cat, Violet.
The Mass of Christian Burial to honor and remem- their home in Barre Town and ran the family dairy until 1993.
ber the life of JAMES ANGELO BROGGINI, a Clem was a member of the Knights of Columbus. He was a RICHARD H. PITTSLEY, 92, of
longtime resident of Cabot Street, was held Aug. 18, 2017, at member of St. Monicas Catholic Church in Barre. He enjoyed Cherrywood Drive, passed away on
10AM in the St. Monica Catholic Church in Barre City. He spending precious time with his family, and was a loving Aug. 20, 2017, at the Central Vermont Medical
died Aug. 11, 2017, at the Gifford Medical Center in father of four children, eight grandchildren and one great- Center in Berlin, with his family at his bedside.
Randolph. The Reverend Peter OLeary, pastor of the church, grandchild. He is survived by his wife of 56 years of marriage, Born in South Barre on April 5, 1925, he was the
was the celebrant and delivered the homily. Deacon Dan Norma Giroux, of Barre Town; three daughters, Roxie son of the late Pearl and Alice (Henry) Pittsley.
Pudvah gave the Gospel lesson and led the Prayer of the Robinson and her husband, Bill, of Barre Town, Rhonda Richard attended South Barre Elementary
Faithful, as well as assisting at communion. The ceremony Miller and her husband, Steve, of Mooresville, NC, Colleen School and was a graduate of Spaulding High
was beautifully opened with his granddaughter, Angela Macri, Seamen and her husband, Tom, of Rutledge, TN; and one son, School, Class of 1943. He served his country proudly in the
as soloist and guitarist, singing the hymn, Softly and Scott Giroux and his wife, Erica, of Searsport, ME. He is also U.S. Navy from 1943 to 1946. Richard was employed at the
Tenderly. Burial followed in the Hope Cemetery with Father survived by siblings Pauline Laperle and her husband, Robert, South End Market for 10 years, then later was employed by
OLeary reading the committal prayers. The folded American and his brother, John Giroux. He was predeceased by siblings the U.S. Postal Service in South Barre, as postmaster from
flag to honor his U.S. Army service during the Korean conflict Julie Tardy, Dennis Giroux, Roland Giroux. 1962 until his retirement in 1985. On Feb. 8, 1948, he married
was presented to his son, Tino Broggini, by Bruce W. ANN A. MCCULLOUGH, 83, passed away on Irene Beaudoin in St. Monica Catholic Church. She passed
Judd, friend and fellow Legionnaire. A time of food, fellow- Aug. 19, 2017. She was born on Aug. 14, 1934, away in 1982. In 1984, he married Joyce Solomon in Mother
ship and sharing followed at the Mutuo Club on Beckley in Brookfield, VT, the daughter of Edwin A. and Cabrini Catholic Church in East Barre. She passed away in
Street where he was a life member and great contributor to Ella Maybelle (McAllister) Preston. She gradu- 2011. Richard enjoyed sports, bowling, and playing horse-
the organization. ated from South Royalton High School. She shoes but, most of all, he enjoyed spending precious time with
later married Arlin A. Tucker from Chelsea, VT. his family and grandchildren. Survivors include his daughter-
JANICE BAIRD COATES was called to the in-law, Donna Pittsley, of Williamstown, VT, and his children,
Lord on Aug. 20, 2017, at the age of 90. Janices They made their home in South Royalton. They
had three sons, Sam, Mike and Tom Tucker. Ann John Pittsley and his wife, Andrea, of Billerica, MA, Cathy
parents, Clyde L. and Irene A. (Child) Baird, Degreenia and her husband, Forrest, of Graniteville, VT, Sue
were blessed to welcome Janice into the world had divorced. She worked at Van Raalte for five years. Later, Pittsley and her companion, Donald Giroux, of Orange, VT.
on March 1, 1927, in Waitsfield, VT, and she she married James McCullough, of Bethel. They made their Also surviving are his stepchildren, Jay Solomon and his
spent her childhood in Moretown, VT. She was home in Lilliesville. They had one son, Basil McCullough, of companion, Karen Fitzgerald, of East Barre, Jodie Eastman
a gifted vocalist and pianist. She attended Williamstown. Ann is also survived by her grandchildren, She and her husband, Brad, of South Barre, Joy Marineau and her
Montpelier High School where she was her is also survived by a brother, Arnold Preston and wife Arlene, husband, Chris, of Graniteville, Jim Solomon, of Barre Town,
class vice president, as well as president of the girls athletic of Chelsea; a sister, Bernice Beede and husband Kenneth, of and Jon Solomon and his wife, Suzie, of Barre Town; as well
association. After earning an academic scholarship to the Washington. Ann was very active in the VFW Auxiliary Post as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
UVM, she found her true professional calling as an elemen- 2571 and American Legion Auxiliary Post 26. She was in the
tary school teacher. On Dec. 26, 1950, she married the love of color guard and marched in many parades. She worked at GW FLORA STRICKLAND TUTIAKOFF died
her life, Robert C. Coates, in Montpelier, surrounded by their Plastics in Bethel for 51 years; then she went to work at on May 26, 2017, at the VNA Respite House in
family and friends. Together, they celebrated 21 wonderful Progressive Plastics in Williamstown. She loved ballroom Colchester, VT. She was born Flora Beecher
years of marriage before he was taken from this earth in 1972. dancing, country music, playing cards, doing puzzles and car Strickland in New Haven, Connecticut, on July
For the next 45 years, Janice raised her six children alone, racing. 14, 1920, to Olive May Mann and Daniel Walter
helping them to obtain their college degrees. Janice returned JAMES FRANCIS BUD NEWTON, 25, of Strickland. In Floras late teens, her family
to teaching second grade in 1970 and taught for over 24 years. Barre, VT, passed away from cystic fibrosis on moved to Moretown, VT. Flora studied music at
Janice will be greatly missed by many, especially by her six Aug. 11, 2017, with his family by his bedside. the Juilliard Conservatory of Music in New
children, Deborah Morin and husband Robert, Cynthia James was born Sept. 6, 1991, to Annette Parry, York City, specializing on the harp under the renowned
Chipman and husband Richard, Susan Hunt and husband of Barre, and Brian Carr, of Cabot. James loved Marcel Grandjany. She joined the Vermont Symphony
Gregory, Robert B. Coates and wife Philippa, Christopher spending time with his son, Bentley, and playing Orchestra; in later years, she played while Robert Frost shared
Coates and wife Cari, and Elizabeth Seaver and husband video games. One of his passions was working his poetry in the Middlebury, VT, area. In Moretown, Flora
Kevin. She also leaves behind 17 grandchildren, In addition, on cars, from American muscle to fast and furi- met Robert Freeman Fulton, who also was to become a min-
she is survived by her sister, Eleanor White, of Barre, VT; her ous. He had an interest for the game of magic, collecting ister. Robert and Flora married in 1942. They had four chil-
brother-in-law, Joseph and wife Louise, of Barre, VT; her best knives, He had love for his son, they enjoyed watching mov- dren, John Strickland, Scott Edward, Sarah Elizabeth and
childhood friend, Lois Tierney, of Hampton, NH; and most ies and cuddling on the couch. He also enjoyed reading to his Andrew Beecher Fulton. In 1975, she separated from her
important of all, her beloved cousin, Pauline Coates, of son. Survivors include his son, Bentley F. Newton, of Orange, husband and returned to Unalaska, an island community on
Williston, VT, and her family. VT; his mother, Annette Parry, of Barre, VT; his father, Brian the far side of the world that had spoken to her heart in the
early 1970s. Flora became a social worker for the state of
RONALD WARREN DUNSTER, Carr, of Cabot, VT; his maternal grandmother, Mary Newton, Alaska, attending to the safety of children across a vast region
64, passed away in the comfort of his of Graniteville, VT; his siblings, Donna-Jo Newton, of Barre, that included the Aleutian Islands and the Pribilof Islands.
home, surrounded by his family, on Aug. 15, VT, Crystal and Vincent Davy, of Middlesex, VT, Amanda Flora lived and worked there for nearly 20 years, helping
2017. Born in Burlington on Feb. 25, 1953, he Putney and Ronny Therrien, of Fairfax, VT, Rose Lalumiere native children at risk remain in their communities and, when-
was the son of the late Alan W. Dunster Sr. and and Wayne Mahoney, of Whiting, VT, Michael Spencer- ever possible, with Aleut families. Flora married Philemon
Rebecca (Bennett) Dunster. On March 24, 2000, Lalumiere, of Vergennes, VT, Nathen Haines, of Graniteville, Michael Tutiakoff, an Aleut native and respected patriarch of
he married Diane T. Dubuc in St. Albans. and Alan Wild, of Barre; aunts and uncles, Sandy Newton and the community. Mr. Tutiakoff, who died in 1985, provided
Ronald grew up in Waterbury and was a 1971 Rick Collins, of Barre, John and BJ Newton, of Graniteville, key testimony to Congress that resulted in reparation and a
graduate of Harwood Union High School in Duxbury. In Robert Putney, of Berlin; and his Daddy Sue, of Graniteville. formal apology to Aleuts in the wake of internment of over
1972, he joined the U.S. Army, serving four years. He then He is also survived by six cousins, two nephews and five 800 native people into inhumane conditions during WWII.
served 20 years as a member of the U.S. Air Force, retiring in nieces. Flora enjoyed the wild beauty of the Aleutians, walking the
1993 as a technical sergeant (TSgt). Ron worked as a telecom- JOAN ANNETTE (LAWRENCE) PECOR, Bering Sea beaches, picking wildflowers and salmonberries,
munications administrator for Stowe Mountain Resort. Ron 78, passed away peacefully at the University of and having tea with dear friends. In 1994, she retired, return-
was loved and survived by his wife of 17 years, Diane T. Vermont Medical Center in Burlington on Aug. ing to Vermont. Flora had a long life, and was blessed with
Dunster; his daughters, Katie L. Adams and husband Robert, 16, 2017. Born on July 13, 1939, at her parents good health, an inclination to see the positives in life, and a
of Oklahoma, Krystal Ventura and husband Joseph, of Waterbury home, she was the daughter of the loving family. She dearly loved her little dog, even when he
Delaware; four grandchildren, Ethan and Skyla Adams, Avery late Olive Martha (Harvey) Lawrence and John repeatedly ate her hearing aids and eyeglasses. She taught her
and Liam Ventura; his siblings, Deanna Dunster and partner Joseph Lawrence. On Jan. 19, 1957, she married children and others around her how to love and respect others,
Bill Smith, of Waterbury, Christina Wilder and husband the love of her life, Robert Arnold Bobby and to laugh. She is survived by her four children, John
Stephen, of Duxbury, Debra Tighe and husband Mark, of Pecor in Waterbury. Joan attended school in Waterbury and Strickland Fulton and partner Sharon A. Cutler (Moretown,
Bolton, Alan W. Dunster Jr. and late wife Mary, of Waterbury graduated in 1957. She was a dedicated employee to many Vermont), Scott Edward Fulton and wife Elizabeth Lenore
Center; as well as many nieces, nephews and extended family. companies, including Harringtons for 10 years, the Town of Leto-Fulton (Somerville, Massachusetts), Sarah Elizabeth
CLEMENT L. GIROUX, 84, of Bolton for over 30 years and the Voc Rehabilitation Center for Holland (Moretown, Vermont), and Andrew Beecher Fulton
School Road, passed away on Aug. several years. As a child, Joan labeled herself a Tom-Boy, and and wife India Rachel Tresselt (Westford, Vermont); her eight
19, 2017, at the University of Vermont Medical she enjoyed time with her father in the garden or blackberry grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren, She leaves
Center in Burlington, VT. He was born in picking. She was famous for her Halloween popcorn balls and many beloved nieces and nephews; three step-great-grand-
Montpelier on Oct. 29, 1932. He was the son of homemade desserts. She had received awards for being a Girl children; a cousin; and dear friends and extended family,
the late Adolphe and Leontine (Boucher) Giroux. Scout leader, and an award for years of service recognition including Ray Holland and Tracy Drury, and Ray and Shelly
He attended St. Michaels High School in from the Town of Bolton. Joan is loved and mourned by her Hudson. Her beloved Tutiakoff family and many other dear
Montpelier. After high school, he served his daughter, Robin Pecor-Brunell and her husband, Chris, of friends from Unalaska
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 9
BULLETIN BOARD The WORLD welcomes Letters to
the Editor concerning public issues.
Letters should be 400 words or less
and may be subject to editing due to
space constraints. Submissions
Washington Unit PUBLIC should also contain the name of the
author and a contact telephone num-
ber for verification. For letters of
Docket No. 390-7-17Wnpr
NOTICE thanks, contact our advertising
department at 479-2582; non-profit
BETTY LUCE TOWN HILL rates are available.
Barre, Vermont
1733 U.S. Route 2 Your Students Will Be
Notice To Creditors E. Montpelier, VT Taught By an
To the creditors of the Estate
of Betty Luce, late of Barre, 05651 Excellent Staff
Vermont. 802-229-6309 Dear Editor,
I have been appointed a personal I had the distinct pleasure of attend-
representative of the above-named Town Hill Storage, East ing opening day on Tuesday August
estate. All creditors having claims Montpelier, VT intends to 22, 2017 for the staff that serves our
against the estate must present their sell personal items in four schools in our area, Spaulding
claims in writing within four (4) Storage Unit B1-U19 High School, the Central Vermont
months of the date of publication
of this notice. The claim must be
occupied by Career Center, Barre City Elementary
presented to me at the address Valerie Coolidge and Middle School and Barre Town Elementary and Middle Superintendent, John Pandolfo, that we all have a role to
listed below with a copy led with and Unit B1-U12 School. The day kicked off with a visit from Governor Phil make sure our schools achieve excellence.
the register of the Probate Court. occupied by Scott, himself a product of the Barre Schools. He spoke of the J. Guy Isabelle
The claim will be forever barred Wes Robertson impact that staff had on his future after the death of his Dad SHS Board Member and Chair of the BSU Board
if it is not presented as described and the role our schools are playing to help our kids deal with
above within the four (4) month for failure to pay storage
deadline. rental fees. The items will a changing world around us. Staff from each school spoke of
the successes and challenges for the coming year. Yes it is a A Lovely Stroll
Dated: August 22, 2017 be auctioned off September changing world and many area families face challenges.
20, 2017 if payment is not Dear Editor,
Audrey Luce, Co-Executrix Unfortunately our teachers and staff are inheriting the issues I am summer visitor in Montpelier and I walked along
Monica Leadbetter, Co-Executrix received by this date and the that come with those challenges. Rather than complain about
proceeds will be used to pay bike path behind Montpelier High School and came upon a
Signed: David A. Otterman, Esq. it I heard a very positive attitude and a commitment to turning lovely rest area with table, benches, old fashioned flower
Otterman and Allen, P.C. back storage rental fees. out the best students possible.
P.O. Box 473 garden and beautiful peace mosiac made with stones and
Here are some facts that I learned. Your students at the four decorated with pieces of pottery, dishes, personal mementos
Barre, VT 05641 schools will be taught by an excellent staff. Do you know
Name of Publication: The WORLD surrounding a white dove. Met the lady, Esther Farnsworth,
Classified there are 32 current staff who have been recognized by our working there with small crew of elderly volunteers, keeping
Publication Date: 8/30/17 district as teachers of the year? Do you know that Spaulding
Deadline Is the garden attractive and meaningful, apparently furthering
Address of Probate Court: High School will give out more than a half a million dollars the legacy of the original peace keepers who created it. Mrs.
Washington District Probate Court
65 State Street
MONDAY worth of scholarships this upcoming year? Farnsworth knows the history of the project and also showed
Before 10AM As a basketball coach I have occasion to visit many
Montpelier, VT 05602 schools. There are not many that can compare to the cleanli- me a stunning mural nearby depicting Montpelier and painted
ness and upkeep of our schools and many are much newer. under the bridge by high school students. I was so impressed
I heard a sense of pride that acknowledges the blue collar to come upon such a beautiful spot and see people stopping
roots of the area and the sensitivity to the areas ability to pay by to rest and eat lunch at the table and especially older peo-
Contacting Congress for our schools.
This was not my first attendance at this event but I have
ple who had walked to that special place to sit and rest, enjoy-
ing the garden and river. This might make a nice local story
made a promise to myself that I need to do my part to make for the paper to alert residents and tourists to the background
U.S. Rep. Peter Welch sure that the good things in our area schools get more empha- of the peace garden and the accessibility of the path along the
Mailing address: sis. I encourage folks, especially those who do not have kids river (which has also been newly planted with edible bushes/
128 Lakeside Ave, Suite 235 in schools, to take a minute and visit. I think you will leave trees). The whole garden/mural area is unique and makes me
Burlington, VT 05401 with a sense of confidence that our dollars are being well feel that Montpelier cares about making its landscape appeal-
Web site: spent. ing and attractive for its people.
Phone: (888) 605-7270 or (802) 652-2450 Finally, it was a breath of fresh air to hear the words of our Debby Boots, South Carolina.

U.S. Sen. Bernard Sanders

Mailing address:
1 Church St., Third Floor,
Burlington, VT 05401
Web site:
To Every Thing There is a Season

By G. E. Shuman
Phone: (802) 862-0697
ou are probably already aware Last week, at this writing, my 93-year-old mom visited us,
U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy of this, but the title above is the and she also got to hold our new great granddaughter and have
Mailing address: rst six words of the Bible verse, ve, count em, FIVE generation pictures taken. Wow! She,
199 Main St., Fourth Floor, Ecclesiastes 3:1-To every thing there is a and most of our family, also spent a day at Hampton Beach
Burlington, VT 05401 season, and a time for every purpose under with us, and I watched her, barefooted, walking among the
the heaven. It is also the rst seven words of the song Turn! waves on the shore, with our kids and grandkids, and enjoying
Web site: Turn! Turn! by the group The Byrds, written somewhat later the feeling of the surf and sand, every bit as much as they. a
Phone: (802) 863-2525 than The Bible was, and released in 1965. time for every purpose under the heaven.
As a teacher, it is almost impossible to not be keenly aware Very recently, also, my wife and I celebrated our anniver-
of the seasons; of the year, and of life. Only moments ago, I sary. We have now marked 45 years of that wonderful woman
was chatting with a high school student of mine as he manned putting up with me. (Talk about miracles.) Today, just be-
Central Vermonts Newspaper the register of a local supermarket. He and I both were some- fore I went to the store and chatted with that student of mine,
what lamenting the fact that another school year was about to Lorna and I returned from a day trip to the White Mountains of
begin again. The summer went by so fast! he said as he New Hampshire in my 1970 VW Beetle, where we had a cel-
checked my groceries. (And I used to think that feeling was ebratory picnic at the base of Cannon Mountain. Truthfully,
something only old guys like me had.) theres something about a slow ride, in an antique car, to a
403 Route 302-Berlin, Barre, VT 05641

Indeed, the summer has passed quickly, and here we are beautiful place with your best friend of many years that is just
Tel.: (802)479-2582 or 1-800-639-9753
about into September, already. I do have great memories of absolutely sublime. (Dont forget Georges golden rule. For a
Fax: (802)479-7916
some of the miracles of just being alive this summer, simply happy life, every couple MUST own a wicker picnic basket,
email: or
from the wonderful times I have had with my family. Since and use it at least once a summer.)
web site:
the beginning of summer, I have, several times, held my rst I think that a lesson this old teacher has learned this summer
great grandchild in my arms, and have talked to her about how is something my mom taught me a few years ago. During one
beautiful she is and what a great family she has. (We will have of our visits she mentioned that she felt that age wasnt a big
many more such chats in the future.) I have also spent time deal, and that she has never been upset about whatever age she
with all of my twelve grandchildren, including our barely one- is. She told me that she knows life here doesnt go on forever,
Publishers: Gary Hass and Deborah Phillips. Classified year old granddaughter, and have watched them celebrate so and then she said: and thats okay. Mom, I totally agree,
Manager: Ruth Madigan. Receptionist: Darlene Callahan. much, from birthdays to junior high and high school gradua- and wish you a happy fall. To every thing there is a season,

Bookkeeping: Lisa Companion. Production Manager: tions; from rst steps, to their rst days of college life. Indeed, Turn, Turn, Turn.
Christine Richardson. Production: Kathleen Gonet. Copy
Editor: Katie Moritz. Sales Representatives: Kay Roberts
I have been truly blessed in this life. Turn, turn, turn.
Santamore, Mike Jacques. Circulation: Aeletha Kelly.
Distribution: Jim Elliot, Gary Villa, Paul Giacherio.

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page 10 The WORLD August 30, 2017
Strategic Plan Serves as Road-Map for Chamber Andrea L.
By William D. Moore, and our Executive, Membership, Nominating and Public
President & CEO Policy Committees. We have added an Events Committee, a Gallitano, P.C.
Since January, committees from the Finance Committee, a Tourism Committee and Task Forces Attorney At Law
Central Vermont Chamber of on Beaulieu Place (our headquarters building) and
Commerce have been busily imple- Technology. 301 North Main Street, Suite 2
menting the charges contained in our So how are we measuring up? I am pleased to report that Barre, VT 05641
Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan, we hit the ground running in January and have not stopped. (802) 622-8230
adopted in November of 2016, was the Our Public Policy Committee has oversight on the Business
result of months of work by our Board
Practice areas include: tenant disputes
Vitality activity. It is tasked with establishing closer relation- commercial and real estate employment, insurance,
of Directors. ships with existing area organizations; being proactive to stay
transactions collections, and permitting
The purpose of the Strategic Plan is
business formation issues
abreast of relevant legislative initiatives; enhancing commu- buy/sell arrangements wills/trusts
to provide a roadmap for The Chamber. We identified key nications among members, the public and lawmakers; putting
stock purchase agreements probate administration and
areas and created a methodology to accomplish the goals and
asset sales litigation
a greater emphasis on tourism marketing and ensuring better leasing guardianships
objectives contained in the Strategic Plan. organization and delivery of all events.
The starting point for reviewing our activities was a critical Our Executive Committee and Board have been keenly
look at our Mission Statement. After an arduous examination eyeing our financial picture and making sure that the goals
of the then-current Mission Statement, it was determined that contained in the budget for the year are met. Our Finance
it was generally an appropriate one for The Chamber. A stron-
ger, more appropriate statement was adopted by simply add- Committee is about to begin the challenges of creating the
ing two words to the end. budget for next year and reviewing The Chamber invest-
Our newly revised Mission Statement is The Mission of ments.
the Central Vermont Chamber of Commerce is to guide, We have already made some improvements to Beaulieu
inspire and promote the best interests of the businesses and Place, including upgraded outdoor lighting and landscaping.
professionals of the area, and to enhance the economic, cul- Soon, a more substantial improvement will be undertaken
tural, educational and recreational opportunities of its citizens with the re-paving of our parking lots.
and visitors. Keeping up with technology is always a challenge. As soon
These forty-one words are our guiding focus. We firmly as one improvement is made, new improved hardware, soft-
believe that by keeping a focus on our Mission Statement, we ware and social media platforms emerge. We continue to
are working to strengthen and enhance our regions economy. receive tremendous compliments on our new website. Our
In so doing, we are benefiting all who live, work and visit newsletter is now regularly delivered electronically. We will
here. soon be adding an enhanced presence in the social media
We identified four initiatives that we believe will allow us world.
to attain the goals contained in the Mission Statement. These All of this has been accomplished through the strength of
are a focus on Business Vitality; Ensuring the Fiscal Integrity the dedicated Chamber volunteers who are working diligently
of The Chamber; maintaining Vibrant Technology and on our behalf. The members who work with us provide sig-
Communications and, finally, focusing on Sound Facilities nificant value to all our membership.
Management. If you would like information about how you can help us
In order to accomplish these ideals, we have expanded our in our efforts to strengthen the regions economy, drop an AUGUST
operations by adding additional committees to our already email to me at Bill@, or give me a call at 802- PROPANE
existing framework. We begin with our Board of Directors 229-5711. Filling Station SPECIALS
Got a different
20 lb $10
Economic Survey Shows Increased Optimism for Vermont Businesses size tank?
Nearly 150 Vermont businesses completed the latest semi- it is declining (versus 12% in January), and 32% see no
THAT TOO! 30 lb. $15
100 lb. $50
annual economic survey in July regarding the outlook of change at all (versus 31% in January). M-F 10-6; Sat 10-4
Vermonts small- to medium-sized businesses. The survey, Respondents expectations for business growth is similar to
presented by Davis and Hodgdon Associates CPAs and the those from the January survey. 59% expect sales to increase Locally Owned & Operated By Mike & Amanda P.
Vermont Chamber of Commerce, revealed that business own- (similar to the 56% who expected growth back in January), 97 US Rt. 302 Barre-Montpelier Rd 802-479-0671
ers inside and outside of Chittenden county share a slightly 46% intend to increase capital spending (compared to 42%
increased level of optimism about the states economy. There previously), and 38% look to increase the size of their staff
is also a continued desire to see improvement in Vermonts (versus 40% in January).
business climate and tax laws. Respondents identified the top three key issues facing their
34% of businesses exclusive to Vermont believe the states business as health insurance costs (63%), taxes (Federal and
economy is improving (compared to 18% previously); 14% feel State tax laws: 47% and Property tax: 19%), and finding
it is in decline (compared to 18% in January) and 37% indicate qualified employees (57%). These are the same key issues
there is no change (compared to 61% previously). that business owners have identified in the previous five semi-
For businesses with out-of-state interests, the responses were annual surveys, however it is noteworthy that they are more
nearly identical to those in January. 19% of businesses believe the concerned about Vermont tax laws (31%) than with Federal
states economy is improving (19% previously); 21% of busi- tax laws (16%).
nesses believe the states economy is in decline (compared to When asked to identify one business economic issue they
24% previously) and 46% see no change (46% previously). want to see addressed by the state legislature this year, busi- Montpelier Transportation Projects
Interestingly, responses to the question of the Vermont ness owners voiced concerns over the high cost of healthcare, Construction Update
economy were similar for Chittenden county businesses and lack of state economic development initiatives, and continued Project Location: State Street, Main Street, and VT 12 Elm Street
all other counties. concerns with high taxes and the high cost of doing business - Work to include milling, paving, manhole and drainage structure adjust-
20% of Chittenden county businesses describe Vermonts in Vermont. ments and extensive sidewalk improvements. VT 12-Northfield Street
economy as improving. 24% of respondents in all other Vermont The results indicate that Vermont businesses are optimistic - new water, sewer, storm water improvements, sidewalks and a stabilized
county businesses shared this level of optimism. about the near future, but also want a greater focus on eco- road base.

17% of Chittenden county businesses and 19% of all other nomic development strategies, said, Betsy Bishop, President Northfield Street Pedestrian Route With school starting soon, a tem-
porary pedestrian route will be marked with a directional sign at the top of
counties see Vermonts economy in decline. of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. Northfield Street at Derby Street and outlined with orange cones. The route
Somewhat surprisingly, its the same key issues for all Vermont
51 % of Chittenden county businesses believe that there has businesses regardless of size and location, said John Davis,
location may change according to the active work zone location but will
continue to be marked with the directional sign and orange cones. Flaggers
been no change in the economy versus 42% of all other county managing partner of Davis & Hodgdon Associates. We often assisting traffic will also assist pedestrians.
businesses. hear about two Vermonts, however the survey responses reflect Elm Street Expect daytime traffic delays! See details below.
When asked to describe the current state of the U.S. econ- a very similar outlook regarding the states economy across all
omy, 42% feel it is improving (49% in January), 18% believe represented counties. Week of August 28, 2017
Day Work (7:00 am to 9:00 pm, M-F)
SPEAKING OUT | The WORLD Monday (8/28), milling of side street entrances at Vine Street, Winter
Street and Summer Street ending near the Spring Street/Elm Street inter-

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?

section. Street parking will be blocked off at the side street entrance and
Elm Street near the entrance to allow for the work to be completed.
Tuesday (8/29), paving of the rst layer of new pavement will start at
Spring Street/Elm Street intersection and progress north for the remainder
of the week.
During milling and paving operations, Elm Street parking will be blocked
off and re-opened when the work is completed.
Elm Street Widening - As part of the VTrans Montpelier paving project,
the City of Montpelier has included plans to widen the western side of Elm
Street from Cummings Street to just before North Park Drive to accom-
modate a new paved bike lane. Excavation to widen Elm Street will begin
on Monday (8/28).
State Street/Elm Street Repairs Monday (8/28) - Est. 5:00am to 7:00am
Monday (8/28) In an effort to correct the insufcient water drainage from
the street, crews will be milling along the westbound lane of the Rialto
Bridge and also at the intersection of State Street and Elm Street early
Monday morning.
Traffic - Travel will be reduced to one lane with alternating one-way traffic
maintained by flaggers. Motorists can expect traffic delays all week.
Dick R. - Calais Karen - Williamstown Cindy - Winooski Linda - Stafford Springs, CT Northfield Street Update
Going fishing and Going to Maine fishing Camping in Peru, New York Sleeping and cooking out Sewer Installation Installation of the new sewer main pipe will continue
drinking liquid chicken from Derby Drive to Colonial Drive.
Water Installation Mainline installation may continue from the Econo
Lodge towards Derby Drive.
Service connections will continue this week from Prospect Street to the
Econo Lodge. Advance notication will be provided for service interrup-
Traffic Alternating one-way trafc is anticipated all week. Motorists are
strongly encouraged to seek alternative routes using Derby Drive or Dog
River Road during construction. Trafc delays of up to 10 minutes can be
expected on Northfield Street.
It is illegal in VT to use any handheld portable electronic devices
while driving. The law carries fines of up to $200 with points as-
sessed if the violation occurs in a work zone.
Contact Francine Perkins, Project Outreach Coordinator, FRP Enterprises,
Colette - Barre LLC with any questions or concerns with regards to the project at 802-
Bunny - Colchester Donald - Northfield Valerie - Barre 479-6994. Construction updates will be posted on www.roadworkupdates.
Cooking out Enjoying the Northfield Spending it at home! Its my birthday on Sunday com , The City of Montpeliers Front Porch Forum and Facebook Pages,
Labor Day celebration and going to the Montpelier Alives Facebook Page and Makeover Montpeliers Facebook
Waterbury Flea Market Page.
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 11
Jodi's (802)793-7417 Barre
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Our E-mail address is

Central Vermont Medical Center
Please include contact Kiwanis Members working at the yard sale.

person & payment info
The Montpelier Kiwanis Club Holds Annual Yard Sale
The Montpelier Kiwanis Club is holding its Washington, D.C. and pay for students to

annual Yard Sale on September 9 from attend Girls State and Boys State.
7:00AM to 1:00PM at the Montpelier High Our yard sale includes household items,
479-2582 or School. small furniture, dishes, toys, tools and more.
The Kiwanis Club Yard Sale raises money
The following birth announcements were submitted by Central Vermont Medical Center
on August 23, 2017. Any questions or concerns should be addressed directly to CVMC.
for Central Vermont children. We award
A daughter, Madison Jane Drummond, was born Aug. 17 scholarships and summer camperships, help HELP MAKE THIS YARD SALE A
to Samantha Jane Buska and Billy Drummond of Barre. children enroll in sports leagues, buy winter SUCCESS!
A son, Jay Lucas Peake, was born Aug. 17 to SAVE $$$$! clothes and boots for several children each Have donations? Call Elliott Curtin 229-
Crystal (Rouelle) and Nathan Peake of Barre. year, and sponsor a local hockey team. We 6973 or Fred Bushway 826-5670 to pick up
recently paid for a students class trip to donations.
Curt's Drop-Off
JONES BROS. WAY Whoever said being
near VT Granite Museum &
Faith Community Church a parent is easy?
in Barre
For help call
3.25 per 30 gal. and/or
25 lb. rubbish bag
for 2 or more at
a time
Circle of ParentsTM
Gifford Medical Center $
per 30 gal. and/or
25 lb. rubbish bag
Free Recycling ~ Limits Apply
See You 7:30AM to 1PM!

The following birth announcements were submitted by Gifford Medical Center

on August 20, 2017. Any questions or concerns should be addressed directly to Gifford.

A daughter, Madison Ann Hicks, was born August 7, 2017
to Sarah Ann Hicks of Bethel.
2 x 2.75
W. M. Bill Durkee Jr presents to Cameron Slayton the Wyoming
Lodge #80/Gordon Durkee Memorial Scholarship. Cameron, a
A daughter, Kansas Salome Stansberry, was born Blossom Cottage Florist and The WORLD would like to help you wish a graduate of Twinfield High School, will be attending the Advanced
August 8, 2017 to Victoria (Martinez) Stansberry and special couple a Happy Anniversary. Just send their name, address & wed- Welding Institute in South Burlington this fall. L-R Caren Slayton,
Nathaniel Stansberry of Rutland. ding anniversary date. Each week we publish the names, plus well have a Cameron Slayton, Larry Slayton and W.M. Bill Durkee Jr.
monthly winner for a $30 Gift Certificate at Blossom Cottage Florist on the
A son, Ezekial Bradley Kinsley, was born Barre-Montpelier Rd. No obligation, nothing to buy. Just send anniversary
August 11, 2017 to Elizabeth (Messimer) Kinsley and names two (2) weeks prior to anniversary date, to: The WORLD, c/o HAPPY
ANNIVERSARY, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641. Please provide ARIES (March 21 to April
Shane Kinsley of Bethel. 19) A change that youd
name, address & phone number for prize notification.
A son, John Douglas Lunna, was born August 11, 2017 hoped for is down the line.

to Kimberly (Hale) Lunna and Alan Lunna of Bethel. 622-8300 But you still need to be
patient until more explana-
535 US Rte tions are forthcoming. Con-

302, Unit 1
next to Dunkin tinue to keep your enthusiasm in check.
TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Your social life expands as

Happy Birthday!
Dont forget... 5-6 Gary Villa, WashingtonDonuts at Taste
5-6 Jim Elliott, 51, Barre of the North new friends come into your life. But while youre having fun,
9-8 Arlo Benjamin Lefcourt, 7 5-14 Snook Downing, Chelsea your practical side also sees some positive business potential
Phillips 5-22 Ruth Madigan P., 74, within your new circle.
9-26 Aeletha Kelly, Barre Bethel
FROM 9-28Please Send Us Your September
Jessica McLeon, 28, Anniversaries
5-27 Candy McLeon, 71, GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Your workplace situation
Hardwick Hardwick
And Be Automatically Registered To Win A continues to improve. Look for advantages you might have
BARRE-MONTPELIER RD. missed while all the changes were going on around you. That
10-5 LisaCertificate
From The
6-3 Blossom
Joey, Wby Ctr,Cottage
6-5 Rob Salvas, 56, Barre
Florist trusted colleague can help.
Price Chopper (Berlin, VT) and The WORLD would like to help you wish someone
special a Happy Birthday. Just send their name, address & birthdate. Well publish the 10-18 Kay Santamore, 6-6 Heather Holmes, 50,
LAST (June
22) Resist the urge to hunker
Plainfield Woodbury down in your bunker until things ease up. Instead, get rid of
names in this space each week. Plus, well draw one (1) winner each week for a FREE
BIRTHDAY CAKE from Price Chopper (Berlin, VT). No obligation, nothing to buy. Just PERRY & KATHY GRANGE, GRANITEVILLE, 44 YEARS
11-15 Jessup Max Lefcourt, 4 7-11 Joslyn Richardson, 30, MONTH:
that woe-is-me attitude by getting up and getting out to meet
11-15 Bob Spaulding, Minot, AUGUST 29 VT
send birthday names two (2) weeks prior to birthdate, to: The WORLD, c/o BIRTHDAY
old friends and make new ones.
2 x 3.75
CAKE, 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641. Please provide your name, address Waterbury,
& phone number for prize notification. ME RON & BRENDA LAFIRIRA, 7-7 Marti BARRE, 25 YEARS
Elliott, Barre LEO (July 23 to August 22) Now that youre back enjoying
11-19 Henry Kasulka, 13, E. 7-9 Pierce Salvas, 33, Barre
AUGUST 28 Amy Williams Scribner, Middlesex Mplr AUGUST 30 Hass, 29,
7-11 Marcus the spotlight again, you should feel re-energized and ready
Mary Jo Scribner Davis, Moretown SEPTEMBER 3 BOB
11-23 & ANNETTE
Bennington to take on the challenge of bringing those big, bold plans of
AUGUST 29 Paul Irons, 71, Berlin 11-28 Neil, 28, Waterbury 7-12 Emily Rappold, Plainfield
AUGUST 31Jacques, So. Barre yours to completion.
Pat Austin, 72, Moretown 7-18 Mike
Connie Spaulding, Minot, Maine
Peter Lefcourt, 44, BarreODELL,
Jennifer "Jen" Roberts VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A former friend would
AUGUST 30 Angela Bartlett, 33, Morrisville 12-3 DOT! 64, Calais Geller, 40, Baltimore, MD like to repair a relationship you two once enjoyed. Your posi-
et to Candi Smith, 40, Plainfield Deborah Owen, 53, West Braintree 12-25 Jenna Companion, 19,SEPTEMBER 2 tive response could have an equally positive impact on your
David Santamore, 66, 22 YEARS
life. Think about it.
12-31 Chelsea Phillips, 29,
e Deanna Pedersen, 76, Randolph David Scott, 55, Montpelier URBAIN
Manassas,& VA
8-8 Gary LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Resist making impul-
8-8 Shirley Combs,45 YEARS
Randolph sive decisions. Stay on that steady course as you continue to
after CAKE WINNER: Please call Price Chopper (Berlin, VT) at 479-9078 and
ask for Julie Fandino (Bakery Manager) or Beverlee Hutchins (Cake 1-4 Betsy Cody, 61, Barre 8-9 Bob Evans, 64, Woodstock work out workplace problems. Be patient. All will soon be
8-16 Charlotte Edwards, Barre
... Decorator) by Thursday, August 31 to arrange for cake pick-up.
1-15 Peggy Zurla, 54, Mayaez,
Town back in balance.
1-15 Shawn Kasulka, E.Mplr 8-20 Rachel Salvas, Barre SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You might feel con-
This Weeks Cake Winner: 1-19 Kevn Sare, 36, Cabot 8-21 Chriiis dent about taking a promising offer, but continue to be alert
i)SEPT. 5, LAURENT 8-24&Terry
for what youre not being told about it. Dont fret. Time is on
of WILLIAMSTOWN is 91 YEARS OLD! of GRANITEVILLE celebrateLewiston,
1-27 Caitlyn Couture, 26, their 58th
your side.
Barre 8-29 Connie Spaulding, Minot,
1-31 Joyce LaMountain (The ME SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) People dear
Plant Lady), 85, Adamant
to you might be planning a way to show appreciation for all
1-31 Linda Couture, Barre
1-31 Wayne Michaud, 70, youve done for them. Accept the honor graciously. Remem-
Mail this coupon to: The WORLD c/o Birthday Cake Santa
MailRosa, CA
this coupon to: The WORLD ber: You deserve it.
403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin
2-1 Nancy Prescott, Barre c/o Happy Anniversary CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Congratulations.
Barre, VT 05641 403 U.S.
2-6 Bob Edwards, 75 Rt. 302 - Berlin, Barre, VT 05641 Your self-condence is on the rise. This could be a good time
Open to people of all ages. Just send in the entry blank below, and we will 2-8 Warren
Just Lanigan
send in the entry blank below, and we will publish it in this space each week. to tackle those bothersome situations youve avoided both at
publish it in this space each week. Plus, we will draw one (1) name each week
for a FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE from the Price Chopper Super Center (Berlin,
2-12 we
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draw one (1) couple each month for a gift certificate from BLOSSOM home and at work.
VT). No obligation, nothing to buy. Entries must be mailed two (2) weeks prior
buy. SandymustSalvas, Barretwo (2) weeks prior to anniversary date. Telephone calls
be mailed AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) You feel obligated
to birthdate. Telephone calls to The WORLD will not be accepted.
WORLD Rappold,
will not E.
be accepted. to return a favor. (Of course, you do.) But heed advice from
BIRTHDATE______________________________ Montpelier those close to you and do nothing until you know for sure
2-16 Aaron Retherford
2-23 Pauline Nelson,
whats being asked of you.
NAME___________________________________ DATE_______________________# YEARS______
Waterbury PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your loving reassurance
AGE (this birthday)_________________________ 2-25 Meah & Mya Couture, 9, helped revive a once-moribund relationship. But be wary of
Barre someone who might try to do something negative to reverse
ADDRESS________________________________ ADDRESS_________________________________
3-5 Rebecca Pressman this positive turn of events.
________________________________________ 3-19 Ruth Weeks, Barre BORN THIS WEEK: You are a wonderful matchmaker who
3-22 Nicholas Salvas, 25 can bring people together to form long-lasting relationships.
PHONE__________________________________ PHONE___________________________________
4-19 Elliott Ackerman, 30, (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.
page 12 The WORLD August 30, 2017 4-20 Jessie Phillips, 26, E.
4-30 Lillian Kasulka, 8, E.
4-30 Darlene Callahan, 56,
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Aging with race

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Im caring for my wife who has a form of dementia. Since thing that may help others. My Dad was having an issue with Use of these services is subject to the Terms of Use and accompanying policies at
she was diagnosed in 2015, weve been able to continue with his memory and my brother and I feared it was dementia so
most of our normal activities. Weve always enjoyed going to we went with him to see his doctor. After having an exam and
see the Mountaineers ball games but this summer shes been a lot of blood work, they came to the conclusion it was being
restless and cranky during the game. Once we get home, she caused by a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Dad received a B12
seems her usual self and is ready to go when the next game shot and is taking a supplement and is already doing much DONT PUT OFF TIL
comes along. Id appreciate any suggestions on whats caus-
ing this and how I can fix it?
better. Dont sit around worrying; go to the doctor and find out
what youre dealing with; it may not be what you think?
Sincerely, CAN SELL TODAY!
Dear Jerry,
Often times a person with dementia will become sensitive Dear Alice, Or Toll Free 1-800-639-9753
to crowds and noise that can confuse and frighten them. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes theres an easy solution
Theres also a chance that she may experience physical pain and even if it were something serious like dementia, it is Central Vermonts Newspaper
from sitting too long on the bleachers or hard chairs at a ball always better to know what youre dealing with. Dealing with
game. If you notice a pattern after a few times, here are a the unknown only adds stress and worry with no solutions.
couple things to try that may help: Thanks,
-bring a cushion or one of those bleacher seats to make sitting Grace CLASSIFIEDS
403 U.S. Route 302 - Berlin Barre, Vermont 05641
more comfortable
-enter the stadium before or after the crowd to make it less As always, the information I provide is fairly generic since
distracting and wait at the end until some of the crowd clears I dont know the writers or their loved ones. Do not hesitate
out before leaving to contact me if you want to discuss these issues in more
If it becomes too difficult for her to attend, try watching
games at home and create a festive atmosphere with food and
detail. Please write to me at: Dear Grace, c/o Project
Independence, 81 N. Nain St. Ste. 1, Barre, VT 05641-4283 Instead of doing a fad diet
maybe a few friends. Although this may be difficult to hear,
as the disease progresses, it may be more enjoyable for her to
or you may email: and
shell get a message to me.
why not come see me?

W e will do a simple DNA test that recognizes
what foods/non-food product are causing your
Your Skills Are Needed body the most harm and preventing you from losing
weight. Well also test you for the 80 essential
Already dreading winter and those English. If you speak a second language, tutor a high-school minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Together well
long days indoors? Youre not alone. student. create a diet to accommodate your bodys needs; not
One key to staying active during Check for loads of opportunities, a diet based on the masses. Together, lets create a
new and healthier you. Please stop by Many Words
cold weather is to give yourself a reason to get out of the both near you and far away. The Corps has nearly a quarter of Herbs at the First In Fitness Building in Berlin or
house on a regular basis. Consider volunteering in the com- a million seniors. In some places the needs are great, and if call me @ 802-793-9371 to nd out more about the
munity. youre over age 55, theyll make use of your life experience. Intolerance Diet and how to get your health on track
If the desire is there, maybe all you need is an opportunity. You might help other seniors to stay in their homes by offer- this Spring.
Here are a few ideas. ing support services, drive people to appointments, help vet-
Manage a Red Cross blood drive. Teach a skill such as ten- erans find employment or work on environmental issues. If
nis or hockey to children. Lay a kitchen floor for another theres a natural disaster, youll be able to support the first
senior who cant afford to hire help. Sign up to be a police or responders. Call them at 1-800-424-8867.
court translator. Pack and deliver Meals on Wheels. Teach a Check the Global Citizens Network at www.volunteer-
weekly balance class to other seniors. for opportunities in advocacy, youth, community, Therapeutic Practice & Apothecary
You dont have to be especially physically active to volun- children and more.
teer. There are plenty of sit-down opportunities. Work one-on- If you want to travel for a good reason, consider Habitat for Rosalene Bussiere
one with a small child for reading and writing skills. Answer Humanity. Theyre building housing in 70 countries around Certified in Herbalism & Reiki III
phones at the library or animal shelter. Manage the check-in the world. 652 Granger Rd., Berlin, VT 05641
desk at a local race event. Teach an adult to read or speak 802-793-9371

(c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

Food Insecurity Among Seniors Still High

The Vermont Foodbank announced the
release of The State of Senior Hunger in
America in 2015, a study about food insecu-
tributes monthly commodity boxes to more
than 2,000 seniors throughout Vermont.. They
also partner with Support and Services at nd
rity among seniors in the U.S. produced by Home (SASH) to provide healthy food to
Feeding America and released in partnership senior housing facilities throughout the state.
with the National Foundation to End Senior The number of seniors facing hunger in
Hunger (NFESH). The report shows that this country remains unacceptably high. After
nationally, 5.4 million seniors age 60 or older
(8.1 percent) were food insecure in 2015, the
lifetimes of hard work many of Americas
seniors are put in the terrible position of hav- FREEZING FUN
most recent year for which data is available.
In Vermont, 7.5 percent of seniors were food
insecure. Food insecurity refers to the lack of
ing to choose between groceries and medical
care, said Feeding America CEO Diana
Aviv. These are parents, grandparents and
access to enough nutritious food.
Nationally, the 8.1 percent of seniors who
are food insecure does represent a slight
cherished friends and we must ensure they
have the nutritious food they need. Feeding Charity Golf
decrease over the prior year, and the first
decline since 2009. Despite relative improve-
America is working to prevent their hunger
every day.
This latest report documents the character-
ment, the rate and number of seniors affected
remains well above pre-recession levels. In
2007 when the recession was just beginning,
istics of seniors who struggle to meet their
nutritional needs. Specifically, in 2015,
researchers found:
Fri., Sept. 8, 2016
6.3 percent and 3.2 million seniors were food
insecure 2.2 million fewer than the most
recently reported total of food insecure
Seniors who are racial or ethnic minorities,
low-income, and younger vs. older (age 60-69 9:00 am Shotgun Start
vs. age 80+) were most likely to be affected
seniors. These findings are further evidence by some level of food insecurity.
that the benefits of the improved economy are Seniors who reported a disability were
not being enjoyed by all.
disproportionately affected, with 25 percent
With 7.5% of older Vermonters struggling
with food insecurity, it is critical that we reporting food insecurity and an additional 13
percent reporting marginal food security.
Country Club
come together to take action, says Vermont
Foodbank CEO John Sayles. We must work
together to create a world where our older
Senior food insecurity rates vary by state,
ranging from 2.9% in North Dakota to 15.6%
of Vermont
neighbors and family members have access to in Louisiana. Vermont, with 7.5% of seniors 2800 Country Club Rd Waterbury Center, VT

the nutritious food they need to live long, food insecure, is on the middle end of that
healthy, happy lives. We call upon individu- range.
als, businesses and the government to join us Food insecurity adversely affects a per- COST
as we work toward our mission to ensure that sons health, and the implications can be par- $160 / Player
no one in Vermont goes hungry. ticularly problematic for seniors. Compared $600 / Team of 4
The Vermont Foodbank is one of 200 food to food-secure seniors, food-insecure seniors:
banks in the Feeding America network that Consume fewer calories and lower quan- $800 / Corporate Sponsorship
(Includes team of 4 and hole sponsorship)
collectively provides food assistance to 46 tities of key nutrients.
million Americans struggling with hunger. Are more likely to experience negative $250/Hole Sponsorship Only
The Vermont Foodbank serves 153,000 health conditions, including depression, asth-
Vermonters facing hunger annually. This fig- ma, and chest pain. DINNER
ure includes 26,000 seniors. Working with a The State of Senior Hunger in America was House-made Burgers Italian Herb Grilled Chicken
network of 225 food shelves, meals sites, and produced by Feeding America in partnership All Beef Hot Dogs 8 Baked Beans House-made Chips
senior centers throughout the state, as well with NFESH. The study was conducted by Pasta Primavera w/ Seasonal Vegetables
providing food directly to Vermonters at researchers Dr. James Ziliak and Dr. Craig Assorted Cookies and Brownies Platter
schools, hospitals, and housing units, the Gundersen and is the source for national- and
Vermont Foodbank distributed 12 million state-level information about food insecurity The 2nd Annual Freezing Fun for Families Charity Golf Tournament, September 8, 2017. Each fee
pounds of food in 2016. among seniors age 60 and older, as well as includes 18 holes, cart, meal, and prizes. All proceeds go to the expansion of Freezing Fun For Families.
In addition to supplying the states food data about related health implications. An Tournament will be limited to 20 teams. Registrations and hole sponsorships must be completed by August
shelves and meals sites with high quality, executive summary of the report is available 25, 2017. For details or to register yourself or your team visit or call
Corey at 802-279-3632.
nutritious food, the Vermont Foodbank dis- here.
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 13
CHELSEA - In The Garden: paintings - in watercolor and
mixed media by Megan Murphy (of Bolton and Corinth) on All calendar submissions should be sent to editor@vt-world. Medicare and You. New to Medicare? Have questions? We
display September 2nd through October 31st, at the Chelsea com or mailed to The WORLD, Attn: Calendar, 403 U.S. Route have answers. Central Vermont Council on Aging, 59 N. Main
Public Library, 685-2188. 302, Barre, Vt. 05641. The deadline is 5:00 p.m., Thursday St., Suite 200, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Call 479-
MIDDLESEX- The HiVE FALL PORTAL Show. Nikki Eddy, preceding publication. The Ongoing section is for free/low cost 0531 to register.
Vermont artist, works from her original photographs to paint bold community events, which should be verified monthly. We are Celebrate Recovery. Recovery for all your hurts/habits/hang-ups.
abstract expressionistic works of art capturing sweeping move- no longer able to include ongoing classes.
ment using minimal color palettes. August 25 November 15. Christ Community Church, 43 Berlin St. across from R&L
Archery, Monday, 6-8 p.m. 476-3221.
The HiVE (next to the Red Hen Baking Co.), 961 Route 2,
Middlesex, VT. Call (802)595-4866 or visit Ongoing Events Wheelchair Basketball. Barre Evangelical Free Church, 17 So.
for more info. BARRE - Central VT Adult Basic Education. Free classes. Main St., Every other Tuesday, 5:30-7 p.m. Info 498-3030 (David)
MONTPELIER - Sculpture Exhibit. Featuring contemporary Pre-GED and high school diploma prep classes at Barre or 249-7931 (Sandy).
sculpture created by Vermont artists. Vermont Arts Council Learning Center, 46 Washington St. Info./pre-register 476- Aldrich Public Library Activities. 6 Washington St., 476-
Sculpture Garden, ongoing. 4588. 7550. Story Hour, Mondays & Tuesdays starting 9/22, 10:30
The Vermont Supreme Court Gallery presents Bridging PAWS. Support for those grieving the loss of a beloved pet. a.m. Reading Circle Book Club, 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m.
Worlds Paintings by Hunter Eddy. 111 State St. July 12- Universalist Church. 1st Thursday of month. 7 p.m. Info. beyon- Living & Learning Series, 1st Sundays, 1 p.m. Senior Day, 1st
September 29, 2017. Opening reception Wednesday, July 12 from Wednesdays, 1 p.m.
4-7 p.m.
Rainbow Umbrella of Central Vermont, an adult LGBTQ Central Vermont Business Builders. Community National
The Vermont Governors Gallery presents A Path Well group, bowls at Twin City Lanes on Sunday afternoons twice a Bank, 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 8-9 a.m. Info. 777-5419.
Traveled selected works by Ed Epstein and George Kurjanowicz. month. For dates and times:
On exhibit July 6 September 29. Opening reception Wednesday, Weekly Storytime. Next Chapter Bookstore, 158 North Main
July 12 from 4-7 p.m. Central Vermont Woodcarving Group. Free instruction proj- St., Saturdays, 10:30 a.m. Info. 476-3114.
Mixing Primaries A Member Exhibit of the Art Resource ects for all abilities. Barre Congregational Church, Mondays 1-4 Overeaters Anonymous. Barre Episcopal Church of the Good
Association. T.W. Wood Gallery, 46 Barre St. August 1 to p.m. 479-9563 Shepherd, 39 Washington St. Saturdays 8:30-9:30 a.m. Use side
September 8, 2017. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday, noon to Rock & Soul Chorus. 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the Church of the Good entrance, go upstairs, and to the right. Info: Valerie, 279-0385.
4 p.m. and by appointment. Opening reception Thursday, August Shepherd on 39 Washington St. Sing songs from the Sixties and Greater Barre Democrats. Town & City residents welcome.
3 from 5-7 p.m. beyond. Ability to read music is not required. No audition, but singers Aldrich Public Library, last Wednesdays, 5:15-6:15 p.m. Info
Annual Summer Juried show, works of 23 Vermont artists. T.W. should be able to accurately sing back whats been sung to them. All 476-4185.
Wood Gallery, 46 Barre St. Opens Tuesday, July 11. ages are welcome. Children under 13 should come with a parent. Play Group. St. Monicas Church, lower level, Thursdays dur-
Connection: the Art of Coming Together. Vermont Arts Heart of Vermont Quilt Guild. Meets on third Tuesday of the ing school year, 9:30-11 a.m.
Council Spotlight Gallery. June 5-October 6. Presents a survey of month at First Presbyterian Church on Seminary Street from 5:30-
contemporary Vermont art organized by artist networks rather 7:30 p.m. American Legion Auxiliary Unit 10. Meets at the post, first
than aesthetics or media. Open to the public and located in the Thursday of each month (not July), 6:30 p.m.
corridor and conference room of the offices at 136 State St. Step n Time Line Dancers of Central Vermont. Thursdays at
The Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite St. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Vermont Modelers Club. Building & flying model airplanes
SHOW 20 at The Front Gallery, the collective gallery in down- year-round, visitors welcome. Info. 485-7144.
town Montpelier, opens on Friday, September 1, 5-9 PM. The Playgroup. Universalist Church, Tuesdays 9:30-11 a.m., while
school is in session. Sponsored by Building Bright Futures. Info. Community Breakfast. First Presbyterian Church, 78 Summer
exhibition will showcase the latest works of the gallerys 17 St., 3rd Sunday of month, FREE, 7:30-9 a.m. 476-3966.
Vermont-based contemporary artists. In addition, the Front will 279-0993.
feature Karen Henderson as a guest artist, who will present sev- Additional Recyclables Collection Center. Open for collection Grandparents Raising Their Childrens Children. Support
eral of her textile and fiber pieces. Karen uses different dye tech- Mon., Wed., Friday noon 6 p.m., 3rd Saturdays 9 a.m.-1 p.m. group. 23 Summer St., 1st & 3rd Weds., 10 a.m.-noon. 476-
niques as well as sewing to explore seasons, atmospheres, and the 540 N. Main St., Barre. Visit for list of accept- 1480.
ephemeral nature of changing times of day. Light refreshments able items. Friends of Aldrich Public Library. Aldrich Library, 2nd floor
and drinks will be served during Fridays opening reception. The boardroom, 4th Tuesday of month, 6:30 p.m. Info. 476-7550.
show runs from September 1 - September 30, 2017. The Front Jabbok Christian Center Prayer Meeting. 8 Daniel Dr. 6:30-8
Gallery is located at 6 Barre Street in Montpelier. p.m. 1st & 3rd Thursdays. Info: 479-0302 Circle of Parents. Confidential support group for parents and
caregivers. Meets Tuesday evenings. Info. 229-5724 or

The HigherPaleteers of Vermont Member Show and Sketches in
Leo Kottke
Tue, Aug 15 @ 8:00pm Ground - South
Burlington, VT Perfection: a special exhibit of paintings and sketches by
The Outdoor TypeThomas
| FREE SHOWWaterman Wood at the T. W. Wood Gallery, 46 Barre Mothers of Preschoolers. Monthly get-togethers for crafts,

Thu, Aug 17
Storiesexhibits run from September 12th through October 27th
@ 7:00pm Colburn Park | Lebanon, NH
Del & Dawg, Songs refreshments, etc. Christian Alliance Church, 476-3221.
Fri, Aug 18 @ 7:00pm Greenopening
in Spruce reception on Thursday September 14th, from Alcoholics Anonymous. Meetings in Barre, daily; call 802-229-

5:00-7:00 pm. The reception is free and will offer an opportunity
Peak Village Center
5100 for latest times & locations;
to meetHigher many of the artists, enjoy refreshments, learn more about
G. Love and Special Sauce
Fri, Aug 18 @ 8:00pm Ground - South
Burlington, VT T.W. Woods art and purchase local art at affordable prices. For Hedding United Methodist Activities & Meetings. 40
Colin Hay more info, contact Ginny Callan at (802) 262-6035. Washington Street, 476-8156. Choir, Thursdays 7 p.m; Free
Sun, Aug 20 @ 7:30pm Paramont Theatre -
Rutland, VT MORRISVILLE- 3rd Annual River Works Group Exhibit
John Mellencamp Stephen Stills & Judy Collins Community Supper, Fridays 5:30-6:30 p.m.; Community
River Arts, 74 Pleasant St. August 24 - October 20. Reception
Always... Patsy Cline
Fri, Sep 1, 7:00pm Champlain Valley Expo Coca-
Cola Grand Stand - Essex Junction, VT
Thu, Sep 28, 7:30pm Lebanon Opera House - Service & Food Shelf Hours: Weds & Thurs. 3-5 p.m.
Turning Point Recovery Center. 489 N. Main St., Barre. Safe &
Thu, Aug 24 - Sun, Sep 10 The Grange Theatre
Thursday, September 14, 5-7PM. A range of mediums and styles Madaila on Main 2.0 Lebanon, NH
at Artistree - Pomfret, VT
Stowe Wine & Food comprise
Classic this show celebrating waters power to inspire artists. Sat, Sep 2, 12:00pm Nectars - Burlington, VT The Marvelous Wonderettes supportive place for individuals/families in or seeking substance
Exhibiting Artists: Robert Brunelle - Renee Greenlee - Phil
Sun, Aug 27 @ 1:00pm Topnotch
Mountain View Pavilion - Stowe, VT
Resort Matuto | FREE SHOW
Sun, Sep 3, 4:00pm Dog Mountain - St. Johnsbury
Thu, Oct 5 - Sun, Oct 22 The Grange Theatre at abuse recovery. Recovery coaching and other support programs;
Prydein | FREE SHOW Sun, Aug -27Jen Hubbard - Jean OConor - John Sargent - Kent
@ 4:00pm The Lao Tizer Band | FREE SHOW Artistree - Pomfret, VT continued on page 16
Dog Mountain - St.Shaw - Rett
Johnsbury, VT Sturman - Homer Wells. Sun, Sep 10, 4:00pm Dog Mountain - St. CHaD Hero Half Marathon
John Mellencamp Johnsbury, VT
A Stitch
Fri, Sep 1 @ 7:00pm Champlain in Time:
aValley Expo 18th & 19th Century Textiles. August 24 - Godspell
Sun, Oct 22, 12:00am Dartmouth Green - Hanover
Coca-Cola GrandOctober
Stand - Essex20. Reception Thursday, September 14, 5-7PM. River
Madaila on Main Arts
Junction, VT
and the Noyes House Museum have partnered together to
Thu, Sep 14 - Sun, Oct 1 The Grange Theatre at
Artistree - Pomfret, VT
Shout Out Louds
Sun, Nov 5, 8:00pm Higher Ground - S Burlington
CVTV CHANNEL 194 Up-to-date schedules for CVTV can also
be viewed online at
Sat, Sep 2 @ 12:00pm Nectars - Burlington, VT
Matuto | FREE SHOWpresent a collection of quilts, samplers and embroidery work cre- Grace Potters Grand Point North Shawn Colvin Wednesday 6 PM Barre Congregational Church 4:30 PM Rice TV Mass
women - St. in the 18th and 19th century. Examining these
Sat, Sep 16 - Sun, Sep 17 Community Bulletin Board 1a 7:30 PM Lutheran 5 PM Calvary Life
Sun, Sep 3 @ 4:00pm Waterfront Park - Burlington, VT Sat, Nov 11, 4:00pm Lebanon Opera House
Johnsbury, VT works allow us to decipher and contextualize the untold stories of Barre City Council 9a,12p,3p 9 PM Calvary Life 6 PM Washington Baptist Church
The Lao Tizer Band | FREE SHOW Sun, Sep 10 The High and Mighty Brass Band | FREE SHOW Carbon Leaf Democracy Now 6p 10 PM Rice TV Mass 7 PM Faith Community Church
@ 4:00pm Dog Mountain lives in
- St. Johnsbury, VT the past. Sun, Sep 17, 4:00pm
Sat, Nov 11, 8:00pm
Williamstown Select 7p, 10p Sunday
8 PM Barre Congregational Church
Dog Mountain - St. Johnsbury, VT Thursday Community Bulletin Board 1a
Godspell PLAINFIELD - Goddard College presents Social Justice in
Thu, Sep 14 - Sun, Oct 1 The Grange Theatre at Gogol Bordello Higher Ground Ballroom - South Burlington, VT Community Bulletin Board 1a 2 AM Barre Congregational Church 9:30 PM Lutheran
Artistree - Pomfret, VT Gender, Immigration, and the Environment. On exhibit in Sat, Sep 23, 8:00pm Higher Ground Ballroom - Williamstown Select 6a, 9a, 12p 3:30 AM St. Monicas Mass 10 PM St. Monicas Mass
the Point
Grace Potters Grand ArtNorth Gallery on the main floor of the Pratt Center. Through South Burlington, VT The Lone Bellow
Democracy Now 6p 4:30 AM Washington Baptist Church 11 PM Calvary Life
October 9, 2017 Park -with an Opening Reception on August 3 from 5-7
Sat, Sep 16 - Sun, Sep 17 Waterfront The Head and The Heart Barre Supervisory Union 3p,7p,10p 6:30 AM Barre Congregational Monday
Burlington, VT Thu, Nov 16, 8:00pm Higher Ground Ballroom - Friday Church Community Bulletin Board 1a
The High and Mighty Open
Brass Band |Mon-Fri,
Sun, Sep 24, 8:00pm Shelburne Museum -
Shelburne, VT South Burlington, VT Community Bulletin Board 1a 8 AM Calvary Life Statehouse Programming 6a,9a,12p
Johnsbury, VT RANDOLPH - Chandler Gallery presents Scale: Models to
Sun, Sep 17 @ 4:00pm Dog Mountain - St. Barre Supervisory Union 6a,9a,12p 9 AM Washington Baptist Church Democracy Now 6p
Gogol Bordello Monuments. June 24 through September 2. The show will consist For venue phone numbers, call Democracy Now 6p
Barre Town Select 3p,7p,10p
10 AM 1st Presbyterian Church
11 AM Barre Congregational
Barre Act 46 3, 7, 10p
of scale
Sat, Sep 23 @ 8:00pm Higher models or maquettes of pieces that have been made into
Ground Ballroom The Point at 223-2396 9:00 to 5:00 Saturday Church Tuesday
Barre Act 46 6a,9a,12p
The Head and The public
Heart art by contemporary artists from Vermont and beyond.
- South Burlington, VT
Mon.-Fri., or visit our web site at Community Bulletin Board 1a
Barre Town Select 6a, 9a, 12p
12:30 PM Rice TV Mass
1 PM St. Monicas Mass Statehouse Programming 3-5pm
Sun, Sep 24 @ 8:00pm Shelburne Museum - 4 PM Washington Baptist Church 2 PM Barre Congregational Church Democracy Now 6p
Shelburne, VT 5 PM 1st Presbyterian Church 3:30 PM Washington Baptist Barre City Council Live 7pm
Stephen Stills & Judy Collins
Bethel Braintree Montpelier Randolph Rochester U-32 District Towns Waterbury Schedules subject to change without notice.
The Marvelous Wonderettes
Thu, Oct 5 - Sun, Oct 22 The Grange Theatre at
ORCA Media Channel 15
Artistree - Pomfret, VT
10:00a All Things LGBTQ 9:00p Unadilla Theatre Thursday, August 31 6:00p Montpelier City Council
CVTV Channel 192 BARRE, VT
All schedules are subject to
CHaD Hero Half Marathon Sun, Public
Oct 22Access
@ 11:00a Mplr Brown Bag Concert Series 11:30p The Struggle 12:00p Bethel School Board Thu, Aug. 31 change, please call us
with questions - 479-1075.
12:00am Dartmouth Green - Hanover,
Weekly NH Schedule
Program 12:00p Brunch With Bernie Monday, September 4 3:00p Berlin School Board 7:00a Randolph Selectboard Wednesday Opening 5:30 AM Talking About Movies
Shout Out Louds 1:00p The Thom Hartmann Program 6:00a Senior Moments 6:00p Orange SW Supervisory Union
Sun, Nov 5 @ 8:00pm August
Higher Ground - South30 11:30a Data Broker Working Group 1:00 AM The Artful Word 4:30 PM Holiday Fun 6:00 AM City Room with Steven
Burlington, VT 6:00a The Artful Word 2:00p Abled and on Air 8:00a Democracy Now! 8:30p Authors at Aldrich 1:30 AM Hendersons Herb Tinctures 5:00 PM Ghost Chronicles Pappas
Shawn Colvin 7:00a For the Animals 2:30p Yoga for You 9:00a Vote for Vermont 9:30p UVM French Connections Public Meeting 3:00 AM Health Talk 6:00 PM 13 Most Haunted - MA 6:30 AM Ghost Chronicles
3:30 AM New England Music Awards 6:30 PM Understanding PTSD 7:30 AM Gory Storytime
Sat, Nov 11 @ 4:00pm Lebanon Opera House - 3:00p Democracy Now! 10:00a Pentangle Arts Interplay Jazz Friday, September 1 7:00p Waterbury Selectboard 5:30 AM The Better Part 8:00 PM Hunger Mountain Co-op 8:00 AM Sidewalks Entertainment
Lebanon, NH 8:00a Democracy Now! 6:00 AM The Better Part 10:30 PM Issues of Aging 8:30 AM Energy Conservation
Carbon Leaf 9:00a Havana Fairfax Connection 4:00p Gay USA 12:00p The Thom Hartmann Program 12:00p Wash. Central Supervisory Union Fri, Sept. 1 6:30 AM Saturday 10:00 AM Ethan Allen Homestead
Sat, Nov 11 @ 8:00pm
10:00a Higher
Extempo Ground Ballroom 5:00p Senior Moments 1:00p Frederick Douglas 4:00p Osher Lecture Series 7:00a Bethel Selectboard 8:00 AM Poetry Outloud - live broad- 2:30 AM Moose & Bears in NH 11:30 AM Will the Constitution
- South Burlington, VT 6:30p Old West Church 3:00p Democracy Now! 6:00p Game of the Week cast 4:00 AM Burlington Bookfest Preview 12:30 PM Lego Chat
The Lone Bellow11:00a Bill Doyle on VT Issues 9:00p Gay USA
11:00a Moretown Selectboard 4:00 PM The Better Part 4:30 AM Sustainable Living Series 1:00 PM Community Producers
12:00p The Thom Hartmann Program 4:00p Sustainable Energy for All 8:00p U-32 School Board 4:30 PM The Better Part 6:00 AM Floor Hockey 1:30 PM Talking About Movies
Thu, Nov 16 @ 8:00pm Higher Ground Ballroom
10:00p CCCA Summer Concert Series 4:00p Berlin Selectboard
1:00p The Veterans Forum
- South Burlington, VT 5:30p Buddhist Peace Fellowship Saturday, September 2 5:00 PM 7:00 AM Upper Valley Humane Society 2:00 PM City Room with Steven
Saturday, September 2 6:00p Unadilla Theatre 8:00p Montpelier Planning Commission 6:32 PM 1st Wednesdays 7:30 AM SlowLiving Pappas
2:30p Exploring Climate Change in VT 12:00p Parkinsons Performance Troupe 8:00 PM 30 Minutes with Bill Schmick 9:00 AM Montpelier Brown Bag Series 2:30 PM Ghost Chronicles
3:00p Democracy Now! 6:00a The Struggle 8:30p Abled and on Air 2:30p UVM French Connections Sat, Sept. 2 8:30 PM Conversations with Kay 12:00 PM Moose & Bears in NH 3:30 PM Gory Storytime
9:00p Vermont Countryside 9:00 PM Vermont Historical Society 1:30 PM Burlington Bookfest Preview 4:00 PM Sidewalks Entertainment
4:00p You and Your Health 6:30a Energy Week 3:30p Telling Stories With Data 7:00a CV Regional Planning Commission 10:00 PM The Artful Word 2:00 PM Sustainable Living Series
10:00p The Struggle 4:30 PM Energy Conservation
4:30p Fit as a Fiddle 7:00a Dr. MLK Jr. Remembrance 5:00p Wash. Central Supervisory Union 8:00a Mplr Historic Preservation Comm. 10:30 PM Hendersons Herb Tinctures 3:30 PM Floor Hockey 6:00 PM Ethan Allen Homestead
5:00p The Artful Word 8:30a Exploring Climate Change in VT 10:30p Ask Nymar the Uncharitable 8:30p East Montpelier School Board 11:00a Randolph Selectboard
Thursday 4:30 PM Upper Valley Humane Society 7:30 PM Will the Constitution
2:00 AM The State of Marriage 5:00 PM SlowLiving 8:30 PM Lego Chat
6:00p How to Kill a City 9:00a Unadilla Theatre Tuesday, September 5 Sunday, September 3 4:00p Calais Selectboard 3:00 AM Yestermorrow Lecture Series 6:30 PM Montpelier Brown Bag Series 9:00 PM Community Producers
8:00p Mplr Brown Bag Concert Series 11:30a Valley Homegrown 6:00a Common Good Vermont 12:00p U-32 School Board
4:00 AM Taste for Life 9:30 PM Moose & Bears in NH 9:30 PM Talking About Movies
12:30a Old West Church 8:00a Democracy Now! 7:00p Green Mountain Care Board 4:30 AM On the Waterfront 11:00 PM Burlington Bookfest Preview 10:00 PM City Room with Steven
9:00p Senior Moments 3:30p Montpelier School Board 5:00 AM 2015 Cornish Fair 11:30 PM Sustainable Living Series
10:30p Extempo 3:00p Slow Living Summit 9:00a Sudzin Country Glen Campbell Sun, Sept. 3 5:30 AM Salaam/Shalom Sunday
7:30p Calais Elementary School Board 6:30 AM Yoga To Go 1:30 AM Lego Chat
10:30 PM Ghost Chronicles
Thursday, August 31 4:30p Roman Catholic Mass 10:00a Buddhist Peace Fellowship 9:30p Ethan Allen Homestead 7:00a Waterbury Trustees 11:30 PM Gory Storytime
7:30 AM RagFest Concerts 2:00 AM Community Producers Tuesday
6:00a Yoga for You 5:00p Washington Baptist Church 10:30a Fit as a Fiddle Enrichment Program 10:30a Waterbury Selectboard 8:30 AM Judge Ben 2:30 AM Talking About Movies 3:00 AM Ethan Allen Homestead
6:30a Sustainable Energy for All 6:00p Mplr Brown Bag Concert Series 11:00a You and Your Health 11:00p Authors at Aldrich 1:00p Mplr Historic Preservation Comm. 9:30 AM Ethan Allen Homestead 3:00 AM Vaccine Mandates 4:00 AM Ragtime - All Tha Jazz
10:30 AM Its News to Us 3:30 AM Ghost Chronicles
8:00a Democracy Now! 7:00p Migrant Justice 11:30a Vermont Treasures 5:00 AM Talking About Movies
Monday, September 4 3:00p Mplr Development Review Board 11:30 AM The Y Connection 4:30 AM Gory Storytime 6:00 AM Lifelines
9:00a Moccasin Tracks 8:00p All Things LGBTQ 12:00p The Thom Hartmann Program 12:00 PM Vermont Today 5:00 AM Green Mountain Vets for
9:30p Moccasin Tracks 1:00p All Things LGBTQ 12:00p Rumney Memorial School 6:00p Mplr Design Review Committee 1:30 PM The State of Marriage Peace
6:30 AM For the Animals
10:00a Buddhist Peace Fellowship 3:00p East Montpelier School Board 2:30 PM Yestermorrow Lecture Series 6:00 AM Holistically Speaking
7:00 AM Authors at the Aldrich
10:30a Abled On Air 10:30p Concerts on the Common 2:00p The News Project 8:00p Montpelier City Council 3:30 PM Taste for Life 6:30 AM Mountain Man Adventures 8:00 AM Sidewalks Entertainment
3:00p Democracy Now! 6:00p Ethan Allen Homestead 8:30 AM Green Mountain Vets for
11:00a Vermont Countryside Sunday, September 3 Enrichment Program Mon, Sept. 4 4:00 PM On the Waterfront
4:30 PM 2015 Cornish Fair
7:00 AM Cuban Bridge
8:31 AM Car Stories Peace
12:00p The Thom Hartmann Program 6:00a Washington Baptist Church 4:00p Energy Week 7:00a Moretown Selectboard 5:00 PM Salaam/Shalom 9:00 AM Health Talk 9:30 AM Holistically Speaking
5:00p Vermont Countryside 7:30p Game of the Week 10:00 AM Mountain Man Adventures
1:00p Mad River Chorale 7:00a Gay USA 10:30p Osher Lecture Series 1:00a Bethel Selectboard 6:00 PM Yoga To Go 9:30 AM Ethan Allen Homestead
10:30 AM Cuban Bridge
2:00p Extempo 8:00a Old West Church 6:00p History of Bicycling in VT 7:00 PM RagFest Concerts 10:30 AM Ragtime - All Tha Jazz
11:00 AM Hometown Storytellers
7:30p Bill Doyle on VT Issues Tuesday, September 5 2:00p Berlin Selectboard 8:00 PM Judge Ben 11:30 AM Talking About Movies
12:00 PM Car Stories
3:00p Democracy Now! 10:30a Roman Catholic Mass 9:00 PM Ethan Allen Homestead 12:30 PM Lifelines
4:00p Bill Doyle on VT Issues 11:00a Grow Your Own 8:30p Mad River Chorale 12:00p Calais Elementary School Board 5:30p Montpelier Planning Commission 10:00 PM Its News to Us 1:00 PM For the Animals 12:30 PM Health Talk
1:00 PM Ethan Allen Homestead
5:00p Native Voices 12:30p Making Known the Unknown 9:30p Sustainable Energy for All 3:00p VT State Board of Education Tue, Sept. 5 11:00 PM The Y Connection 1:30 PM Authors at the Aldrich
2:00 PM Ragtime - All Tha Jazz
11:30 PM Vermont Today 2:30 PM
6:30p Pres.Coolidge Birthday Celebration 1:30p T.W. Wood Event 11:00p Eckankar 8:00p Rumney Memorial School 7:00a Calais Selectboard Friday 4:02 PM Truck Pull 2015 3:00 PM Talking About Movies
1:00 AM Green Mountain Care Board 5:00 PM Cuban Bridge 4:00 PM Lifelines
8:00p Vote for Vermont 3:00p Poets Speak 12:00p CV Regional Planning Comm. 2:30 AM Twin St vs Granite St Derby 6:00 PM Conversations with Kay 4:30 PM For the Animals
9:00p Exploring Climate Change in VT 3:30p Pollinator Fest ORCA Media Channel 16 ORCA Media Channel 17 1:30p Data Broker Working Group 4:00 AM WRJ Vet Center Grand 6:30 PM Vermont Historical Society 5:00 PM Authors at the Aldrich
6:00 PM Sidewalks Entertainment
9:30p Southern Vermont Idol 4:00p Havana Fairfax Connection Education Access Government Access Opening 7:30 PM Its News to Us
6:30 PM Green Mountain Vets for
11:00p Energy Week Weekly Program Schedule Weekly Program Schedule Public Meeting 5:00 AM Holiday Fun 8:30 PM The Y Connection
5:00p Vote for Vermont 5:30 AM Ghost Chronicles 9:00 PM Vermont Today Peace
Friday, September 1 6:30p Buddhist Peace Fellowship Wednesday, August 30 Wed, Aug. 30 5:30p Mplr Design Review Committee - 6:30 AM 13 Most Haunted - MA 10:30 PM The State of Marriage 7:30 PM Holistically Speaking
LIVE 7:00 AM Understanding PTSD 11:30 PM Yestermorrow Lecture Series 8:00 PM Mountain Man Adventures
6:00a How to Kill a City 7:00p Gay USA 12:00p Rumney Memorial School 7:00a Nuclear Waste 8:30 AM Hunger Mountain Co-op Monday 8:30 PM Cuban Bridge
8:00a Democracy Now! 8:00p You and Your Health 4:00p Berlin School Board 9:00a Green Mountain Care Board 7:00p Mplr Development Review Board - 11:00 AM Issues of Aging 2:00 AM Ethan Allen Homestead 9:00 PM Hometown Storytellers
12:30 PM Green Mountain Care Board 3:30 AM Will the Constitution 10:00 PM Car Stories
9:00a Mad River Chorale 8:30p Fit as a Fiddle 7:00p Montpelier School Board 3:00p Waterbury Trustees LIVE 3:00 PM High on the Hog 4:30 AM Lego Chat 10:30 PM Health Talk
3:30 PM WRJ Vet Center Grand 5:00 AM Community Producers 11:00 PM Talking About Movies
Community Media (802) 224-9901 Check out our Web page at
Up-to-date schedules for CVTV can also be viewed online at

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Tax, Title & Registration extra. Pictures are for illustration only. Please present ad to receive special pricing. Finance sale price with no money down for 84 months at .99% for well qualified buyers.
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dont get in the car with any driver who has been drinking. When you with The Masters Edge
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Call before you have a tag sale!
We Buy: Older Mixing Bowls, Pottery, China, Glass, Vases, recreational facilities (pool, ping pong, games). Open Mon.-Wed. Sunday a.m. worship 10:00 (incl. 11:20 childrens church); adult
Candlesticks, Sterling, Coins, Costume Jewelry, Toys, Jugs, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Thurs. 10 a.m.-9 p.m., Fri. 10 a.m.-11 p.m., Sat. Sunday School 9:00 (Sep. thru June). Tue. evening Bible study
Crocks, Canning Jars & Bottles, Lamps, Prints, Paintings, 6-11 p.m. Making Recovery Easier, Tuesdays at 6 p.m.; Wits (call for info). Wed. youth group: 5:00 dinner, 6:00 activity.
Knick-Knacks, Holiday Decorations, etc., etc. End parent support group, Wednesdays at 6 p.m.; All Recovery EAST MONTPELIER - Crossroads Christian Church. Mens
Full House - Attic/Basement Contents - Estate Liquidations support group Fridays at 6 p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous: Sane Ministry: For Men Only group. Monday nights 7-9 p.m. Mens
802-563-2204 802-595-3632 CELL & Sober group, Saturdays at 7:30 a.m.; Living Sober group, Breakfast, 2nd Sat., 8 a.m. 272-7185. Sunday Service 9:30-11
Rich Aronson Sundays at 8:30 a.m. Narcotics Anonymous: When Enough is a.m. Pastor Thorsten Evans 476-8536. Church Office hours Tues
Enough group, Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. & Sundays at 5:30 p.m. & Fri 9 a.m. to noon. 476-4843
Al-Anon: Courage to Change group, Saturdays at 5 p.m.
(childcare provided). For help, or Info on special programs, call Twin Valley Senior Center. 4583 U.S. Rte 2. Open Mon., Weds.,
Fri., 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Sign up for Meal-on-Wheels Program or join
479-7373. us for an On-site meal at 12:15 p.m. Seniors/$5, under 60/$6.
Green Mountain Spirit Chapter. National women bikers club.
Gregoires VIOLIN SHOP 2nd Wed. of month; info
Nobody turned away. Free bus service for seniors & disabled in
six towns served. Many classes offered from bone strengthening
BERLIN - Drop-in Meditation Sitting Group. W/Sherry to art. Donations welcomed. Info: 802-223-3322 or email info.
Making & Restoring Fine Violins Rhynard. CVMC, conf. room #2, Thursdays, 6-7 p.m. sherry@
Rentals Service Sales or 272-2736. Bone Builders Classes: Osteoporosis exercise and prevention
Barre Tones Womens A Capella Chorus. Capital City Grange class at Twin Valley Senior Center every Monday, Wednesday and
Violin Viola Cello Bass 6612 Rt 12. Mondays, 6:30-9 p.m. 223- Friday starting at 7:30 a.m. Extra 9 a.m. class on Monday and
2039. Wednesday. All ages welcome. Free of charge. Donations wel-
BACK-TO-SCHOOL Survivors of Suicide Loss Support. For family and friends comed.
SPECIAL who lost someone to suicide. CVMC, conf. room #1, 3rd Tai Chi Classes: Advanced Class Mondays and Fridays 1-2 p.m.
Tuesdays, 6-7:30 p.m. Info. 223-0924. Beginner Class Tuesdays and Thursdays 10-11 a.m. All ages wel-
2 months Free Violin Rental come. Free of charge.
Bereavement/Grief Support Group. CVHHH Conference
with first two months paid Center, 600 Granger Rd. Open to anyone who has experienced the Death Cafe. 1st Friday of the month 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.
death of a loved one. No fee. Group 1: 10-11:30 a.m. every other Discussions of events past, present, and future. All are welcome
Monthly Rentals: Violin $15, Cello $28 Wednesday starting May 10. Group 2: 6-7:30 p.m. every other and discussions are confidential.
Monday starting May 15. Info: Diana Moore at 802-223-1878 GROTON - YA Book Club: 3rd Mondays, 6:30 p.m.; Book
10 Hutchins Circle, Barre 476-7798 NAMI-VT Connection Recovery Support Group. Central Discussion Group: 4th Mondays, 7 p.m.; Crafts & Conversation,
Vermont Medical Center Boardroom, 130 Fisher Rd. Second Wednesdays, 1-3 p.m. Round Robin Storytime, for kids age 0-5 Thursdays, 4:00 p.m. Free, 90-minute recovery support groups for & their caregivers: Tuesdays, 10 a.m. All at Groton Public
people living with mental illness. Library, 584-3358.
Cancer Support Group. With potluck. Second Wednesday of HARDWICK - Caregiver Support Group. Agency on Aging,
each month, 6 p.m. Info. 229-5931. rear entrance Merchants Bank, 2nd Thurs of month. 229-0308
Living w/ Advanced or Metastatic Cancer: Lunch provided,
2nd Tuesday of month, noon-1 p.m. Writing to Enrich Your Peace and Justice Coalition. G.R.A.C.E. Arts bldg (old fire-
Life: For anyone touched by cancer, 3rd Tuesday of each month, house), Tues., 7 p.m. Info. Robin 533-2296.
Tap noon-1 p.m. Both held at CVMC Cancer Center resource room. Nurturing Fathers Program. Light supper included. Thurs.,
Info. 225-5449. 6-8:30 p.m. Registration/info 472-5229.
lin g
Hip Hop
Ballet Tap Lyri Central Vermont Rotary Club. Visitors & potential members MARSHFIELD - Playgroup. Twinfield Preschool, Mondays, 11
ling Hip Hop
cal 18 Windywood Rd
welcome. Steakhouse Restaurant, Mondays, 6:15 p.m. 229- a.m.-12:30 p.m. (except when school not in session).
Tumb Barre, VT 05641
Tap Lyri Jaz
z 0235. Jaquith Public Library Activities. Old Schoolhouse Common,
Parkinsons Support Group. Woodbridge Nursing Home, 142 426-3581. Story & Play Group, Wednesdays, 10-11:30 a.m.
18 Windywood Rd
Hip Hop Barre, VT 05641
18 WindywoodJRd
Woodridge Rd, third Thursdays, 10 a.m. Info. 439-5554. Book Group for Adults, stop by for copy of the book, 4th
Barre, VT 05641
Diabetes Support Program. CVMC, conf. rooms, first Thursday Mondays, 7 p.m.
Jaz of month, 7-8 p.m., free. Info. 371-4152. MIDDLESEX - Food Shelf. United Methodist Church, Saturdays,
Civil Air Patrol. At the airport (blue hangar), Tuesdays, 6-8:30 9-10:30 a.m.
p.m. Info at 229-5193. MONTPELIER - Central VT Adult Basic Education. Free
Fall Classes starting Sept. 11 classes. Intermediate Level Reading for Adults: Thurs. 9-10
Pregnancy & Newborn Loss Support Group. CVMC confer-
and Sept. 18 at Open Space in Hardwick ence room #3, 4th Monday of month, 6:30-8:30 p.m. 371-4304 a.m.; Learning English: Tues. or Weds. 9-10 a.m.; English
or -4376. Conversation: Tues. 4-5 p.m. Montpelier Learning Center, 100
Ballet Tumbling Tap Hip Hop Jazz Lyrical State St. Info/register 223-3403.
Boys & Girls of all ages Partners for Prevention-Alcohol & Drug Abuse Coalition.
CVH, 2nd Weds. of month, 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Info 479- Ballroom Dance Classes. Union Elementary School, Six-week
18 Windywood Road, Barre, VT 4250. sessions, Tuesdays April 25-May 30, 6-7 p.m. Waltz and Foxtrot
802-476-5149 (three weeks of each). 7-8 p.m. Rumba and Swing (three weeks of
Savvy Speakers Toastmasters Club. BC/BS conf. room, each). Singles welcome, no experience necessary. Register: call Industrial Ln., 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 5:30-7 p.m. Info. (802) 476- Montpelier Rec. Dept. 225-8699
0908 or Sunday School. For children (up to 20) to study the Bible and
Birthing Center Open House. For parents, sibs, grandparents, teachings of Jesus. Christian Science Church, 145 State St.,
etc. CVMC, 1st Wed. of month, 5:30-7 p.m. RSVP/Info. 371- Sundays, 10:30 a.m.

Robins Nest Nature Playgroup. North Branch Nature Center.
Total Joint Replacement Class. CVMC. Conference Rms 1 & Mondays 9:30-11:30 a.m. March 13-June 5. Fee: By donation.
2, free, first and third Thursdays of every month, 2-3. Info: 371- Outdoor playgroup for parents, caregivers, and children ages 0 - 5.
4357 Join us for 2 hours of spontaneous play, exploration, discovery,

Breastfeeding Support Group. CVMC Garden Path Birthing song, nature inspired crafts, and oral story telling. Come learn
Center, 1st Monday of month, 5:30-7 p.m. Info. 371-4415. about the benefits of nature connection and enjoy the community
Infant & Child Car Seat Inspections. Berlin Fire Station, free, experience of time immersed in nature with your young ones.
first Friday of month, 12-4 p.m. Appointments required, 371- Montpelier Kiwanis Club. Tuesdays, 6 p.m. at The Steak House.
Spaces/Tables still available at the 4198. All are welcome. Info: Elliott Curtin at 229-6973.

WILLIAMSTOWN BETHEL - YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program starts Vermont Association for the Blind PALS Group meets on 2nd
Thursday, October 6, from 11 a.m. to noon at the United Church and 4th Weds. at Division for the Blind Conference room at the
of Bethel on Church Street. People at risk for developing type-2 Capital Plaza Hotel. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The PALS Group is a program
diabetes can take steps to reduce their risk and prevent diabetes. for visually impaired Vermonters to support their independence
This free program offers education and support for 25 sessions within home, families, and communities. Info: Harriet Hall at 323-
throughout the year. Info/register: Megan at 802-728-7714. 3055 or Vermont Association of the Blind office at 505-4006
BRADFORD - Rockinghorse Circle of Support. For young Onion River Exchange Tool Library. Over 85 tools including:
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2017 women with or w/o kids, childcare & transportation avail- power tools, all sorts of hand tools including wrench kits, caulk-
ing guns, sawzall, tall tree branch cutter, belt sander, wet vac, drop
able. Wednesdays, 1-2:30 p.m., Grace Methodist Church.
Contact Kathy Laughlin at 433-5487 Info 479-1086. cloths, have a heart traps, bulb planter, and tool boxes to be used
or email New Hope II Support Group. Grace United Methodist, every for easy carry. Plus safety gear. 46 Barre St. Open during office
hours: W 10-2, TH 10-2.
Mon., 7-9 p.m. Info. at 1-800-564-2106.
Rainbow Umbrella of Central Vermont, an adult LGBTQ
BROOKFIELD - MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers. Moms of group, meets the third Tuesday evening of the month at 5:45 for a
kids birth through kindergarten welcome. Meal & childcare casual dinner at a local restaurant. The gathering place is 58 Barre
provided. New Covenant Church, 2252 Ridge Rd., 3rd Fridays, St. in Montpelier. Info:
6 p.m. 276-3022.
Friday Night Group. Open to all LGBTQ youth ages 13-22.
Come Join Us this Fall Health-focused Group. Learn to cope w/ lifes passages. Weds,
7-8 p.m.; Info 276-3142; Dr. Alice Kempe.
Pizza & social time, facilitated by adults from Outright VT.
Unitarian Church, 2nd & 4th Fridays, 6:30-8 p.m. 223-7035 or

Dance Classes
Brookfield Community Singers Rehearsals. Pond Village
Church. 6:30-8:30 p.m. Four-part choral group rehearses Meditation, Mondays at 1 p.m.; Intro to Yoga, Tuesdays 4 p.m.;
Wednesdays for June concert. If interested in joining, e-mail Consults, Fridays 11 a.m. Free classes, some limits apply. All at
Director Kathy Rotondi, at
plus Acting, Singing & Yoga CABOT - Fiddle Lessons with Katie Trautz: Monday after-
Fusion Studio, 56 East State St. 272-8923 or www.fusionstudio.
noons, call 279-2236; Dungeons & Dragons, Fridays 3-5:30 Open Library. Open to all, books and DVDs for all ages.
Beginning September 6th ages 3 to 70+ p.m. All at Cabot Library, 563-2721. Resurrection Baptist Church, open Sundays 12:30-2 p.m.
CALAIS - Mens and Womens Bible Study Groups. County Central VT Roller Derbys Wrecking Doll Society. Intro to
Road, Wednesdays, 7 p.m. 485-7577 or www.thefishermenmin- roller derby, gear supplied, bring a mouth guard. First time is free.
Jazz Hip Hop Ballet Tap AfroJazz Workout Modern Montpelier Rec. Center, Barre St., Saturdays 5-6:30 p.m. www.
CHELSEA - Story Time. Songs, stories & crafts for children
B-Boys B-Girls Musical Theater Dance birth to 5 years. Chelsea Public Library, Wednesdays, 1:15 p.m. Celiac Support Group. Tulsi Tea Room, 34 Elm St., 2nd
685-2188. Wednesdays, 4-5 p.m. Info. 598-9206.
Acting for Adults and for Kids Yoga Singing
TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Nonprofit support grp. United MSAC Public Activities: FEAST Together (communal meal),
Choreography Creative Movement for Young Children Church of Chelsea, North Common, Wednesdays, 5:45 p.m. 685- suggested donation for seniors 60+ is $7, under 60 price is $9.
2271/685-4429. FEAST Together is always available for takeout, with the same
Giffords Chronic Conditions Support Group. Join a discussion donation and pricing. Tuesdays and Fridays from 12-1 p.m.,
Contemporary Dance and educational group for people with chronic illnesses on
Fridays 8:30-11 a.m. at the Chelsea Senior Center (in the United
RSVP 262-6288. Piano Workshop, informal time to play & lis-
ten, Thursdays, 4-6 p.m. Living Strong, group loves to sing while
Church of Chelsea, 13 North Common. Free. Info/register: Megan exercising, Mondays 2:30-3:30 p.m. & Fridays 2-3 p.m. Crafters
and Fitness Studio at 802-728-7714.
Chelsea Historical Society House/Museum. Open 3rd
Group, Thursdays 10-11:30 a.m. All at Montpelier Senior Activity
Center, 58 Barre St., 223-2518.
18 Langdon St. Montpelier, VT 05602 Saturdays May-October, FREE, 10 a.m.-noon. 685-4447. A Course In Miracles study group. Everyone is welcome and
802 229-4676 EAST BARRE - Story Hour. Aldrich Library York Branch, there is no charge. Christ Church, Tuesdays, 7 p.m. Info. 229-
Tuesdays, ages 0-3 10 a.m., ages 3-5 10:30 a.m. Info. 476-5118. 5253.
Allison Mann, Director EAST HARDWICK - Touch of Grace Assembly of God Parents Group and Meet-Up. Connect with local parents to
Since 1973 Church, corner Rts. 15 &16, Pastor Matt Preston, 472-5550. share advice & information, kids welcome. Kellogg-Hubbard
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page 16 The WORLD August 30, 2017
Fri. & Sat. at 6:15 & 9:15 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:30 CAPITOL MONTPELIER
For Showtimes 229-0343 or
Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:15 & 3:15 Audio Descriptive Available on certain movies...


Fri. & Sat. at 6:30 & 9:10 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:35 LOGAN LUCKY --PG-13--
Library, Hayes Rm, first Mondays, 10-11:30 a.m. Info: mamasay- Health Center. Free gum, patches and lozenges are available for Fri. & Sat. at 6:20 & 9:10 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:45 participants. Call 802-728-7714,
--PG-- more or to sign up for
Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:20 & 3:20
the next series of classes.
Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:20 & 3:20
Families Anonymous. For families or friends of those who have PARAMOUNT BARRE
LEAP! --PG-- For Showtimes 479-0078 or
issues with addiction, alcohol and/or mental illness. Bethany Diabetes Management Program. Thursdays from 10 a.m. to Fri. & Sat. at 6:30 & 9:00 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:30
Church, 2nd floor youth room, Mondays, 7-8 p.m. 229-6219. 12:30 p.m. in Kingwood Health Center (lower level Conference Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:30 & 3:30
Freeride Montpelier Open Shop Nights. Need help w/a bike Room), 1422 VT Route 66. This free six week program for people MATINEES SAT. & SUN.

repair? Come to the volunteer-run community bike shop. 89 Barre diagnosed with type-2 diabetes offers support to help them better WIND RIVER --R--
St., Wednesdays 4-6 p.m., other days seasonal, donations. Info: manage their diabetes and prevent more serious health problems. Fri. & Sat. at 6:20 & 9:05 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:40
Fri. & Sat. at 6:15 & 9:15
Info/register: Megan at 802-728-7714.
Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:20 & 3:20 Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:30

Free Community Meals. Mondays: Unitarian Church, 11 a.m.-1 New Business Forum. Vermont Tech Enterprise Center, 1540 VT DUNKIRK --PG-13-- Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:15 & 3:15

p.m.; Tuesdays: Bethany Church, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.; Wednesdays: Rte 66, 2nd Wednesdays, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. 728-9101. Fri. & Sat. at 6:30 & 9:10 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:50
Christ Church, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.; Thursdays: Trinity Church, Yoga Classes. All ages & levels, donations benefit Safeline. VTC NUT JOB 2 --PG-- Fri. & Sat. at 6:30 & 9:10
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.; Fridays: St. Augustine Church, 11 a.m.-12:30 Campus Center, last Sunday of month, 2-3:30 p.m. Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:25 & 3:25 Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:35

p.m.; Last Sundays, Bethany Church, 4:30-6:30 p.m. Step n Time Line Dancers of Central Vermont. Fall Session: DESPICABLE ME 3 --PG--
Grandparents Raising Their Childrens Children. Support Wednesdays at Chandler Center. 6:45-8:45 p.m. Fri. & Sat. at 6:15 & 9:10 -- Sun. thru Thurs. at 6:35
Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:20 & 3:20
group, childcare provided. Resurrection Baptist Church, 144 Elm Randolph Senior Ctr., 6 Hale Street, 728-9324. Lift for Life Matinees Sat. & Sun. at 12:15 & 3:15
St., 2nd Thursday of the month, 6-8 p.m. Info. 476-1480. Exercises, 8:30 a.m. Tu/Th and Weds/Fri; Cribbage, 10 a.m. 24-Hr Movie Line 229-0343 BUY TICKETS ONLINE AT:
Calico County Quilters. All skill levels welcome. Call to confirm Mondays; Bingo, 10:30 a.m. Mondays; Bridge, 2:15 p.m. at the
location: 802-244-7001, 2nd Saturday of month (Sept. through
June), 1-3 p.m.
Joslyn House Mondays; Mahjongg, 10 a.m. Tuesdays; Crafts,
10:30 a.m. Wednesdays; Knit-Wits, 10 a.m. Thursdays; Foot SAMBEL'S
Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA). Bethany Church base- Clinics, 1st Weds, call to sign up; Book Club 12:45 p.m. 1st
ment, Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. Info. 229-9036. Wednesday of month.
Cancer Support Group. For survivors, sufferers & family.
The Vermont Association for Mental Health & Addiction
NOW at
Joes Pond
Now Open (Beside
Recovery Advocates Weekly Breakfast. We are inviting a small Gifford Conference Ctr, 2nd Tuesdays, 9:30-11 a.m. 728-2270. the
group of advocates to join us each Tuesday morning from 8:30- Storytime. Kimball Library, Wed., 11 a.m., ages 2-5; Toddlertime, OPEN! Take Your Dinner TO GO!Beach) Great Fo

Fri., 10:30 a.m.; Gathering for hand work, 2nd & 4th Mon., 6 Now Open
9:30 a.m. during the legislative session. Capitol Plaza Hotel CRehearsals Call Us For
At TractorAll Your
Supply on River St. Just like our
Conference Room 232. Coffee, Tea, Scones, Fruit, and more! p.m. COMPL

Take Your Catering (B-M
Great Rd.) Montpelier ETE
Anniversaries Dinner TO GO!



Food To on the way ho
RSVP encouraged to but never required. Just WAITSFIELD - Community Acupuncture Night. Free assess-
Go! me!
st like our Le MENU4-8PM
drop-in! ment & treatment, donations welcome. Three Moons Wellness, Birthdays Needs!
At Tractor Supply on River St. gendary Restu
at your loca CA

CO PLETE arant tion
859 Old County Rd., 2nd fl., last Weds., of month, 4-7 p.m. RSVP INTERSECTION on theM
(B-M Rd.) Montpelier
Kellogg-Hubbard Library Activities. 135 Main St., 223-3338.
Bob & Bren
Reunions way home! DINNERS d
RTES. 2 & 15
Story Time: Tues/Fri, 10:30 a.m.; Sit N Knit: for young knitters 272-3690. Tues.-Sat. 4-8PM
and Parties DANVILLE WE
at your loca CA TER
And don't for

age 6 & up, Mondays, 3:30-4 p.m.; Read to Coco: Wednesdays, Scavenger Hunt- Meals On Wheels of the Mad River Valley is
249-7758 MAGIC HOUR - 4:30
tion or on e of ou
Bob & Bren
da Sambel rs
3:30-4:30 p.m.; Origami Club: Thursdays, 3-4 p.m.; Read with holding a scavenger hunt on Bridge Street in Waitsfield, Vermont. ENJOY ST. LOUIS-STYLE
Arlo: Thursdays 4-5 p.m. Bridge Street is paved with wonderful bricks that have all kinds
MAGIC HOUR - 4:30-5:30
Your hosts Bob & Brenda Sambel Baked Haddock w/seafood toppin
CHADD ADHD Parent Support Group. Childcare not avail- of phases and fun words. There are four different lists to choose Fried Haddock .......................
able, please make plans for your child. Woodbury College, second from. Pick one up and start to find and match the phases with the OPEN

Pick Your Own
Broiled Haddock ....................
Tuesday of month, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Info. 498-5928. bricks on the lists. This is on your own time and any day and any FRI. & SAT.
Your hosts Bob & Brenda Sambel Baked Haddock w/seafood topping .............. $9.75Chicken Fingers.....................
Resurrection Baptist Church Weekly Events. 144 Elm St. time of the day . Fun to entertain the kids and out of town guests. FOR LUNCH Fried Haddock ....................................... $9.75Fried Scallops .......................
Broiled Haddock .................................... $9.75English Cut Prime Rib ..............

Sunday, 9:45 a.m. Bible Study for all Ages; 11 a.m. Worship You can pick them up at The Chamber Office, The Valley Arts
Chicken Fingers..................................... $9.75 Choice of salad or coleslaw, fries, mash
Service; Wednesday, 7 p.m. Prayer Meeting. Office, The Waitsfield Library, The Three Mountain Caf, The Fried Scallops ......................................$10.75
Revolving Closet. This goes on until the snow covers the bricks. FOR LUNCH
English Cut Prime Rib .............................$10.75
Overeaters Anonymous. Bethany Church basement, Mondays Nancy 496-9416 LIMIT (2) PERSON PER AD Choice of salad or coleslaw, fries, mashed or baked, plus roll
5:30-6:30 p.m. 223-3079.

WARREN - Knit and Play. Bring your kids and your projects.
Good Beginnings of Central VT. 174 River St. 595-7953. Drop- All levels welcome. Warren Public Library, Thursdays, 9:30- FALL
In Hours at the Nest. 1st floor Weds, Thurs, Fri 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. 11:30 a.m. RASPBERRIES
Babywearers of Central Vermont meet up. Upstairs 4th
WASHINGTON - Central VT ATV Club. Washington Fire 506 Thistle Hill Road
Monday 5:45-7:45 p.m. and 2nd Thursdays 9:30-11:30 a.m. Check
Station, 3rd Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. 224-6889. Just off Rt. 2 by Marshfield Dam ARE READY!
Facebook for last-minute schedule changes. La Leche League
Meetup. Breastfeeding info and support. 3rd Thursdays, 9:30- Art and Adventure with April, 3rd Saturdays at 11 a.m.; Mon.-Fri. 8AM-1PM All Day Sundays
11:30 a.m. Info: 802-879-3000. Nursing Beyond a Year Meetup. Storytime, Mondays at 11 a.m.; Tech Help Drop-In, Saturdays 10 Evenings By Appointment
3rd Fridays, 9:30-11:30 a.m. Info: 802-879-3000. Come join other
nursing parents in a warm, supportive environment to discuss the
a.m.-2 p.m. All at Calef Memorial Library. Info. 883-2343.
WATERBURY - Waterbury Public Library. Preschool Story Call for Picking Conditions 426-3889
joys and challenges of an older nursling. Time Thursdays at 10 a.m. Keep your busy preschooler enter-
Al-Anon. Trinity Methodist Church, Main St., Sun., 6:15-7:30 tained with picture books, interactive play, music, and crafts.


p.m. Info. 1-866-972-5266. Baby & Toddler Story Time Mondays at 10 a.m. Stimulate your
Al-Anon. Bethany Church basement, 115 Main St., Tuesdays &
Thursdays noon-1 p.m., Wednesdays 7-8 p.m. Info. 1-866-972-
babys developing intellect with rhymes, songs, stories, music,
and lap games, suitable for newborns through 36 months.
5266. WATERBURY CTR - Bible Study Group. Bring your bible,
coffee provided. Waterbury Center Grange, Sundays, 5-6 p.m.
SL AA. 12-step recovery group for sex/relationship problems. 498-4565.
Bethany Church, Wed., 5 p.m. Info. 802-249-6825.
WEBSTERVILLE - Fire District #3, Prudential Committee.
Survivors of Incest Anonymous. Bethany Church parlor, 115 Monthly meeting, 105 Main St., 2nd Tuesdays, 6 p.m.
Main St., Mondays, 5 p.m. Please call first: 229-9036 or 454- WED.-SUN. 11AM-8PM
8402. WEST TOPSHAM - Bible Study. New Hope Methodist Church,
2 Gendron Rd. Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. Dining Room & Window Service Available
Brain Injury Support Group. Unitarian Church, third Thursday
of the month, 1:30-2:30 p.m. Info. 1-877-856-1772 WILLIAMSTOWN - Bible Study. Christian Alliance Church,
Sun., 6 p.m. Info. 476-3221.
Playgroups: Dads & Kids Playgroup, Thursdays, 6-7:30 p.m.
and Playgroup, Saturdays, 9:30-11 a.m., both at Family Center of WOODBURY - Woodbury Community Library winter hours.
1-5 p.m. Mondays & Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to noon Saturdays. 2678 River Street, Bethel (2.6 mi. on VT Rt. 107)
Washington County. All held during school year only.
Kindred Connections Peer to Peer Cancer Support for Patients
Valley Lake Road. Info: 472-5710. Knitting/Handworkers 802-234-9400
Circle, Saturdays, 10 a.m. to noon, all ages and abilities
and Caregivers. Info 1-800-652-5064 email
WORCESTER - Knitting Night. The Wool Shed, Tuesdays,

Christian Meditation. Christ Church, Mondays, 12-1 p.m. 6:30-8:30 p.m.
MARSHFIELD - Story Time and Playgroup. Jaquith Public
Wednesday, August 30
Library. Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Join Sylvia Smith for
story time, and follow up with playgroup with Cassie Bickford.


For children birth to age six and their grown-ups. We do not hold BROOKFIELD- Small Batch Sauerkraut Making. 6PM. Through
the program the days Twinfield Union is closed. much trial and error, Clotilde Hryshko has finally learned a sys-
MORETOWN - Mad River Chorale. New singers welcome. tem of making small batches of sauerkraut throughout the year.
Rehearsals at Harwood Union H.S., Mondays, 7-9 p.m. 496- Participants will take home a quart of future sauerkraut to fer-

Saturday, September 9
ment at home. All materials will be provided, maximum of twelve
2048. participants. Reservations are required and can be made at clo-
MORRISVILLE - Overeaters Anonymous. First Congregational There will be a $10 fee to cover the cost of

7:00AM to 1:00PM
Church, 85 Upper Main St., Fridays at noon. Info. 888-2356. supplies.
Photo Co-op Drop-in at River Arts every third Thursday, MONTPELIER- Introduction to Tai Chi with Ellie Hayes, Tai

at Montpelier High School

6PM-8PM. $5 suggested donation. Chi Instructor at Hunger Mountain Coop, 5:30-6:30PM. In this
Poetry Clinic Drop-in at River Arts every1st & 3rd Tuesday, workshop you will receive an overview of the origins of Tai Chi
6PM-8PM. $5 suggested donation. and the lineage styles, learn some practical exercises to experi-
ence the essence of Tai Chi and learn about the teachers and
NORTHFIELD - Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program. For ages
12-18. Readiness & Regional Technology Center, Norwich cam- classes available in Montpelier. Free. Call Elliot Curtin 229-6973 or
pus, Tuesdays, 6-8:30 p.m. Info. STOWE- Community BBQ & Open House on the lawn behind Fred Bushway 826-5670 to pick donations
Clogging & Irish Step Lessons. W/Green Mountain Cloggers, the Helen Day Art CENTER. 3PM-5PM. Free!
ages 8-78, donations. Sundays 5-8 p.m. 522-2935.
Playgroup. United Church of Northfield, Wednesdays, 9:30-11
a.m. Held only when school is in session. Info. 262-3292 x113. Thursday, AMERICAN

August 31
ORANGE - Sunday morning service at Christ Community
Alliance Church at 10:30 a.m. off Route 302 near the Elementary
School in Orange. BROOKFIELD- Indie Film
Fest: The 100-Year-Old Man BARRE, VT
PEACHAM - Peacham Farmers Market. On the Academy Who Climbed Out the

Green. 4-7 p.m. In conjunction with the Peacham Cafe which will Window and Disappeared at Fri., Sept. 1 ~ 7-11 pm
be serving dinner until 7 p.m. Open through September 7. the Old Brookfield Town Hall.
PLAINFIELD - Cutler Memorial Library Activities: Classic The film is about Allan Sherri Lambertons Flash Ball 1: $200.

Book Club: 1st Mondays, 6 p.m; Story Time for Tots, infants Karlsson, a centenarian who KARAOKE SHOW Flash Ball 2: $1,000
through pre-K. Thursdays through Aug 24, 10:30 a.m. Read to decides for better or worse to
Me & Creativity, grades K-3, Sundays 1-2 p.m. through Aug. step out the window of his $3 Cover Mini Jackpot: $2,500.
20. Tuesday Night Knitters, every Tuesday except first Tues. of nursing-home room and start a Jackpot: $1,500.
the month. new life. Sat., Sept. 2 ~ 7-11 pm
Diabetes Discussion & Support Group. Everyone welcome. MONTPELIER- Guided Enjoy The Band Thursday Night
The Health Center conf. room, 3rd Thursdays, 1:30 p.m. Info. Partner Thai Bodywork with
Doors Open at 4:00 PM THIS WEEK'S
322-6600. Lori Flower and Karmic
The Bressetts Premies at 6:00 PM
Regular Games at 7:00 PM SPECIAL
Plainfield Farmers Market. Locally raised produce and meats;
baked goods; maple syrup; crafts; Japanese tea tasting. 4-7 p.m.,
Connection at the Hunger
Mountain Coop from
5:00PM-6:00PM. Learn a few
$5 Cover
ROUTE 14 479-9090
Mill Street Park. Through October 6.
RANDOLPH - Ongoing Health Support Groups at Gifford - basic techniques for a blissful
feeling and peaceful mind.
21 & OVER Just outside of Barre STEAK
Quit in Person Group. Giffords Tobacco Cessation Program
regularly offers four-week Quit in Person group sessions in the Come to give and receive with For information, call
the Post at 479-9058 & POTATOES
Maple Leaf Room at Gifford Medical Center and Kingwood continued on next page
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 17
Peck Farm Orchard
2nd Annual Corn Maze
PYO apples & pumpkins
Monday, September 4
750 Sibley Rd., East Montpelier a friend. Mats and cushioning will be provided. $8 members/$10
EAST MONTPELIER-Twin Valley Senior Center Closed for
Friday, September 1 Labor Day. There will not be any classes or Meals-on-Wheels
deliveries on this day.
MONTPELIER- Fall Migration Bird Walk at the North Branch
Nature Center in Montpelier. Come for a morning walk to search NORTHFIELD- Labor Day Weekend Fun! Free admission,
for migrating warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes and more. free entertainment, family fun. Handicap accessible. 10AM-3PM.
Wed. thru Sun.
Beginners welcome and no registration required! Binoculars For more info, go to or email booths@
Sept. 1st to Oct. 31st
available for loan.7:30A-9:00AM. Free for members & kids, $10
802-249-1223 for nonmembers. Breakfast Buffet at The American Legion. $9/adults, $4/chil-
80s Dance Party With DUROC at 10:00 PM! Rock & Roll / dren under 10. Eggs & omelets made to order, chipped beef on
$5.00. Positive Pie,22 State Street. toast, pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, home fries, fruit,
juice, coffee & tea. 8AM-11AM.
GLOVER- Bread and Puppet Theater presents Honey Lets Go
Sallys Second Act Thrift Shop Home Opera in the Paper Mach Cathedral. The Honey Lets
Go Home Opera is an uncomposed collaboration between sing-
Tuesday, September 5

50% Storewide
BARRE- Vermont Democratic Partys John Murphy Labor

off *WOW!
ers, music-machines, instrumentalists, brightly colored puppets,
and objects to the theme of going home. The Bread and Puppet Award honoring Bradley Reed, President of the Professional
Farm is located on Route 122 in Glover, VT. Suggested Donation Firefighters of Vermont for his tireless effects of working
$10, no one turned away for lack of funds. For more information Vermonters. 5:30-7:30PM. Old Labor Hall, 46 Granite Street,
call (802) 525-3031 or visit 7:30PM. Barre, VT 05647. Tickets are $25. For more info and to register,
call Jim at (802) 489-6681.
Mon., Aug. 28th - Sat., Sept. 2nd The Waterbury Center Community Church will have the annual BROOKFIELD- Ecology and Geology of Vermont: the shap-
ing of our landscape, presented by Eric Hanson, conservation
Lawn Fest. 9AM-4PM. A great variety of new and slightly used
*Sale excludes Specialty Ts, oils, incense, gems and VT Stealie pins.
items the Church Trustees will have lunch and goodies. Chili, hot biologist of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies and coordinator of
Like us on Facebook to hear about future sales! dogs, baked beans, and other snacks. Come have lunch and the Vermont Loon Conservation Project. 7PM. Old Brookfield
browse around the Church and tents. For more info 244-8089. Town Hall. Free.
970 Rt. 2 Middlesex, VT 05602 802-223-3302 MONTPELIER- Forest Preschool will be opening its doors
Saturday, September 2 this fall as a full-time school! Our unique preschool offers out-
door, exploratory, play and place-based curriculum for ages 3.5 to
CALAIS- Wilders Our Town presented by the Plainfield 6. Forest Preschool empowers children to be active in their own
Little Theater at the Calais Town Hall, 1662 Kent Hill Road, learning process while providing them the means to connect to
Calais, VT at 2PM. The production is a fund-raiser to help restore one another and the natural world in a caring way. In our dynam-
the town hall. Tickets are by donation, and the suggested donation ic outdoor classroom and newly renovated indoor space. Please
is $10.00. The all-local cast features Bob Carmody as the Stage call NBNC for space availability.
Manager; Libby Belitsos as Emily Webb; Adam Blachly as Gorge EMF, Screen Time, and Your Health with Chad Peduto,
Gibbs; Clarke Jordan as Dr. Gibbs; Judy Robert as Mrs. Gibbs; Health Coach, EMF Prevention Specialist. We will cover how
G. Richard Ames Out of My Head Vince Rossano as Editor Webb; and Susannah Blachly as Mrs. smart phones, wifi and other tech devices impact our health and
September 7, 15, 16 at 7:30 pm Webb, and is directed by Tom Blachly. For more information call what you can do to protect yourself. Hunger Mountain Coop com-
September 9 &10 at 2:00 pm 229-5290. munity room. 6PM-7PM. Free. Email your contact information to
NORTHFIELD- The 2nd Annual Breakfast & Books with to RSVP.
The Belle of Amherst Friends of the Brown Public Library. This will give members of NORTHFIELD- Chicken Barbeque on The Common 48
September 8, 9, 14 at 7:30 pm The Friends early access to the Brown Public Library Labor Day Depot Square after the parade. BBQ Chicken, 2 side dishes &
September 16 & 17 at 2:00 pm Book Sale. A 2017 Friends membership is required for entry. a roll. $10.00/person.
Coffee and baked goods will be served from 8AM to 9PM in the
All QuarryWorks performances are FREE.
Community Room at the Brown Public Library. Contact Kathryn RANDOLPH Gifford Health Care and Vermont Blueprint for
Call 802-229-6978 to make a reservation.
Szelag at (802) 485-9038 or for more Health are offering a free, six-week Healthier Living Workshop
For more information visit our website
info. for anyone living with a chronic disease like arthritis, diabetes,
cancer, obesity, or heart disease. Topics include: problem solving
Adamant, Vermont Find us on NORTHFIELD- LABOR DAY WEEKEND FUN! Free admis- and action planning, nutrition, exercise, medication use, emo-
sion, free entertainment, family fun. Handicap accessible. tions, & talking with doctors. 1:00PM-3:30PM in the Randolph
10AM-10PM. For more info, go to or Senior Center (6 Hale Street, Randolph). For more info, call 802-
email 728-7714.
PLYMOUTH NOTCH- 13th Annual Folk & Blues Festival at WATERBURY-Vermont Tree Stewards Course. The multi-
President Coolidge State Historic Site. This year features a food class program is designed for individuals who are interested in
drive for the Vermont Foodbank. Please bring nonperishable food enhancing their understanding of trees and proper tree care,
items. Face-painting, arts and craft. Wagon rides on Saturday. understanding urban forestry in the context of VT, & being part of
Hungrytown (2:003:00PM), Alastair Moock (3:004:00PM), a cohort who are committed to improving their community
and DuPont Brothers (4:005:00PM). The concerts are free, dona- through trees. 5:30PM-8:30PM at the Waterbury Congregational
tions are welcome. In case of inclement weather, performances Church, 8N Main St. $40. Registration limited to 25.
will be in the Union Christian Church. For more information, visit WEBSTERVILLE - Tuesday Morning Nature Walks. 44
the website: Brook St. 9 a.m. Join Marianne Kotch and Suzy Klinefelter for
WATERBURY- LABOR DAY WEEKEND CHURCH SALE. easy to moderate walks, exploring various trails and lookouts. If
The Waterbury Center Community Church will have the annual we have enough people, well split into fast and slow walking
Lawn Fest. 9AM-4PM. A great variety of new and slightly used groups. All ages and newcomers are welcome. Walks last approx-
items the Church Trustees will have lunch and goodies. Chili, hot imately an hour and a half. Dogs on leashes are welcome. If its
dogs, baked beans, and other snacks. Come have lunch and raining enough for an umbrella, the walk will be cancelled.
browse around the Church and tents. For more info 244-8089.
Wednesday, September 6
Sunday, September 3 BROOKFIELD- Endangered Alphabets, Cultural Erosion,
CALAIS- Wilders Our Town presented by the Plainfield and the Future of the Written Word, presented by writer/carver/
Little Theater at the Calais Town Hall, 1662 Kent Hill Road, painter Tim Brookes. 7PM. Old Brookfield Town Hall. Free.
(802) 595-7953
Calais, VT at 2PM. The production is a fund-raiser to help restore JOHNSON- Monitoring Nesting Bird Populations Through the town hall. Tickets are by donation, and the suggested donation Bird Banding starts the Current Topics in Science Speaker Series is $10.00. The all-local cast features Bob Carmody as the Stage at Johnson State College. JSC faculty member Lisa Zinn will
Manager; Libby Belitsos as Emily Webb; Adam Blachly as Gorge deliver this lecture from 4PM-5:15PM in Room 207, Bentley
Gibbs; Clarke Jordan as Dr. Gibbs; Judy Robert as Mrs. Gibbs; Hall. All talks are free and open to the public. Contact Les Kanat
Vince Rossano as Editor Webb; and Susannah Blachly as Mrs. at (802) 635-1327 for more info.
Webb, and is directed by Tom Blachly. For more information call The Emmy-award-nominated documentary, The Hunting
229-5290. Ground, which is explores sexual assault on college campuses,
GLOVER- Bread and Puppet Theater presents Honey Lets Go will be screen at Johnson State College, Room 207 Bentley Hall.
Home Opera in the Paper Mach Cathedral. Honey Lets Go 6PM. Free & open to the public. For more info, contact Matt
Home Opera is an uncomposed collaboration between singers, Hayes at (802) 635-1408.
music-machines, instrumentalists, brightly colored puppets and MONTPELIER- Monarch Butterfly Tagging at the North
objects to the theme of going home. The Bread and Puppet Farm Branch Nature Center. Drop by any time between 3:30PM &
is located on Route 122 in Glover, VT. Suggested Donation $10, 5:30PMon to catch, tag, and release some migrating monarchs.
no one turned away for lack of funds. For more information call Well look for other butterflies and bugs as well! We have nets to
(802) 525-3031 or visit 7:30PM share, but bring a net if you have one. $5 adults, $3 kids.
NORTHFIELD- Labor Day Weekend Fun! Free admission, Mindfulness Practice and Psychotherapy with Robert Kest,
free entertainment, family fun. Handicap accessible. 10AM-10PM. Ph.D. in the Hunger Mountain Co-op community room. Free.
For more info, go to or email booths@ RSVP at info@hungermountain. 6:00-7:30PM
OPEN HOUSE Breakfast Buffet at The American Legion. $9/adults, $4/chil-
John Lackard Blues Jam at Charlie Os World Famous, 70 Main
Street, Montpelier VT. 8PM. Call (802) 223-6820 for more info.
dren under 10. Eggs & omelets made to order, chipped beef on ORANGE- Bike Ride Orange with Green Mountain Club.
& toast, pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, home fries, fruit,
juice, coffee & tea. 8AM-11AM.
Moderately Difficult. 20 miles. Orange to Plainfield. Reservoir
Rd. to East Hill Rd. to Cameron Rd. to Plainfield. Lunch at
PLYMOUTH NOTCH- 13th Annual Folk & Blues Festival at Positive Pie. Return via Brook Rd. and Reservoir Rd. Helmet
BARBEQUE President Coolidge State Historic Site. This year features a food required. Leave at 10:00 AM at the Orange Recreation Area just
drive for the Vermont Foodbank. Please bring nonperishable food up Reservoir Rd. from Rte. 302. Contact George Plumb for more
items. Face-painting, arts and crafts. Wagon rides on Saturday. info: 883-2313 or
Food ~ Drinks ~ Live Radio Remote Eric French (2:003:00PM), Danielle Miraglia (3:004:00PM),
and Bow Thayer (4:005:00PM). In case of inclement weather, Thursday, September 7
Please come and view The Gary Residence as we celebrate our first performances will be in the Union Christian Church. For more MONTPELIER- Art of the Conscious and Connected Breath
floor remodel information, visit the website: with Dunja Moeller, PhD. in the Hunger Mountain Co-op com-
RANDOLPH- 25th Annual New World Festival at the Chandler munity room. Learn how to inhale and exhale properly. Add
Friday, September 8th Center for the Arts. Noon to midnight. Lots of festival favorites awareness and the ability to heal. For more information go to
along with new performers will be featured. In honor of this mile- or email dunja@work-
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM stone festival, additional music and dining events are being Free. 6:00-7:30PM.
planned for Labor Day weekend, and the festival will run until The Unexamined life of Katharine Hepburn by Rick Foster.
midnight, with Les Poules Colin and Ten Strings And A Goat Actor Janis Stevens brings the indomitable star vividly to life on
149 Main Street, Montpelier, VT 05602 Skin joining forces to close out the dance tent. Reserve your tick- stage at Lost Nation Theater. 7:30PM. Special Preview: $15. This
ets now at show is recommended for ages 12 and up. For more info, call
RSVP to (802) 223-3881 ext. 208 or The Waterbury Center Community Church will have the annual WATERBURY- Baby & Toddler and Preschool Story Times
Lawn Fest. 9AM-4PM. A great variety of new and slightly used Start Up Again at the Waterbury Public Library. September items the Church Trustees will have lunch and goodies. Chili, hot themes will be harvest time. Preschoolers (3-6 year olds) can look
dogs, baked beans, and other snacks. Come have lunch and at picture books, and join in interactive play with music and browse around the Church and tents. For more info 244-8089. crafts. Thursdays at 10AM. continued on next page

page 18 The WORLD August 30, 2017

Friday, September 8 STOWE- Teen Drop-in Studio at the Helen Day Art Center, 90
Pond Street. 6th-8th grade: 3:00Pm-5:00PM; 9th-12th grade:
BARRE- Welcome Home Open House for Project 6:00PM-8:00PM. Free!
Independence. 1.30PM-4PM. There will be entertainment and WILLIAMSTOWN- Williamstown Historical Society Museum
light refreshments. This event is to thank all our supporters and Open House. 4PM-7PM. Featuring Sherris Jubilee, food, and
community for their help during our recent disaster. For more tours.
info, contact Sue Catto at (802) 476-3630.
BROOKFIELD- Blues Musician Dave Keller at the Old
Brookfield Town Hall. Dave Keller is one of the finest soul and Saturday, September 9
blues men of his generation. He has a voice that Blues Revue has E. HARDWICK- Revival meetings with Tony Atkinson (of
called stunning; intense blues-fueled guitar work; and mean- Australia) Touch of Grace Assembly of God Church, East
ingful, memorable songs drawn from his life. Admission is $10 Hardwick, corner Rts. 15/16. 5:30PM meal. Potluck ideas, call
for adults (under 18 free). The show begins at 7PM, and you can Cheryl 802-917-1736. Service at 6:30-9 (freewill offering).For
BYOB. more info, contact Matt Preston, 279-2185,
E. HARDWICK- Revival meetings with Tony Atkinson (of MONTPELIER- 179th Annual Meeting at the Vermont History
Australia) Touch of Grace Assembly of God Church, East Museum, 109 State St, Montpelier. Keynote Speaker Paul
Hardwick, Corner, Rts. 15/16. 5:30PM meal. Service at 6:30-9 Worman will give an address titled The World of Thomas
(freewill offering). For more info, contact Matt Preston, 279- Waterman Wood at 11AM. 8:30AM: registration & light refresh-
2185, ments; 9:30AM: VHS business meeting & awards presentations;
12:00PM, visit the new exhibit in our Local History Gallery,
MONTPELIER- Fall Migration Bird Walk at the North Studies in Perfection: The Portrait Painting of Thomas Waterman
Branch Nature Center in Montpelier. Come for a morning walk to Wood, featuring works on loan from the T.W. Wood Gallery in
search for migrating warblers, vireos, tanagers, thrushes and Montpelier. Afterwards, visit the T.W. Wood Gallery at 46 Barre
more. Beginners welcome and no registration required! Binoculars St to see more works. Free. Please register by September 3.
available for loan.7:30A-9:00AM. Free for members & kids, $10 Register online at
for nonmembers.
The Unexamined life of Katharine Hepburn by Rick Foster.
MORRISVILLE - John Lackard Blues Band at Moogs Place, Actor Janis Stevens brings the indomitable star vividly to life on
97 Portland Street, Morrisville VT.9 PM. For more info, call stage at Lost Nation Theater. 7:30PM: $30, 2PM: $25. This show
(802) 851-8225 is recommended for ages 12 and up. For more info, call (802)
Josh Panda & The Hot Damned. 10:00 PM. Rock & Roll / 229-0492 or visit
$5.00. Positive Pie,22 State St. Montpelier, VT. Annual Kiwani Club Yard Sale. 7AM-1PM at the Montpelier
The Unexamined life of Katharine Hepburn by Rick Foster. High School. WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS TO HELP
Actor Janis Stevens brings the indomitable star vividly to life on MAKE THIS YARD SALE A SUCCESS! Have donations? Call BERLIN BARRE MONTPELIER
stage at Lost Nation Theater. 7:30PM. $30. This show is recom- Elliott Curtin 229-6973 or Fred Bushway 826-5670. 622-0250 479-0629 223-0928
mended for ages 12 and up. For more info, call (802) 229-0492 Open 5am M-S, 6am Sun. Open 5am-10pm Open 5am M-S, 6am Sun.

or visit Sunday, September 10

RANDOLPH- Registration deadline for Senator Leahys 21st BROOKFIELD- Troy Wunderles One-Man Circus at the Old
Annual Womens Economic Opportunity Conference held on Brookfield Town Hall. This one-man circus show thrills with the
Saturday, September 16, at Vermont Technical College in rich and time-treasured delights of expert juggling, wacky globe Out
Randolph. The conference continues the long tradition of bring-
ing women together for a day of personal and professional
growth. Register online at
99** ladder balancing, sensational plate spinning,
teetering rola 12-PK
bolas, daring unicycle antics, mesmerizing bubble

economic-opportunity-conference. continued on page 21

Ass't Flavors ....................... 750 ml
90+ Wines Ass't Flavors
TWISTED TEA GRILL $999*-$1399*
TRULY BEACH CHAIR Out Our Glassware Giveaway!
Woodstock Brewey, Dogfish Head, TWISTED COKE POLAR Vendange
Ass't Flavors ...................... 1.5 liter
1.5 liter

Sprite, Sunkist, 1-LITER BOX WINES:
SAM ADAMS GOLF BAG Stella Artois, Sierra Nevada Barq's, Canada Dry 99**EACH Buy 4/$300** Glen Ellen
Ass't Flavors ...................... 1.5 liter 7
OR $ 99* 1799*
Bota Boxes Ass't Flavors ..................3 liters $
CORONA CAN COOLER 2 Liters .......... 2/$250**
$ 99** Mix or Match

HEADY TOPPER 15-PACK 12-OZ. CAN SALE 6-PK 1.25 Liters .............99** MILK Crane Lake
Ass't Flavors ...................... 1.5 liter 7
$ 99*
Peter Vella
Ass't Flavors .....................5 liters

Available Monday & Saturday Founders All Day IPA or

18 14
$ 99** $ 99** Coke & Diet Coke
Barefoot Ass't Flavors 1.5 liter 1199*
2% Skim & 1% Whole
Centennial IPA . ................................ $1649** 24-pack 12-oz. cans $399 $379 $429 $ $1799*-$1899*
LAWSON Ass't Flavors .....................5 liters

Cavit Ass't Flavors ......1.5 liter 11


Available Thursday & Saturday Otter Creek Daily Dose IPA ......... $1649**
BAG-IN-A-BOX $699** ALL 1/2- GALLONS $239 $ 99* Black Box Ass't Flavors ......................3 liters

* = +Tax ** = +Tax+Dep.
Hurry, Limited Supply On All Specials!

Specials Good Thru 9/24/2017
Vermont We Sell Hunting & Fishing Licenses
Open Everyday!
Monday-Friday 6AM-9PM
Liquor Checks By Courtesy Card Only! EBT Saturday & Sunday 7AM-9PM
411 North Main St., Barre
Stores 479-9227 476-4962 Fax 479-9348 ATM
LP Gas Grill
Bottle Drives Welcome
Advance notice appreciated
Fast, Courteous
Bottle Redemption
Other Store Specials Too Numerous To Mention!


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Most liquor stores are open on Sunday 80 Convenient Locations Throughout Vermont
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August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 19
One of the Best Regional Theaters
in america The Truth About Alcohol
- NYC Drama League

Born 1977 HH1/2

hey say alcohol is a poison. And I sup-
pose thats technically true. But it isnt
that dangerous a poison.
I know this because I have been to the UK
a few times. And I can tell you from firsthand
experience that there are, in fact, elderly peo- questions about alcohol.
THE ple there.
If some British people made it to old age,
Why does a woman tend to get tipsy
quickly while a tall, fit man of the same
UNEXAMINED LIFE then it is a proven fact that booze isnt all weight can hold his liquor? Apparently,
a play by that deadly. For Americans, drinking hard is it is because blood-alcohol level is deter-
RICK FOSTER a choice. For the British, it is a cultural tradi- mined by how much water a person has in
starring tion. her body. And since muscle has much more
JANIS STEVENS In England, it is not customary to tip the water than fat, the man will feel less drunk
bartender when she serves you a pint. This from the same amount of drinking.
Janis Stevens custom began years ago when it was discov- Its also possible that the man lined his
doesnt just play ered that the hundred richest women in the stomach before starting to drink. Dr. Javid
UK were barmaids. I made that up. But I am does a splendid job of explaining how the
Katharine Hepburn, not exaggerating about how much the Brit- digestive enzymes in your stomach begin to
she IS the indomitable star ish drink. break down alcohol before it even gets ab-
- the davisenterprise In the event that heavy drinking is serious- sorbed into your bloodstream. Thats why
ly hazardous to the body, it is inevitable that you can drink so much more after a hearty
British doctors will be on the cutting edge of
THURS-SUN scientific discovery.
That seems convincing, but some of the
SEPT 717 The Truth About Alcohol is a breezy,
light-hearted, occasionally informative BBC
documentary by British ER doctor Javid Ab-
films anti-alcohol claims are ridiculous.
Dr. Javid argues that booze makes you
sleep poorly. But his only evidence is a one-
July: 623
TICKETS photo of Janis as Kate Hepburn
courtesy of Sacramento Theatre Co. delmoneim. Dr. Javid was inspired to make night sleep study featuring Javid himself
(802) 229-0492 this film when the British Health Service and a bottle of fine whiskey. He states that
montpelier city suddenly lowered the recommended healthy alcohol makes you eat more. But he bases hall arts center level of alcohol intake for men to 14 units this on a twenty-minute study at a pub with
per week. a group of college boys. Colin ate more
In the US, a nerdy health-obsessed doc- crisps than Nigel. We must alert the Oxford
tor would simply be a non-drinker. Dr. Javid Journal of Medicine!
is British, though, so he attaches a sweat- I certainly dont know how bad alcohol is
monitor to his ankle to calculate exactly how for you. But I do know this: the British have
DONT PUT OFF TIL E-mail us! much he drinks in a normal week. been drinking steadily and heavily since at
TOMORROW WHAT YOU Now Placing Your It turns out that the doctor consumes twice
the recommended weekly quotient of booze,
least as far back as they learned written lan-
Classified Or guage.
CAN SELL TODAY! Display Ad Is and he didnt even drink on four of the seven And during those millennia, the British
479-2582 Even Easier!
In other words, if you drink in any serious
built a remarkable, artistic, cultured, influ-
Or Toll Free 1-800-639-9753 ential society. They even conquered 1/3 of
Our E-mail address is way, you drink way too much for your own the earth one time.
Central Vermonts Newspaper Please include contact person good. The British arent going to drink less.
& payment info Dr. Javid spends most of the film perform- And Im probably not going to either. I plan
( Only) ing experiments and studies with dubious on spending my first Social Security check
scientific merit to answer some common on a six pack.
CLASSIFIEDS 479-2582 or
403 U.S. Route 302 - Berlin Barre, Vermont 05641 1-800-639-9753


The idea of Go Figure is to arrive at the figure given at

the bottom and right-hand columns of the diagram by
following the arithmetic signs in the order they are given
(that is, from left to right and top to bottom). Use only the
numbers below the diagram to complete its blank
squares and use each of the nine numbers only once.

Best described as a number crossword, the task in

Kakuro is to fill all of the empty square, using num-
bers 1 to 9, so the sum of each horizontal lock
equals the number to its left, and the sum of each
vertical block equals the number on its top. No num-
ber may be used in the same block more than
page 20 The WORLD August 30, 2017
routines, mischievous magic and comic buf- scape and its many characters. Q&A and book
foonery. Doors open at 3PM, circus starts at signing to follow. Free and open to the public.
4PM. $5 per family. 7:00pm. Bear Pond Books. 77 Main St,
MONTPELIER- The Unexamined life of Montpelier.
Katharine Hepburn by Rick Foster. Actor Bike Ride with Green Mountain Club. Easy
Janis Stevens brings the indomitable star vividly 13+ miles. Montpelier to Adamant. County
to life on stage at Lost Nation Theater. 2PM:$25. Road to Bliss Pond Rd. to Adamant Rd. to
This show is recommended for ages 12 and up. Center Rd. to Bliss Rd. to County Rd. Lunch at
For more info, call (802) 229-0492 or visit the Adamant Coop. Leave from Morse Farm at 10:00 A.M. Contact George Plumb for more
WATERBURY-Northeast Fiddle Assoc. info at: 883-2313 or
Monthly Jam & Meet. Noon-5PM at the Back to School: Healthy Snacks and Lunches
American Legion, Stowe St. Fiddlers & Public with Lisa Mas, Harmonized Cookery, at Hunger
welcome. Local food, shelf donations also wel- Mountain Coop. Get creative in the kitchen! We
come. Contact Bill Cameron (802) 431-3901 for will make meal plans, talk about batch cooking
more info. strategies, and explore sauces and vegetable
WEBSTERVILLE - Sunday Morning Nature dishes that make it easy to assemble meals that
Walks. Barre Town Forest, meet at kiosk 44 meet everyones needs! Leave with recipes and
Brook St. Join naturalist Samantha Ryan for planning tools to inspire you. $3 members, $5
easy to moderate walks through the forest. Bring non-members. 5:00- 6:00PM
your camera for advice on photo-worthy sights, RANDOLPH Gifford Health Care and
More Info: 802-244-6963
including fungi and bugs. If its raining enough
Vermont Blueprint for Health are offering a free,
for an umbrella, the walk will be cancelled. Info:
Marianne Kotch at 476-4185 or email six-week Healthier Living Workshop for any- one living with a chronic disease. The program
focuses on topics that come up when dealing
Monday, September 11 with a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes,
cancer, obesity, or heart disease. Topics include:
MONTPELIER- Robins Nest Nature
Playgroup at the North Branch Nature Center.
This in an outdoor playgroup for parents, chil-
problem solving and action planning, nutrition,
exercise, medication use, emotions, & talking Adults$25 12 & Under: FREE
with doctors. 1:00PM-3:30PM in the Randolph
dren, and children ages 0-5. Join us for 2 hours
of spontaneous play, exploration, discovery,
Senior Center (6 Hale Street, Randolph). For
more info, call 802-728-7714.
Spectator Gates open: 10am
song, nature inspired art, and oral storytelling.
This playgroup offers a community experience WATERBURY-Vermont Tree Stewards
that models ways in which the natural environ- Course. The multi-class program is designed for
ment can be used as a tool for child-led learning individuals who are interested in enhancing their
and play. Donations welcomed. *This play- understanding of trees and proper tree care,
group is based entirely outdoors. Please be pre- understanding urban forestry in the context of
pared with water, snack, and warm clothing that VT, & being part of a cohort who are committed
is suitable for getting wet and dirty! 10:00AM - to improving their community through trees.
12:00PM. 5:30PM-8:30PM at the Waterbury Congregational
WATERBURY- Babies & Toddler Story Time Church, 8N Main St. $40. Registration limited
Will Start Again at the Waterbury Public to 25.
Library. Songs & stories to stimulate your WEBSTERVILLE - Tuesday Morning Nature
babys intellect. Mondays at 10AM. Walks. 44 Brook St. 9 a.m. Join Marianne
Tuesday, September 12
Kotch and Suzy Klinefelter for easy to moderate
walks, exploring various trails and lookouts. If
MONTPELIER- Authors Bill Schubart and we have enough people, well split into fast and
Peter Miller will read from their new books, slow walking groups. All ages and newcomers
Lila & Theron: a novel and Vanishing are welcome. Walks last approximately an hour
Vermonters: Loss of a Rural Culture, respec- and a half. Dogs on leashes are welcome. If its
tively, and will talk about what its like to be a raining enough for an umbrella, the walk will be
Vermonter writing about the rural Vermont land- cancelled.

August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 21

Vermont State Housing Authority
Be part of team of professionals helping families
& individuals with their housing needs. Statewide
affordable housing provider/manager needs a
receptionist/office assistant full-time in their Montpelier
office. General receptionist & administrative support
duties. Individual must have excellent communication
skills, be highly organized & able to multi-task
& work in a fast-paced environment. 802-479-2582 1-800-639-9753 Fax 802-479-7916
Email: Web:
For full position details, requirements &
qualifications, visit
Cover letter & resume to:
One Prospect St.
Montpelier, VT 05602-3556. JOB JOB OPPS FREE ITEMS ANTIQUES/
VSHA is an Equal Opportunity Employer OPPORTUNITIES COLLECTIBLES/
NEEDED NOW! Earn $1000 Earn up to $1,000 a week Bumper Stickers, Call JOHNSON ANTIQUES
per week! Paid CDL Train- at your leisure in your own 802-454-8561 4 SUMMER ST
Vermont Association for ing!! STEVENS TRANSPORT
home? The probability of gain-
ing big prots from this and FREE- OLD Sam Daniels Fur-
the Blind and Visually 209-1309 many similar at home jobs is nace to take out of cellar.

slim. Promoters of these jobs MON*WED*THURS*FRI
IMMEDIATE OPENING at usually require a fee to teach SAT TILL NOON
DriVer neeDeD
you useless, and unprot-
Hair Stylist/Boothrental able trades, or to provide you HEALTH CARE
Full or Part Time with futile information. TIP: PICKER PARADISE
Reasonable Rate We BuySell -
Driver needed to work with a visually Plenty of FREE PARKING
If a work-at-home program
is legitimate, your sponsor
PAIN? SHOULDER PAIN? Trade- Estate Sales
impaired employee with a guide dog ask for Tom 802-479-0855 should tell you, for free and
in writing, what is involved. If
Get a pain-relieving brace at Call For appointment
in our Berlin office four days per week. NEW BARBECUE, PIZZA &
you question a programs le-
little or NO cost to you. Medi-
care Patients, Call Health
Must have reliable vehicle, clean driving Looking for
gitimacy, call the ATTORNEY
Hotline Now! 1-800-279-6038
record and flexible schedule. SOUS- CHEF; 40 hours a
week, experience and refer- ASSISTANCE PROGRAM at Got Knee Pain? Back Pain?
Hourly rate plus mileage. ences required. COUNTER 1-800-649-2424. Shoulder Pain? Get a pain-
relieving brace at little or NO
SERVICE; take orders, use
Please call Cathie Peller at 802-505-4006 POS, and cash register, 20
cost to you. Medicare Patients
Call Health Hotline Now!
We Buy-Sell-Barter
for an application or e-mail resume to
hours per week. Send Re-
sume or Inquiries to 1-844-502-1809 Lets Make a Deal billtown.barbecue@gmail. BARRE CITY Childcare. 16 Williamstown VT
years experience. 2 slots Lose 20 pounds in one week? A PLACE FOR MOM. The
available. 802-476-3565. This is almost impossible! nations largest senior living
growing print shop. Full ser- Weight loss ads must reect referral service. Contact our
the typical experiences of the trusted, local experts today!
vice print shop design print
and mail all in our shop. Good
BUSINESS diet users. Beware of pro- Our service is FREE/no obli-
team player experience pre- OPPORTUNITIES grams that claim you can lose
weight effortlessly. TIP: Clues
gation. CALL 1-800-417-0524
Small Press Operator for small growing shop, must ferred but willing to train right
to fraudulent ads include A PLACE FOR MOM. The
person. Good people person LOOKING TO EARN A MIL- nations largest senior living
be quality oriented, be able to work in a fast paced able to bring in new clients words like: breakthrough,
LION$? Watch out for busi- effortless, and new discov- referral service. Contact our
enviroment. Be a team player. Pay based on experience. and service existing clients. ness opportunities that make trusted, local experts today!
Send resume to digital@still- ery. When you see words like
outrageous claims about these be skeptical. Before you Our service is FREE/no obli-
Bindery Person. Stitcher operator, Mueller Martini 5 or call 433- gation. CALL 1-844-722-7993
9898 potential earnings. Dont invest your time and money
pocket with cover feeder. Experience running this type of get fooled into get rich quick call the ATTORNEY GEN-
scams. There are legitimate ERALS CONSUMER ASSIS- ADVERTISE to 10 Million
WANTED: Full-Time Sales & Homes across the USA! Place
machine required. Folding , cutting , and perfect binding Account Manager at local print business opportunities, but TANCE PROGRAM, at 1-800-
be cautious of any business 649-2424. your ad in over 140 commu-
helpful. Must be team player. Pay based on experience. shop. nity newspapers, with circu- that cant reect in writing
the typical earnings of previ- LUNG CANCER? And 60 lation totaling over 10 million
Contact Dana LaPlant ous employees. TIP: Investi- years old? If so, you and your homes. Contact Independent
gate earning potential claims family may be entitled to a sig- Free Papers of America IFPA
802-433-9898 at danielleburnett-ifpa@live.
of businesses by requesting nicant cash award. Call 800-
dlaplant@ written information from them 364-0517 to learn more. No com or visit our website cad-

Email Us! before you send any money, risk. No money out of pocket. for more informa-
or by calling the ATTORNEYS tion.
Become a published author!
Williamstown, VT 05679 SISTANCE PROGRAM, at Health fraud is a business Publications sold at all major
Phone: 802.433.9898 1-800-649-2424. that sells false hope. Beware secular & specialty Christian
of unsubstantiated claims for bookstores. CALL Christian
Fax: 802.433.9899 health products and services. Faith Publishing for your
CLASSES & There are no Quick Cures
no matter what the ad is
FREE author submission kit.
WORKSHOPS claiming. TIP: DO NOT rely
on promises of a money back Dish Network-Satellite Televi-
AIRLINE MECHANIC TRAIN- guarantee! Watch out for key sion Services. Now Over 190
INGGet FAA certication. words such as exclusive se- channels for ONLY $49.99/
Approved for military benets. cret, amazing results, or mo! HBO-FREE for one year,
Financial Aid if qualied. Job scientic breakthrough. For FREE installation, FREE
placement assistance. Call more information on health re- Streaming, FREE HD. Add
Aviation Institute of Mainte- lated products or services, call Internet for $14.95 a month.
nance 866-453-6204 the ATTORNEY GENERALS 1-800-718-1593
INGGet FAA certication. 2424, or consult a health care NEW & USED SETS
Approved for military benets. provider. Full Sets & Bags
Financial Aid if qualied. Job Drivers, 3&5 Woods, Putters
placement assistance. Call & Many Others.
ALTERATIONS SPECIALIST Aviation Institute of Mainte- WANTED Across from E.Montpelier
nance 888-686-1704 Town Clerks Ofce.
Full-time seamstress work available including fitting, sewing, and alterations. Minimum three
years sewing experience preferred; ability to learn all current regulations concerning military NOW ACCEPTING donations HARDWOOD KINDLING,
of qualityChildren Clothing.
uniforms including those pertaining to Norwich University Corps of Cadets and all U.S.
armed forces, state and local law enforcement agencies, and firefighters.
PERSONALS Women & Children First
Meshbags $8.00/ea. Free
delivery to Seniors. 802-279-
114 No. Main St 2595
CUSTODIANS People, Flirty Chat. Meet sin- 476-4413 HARDWOOD KINDLING,
Seeking experienced and motivated workers to perform office, classroom, dormitory cleaning, gles right now! Call LiveLinks. Meshbags $8.00/ea. Free
Try it FREE. Call NOW 1-888- OLD LICENSE PLATES delivery to Seniors. 802-279-
and other duties in assigned work locations. High school diploma or equivalent is required as WANTED. Pre 1920 by Seri-
well as one to two years related experience or training. Some overtime and weekend work may 909-9905 18+. 2595
ous Collector. Cash buyer.
be required. MAKE A CONNECTION. Real Conrad Hughson HughesNet: Gen4 satellite in-
People, Flirty Chat. Meet sin- Box 1, Putney, VT 05346 ternet is ultra fast and secure.
UNIFORM STORE CLERK PART-TIME gles right now! Call LiveLinks.
Plans as low as $39.99 in
Four hours/day from late August to May 31 when school is in session accept payment and Try it FREE. Call NOW 1-877- select areas. Call 1-855-440-
make change for customers; accept items for laundry services and dry cleaning; assist students 737-9447 18+. 4911 now to get a $50 Gift
WANTS TO purchase miner- Card!
with uniform exchanges; and assist in restocking and labeling inventory in store and in the PREGNANT? CONSIDER- als and other oil and gas inter-
warehouse. ING ADOPTION? Rachel ests. Send details to: PO Box LIFE ALERT. 24/7. One press
& Greg, a childless married 13557, Denver, CO 80201 of a button sends help FAST!
To apply: please submit a cover letter, resume, couple, wish to adopt. Will be Medical, Fire, Burglar. Even
and Norwich application: hands-on & devoted parents. if you cant reach a phone!
Financially secure. Expenses ANTIQUES/ FREE brochure. CALL 800-
Norwich University is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to providing a positive
education and work environment that recognizes and respects the dignity of all students, faculty and
paid. 1-800-790-5260 Ask for
staff. Reasonable accommodations will be made for the known disability of an otherwise qualified RESTORATION LIFELOCK Identity Theft Pro-
tection. Do not Wait! Start
applicant. Please contact the Office of Human Resources at for assistance.
Guarding Your Identity Today.
3 layers of protection? Detect,
All candidates must be authorized to work for any U.S. employer. A post offer, pre-employment Furniture and Smalls. Alert, Restore. Receive 10%
background check will be required of the successful candidate. Must successfully pass a post-offer CATS & KITTENS Best in The G.S. Antiques off? Call for Details 1-855-3
pre-employment physical examination for these positions. World call 802-223-5993 802-461-3004 2089
page 22 The WORLD August 30, 2017
Lung Cancer? And 60+ Years
Old? If So, You And Your Fam-
ily May Be Entitled To A Sig-
ity payments for CASH NOW.
STAIRS. Give your life a lift
ER. For Sale is a 6048 Out-
door Central Boiler. $6500.00
nicant Award. Call 877-648-
6308 To Learn More. No Risk.
you dont have to wait for your
future payments any longer!
Call now for $250. OFF your OBO. Questions please call
the Road Foreman, Stuart
No Money Out Of Pocket. Call 1-800-938-8092
stairlift purchase and FREE
Hallstrom, at 802-496-8827. ongoing in Barre
DVD & brochure! 1-844-286- Send offers via email to fay-
Lung Cancer? And Age 60+? SENIOR LIVING referral ser- 0854 or to
You And Your Family May Be vice, A PLACE FOR MOM. The Town of Fayston, 866 Information:
us! 476-4679
Entitled To Signicant Cash The nations largest FREE, no SUPPORT our service mem- North Fayston Road, Fayston,
Award. Call 866-428-1639 obligation senior living referral bers, veterans and their fami- VT 05660.
for Information. No Risk. No
Money Out of Pocket.
service. Contact our trusted,
local experts today! 1-800-
lies in their time of need. For
more information visit the Now Placing 461-8089
217-3942 Fisher House website at www. MUSICAL
youre Home or Away. For
ability BENEFITS. Unable to
work? Denied benets? We WE CAN remove bankrupt-
Fretted Instrument Repair.
Even Easier!
cies, judgments, liens, and 802-229-0952 or
Safety and Peace of Mind. No can Help! Win or pay nothing! Please include
Long Term Contracts! Free Contact Bill Gordon & Asso- bad loans from your credit le 802-272-1875 www.north-
forever! The Federal Trade contact person
Brochure! Call Today! 1-844- ciates at 1-800-586-7449 to & payment info
892-1017 start your application today! Commission says companies
that promise to scrub your
credit report of accurate nega-
where. No tanks to rell. No
deliveries. The All-New Inogen
ITY? Up to $2,671/mo.(Based
on paid-in amount.) FREE tive information for a fee are FISHING
One G4 is only 2.8 pounds! evaluation! Call Bill Gordon & lying. Under FEDERAL law,
FAA approved! FREE info kit: Associates at 1-855-498-6323. accurate negative informa- ALUMINUM DOCKS Alu-
844-558-7482 Mail: 2420 N St NW, Washing- tion can be reported for up to minum docks and boat lifts,
ton DC. Ofce: Broward Co.FL, seven years, and some bank- standing, roll in, and oating
QUAKER MADE KITCHEN member TX/NM Bar. ruptcies for up to 10 years. are in stock at FAIRLEE MA-
CABINETS U shape, W/2
Lazy-Suzannas, $1000.
3PC-Cushman Furniture;
Social Security Disability? Up
to $2,671/mo. (Based on paid-
Learn about managing credit
and debt at A
RINE Very easy to install and
take out yourself. Call 802-
333-9745 for more informa-
Bedroom set, Bureau, Mirror, in amount). FREE evaluation! message from The World and tion.
$1000. 802-485-8266 Call Bill Gordon & Associates. the FTC.
1-855-376-6502. Mail: 2420 N continued on next page
#1 Selling Walk-in tub in No. ce: Broward Co. FL, member FURNITURE Get FAA approved maintenance training at campuses
America. BBB Accredited. TX/NM Bar. coast to coast. Job placement assistance.
Arthritis Foundation Com- Classified
mendation. Therapeutic Jets. SPECTRUM TRIPLE PLAY
FOR SALEFull Size White Financial Aid for qualifying students. Military friendly.
MicroSoothe Air Therapy Sys- TV, Internet & Voice for $29.99 4-Poster Bed Frame; Head- Deadline Is
tem. Less that 4 Inch Step-In. /ea. 60 MB per second speed. board, footboard, Rails, Slats,
$100 or best offer.
MONDAY Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Wide Door. Anti-Slip Floors. No contract or commitment.
American Made. Call 855-400- We buy your existing contract Call after 5pm.
Before 10AM 800-481-7894
0439 for up to $1500. Off. up to $500.! 1-844-592-9018 802-223-9839

We Are Taking
Applications For

OUR Outside
TEAM Best Place to Work

Environmental Services
Technicians Needed
Hi! My name is Kay Roberts Santamore and
An EVS Technician is similar to a housekeeper,
I have the best job in the World, no pun but with the added expertise to prevent the
intended. Seriously I have been working spread of infection.
at the World since 1980 and I love my job! Where else can you go We protect patients, families and guests by using
out, meeting the greatest people, help them promote their business, state-of-the-art technology to disinfect and monitor all
areas of the organization to the industry standards.
go shopping and make money all in the same day! The World staff is
the best, from the ofce staff is always willing to help me out and the Full-time positions with:

production dept makes my ads looking the best, and I get all the credit!
If you are looking for a fun job that is very rewarding , come join me
and we will make the World great again!
Job Description BENEFITS PAID TIME OFF for working nights,
evenings, and
Outside sales team members help local businesses connect their products
and services with people in our community. You will be responsible for developing
No prior experience needed; on the job training provided.
meaningful relationships with your customers. You will work with them to see if their Per diem positions also available
needs align with our products.
Learn more and apply online today:
We offer health insurance, vacation pay, paid days off, vision plan, gas allowance
and retirement benefits. You will need a dependable car.
If you can combine your energy and people skills for the WORLD newspaper
and our customers, please send your resume by mail to: Deborah Phillips, c/o The
WORLD, 403 US Route 302, Barre, VT 05641 or by email to or
fax (802) 479-7916. NO phone calls please. Equal Opportunity Employer

August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 23


Self storage units available, NEW AND used guns, muzzle
BOAT RENTALS. Enjoy sh- BOAT SERVICE. Need it 5x10, 10x10, 10x20. Rte 113
ing, skiing, tubing Pontoons checked out for the season? Is loaders, accessories. Snows-
Chelsea. 802-249-2368. ville Store, E.Braintree 802-
cruising, kayaks & canoeing your boat unreliable? Are you
or stand-up paddleboarding! 728-5252
afraid to go boating because
Fairlee Marine rents them all! your boat engine might not
They even put the runabout
NEVER GIVE YOUR: work? Maybe it just Doesnt
boats and pontoon boats in
have the power it used to? Our


and out of the water so you
can just enjoy the boating. Certied Technicians know
CREDIT CARD NUMBER Daily and weekly rates. Prices how to Fix Things Right. We
BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER Tool Warehouse Outlet, Inc.

are all on our website at www. can check your boat over and
Or any other Call for turn it into a pleasure to use Rt. 302 Barre-Montpelier
reservations at 802-333-9745 again. A water test or dyno
personal information test can be included. Call for Central Vermont's Best
To someone you dont know CERTIFIED USED BOATS. an appointment or just bring it Selection Of Quality Tools
Lots of good used boats to Discount Prices!
when answering an advertisement. choose from. All of them have in soon so you can be ready
been Checked over by our for a fun season. FAIRLEE - Limited Tool Rentals -
certied technicians and are MARINE-802-333-9745; 802-479-3363 800-462-7656
A public service announcement
presented to you by The WORLD
all in Good Operating Condi-
tion so you can just go boating CONSIGNMENTS. We take
and have fun. If its not reli- good late model boats on PLENTY OF STORAGE TRAILERS Very fast turn around time.
able, we wont sell it. Check consignment. We do the sale & CONTAINERS AVAILABLE Tool Warehouse Outlet, Barre-
them out at our website at: and warrantyyou collect Montpelier Rd. 802- the cash. With our website/
Call For Prices 802-479-3363,
333-9745. and 1-877-204-3054 1-800-462-7656
our reputation, They usually
sell fast and you often get as
much or more than selling it WOOD/HEATING THANK YOU FOR SAYING yourself. Fairlee Marine, 802- LEASING Exit 3 EQUIP.
I SAW IT IN 333-9745. off I-89
Royalton, VT
1-877-204-3054 (802) 763-7876 2 YEAR DRY FIREWOOD,
$300 PER CORD, Delivered
in Barre/Montpelier area.
ARCHERY Land Trust. You shake hands
with them be sure to count
your ngers when you are
ISA/M C/DISCOVE 2 LOCK-ON TREE STANDS, done. 802-454-8561.
Use your V
plus climbing sticks, $175.

and call 47
9-2582 or 802-434-3107 DAVES LOGGING &
53 7
403 U.S. RT. 302 - BERLIN BARRE, VT 05641-2274
479-2582 1-800-639-9753 FAX 479-7916 1-800-639-9 50 CALIBER. THOMPSON
Green & Seasoned
DONT NEED a Full Cord
LINE RATE 1-3 Words Per Line $1.75/LINE 1/3 Cord Seasoned to Dry
4 for 3


I have a Large Quantity of 16 Delivered $110.00

once red brass cartridge
SPECIAL Capitalizing more than the first 2 words, etc. 70/WORD cases, both handgun and long
gun at reasonable prices.
Run The Same DEADLINE: For The WORLD is MONDAY by 10:00 Call 802-476-5785 or 522-
lent Supply, Cut/Split/Deliv-
ered. 16. $240/CORD Green.
Classified for AM 2063. Sparrow Farm 802-229-2347
3 Consecutive Weeks-
ORD CANCELLATIONS: A classified ad cancelled before 10:00 AM
MIN. Get 4th Week on Monday will receive credit for the remaining paid weeks. Shiners, Crawlers, Perch Bait Cut Split & Delivered
$3.50r Week
Pe Ad The WORLD asks that you check your ad on its first publication. If you find an error call anytime. Seasoned $230/cord,
Per please notify us immediately so that corrections can be made. The WORLD will not be Route 12, Putnamville. Dry $275/cord.
(Any changes void free week) Paul Poulin 802-883-5563
responsible for more than one incorrect publication of the ad. 802-229-4246
CLIP AND MAIL THIS HANDY FORM TODAY continued on next page
Animals-Farm ......................500

Salt & Pepper Shakers

PHONE NUMBER ___________________________________________________________________________ Animals-Pet .........................430
Antiques/Restorations .........144
LAST NAME _______________________________________________________________________________ Baby/Children Items ............140 Q: At an estate sale, I pur-
FIRST NAME ______________________________________________________________________________
Bicycles ...............................220
Boating/Fishing ...................210
chased a set of salt and pep-
Building Materials................300 per shakers. What attracted
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ Business Items....................080 me to them is the fact they are
Business Opportunities .......060 only 2 inches high. The shak-
CITY _______________________________________________ STATE ____________ ZIP _______________ Camping ..............................205 ers are in the design of a boot with spurs. I paid $5 for them
Childcare Service ................030 and hope I got a good deal.
START DATE: ___________ NUMBER OF ISSUES: __________ Christmas Trees ..................370 -- Cindy, Lakewood, Colorado
Class & Workshops .............103 A: Miniature salt and pepper shakers have become quite
Clothing & Accessories .......130
popular with collectors. I contacted a collector, who
EXACTLY HOW YOU WANT THE AD TO READ Computers/Electronics ........100
believes the set you bought could be worth about $25. You
Please print, we cannot be responsible for words we can't read. Farm/Garden/Lawn .............410
Free Ads..............................108 also might get a copy of the Antique Trader Salt and
Furniture..............................180 Pepper Price Guide, by Mark Moran and published by
________________________________________________________________ Garage Sales/Flea Mkt. ......145 Krause Books.
Health ..................................113 ***
________________________________________________________________ Home Appliances ................160 Q: I have some Santa Clara Indian pots that date from the
Hunting/Guns/Archery.........305 teens and 1920s. I would like to have them appraised, but
________________________________________________________________ Insurance/Investments ........090
the professionals I contacted charge a great deal for this
Job Opportunities................020
________________________________________________________________ Lost and Found ...................110 service. Is it possible to find someone who can help me
Miscellaneous .....................150 who is more affordable? -- Sue, New Mexico
________________________________________________________________ Musical ................................200 A: As I often have written in this column, a free or cheap
Personals ............................105 appraisal is generally worthless. Your pots are probably
________________________________________________________________ Professional Services .........540 valuable, and you need a competent appraiser to determine
Rideshare ............................125 just how valuable. If you cant afford to hire a professional,
________________________________________________________________ Snow Removal Equip. .........355
Snowmobiles/Access. .........360
then simply enjoy your pots for their beauty.
Sporting Equipment ............250 ***
________________________________________________________________ Storage................................235 Q: I have a paperweight made by Michael OKeefe. Is it
Support Groups ..................107 worth keeping? -- Ben, Chesterfield, Missouri
________________________________________________________________ Tools ....................................330
Wanted ................................120 A: Michael OKeefe, a glass artist based in Seattle, is best
________________________________________________________________ Wood/Heating Equip............350 known for his three-dimensional paperweights featuring
Work Wanted .......................040 soft, subtle colors. His work is easy to identify, since each
piece is signed and dated on the bottom. OKeefes paper-
Each separate word, each phone number counts as one word Campers/Motor Homes .......845 weights are quite collectible, but only you can determine if
Cars & Accessories ............875 the one you have is worth keeping.
Motorcycles/ATVs ...............850 ***
Number of words ____________ times 35($3.50 min.)_________________ (cost for one week) Trucks/Vans/Jeeps Access. .870 Q: I have an old frame that has rounded glass and wonder
Vintage/Classic Vehicles .....873 if it has any value. -- Mary, Minnesota
times number of weeks __________ 4 for 3 Special TOTAL COST __________________
Work Vehicles/Heavy Equip. ....855 A: I examined the picture you sent me, and I think your
frame was made during the 1930s and is probably worth
Apts./House for Rent...........630 about $50. Since you didnt send measurements, it could be
Camps for Sale ...................650 worth a little more or a little less, depending on size.
$ FULL PAYMENT MUST ACCOMPANY THIS FORM Comm. Rentals/Sales .........605 ***
MasterCard Condominiums ....................680 Q: I have a childs book, Mickey Mouse in the Wild
Apt. Blds. for Sale................685 West, published by Walt Disney. It is in fairly good condi-
Visa Homes .................................690 tion. What can you tell me about it? -- Mark, Missouri
Credit Card
Number ____________________________________________________ Discover Land for Sale.......................670 A: Your book was published in 1973 and is worth about
Mobile Homes .....................600
Vacation Rentals/Sales .......645
Signature __________________________________________Exp. Date ___________________ Wanted to Rent/Buy ............610 (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.

page 24 The WORLD August 30, 2017

Country Kidders Smokehouse,LLC.
Custom smoke & cure. We do
FIREWOOD for SALE; cut to
length, split and delivered in
FOOD GRADE Barrels totes,
We have over 700 in stock Pampered cornbeef. Orange. 802-498-
4550. Monday-Friday 9-5:30,
Montpelier and Barre. Green
$215/cord, Seasoned $300/
from 2 1/2Gal275 Gal totes.
Call for Info; Bicknell Barrels
Paws ONLY BY APPOINTMENT Or Toll Free 1-800-639-9753 ~ Central Vermonts Newspaper
Pet Grooming & SATURDAYS/SUNDAYS 403 U.S. Route 302 - Berlin Barre, VT 05641
cord, all Hardwood. 802-485- The Barrel Man. 802-439- Boarding
8525 5149/802-439-5519. East Montpelier
GREEN FIREWOOD GREEN HOUSE Radiant Heated Floors For Winter,
Split & Delivered For Sale
Air Conditioning In Summer
$225/cord 30X72, 2 Exhaust fans, A
Kirk Thompson Lights, Auto Drip Watering S
802-456-7421 ystems, Enclosed Ends, Roll- T
ONE EMPIRE Propane space
up sides, Priced $3400.00.
heater DV-60 $400, DV-15
$400, 802-229-5173 GROW THE BEST GARDEN

Two Year old black cow ma- ADS, VISIT OUR WEB PAGE:
Split and Delivered.
3-yards delivered $125.
Top Soil/cow manure mixed
50/50 3-yards $150. 298 J. Brown Dr., Williston, VT
Also including deliver of
We Grind All Stumps for rea- crushed slate, stone, sand
sonable prices, Call Randy and gravel.
Pickel Tree Service at 802- Sparrow Farm
479-3403/802-249-7164 802-229-2347 Anxious Dog Needs Socializing
Firewood split and Delivered We Grind All Stumps for rea-
$250/cord. Top Quality Dry matter what I do, I cant get my
sonable prices, Call Randy 1-year-old shorthaired pointer,
Firewood $300/cord. Medium Pickel Tree Service at 802- E
Quality Dry Firewood $285 479-3403/802-249-7164 Blue, to act appropriately
/cord. Cord &1/2 minimum around other dogs. I tried taking
delivery. Priced for local TIRED OF BARK MULCH? him to the dog park a few times 04 Chrysler Concorde 1
Delivery. Chaloux Brothers COLORED STONE ROCKS! since adopting him, but he 04 Jeep Liberty
Williamstown. 802-433-6619 New landscape stone in stock, becomes hard to control after S
1 winter white marble chips seeing dogs on the other side of 07 Toyota Sienna
3/4 Pink granite chips. the fence. How can I socialize my dog?
FARM/GARDEN/ landscapestonesofvermont. -- Frustrated in Cincinnati

co Black Rock Coal,
LAWN East Montpelier, VT.
DEAR FRUSTRATED: At the risk of being blunt, forget
BRUSH-HOGGING BY 1-800-639-3197. about the dog park for a while. Blue needs to be able to
respond to basic commands like sit and stay, and he 05 Ford Freestyle
Central Vermont area. needs to remain calm in situations with other dogs. Neither 05 Honda Civic o W
on Wednesday
ed esd
No eld is to small or to large. of these things is happening when you take him to the dog
Call for a quote. park.
802-839-6527. Blues behavior suggests hes worried about the situation
that youre taking him into. Who are those dogs? What is
3BR/1BA Barre City Home
this place? Is it safe? He doesnt know, and he doesnt
know what to do, and hes acting up. You must find what Estate of Wilfred Denno, Jr.
Blues anxiety triggers are. Chances are he is getting
stressed well before he reaches the park.
MONKEY How do you do this? Teach Blue a basic command, like 113 Maple Avenue, Barre, VT
3-YEAR OLD LARGE MIXED BREED sit or lie down, until you are confident Blue will do it
Monkey is a big boy with a sweet disposition and plenty of immediately. Later, on your walks, give him this com-
love to give. He has some skills already under his doggie belt, mand. If he responds well, hes probably calm and focused, home with nice
including sit, down, paw, and gives kisses on command! He
loves to play fetch, swim, and cuddle at the end of the day. He
which is good. If his response falters or he doesnt obey at
is accustomed to sleeping in bed with his human and fancies all, something is up -- hes getting distracted or stressed.
Blue needs to develop confidence that he will be OK in
himself a bit of a lapdog. Monkey is seeking an active home
unfamiliar situations. There are a number of methods to do
with an affectionate human with some prior dog experi ence.
He does not realize his size and strength, and needs a home this, and you can learn how by working with a trainer on
with no children, cats, or other dogs. He's favorite thing is car ways to ease him into new environments.
rides! Please stop by our adoption center if you think Monkey

might be the dog for you! Send your questions, comments and tips to ask@
1589 VT Rte 14S East Montpelier 476-3811 Thomas Hirchak Company (c) 2017 King Features Synd., Inc.
Tues.-Fri. 1pm-5pm,
Sat. 10am-4pm 800-634-7653


Old tools and woodstoves, 680 Jacobs Rd
Montpelier, VT
SEPT. 2-3-4 * 7:30AM-5PM
12 Alum. Boat-Savage 308
tions of qualityChildren
Friday, Sept 1 and CLASSIFIED AD
furniture, Free and misc Rie with Scope-Furniture- Sat, Sept 2
Saturday 9/2/17 - Women & Children First
stuff, down sizing. Sept 2 & Jewelry-Tools-Big Wood 9:00- 1:00,
Sunday 9/3/17 114 No. Main St
3, 8-4pm. 906 Cob Hill Rd, Barrels-Toys-BB Gun-Old Kemp Ave in
9:004:00 Barre, VT
Waterbury, VT. LOTS of everyday house-
Butter Churn- Fishing Stuff-
Glassware-Sports Cards- 476-4413
Montpelier, VT
just off College St. YARD/GARAGE SALE
BARRE TWO family lawn
good, tools, windows(some
Deer Antlers-Duck Decoys-
Jugs-Cast Iron Pans-Jack ONE DAY ONLY!
Household decor, kitchen
supplies, microwaves, lots CLASSIFIED AD
sale 23 and 29 Hillside Ave free), chairs, tires, stove Knives-Lots of good stuff Saturday, Sept 2, 8-3pm. more! Worth the trip! Up To 15 Words
Sep 2-4 9-4 Household pipe, tile remnnants, oak in boxes for Low Prices. 7 Baby gear, collectibles, (each additional word is 35)
wood ooring, cabinets, Miles South of Montpelier kitchen tools, some furni- TAG SALE
goods, furniture, hard cover
wood red hot tub, oil hot air on Route 12 First Home on ture, metal bestos chimney, St. Sylvester Church KIT INCLUDES:
D.Steel books $1.00, glass- Pine Hill Dr. (Riverton) 485- miscellaneous. Great deals basement. IT IS FULL Fluorescent Signs
furnace, Leprechaun wood Saturday-8:00-3:00
ware, much more. Many stove, dog ramp, doors, to 6185 For Information. to be found! 21 Cherrywood Art & Crafts, Glassware,
Price Stickers
new things! name a few. No early Birds Drive, off of Quarry Hill Childrens Toys including Inventory & Tip Sheet

please... 2220 Country Club Rd, basketballs and soccer
BARRE, 44 Nelson Street. Plaineld, VT. balls, clothing, footwear,
Rain/Shine. GARAGE SALE BARRE SEPT 2 + 4, 10 to 3 space heaters, Books, FOR
Sat and Sunday ONLY
164 MITCHELL RD 9/2 & 9/3 You name it we probably Holiday Items, & More. 217
Saturday September 2, 8-12 Churchill Rd, Graniteville. For only $1.00 more, purchase
2ND driveway on left from 9:00 to 4:00 have it. 50 Bicknell Hill Rd,
12 aluminum shing boat Brook Rd. Lawn mower, Tunbridge, VT "Rain Insurance" (if it rains on your
Sofa, rugs, glass coffee ta- YARD SALE
w/4HP, w/downriggers, sun table saw, doll house, 7-10 bles, bookshelves, lawn and sale, The WORLD will run your ad
September 2 & 3, 396 Union Fri 9/1 & Sat 9/2
canopy, etc. Fishing equip- kids clothes, air conditioner, garden tools, snow blower, 9-1 each day the following week for FREE.*
ment, 6 dining room chairs, miscellaneous, September pressure washer, ping pong Street, Northeld. *Must call by 9:00 AM Monday to
Corner Batchelder & Spring
1&2, 9-5. table, snow scoop, carpet St, Barre, VT. Tools, house- run your ad again.
tablesaw, chop/miter saw, SNACK SHACK
tools, wall decor, replace hold, clothing, coins, knives,
snowshoes. HUGE GARAGE SALE tool set, new snowshoes, ANNUAL YARD SALE other items & free items.
Old/ New/ In between, misc household items and Sept 2-3
DE-CLUTTER YARD SALE Friday & Saturday much more. No early birds! Sat-Sun YARD SALE
Friday 9-1-2017 8:00AM to 8-3 9AM-3PM September 2&3 403 U.S. Rt. 302 - Berlin
MULTI-FAMILY 515 North Main St Sat 9-3 Barre, VT 05641
3:00PM. Saturday 9-2-2017 314 Hill street GARAGE SALE
Barre, VT Sun 9-1 (802) 479-2582 1-800-639-9753
8:00AM to 3:00PM. Chain Barre Vt MOVING SALE Something For Everyone! 21 HIGH ST
Jewelry, Pocketbooks, Re- Furniture, Boat, Motor-
saw, 2 Fish tanks, Can- E.Barre, VT
Sept 1st 2nd 3rd cliner, Collectibles, Womens cycle, Homemade craft Men & Womens Clothing,
ning jars, Router w/table, 9-5 in the Club House items, Gaming & computer,
Clothes small to plus size dished, bedding, air condi-
Wooden table, Pet carrier, at Quarry Hill Apartments and much more. Restaurant Table & chairs & tioner, sleep bag, Ice maker
Car top carrier Plus More. No Early Birds 21 C Street, Barre. Much More! & Homemade crafts.

August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 25


Paying reasonable amounts
DRIVEWAY ofce? Handyman services from your attic, basement or
available. Call Joe. 802-498- garage. Call Joe
depending on the Fluctuation Septic Install SEALCOATING 3692. 802-498-3692.
Hot Rubber Crack Repair Edging
Classified & Display of the market for cars and Solar Heat
trucks, FREE Local Scrap Central Vermont Sealcoating PAINTING WEEKLY FALL LAWN
Geo Thermal
Steve Morris Orange, VT
Metal Pick-up. Call Barre, Alternative Wood Heating INTERIOR/EXTERIOR MOWING AND
802-917-2495, 802-476-4815, 802-229-5800
272-8354 Wallpaper removal, Dry wall LEAF MULCHING
Free Estimates
Now Placing Your Bob. 802-839-0738 repairs and more Neat, clean Means No More
Classified Or Display Ad quality work. Leafs to rake.
Is Even Easier! ANTIQUE & VINTAGE BRUSH HOGGING large or Free Estimate Insured. Free Estimate
CLOCKS small areas, Rhett Savoie, FULL QUALITY
TREE SERVICE 802-793-1017. Bob Morin
Professionally Cleaned & 802-272-7130. 802-522-9753
Repaired. Reasonable Prices, FALL CLEAN-UP PRESERVE YOUR
Removal & Full Tree Services,
Pickup/Delivery Available,
ClockWork Wayne, DmFURNACE Stump Grinding, Hedge and
Shrubs trimming, for free es-
**Convert Obsolete Media**
Let Us help x the problem
(Northeld, VT) MAN timates call Randy 802-479-
3403/802-249-7164 35+ years
Full details:
forever from the outside of
the Foundation. We will exca-
Oil Furnace Tune-Ups experience, Fully Insured. vate and install an underdrain
Cleanings Repairs Alan Taplow, system with Perforate pipe,, clean stone, and Filter Fabric.
Installations HOUSE & BUSINESS
802-454-4675 Free Estimates, Call Sunrise
Fully Licensed & Insured CLEANING
Construction LLC at
Our E-mail address is CARPET AND Reasonable Rates
Window washing, Wood
Stacking, Organizing, Help
802-461-6441 UPHOLSTERY Call Daryl with moving, and much more.
Specializing in meeting indi-
done in Barre/Montpelier area.
Please include contact
person & payment info CLEANING 802-249-2814 vidual needs with integrity
Free Estimates. Call Joe 802-
and respect. Dependable, Classified
( Only) Residential & Commercial Deadline Is
DOES YOUR home need a Thorough, Flexible and Hard STUMPS STUMPS STUMPS
223-6490 good exterior cleaning? We Working. 15 Years Experi- We Grind All Stumps for rea- MONDAY
479-2582 or Our Reputation Is Clean! can pressure wash it spotless. ence. Call; sonable prices, Call Randy Before 10AM
Tammy or Garrett
1-800-639-9753 FREE ESTIMATES Call 802- Pickel Tree Service at 802-


461-6441. 479-3403/802-249-7164

Troy West
Carpet Cleaning
Dry Circular Foam
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Quality In Bobs Creative Landscaping Gendron Concrete
Concrete business since 1972.
Repairs New floors and walls Decorative concrete *Trees, Shrubs,

GreGs Crane work Consulting ICF foundations Evergreens

114 Three Mile Bridge Rd., Middlesex, VT *Patios, Walls,
Walkways, Decking

PaintinG & CarPentrY (802) 229-0480 *General

Bob Richardson, Owner
Metal Roof Painting *Designing Pavers
Tel: 802 472-8877
Handpaint or Spray Free Estimates & Consulting! Cell: 802 249-8448
Metal Roof Painting
Reasonable Low Rates
Neat, Quality Work Grants Trash Removal
Guarantee References Insured -Residential and
small commercial clean-outs
Call 802-479-2733 EPA, RRP, EMP Certified -Junk, metal & debris removal

Trash & Recycling Drop

at Black Bear BioDiesel
Worths Seamless Rain Gutters, Inc. in Plainfield EPDM & TPO RUBBER
An Call Heather @ 279-3469 ASPHALT SHINGLES
Washington, VT
Investment VINYL SIDING Residential/Commercial
You Can WOOD SIDING Fully Insured
Hang On
To!! 2483 ELM STREET
In Your Area
To Serve!
Blue Ridge ConstRuCtion
Building and Excavation
Copper and Aluminum Gutters BY CREDIT CARD ONLY Driveway Repairs Septic Systems
K Style & Half Round Gutters POST HOLE DIGGERS 3 TO 10
5 and 6 Commercial & Residential Gutters Custom Homes Modular Homes
Gutter Toppers Snow & Ice Restraint Systems LAWN ROLLER Design Build Services
Hott Topper (prevents ice damming) PRESSURE WASHERS Kitchens Bathrooms
Over 29 Years in Business DR FIELD & BRUSH MOWER Renovations Additions
3165 U.S. Route 5 Land/Home Packages Available
P.O. Box 732, Derby VT 05829 SUMMER HOURS
Toll Free 800-870-2113 Phone 802-766-2113
MON.-FRI. 8:30 TO 5:30
SAT. 10 TO 2
Call 229-1153
Come visit us at Montpelier, VT Available Here 223-3336 for free estimates
page 26 The WORLD August 30, 2017

ardening in the summer cannot Their waist is thinner than that of bees, and their elongated While working in the garden you can protect yourself from
wings are as long as their bodies. stings with a few simple measures. Avoid wearing brightly
always be a bed of roses, espe- colored and patterned clothes. Avoid wearing perfumes and
Before you reach for the poison baits and spray can, con-
cially if there are bees on those sider some less toxic means to reduce encounters with these other scents such as from deodorants, scented hairspray, or
roses. Bees are actually good in pests. Your goal should not be to eliminate them from the from suntan lotion.
entire area, as they too have their use in suppressing a wide Maintaining your composure around yellowjackets, or if
the garden though, especially for they land on you, also can help prevent stings. Move slowly
variety of pest insects. Yellowjackets dont just scavenge on
pollination, and are seldom a bother unless items such as around trashmeat, fish, and sugary products and keep calm. Swatting or other fast movement can agitate
really provoked. Often confused with bees but eat flies, beetle grubs, and other pests that we dont them, provoking stings and even bites. Yes, they can even
want. bite! Slowly brush them off, or waiting until they fly off on
are yellowjackets, which pose a much more their own, is better than hitting or constraining them.
Get rid of their most important human source of food, gar-
serious threat. bage, and youll go far towards getting rid of them. Keep Squashing a yellowjacket also releases a chemical alarm that
garbage covered, and dispose of it frequently. Also rake up signals others to the area to attack!
Dr. Leonard Perry, Horticulture Professor Emeritus and dispose of fruit drops whose sugar attracts them. In spite of all these precautions, if you do get stung, here is
University of Vermont You also can use food to trap them. Make traps of one-liter what to do. This assumes you are not hypersensitive to bee
Yellowjackets are not even in the same family as bees, size soft drink bottles. Bait these with left over soda, cat food, and wasp venom, in which case you should have emergency
being instead a type of wasp in the Vespid family, similar to ham, tuna, or over ripe fruit. Then place at the farthest corners medicines with you.
related wasps and hornets. Without barbs on their stingers as of your property. --Examine the site of the sting to see if it is from a bee or
bees have, yellowjackets can repeatedly sting their victims. While they dont go out of their way to sting, they are quick yellowjacket. If from a bee, the stinger will still be there.
They are most active in late summer when their colonies reach to defend their homes. If you get stung, you may have cor- Scrape it out with a side-to-side motion.
their peak, and they need higher levels of protein-rich or sug- nered or surprised a yellowjacket, or gotten too near their --Wash the wound with soap and water to remove some of
ary foods. colony. the venom.
A yellowjacket colony consists of the queen, female work- Although yellowjackets make paper nests similar to other --Treat the wound with ice, meat tenderizer (which contains
ers (which are what you may encounter), and the males which wasps, they usually build these nests underground. Watch for enzymes that destroy proteins in the venom), or anti-hista-
appear in late summer. Only the females that have mated with underground nest openings they may be entering and leaving. mines (to reduce symptoms such as pain and swelling).
the males will overwinter to produce next years eggs and Nesting colonies also may be found in building cavities, under --Rest and dont drink alcohol.
future offspring. porches and steps, in bushes, or at the base of trees. If you --Seek medical attention if the sting is to the mouth or
You can identify yellowjackets by their alternating black notice them flying about your garden, use caution when weed- throat, as swelling there could obstruct breathing.
and yellow markings on their body segments, and their ing! Using the proper precautions, you can spray ground Dont let yellowjackets drive you from your garden. A few
smaller size than many bees. Unlike bees, these wasps dont openings or nests in evening, and again in morning. Use a simple changes to your human environment outdoors, your
have as much body hair or the expanded hind leg (both used wasp and hornet spray that reaches 20 feet, and leave imme- clothing and actions, may be all that is needed to drive them
for bees to transport pollen), and have a rounded abdomen. diately upon spraying. away instead.

SERVICE Announcement!
DIRECTORY As of September 5, 2017
The Montpelier Sewing Basket
is moving and will consolidate with our main shop in Barre at
325 Main Street, Barre, VT 05641
5 Residential & 6 Commercial Free Estimates / Fully Insured 802-476-8389
Custom Gutters Located in the Lennys / RiteAid / SoupnGreens Complex
Available in colors to match
Made from the heaviest weight The Sewing Basket open
aluminum .032 gauge Alterations Dry Cleaning SAturdAy
We offer a 20-Year warranty on
materials and 5-Year workmanship Embroidery & Monograms morningS
guarantee Lots of Tuxedo Rentals
All Seamless Copper & Aluminum Plus Half-Round Classics parking!
Superior InstallationWe Use Bar Hangers, Which Are Screwed Into The
Fascia Board For Greater Durability come A Professional Sewing Service Since 1982
~ Home of Anderson Imprints ~
800-499-6326 802-334-6326 Visit us!
Hours: M-F 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Sat.: 8 a.m. - Noon
Visit Our Website:

Daniels Metal Fabrication, Inc.

Over 39 Years Experience Rates Lowered Due To The Economy

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

~Interior ~Exterior ~Pressure Washing
Furnace Plenums ~5 Year Guarantee ~Quality Work
Stove Heat Shields ~Commercial/Residential ~Free Estimates
Roof Flashing - Drip Edge ~Insured ~EMP Lead Removal Certified
Ductwork - Offsets -Transitions 15 Years Experience
379 So. Barre Rd., South Barre
Pellet Stove Hopper Extensions
802-793-6351CELL 802-479-2007 Old VT Lottery Building, next to the PO
456 East Montpelier Road, Montpelier 5% goes tocharity ofchoice
of profit yoUr
802-223-2801 802-223-3789 Open Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. 10AM to 6PM, Sat. 8AM to 1PM

Starting At
24 x 24 garage, 6 concrete floors with steel BRUSHHOGGING
rebar, (2) 7 x 9 garage doors, one entry door. *Hardscaping *Drainage Work
*Custom Stonework Serving Vermont
Garages to your specifications, any size. Fully Insured
Serving Vermont
House Framing & Addition Work Fully Insured
Call 802-296-1522 Ask for Ray 802-883-5090 802-883-5090

Are you experiencing computer issues aecting
your business? Have security concerns? Or do
you just need simple helpdesk support?
At rbTechnologies, we support Microsoft
Windows, VMware, Linux and diversied
Top To BoTTom Chimney ServiCeS
24 x 24 or 24 x 28 computer networks, oering end to end
Richard Dickinson
86 Ceiling Height solutions
Are you experiencing computer issuesfor your your
affecting business
business?data and
(2) 8x9 Garage Doors
We support
Are you
Have security concerns? Or
Microsoft Windows,
experiencing VMware,
do you just need
If you are
simple helpdesk support?
having computer
Linux network issues,
& diversified
issues aecting in
(802) 479-1811
Entry Door need of network upgrades, moving to the cloud
Vinyl Windows
networks, offering solutions
yoursystems. or
your business
business? Have security concerns? Or do
looking for simple
data & communication
helpdesk support,
giving rbTechnologies a call. We are local and
try Chimney Building, Repairs, Caps
Painted you just need
Computer simple
network issues? helpdesk
In need
would love of support?
to hear fromupgrades?
you! Moving to the
Stainless Steel Liners and Cleaning
Shingle or Corrugated Metal Roofing cloud or just looking for simple helpdesk support? Call us!
At We
are local and would love towe
hear fromsupport
you! Microsoft Free Estimates/Insured
Hood Building and Contracting 1970 Vermont Rt. 14 South | East Montpelier, VT 05651
802-276-3637 or 802-522-6006 Windows, VMware, Linux and diversied
1970 Vermont Rt. 14 South | East Montpelier, VT 05651

802.223.4448 802.223.4448

computer networks, oering end to end
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 27
solutions for your business data and
communication systems.

We Service All
Makes & Models
Fleet & Commercial
Accounts Welcome
We Honor All
The Dust Has Settled Super Saver Discount 2000 CHYRSLER CONCORD 2009 GMC PICKUP TRUCK 1955 PLYMOUTH-BELVE-
& Its A New Year. SPEND THIS... SAVE THIS... Parts. 1985 Dodge Camper
good hunting Camper, 802-
(with plow)
Fayston is taking offers on the
DERE owed over 20 years.
Lots of Parades, 2 car shows
Welcome To Our $49 TO $99 $10 477-3212 2009 GMC Pickup Truck (with
plow) until 8/28/17 at 3:30 p.m.
Trophies Winner! List for $1345
will sell for $8,950, needs radi-
$100 TO $199 $20 ator work. 802-223-1337
New Facility. MOTORCYCLES/ Low book value is $11,000.00,
or Best Offer. Questions:
$200 TO $299 $30 ATVS please call Road Foreman,
Come Visit Our New $300 TO $499 $45 Stuart Hallstrom, at 802-496-
8827. Send offers via email to ACCESSORIES
Store & Receive $500 TO $699 $60 MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI
to The Town of Fayston, 866
Z1-900 (1972-75), KZ900, 1931 FORD MODEL A 2Dr se-
Huge Discounts
Most vehicles. May not be combined with any KZ1000 (1976-1982), Z1R,
North Fayston Road, Fayston,
dan older restoration, rebuilt
other offers or specials. Must present coupon VT 05660.
KZ 1000MK2 (1979-,80), W1- engine, new interior, one own-
when order is written. Plus tax & supplies. Valid 650, H1-500 (1969-72), H2- 2011 FORD E-150 CARGO er last 50 years priced to sell
On Regular Services only at this dealership. 750 (1972-1975), S1-250, S2-
350, S3-400, KH250, KH400,
VAN V8 4 spd auto, only 7800
mi, Excellent condition, asking
$9500, 223-5456
$18,500 802-476-6076 convertible. Good Running

#6, YOU ARE DUE! CBX1000 (1979,80) CASH!! 94; TOYOTA PICKUP condition, daily driver, owned

$ 95
1-800-772-1142 1-310-721- 4WD, Inspected, New Exhaust, eleven years. Crate 350,
Vermont State QUICK WASH 0726 Gas tank, & Sending Unit. 290 HP, comes with original en-
gine. All maintenance records.
Inspection QUICK VACUUM $1200 OBO
$15,000 obo. 802-229-1500.

CHECK A/C PERFORMANCE 802-433-6100 Leave Mes-
2005 VOLVO WAGON. High
miles, well maintained, leath-
CHECK WIPERS AND ALL LIGHTS All Makes/Models 2000-2016! er, heated seats, winter tires,
Most Cars & Light Trucks Pass or Fail CHECK ALL FILTERS BELTS AND HOSES Any Condition. Running or Not. moonroof. $3,000.00. 802-343-
See Service Advisor for Details 2710.
Were Nationwide! Call Now: CARS/TRUCKS WANTED!!!

Any Condition. Running or Not.
Call Toll Free TOYOTA TACOMA from 99
SR5 Prerunner V6 XCab OFF
Competitive Offer! Free Tow-
ing! Were Nationwide! Call
Road Automatic Clear title. Now: 1-888-416-2330
MONDAY - FRIDAY 7 - 5 SATURDAY 7 - 12. OFFERS GOOD WITH AD TIL 9-2-17. $2200 Call: 802-456-0829.
Credit repair companies make
false claims and promises to
erase a trail of unpaid bills or
late payments from your credit
Montpelier Rd Rt. 14 North - Barre report. However, only time can
802-479-0140 erase negative, but accurate
credit information. In addition,
auto., PW, PL federal law forbids credit repair
companies from collecting
$3,995 money before they provide
auto., low miles, 4x4, loaded, sharp red! their service. TIP: If you have
questions about your credit
$6,995 history or you want to know
2008 FORD F250 LX
auto., 4x4, AC, PW, PL, 8 ft. Fisher SS V-plow, how to get a free copy of your
low miles - 32K, 1 owner credit report call the ATTOR-
auto., loaded, leather, sunroof, one owner at 1-800-649-2424. Dont send
$5,995 any money to a credit repair
2007 FORD FOCUS SE company until you check it out.
Auto., PW, PL, AC, NY title, low miles
Got an older car, boat or RV?
$4,495 Do the humane thing. Donate
it to the Humane Society. Call
AC, PW, PL, low miles, one owner 1-855-558-3509
2009 CHEVROLET COBALT LS SIZES, Used Rims, 802-883-
2-door, auto., low miles
4-door, auto, PW, PL, AC

E-mail us!
2006 FORD F150 XCAB XLT 4X4
auto., AC, PW, PL, one owner,
low miles, NY title, warranty
$12,995 Classified & Display
5 spd., PW, PL, low miles
2005 FORD FOCUS SES Now Placing Your
loaded, sunroof, 5-spd, low miles, sharp red Classified Or Display Ad
$4,595 Is Even Easier!
auto., leather, one owner, low miles
auto., loaded, low miles (81K)
auto., 4WD, loaded, low miles
$5,995 Our E-mail address is
auto, NY title, low miles
$4,495 Please include contact
person & payment info
sunroof, 5.0 liter, V8,
high performance, low miles, 110K
Trades Welcome 479-2582 or
Prices Negotiable
Just a Sample of Many 1-800-639-9753
Just Good Autos!

Jerry Dudley's Auto Connection

395 Washington Street
Barre, VT 05641
Phone: 802.476.8114
30+ Years In Satisfying Customers
Robert Dudley
Jerry Dudley
Find Us Online at
Warranties Available
We Are Now A FULL SERVICE SHOP Doing State
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page 28 The WORLD August 30, 2017

Did you know?
Traffic can be bad for your

health and also bad for your

car. According to a University

of Surrey study published in 

Science Daily, pollution lev- 

els inside of cars were found 

to be 40 percent higher while


sitting in traffic jams or at red 

lights compared to levels in 

free-flowing traffic. The 

World Health Organization

considers interior car pollu-


tion one of the top 10 health
risks faced by humans. Health
The new FISHER XV2 v-plow is loaded with features and ready to

implications are not the only

take on the harshest winter conditions.

hazard posed by traffic jams.

402 VT RTE 107
Stop-and-go traffic also takes EXIT 3 OFF I-89 CLEANING CONDENSER
Protect Your Vehicle From Winter Grime
idling, engine ventilation sys- - Exterior hand wash & wax

tems are at their weakest,
(802) 763-2585 OUTPUT TEST - Vacuum interior
Toll Free 800-877-5854
warns Road and Travel. As a REPLACE CABIN AIR FILTER - Dust down the dash
result, acidic combustion ADD REFRIGERANT WITH DYE - Wash windows,
products and incompletely IF NEEDED
inside & out
burned fuel in the engine can PARTS EXTRA IF NEEDED Reg. Value: $134.95
start to form engine deposits. - May not be combined with any other offer - May not be combined with any other offer
Please present coupon at vehicle write-up. Offer good through 9/2/17. Please present coupon at vehicle write-up. Offer good through 9/2/17.
Over time, such deposits may

clog fuel injectors and inter- AVAILABLE AT CAPITOL CITY KIA

fere with the flow of fuel to
the combustion chamber.
Traffic can age vehicle
engines and their braking
systems. Using brake fluid
and oils for extreme driving - May not be TO ALL ACTIVE & INACTIVE
conditions may help prevent combined
some damage. Avoiding rush
hour is another 2011way
TAURUS . . . .SEL . . .. ..SEL .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .$11,995
. .. ... .. .$11,995
. ($199/month)
. . .($199/month)
. . . . . . $11,995 ($199/month)
with any
improve personal health and
2006 GMC
safeguard the condition CANYON
of the 2006
2006 SLE1.
CANYON . . . .SLE1.
. . . ..SLE1... .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..$9,995
... .. .. $9,995
. ($197/month)
. . . ($197/month)
. . . . . . . $9,995 ($197/month) AVAILABLE AT CAPITOL CITY KIA
2007 HONDA FIT SPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,495 ($149/month)
vehicle. 2007 HONDA FIT SPORT 2007 HONDA . . . . . .FIT . . .SPORT
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$6,495 . . . . ($149/month)
. . . . . . . . . . $6,495 ($149/month)

2009 HONDA FIT SPORT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,495 ($155/month)
2010 HONDA
. . .CIVIC
. . ... .. .. ..... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$7,495
. .. ... .$10,495
. ($155/month)
. . .($198/month)
. . . . . . . $7,495 ($155/month)
2010 HONDA CIVIC 2010
. EX-L.
. . . . ..SDLX ... .. .. ... .. .. .. . .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .$10,495
. .. .. ... .$11,995
. ($198/month)
. . .($195/month)
. . . . . . $10,495 ($198/month)
2010 HONDA CR-V2012 HONDA CR-V EX-L . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,495 ($252/month)
2010 HONDA . . . . . CR-V. . . . . EX-L.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,995
2013 HONDA CR-V EX-L . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $17,995 ($276/month)
. . . . . .($195/month)
. . . . . . . . . $11,995 ($195/month) STATE
2012 HONDA CR-V2014 EX-L
2012 HONDA
HONDA . . .CRV-. . CR-V
. EX-L.
. . . . .EX-L.. .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$16,495
. .. ... .. .$17,995
. ($252/month)
. . .($276/month)
. . . . . . $16,495 ($252/month)

2013 HONDA CR-V2012 EX-L
2013 HONDA
. . . .FE . EX-L
.. .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .$17,995
. .. ... .. .$10,695
. ($276/month)
. . .($198/month)
. . . . . . $17,995 ($276/month) VERM

$ 95
2014 HONDA CRV-2008 JEEP
2014 HONDA. WRANGLER . . . . .. EX-L.
. . . . CRV- ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .$17,995
. .. ... .. .$19,995. . .($378/month)
. ($276/month)
. . . . . . $17,995 ($276/month)
Most cars & light trucks TION
2013 KIA SOUL BASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,495 ($149/month)
2012 FE
HYUNDAI . . . . . . SANTA
. . . . . . .
FE . . . . . . . . . . .
2011 KIA SOUL PLUS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,495 ($167/month)
2012 .FORTE
. .
. . . . ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..$19,995
. . . . ($198/month)
... .. .. .. $9,995
. . . .
. . .
. . .($172/month)
. $10,695 ($198/month)
. . . . . . $19,995 ($378/month)
only, repairs
May not be combined with any other offer
DUE Plus
2013 .KIA
. . SOUL
. . BASE
. . . .BASE.. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..$8,495
... .. .. .. $9,995
. . . .(172/month) Please present coupon at vehicle write-up.
. . . . . . $8,495 ($149/month) Tax
2014 MITSBUSHI MIRAGE ES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,995 ($159/month) Offer good through 9/2/17.
2011 KIA SOUL PLUS 2011 .KIA
. . . SOUL
. . . . . .PLUS
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2012 NISSAN ROGUE SV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,950 ($196/month)
. . . .
$9,495 . . . ($167/month)
. . . . . . . . . . $9,495 ($167/month)
. . . FORTE
. . . . . .KOUP . LE
. . .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$9,995 We Also Inspect Campers & Trailers! FREE CAR WASH
2006 . .. ... .$10,995
. ($172/month)
. . .($198/month)
. . . . . . . $9,995 ($172/month) WITH ANY SERVICE
2013 KIA SOUL BASE 2013 .KIA
2013NISSAN . . . SOUL
. . . . .BASE . .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. ..$9,995
S ... .$11,495
. . (172/month)
. .($214/month)
. . . . . . . . $9,995 (172/month)
By Chris Richcreek
2014 MITSBUSHI MIRAGE 2011 DODGE RAM DAKOTA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,995 ($224/month)
2014 MITSBUSHI ES . . . . .MIRAGE . . . . . . . .ES . . . . . . . . . .$8,995 . . . . ($159/month)
. . . . . . . . . . $8,995 ($159/month)


2012 SUBARU IMPREZA SDN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,995 ($172/month)
1. Entering the 2017 season, ROGUE 2012 SVNISSAN
. . . . . .ROGUE
. . . . . . .SV. . . . . .
2011 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,495 . . . . . . . .
$10,950. . . . ($196/month)
. . .($224/month)
. . . . . . $10,950 ($196/month)
how many consecutive2006 NISSAN
. . . . . .. .. ... .. LE .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .$10,995
. .. ... .. $14,495
. .($198/month)
. . .($266/month)
. . . . . . $10,995 ($198/month)
had the Baltimore Orioles
2014 . . . . LEGACY
. . .ROGUE . . . .S.... .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$11,495 . .. ... .. $14,995 . . .($266/month)
. .($214/month)
. . . . . . $11,495 ($214/month)
You Dont Have To Purchase Your Vehicle Here To Take Advantage Of Our Quality Service!
2011 SUBARU OUTBACK 3.6R. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995 ($259/month)
at least 200 home2011 runs?
2011 DODGE . . RAM
. . . . . DAKOTA
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
SUBARU FORESTER LTD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $21,495 ($329/month) . . . .
$11,995. . . . ($224/month)
. . . . . . . . . $11,995 ($224/month)
2. Which was the lastSUBARU
2012 school IMPREZA 2012TOYOTA
. . . . .. .. .. ...SDN
BASE .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. ..$9,995
... .. .. $8,995
. ($172/month)
. . .($194/month)
. . . . . . . $9,995 ($172/month)
before Coastal 2011 Carolina in
2011 SUBARU 2.5i RAV4 . . OUTBACK
. . . .. .. .. ... .. ..2.5i .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$11,495
. .. ... .. $11,995
. . ($224/month)
. . .($198/month)
. . . . . . $11,495 ($224/month)
2016 to win the champion- 2014 TOYOTA CAMRY SE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,995 ($238/month)
ship in its first College World FORESTER.
2012 SUBARU . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
2013 TOYOTA TACOMA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995 ($251/month)
. . .
$14,495 . . . . ($266/month)
. . . . . . . . . $14,495 ($266/month) RT. 2 & GALLISON HILL RD.
. . . TRD. . . .. .. ..PREM . .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$14,995
. .. ... .. $19,995
. . ($266/month)
. . .($339/month)
. . . . . . $14,995 ($266/month)
3. Who holds 2011 the SUBARU
. . . . .SE . .... ..3.6R.
.. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... .$15,995
. .. ... .. $13,995
. . ($259/month)
. . .($219/month)
. . . . . . $15,995 ($259/month) Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 7-5
Wed. 7-7 SAT. 8-2
Division I record 2015for most FORESTER
SUBARU 2015 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF TSI S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,495 ($237/month)
. . . . . . . . . . .LTD . . . . . . . . .$21,495 . . . . . ($329/month)
. . . . . . . . . $21,495 ($329/month)
punting yards in 2006
a game?
. . . . . .BASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$8,995 . . . . ($194/month)
. . . . . . . . . . $8,995 ($194/month) S e rv i c e & P a rt s
4. How many2011 times
2011 BASETOYOTA . . . . .RAV4 . . . . . BASE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$11,995 . . . . . ($198/month)
. . . . . . . . . $11,995 ($198/month) Call toll free: 866-764-7509
LeBron James led his NBA 802.472.7510 | | XXXXXXXXXX
. . . . . . . SE . . . . . . . . . . . . .$14,995 . . . . . ($238/month)
. . . . . . . . . $14,995 ($238/month)
team in total assists for a sea- DISCLAIMER:
son during his 14-year NBA TACOMA 2013ALLTOYOTA
. . . . . . ARE . . . ESTIMATED,
. . . . . . . . BASED . . .$15,995
. . ON . . .CREDIT
. . . . . APPROVAL
. . . . $15,995 ($251/month)
2010 TOYOTA . . . TACOMA
. . . BASED
. . . . . ON TRD
. . .YEAR . . . .OF. .VEHICLE(2009
. . .$19,995
. . . . . ($339/month)
. . . OLDER=48
. . . . . $19,995 ($339/month)
5. Which season2014 was VOLKSWAGEN
Hall of 2014 JETTA
MONTHS, SE 2010-11=
. . . . . . 66 JETTA
. . . . .SE . .2012. . . NEWER=
. . .$13,995
. . . 72 . . ($219/month) The best service at the best prices. Period.
. . . . . . . . . $13,995 ($219/month)
Famer Bobby Orrs 2015last as an
VOLKSWAGEN 2015 GOLFVOLKSWAGENTSI S . . . . .GOLF . . . . . TSI ...S . . . . . .$15,495 . . . . . ($237/month)
. . . . . . . . . $15,495 ($237/month)
NHL player?
1. Five seasons (2012-16). 709 VERMONT709ROUTE
VT 05843 VT 05843
2. Minnesota, in 1956. Classified
3. Texas Techs Charlie Calhoun punt- 802.472.7510

Outlander Sport 4WD

ed 36 times for 1,318 yards in a game Deadline Is
Brand New 2017 Model Year Mitsubishi
in 1939. ESTIMATED,MONDAY sale price

10% DOWN
2012 NEWER=
5. It was the 1978-79 season.
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New & Good Used Tires



Passenger, Performance & Lt. Truck You $AVE $3,910!*


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Computer Balanced
Your Tires Or Ours just


Mon. - Fri. 8:30-4:30

FLAT Saturday 8:30-1:00 MSRP $23,390
Must trade 2013 or newer vehicle and nance with dealer to qualify. Qualied buyers nance with
ZERO DOWN at 4.99% APR for 84 months. Tax, title and registration fees extra, where applicable.
REPAIR Closed Sunday
36 Memorial Dr. Rte. 5 St. Johnsbury, VT
FRED BUDZYN Call 888-452-6297

Mon to Fri 8AM to 6PM Sat 8AM to 4PM

Corner No. Main &
Seminary Sts., Barre
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Shop online, any time at

August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 29

Just Listed All real estate advertising in this
newspaper is subject to the fair hous-
ing act which makes it illegal to adver- CENTRAL VERMONT
Five Bedrooms, Mudroom/Laundry Room tise any preference, limitation or dis- MOBILE HOME REPAIR
crimination based on race, color, reli- Fully Insured APT/HOUSE for Rent. Close BARRE, 2ND FLOOR, 1 large
Kitchen w/Stainless Appliances, Custom Cabinets gion, sex, handicap, familial status or Free Estimates to BarreTown School. 2 bed- & 1 small bedroom, Heat,
national origin, or an intention, to make
802-505-6430 room, 2 bathrooms, 3 sun- garbage and snow removal
Updated Roof, Windows, Insulation, any such preference, limitation or dis- rooms, 2 oors, large yard & included. Non-smoking, No
Wiring, Plumbing Additionally, Vermonts Fair Housing eld area, Garden, re pit & pets. Security & 1st month
and Public Accomodations Act prohib- COMMERCIAL garage. Great location. Can
be rented monthly & furnished
rent. $850.00. 802-272-6361
Barre $130,000 its advertising that indicates any prefer-
ence, limitation or discrimination based RENTALS/SALES or unfurnished. $1500.00/mo. BARRE, LARGE 2 Bedroom,
2nd oor. Heat/hotwater/snow
Contact Sammi, 505-2054 on age, marital status, sexual orienta- Utilities included, References
tion or receipt of public assistance. Required. 802- 279-8528 /rubbish included. $875/mo.
This newspaper will not knowingly COMMERCIAL LOT Available Oct 1st.
accept any advertising for real estate DON CAMP DRIVE BARRE 1 BEDROOM 2nd 802-883-5506 Weekdays.
which is in violation of the law. Our SOUTH BARRE. Floor, $700 includes gas heat
readers are hereby informed that all Town water, sewer and Power parking, No pets, Non-smok- CALAIS RUSTIC one bed-
dwellings advertised in this newspaper at lot. $55,000.00.
are available on an equal opportunity ing, references, credit check room house, $900/mo + secu-
basis. 802-279-3924 or and security. 802-476-2092 rity. 802-454-1099
To file a complaint of discrimination, 802-476-8424
call the Vermont Human Rights BARRE 2 Bedroom 2nd oor, FOR RENT, CALAIS, Maple
Commisson toll-free at 1-800-416-2010 $800 includes gas heat park- Corner AreaCottage on
(voice & TTY) or call HUD toll ing, no pets, Non-smoking, Dead-end Road, comfortable
free at 1-800-669-9777 (voice) THANK YOU FOR SAYING
or 1-800-927-9275 (TTY). I SAW IT IN references, Credit check, Se- for one or two people. One
curity, 802-476-2092 bedroom, equipped kitchen,
living room with replace, 2nd
BARRE 3 BEDROOM, 1ST oor bedroom, 1 1/2 baths,
FlOOR, $900, No Pets, Non- Propane Rinnai heater. Peace-
On Private 39.4 Acres
Radiant Heated Slate Floors, Custom Kitchen
Barre Town, smoking, references, Credit
Check, Security. 802-476-
ful walking trails. $1,200./mo.
Lease. Phone: 802-223-5510
NO Pets

Open Loft Style Bedrooms Windywood Road BARRE Apartment 1

ROOM. includes
Apartment Newly renovated
Constructed With Locally Sourced, Countryside Single-Family electricity/rubbish, No
non-smoking, deposit.,
last year, Large kitchen &
Living room, Off Street Park-
Sustainable Materials Home Lots 476-4662 ing, Heat, Electric, trash, and
snow removal included. $900
Orange $249,900 Seven lots left, from.46 acre to 1.51 acres. BARRE SMALL 2nd month. First, Last, Security 1
Floor 1 Bedroom w/heat year lease, Available Septem-
Call Brendan, 552-0263 All have municipal sewer. Three also have & Hot water. No Pets, Non- ber 1st.
Smoking, References a must. 802-917-3389
municipal water. One has a drilled well. Call 802-479-9619
Three will need drilled wells. continued on next page
Priced from $50,000 to $75,000
802-476-8791 802-249-8998
Fall Savings Week!


UP $
Price Lowered
Spacious, Three Bedrooms TO
Living Room With Fireplace IN FACTORY DISCOUNTS
On .97 Acre At End Of Road On New Homes
Barre Town $159,900 WINDYAWINDY
common interest community
A common interest community
Over 10 Models Available
For Immediate Sale

SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ANYTIME - CALL 802-249-8251 OR 802-734-1920
Contact Michael, 552-0338 OPEN HOUSE EVERY SUNDAY 1 TO 3 PM

OR shown
One Level Living: single and duplex units, 2by appointment
bedrooms, 2 baths,anytime
full basement, 1 or 2 car garage option

Priced from the mid $220,000s 802-249-8251 OR 802-734-1920
One Level Living: single and duplex units, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths,
Directions: From RT 302, turn onto Hill Street at Elmwood Cemetery, mile on Hill Street, left onto
full basement, 1 or 2 car garage option
Windy Wood Road, look for sign on left and turn into Windy Wood.
Single family homes priced from $262,000 and
Duplex homes priced from $229,000
Directions: From RT 302, turn onto Hill Street at Elmwood Cemetery,
mile on Hill Street, left onto Windy Wood Road, look for sign on left
and turn into Windy Wood.

350 River Street, Montpelier, VT 05602

(802) 229-2721
1867 Schoolhouse Renovated in 2014 12PM TO 2PM
63 Worcester Village Road, Worcester
All New Plumbing, Electric Saturday, Sept. 16 10AM to 2PM
Woodstove, Tile Floor Mudroom
Laundry Room, Bathroom with
Clawfoot Tub
Plainfield $219,000
Contact Brendan, 552-0263

Circa 1860 cape with barn.

Extraordinary woodwork, 80 Onward Street, Barre
hardwood and softwood 1 story cape with 3 bedrooms and 1 bath.
floors. Porches overlooking $120K after Downstreet down payment assistance
yard and 6 acres to boot. 4 for income-eligible, qualied buyers.
bedrooms, 2 baths. Call Pattie
Worcester, $247,000 for details
81 Main St., Montpelier 229-0345 Dir: From Montpelier, take Route 12N only 8 miles or email
to Worcester village. Home on left coming up hill
135 Washington St., Barre 476-6500 into village before store. See signs.
1-800-696-1456 (802) 244-4500 Ext. 704
Tina Golon
98 So. Main St., Waterbury
Each Office is Independently Owned & Operated REALTOR

page 30 The WORLD August 30, 2017

V isit
REAL ESTATE Searching for your dream home? Mention this a
for a FREE Homd
FOR RENT bile Home Lot, $12,900.00.
Beautiful 10 y/o energy ef-
cient 3BR 1.5BA house on
RULE OF THUMB...... 1.4 acres in Williamstown on
Describe your property,
not the appropriate buyer or HOMES a dead end road includes 1BR
1BA in-law apt renting at $875
renter, not the landlord, /mo! Tile oor and nice interior
for a FREE, no commitment Mortgage Pre-Approval assessment
not the neighbors. $68,900LIKE NEW, efcient woodwork. 5 minutes to I-89.
Just describe the property and 2 bed / 2 bath SINGLE-WIDE Easy access to VAST and hik- Patti Shedd
youll almost always obey the for sale in Westons MHP, ing trails and a private grass Loan Consultant
law. Berlin with covered walkway. airstrip! Only $239,900 This NMLS#98725
Energy star package, range, wont last!
refrigerator, dishwasher, and Call Karl for details and pics! (802) 476-7000
VACATION microwave. Qualifying buyer 802-272-7422
RENTALS/SALES could get up to $27,500 down
payment assistance. Park ABOUT FORECLOSURE? Equal Housing Lender | Licensed Lender State of VT | NMLS#854380 14 North Main Street, Ste 5015 | Barre, VT 05641
Having trouble paying your Cannot combine with any other offer. Minimum mortgage amount of $80,000. Must close your mortgage financing with Premium
rent is $350+/- month, taxes mortgage? The Federal Trade Mortgage. Other restrictions may apply.
37 PARK MODEL TRAILER $906.52 last year. Call Dan at
W/add-a-room and shed. Commission says dont pay
(802)-229-2721 for more infor- any fees in advance to peo-
30 miles North of Tampa air-
port. Best Reasonable offer. mation. ple who promise to protect
802-229-0294 & your home from foreclosure.
802-249-7129. NEW HOME & LAND package, Report them to the FTC, the
Williamstown VT. $149,900. nations consumer protection
ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT 3bdrm, 2 bath, great neighbor- agency. For more information,
packages at Sandals, Dreams, hood, close to recreation, ac- call 1-877-FTC-HELP or click Foliage Is Beginning
Secrets, Riu, Barcelo, Occi- cess to I-89. Dont miss out!. on A message from
dental and many more. Punta 802-272-7422. The World and the FTC. To Change!
Cana, Mexico, Jamaica and Enjoy rural Vermont as its meant to be enjoyed! Country cape
many of the Caribbean is- on 10.4+/- primarily wooded acres, a little over 1 miles from
lands. Search available op- Maple Corner. Open floor plan. Great natural light. Hardwood
tions for 2017/2018 at flooring. Mudroom entry. Currently offers 1-level living with a or call
877-270-7260. Beautiful Home On partially-finished attic space that is sheetrocked, taped and
primed for additional living space, if needed. Unfinished walk-

Beautiful Lake Eligo

out basement. 3-season, 2-rm guest quarters with its own
WARM WEATHER is Year kitchenette and full bath over the 2-bay garage. Screened
Round in Aruba. The water breezeway. Perennial gardens, stone wall accents! $299,500
is safe, and the dining is fan-
tastic. Walk out to the beach.
3-Bedroom weeks available. 3 Acres of
Sleeps 8. email: carolaction@ for more information. Convenient Country!
Nicely-maintained 3-BR, 2-bath Redmond (2004) Manufac-
tured home with screened porch on 3 wooded acres. Recent
LAND FOR SALE flooring updates. Fully-equipped modern kitchen with plenty
of cupboard and counter space, plus a large island. Double
basin sink. Master bathroom has both a soaking tub, shower
BUILDING LOT w/Well, Elec- stall and a double sink vanity. Stream runs through property,
tric & Septic in Williamstown, too. Just a short distance from the Norwich University rugby
field. Priced to MOVE at only $135,000!
$49,900.00. 802-272-7422
STILL TIME TO BUILD Contact Lori Holt 223-6302, Ext. 1
2.5 Acres building lot Cabot, 317 River Street
State perk test done, Sep-
tic Design included, $22,000 For Sale By Owner Conveniently located Montpelier Lori Holt
OBO 802-563-2312 off Route 14 in Greensboro, this home is a 223-6302
32 x 36 two-story with three bedrooms and two Jack Associates Ext. 1


Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated

baths, plus basement with nine-foot ceiling. A large
SURVEYED garage compliments the home. The homestead is
ACRES situated on one acre with 285 feet of lake frontage.
Septic design. Located Enjoy the clean Lake Eligo which occupies 190
end of Hebert Road,
Williamstown acres. Say you saw this listing in The WORLD!
(near Barre Town line)
Shown By Appointment Only The Time Has Come
522-7604 1-802-760-0832

(8 )
(8 )
7 HideAway Drive #1, Berlin Upper Garden Flat
7 HideAway Drive #1, Berlin Upper Garden Flat
FOR SALE $210,000
FOR SALE $210,000
2 Bedroom + Den & 2 Bathrooms,, Attached One Car Garage,
2 Bedroom + DenCovered
& 2 Bathrooms,
Porch &, Rear
DeckOne Car Garage,
ONLY & Rear Deck
99 HideAway Drive #14, Berlin Interior Townhouse
99 HideAway Drive #14, Berlin Interior Townhouse
FOR SALE $239,900
FOR SALE $239,900
2 Bedroom + Den & 2.5 Bathrooms,, Attached One Car Garage
2 Bedroom + DenCovered
& 2.5 Bathrooms,, Attached
Porch & Rear Deck One Car Garage
Covered Porch & Rear Deck
CONDO FEE ONLY $125/MONTH! The time has come for this much-loved homestead to nd another
107 HideAway Drive #17, Berlin Exterior Townhouse family who want to roam the 10 acres, pick the apples, mow the small
107 HideAway Drive #17, Berlin Exterior Townhouse elds, walk the paths, watch the deer, and ll the house with caring
FOR SALE $274,900 people who come to visit on Thanksgiving, Christmas and other
FOR SALE $274,900 holidays. Life has been good with its farm-style kitchen, the open living
3 Bedroom + Den & 3.5 Bathrooms,, Attached One Car Garage
BRAND 3 Bedroom + DenCovered
& 3.5 Bathrooms,, Attached
Porch & Rear Deck One Car Garage
room-dining room (yes, with the wood stove) the library/computer
NEW! Covered Porch & Rear Deck
room with its broad windows and the 4 bedrooms, especially the one
CONDO FEE ONLY $125/MONTH! with the skylights. The wide back deck has propane piped directly
to the spot for the grill, and the cook here is serious she likes a
32 Daniels Drive, Barre Town One Floor Living gas cooking range. The garage is 2-car and oversized with storage
32 Daniels Drive, Barre Town One Floor Living upstairs, and the garden space is awaiting a gardener. Will the next
FOR SALE $199,900
FOR SALE $199,900 family love it as much as these folks they hope so.
3 Bedroom & 2 Bathrooms,, Attached One Car Garageg
3 Bedroom
Covered & 2 Bathrooms,
Porch, , Attached
, Rear Deck One Car
& Basement Garage
Storage g For more photos, go to, MLS #4651194.
Covered Porch,, Rear Deck & Basement
NO MONTHLY ASSOCIATION FEES! Storage Barre Town, Terry Court .....................................................$324,900

18 Fecteau Circle, Barre Interior Townhouse

Claire Duke Real Estate
18 Fecteau Circle, Barre Interior Townhouse 484 E. Montpelier Road, PO Box 545, Barre, VT 05641
FOR SALE $210,000 Tel: 802-476-2055 Fax: 802-476-8440
2 Bedroom + Den & 2.5SALE $210,000
, Attached One Car Garage
2 Bedroom + Den & 2.5 Bathrooms,
Deck & ,Walk-Out
One Car Garage
Covered Porch,
Porch,, Rear Deck & Walk-Out
FEE ONLY $125/MONTH! Basement
August 30, 2017 The WORLD page 31

Barre Town $599,000 Marsheld - $725,000 Braintree - $366,000

This 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom home is situated at the end of Water Tower Farm currently provides services to a non- This beautiful log home has wide plank pine oors, a large
a private cul-de-sac in Barre Town. The attention to comfort prot charitable organization and a PATH premier accredited living room with a wood stove and a magnicent eld stone
and luxury do not stop with the interior of this ne home! The therapeutic riding program. The residence is an immaculately chimney, 2 car garage and enclosed porch. Walk out onto the
backyard is extremely well landscaped with native Vermont maintained, renovated farm house with numerous updates covered patio and listen to the distant stream from the lower
stonework, a heated pool and backup generator! throughout including an in-law apartment with single story level nished living area equipped with kitchenette,
MLS #4480191 living which is ideal for family or barn management personnel. bedroom and bath.
MLS #4655541 MLS #4513416


Plaineld $349,000 Plaineld - $246,000 Barre Town $230,000

Beautiful 4 bedroom home in the country on 9.6 partially This 4.5 acre property is ideal for a small agricultural farm This beautifully maintained split level home is a must see! It
wooded acres with a magnicent stone wall, views of Spruce and offers several small outbuildings and fenced in area, offers an open oor plan, large bedrooms, newer appliances,
Mountain, wild berries, a large deck for entertaining, 2 bay out small pasture and large open eld. Pick your own apples, spacious family room, vaulted ceilings, huge private backyard,
building and plenty of room to do whatever you want! blueberries and raspberries. This home offers 4 bedrooms plenty of garden space and a quiet location. It also features
MLS #4645164 and a small ofce space upstairs and boasts a large living a large entryway, newer carpeting, the possibility of a heated
room\family room on the main oor. garage, and a very functional kitchen.
MLS #4620000 MLS #4641265



Barre City $130,000 Barre Town- $109,900 Marsheld - $239,000

Currently being used as a single family home, but can easily This wonderfully maintained 3 bedroom, 2 bath home located Enjoy Country living at its nest! This older cape-style home
be used as a duplex. The entire space offers 6 bedrooms, 2 on a large corner lot is waiting for a new owner. The inviting has been completed renovated from top to bottom. The rst
full bathrooms and 2 half-bathrooms. This property is zoned open oor plan is perfect for entertaining family and friends. oor offers a huge mudroom and open oor plan. Upstairs
as Commercial and could easily house your own business. Enjoy the open back yard with a shed for all your tools and a hosts 4 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. Enjoy cookouts with
Numerous opportunities exist for living, rental income and small shaded stream. Add in this is partially furnished and this friends and family on the spacious level lawn. Stay active
business space. will make the perfect home. hiking on the nearby trails, cross country skiing, atv trails etc.
MLS #4655091 MLS# 4629984 MLS # 4641231

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