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1. Purpose
Allows you to quickly setup the numbering series or user phase User Defined
Attributes to give distinct shipping and part marks based on phase manager phase numbers
on the project.

2. Installation
This macro uses the Tekla Structures .NET Application Programming interface and
is built to work with Tekla Structures version 16.0. To install the macro do the following

1. Put the Phasenumbering.exe file in your XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY.

C:\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\16.0\environments\usimp\us_common\macros

2. Put the Phasenumbering.cs, Phasenumbering.bmp, and

Phasenumbering_big.bmp files in your XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY\modeling.
C:\ProgramData\Tekla Structures\16.0\environments\usimp\us_common\macros\modeling

4. Launch the macro

To run the macro, follow these steps

1. Open a Tekla Structures model.

2. Go to the Tools>Macros menu
3. Select the Phasenumbering macro in the dialog box.
4. Click the Run button
5. The Phasenumbering.exe dialog box will then appear.
(First time launched make take a few moments to load)

5. Suggested Use of the macro

This macro allows the user to utilize the phase manager phases while also keeping
the Assembly positions (shipping marks for pieces in each phase to be unique). Meaning
two identical beams, one in phase 1 and another in phase 2 will get two different shipping

There are two main options to do this. First option is the User Phase Option which
simply applies the phase manager phase number to the User Phase User Defined attribute
field (which effects numbering). The only problem with this is that, this could leave
Assembly Position gaps due to the order (Tekla ID's given to each part) in which the parts
were modeled. You could get B1, B10, B13 in phase 1, and B2, B3..,B11 in phase 2, etc. If
you are using multi-sheets with multi-numbering this may not matter to you.

The second option is Numbering Series which is based on each phase in the dialog
box, you set the start number/position/series of the parts in the model. You can do this for
Assembly start position and part start position in case you want to keep sub material part
marks also unique by sequence. This makes it more obvious to see by the numbering which
phase the Assemblies and Parts belong to.

Both options require that you use the Phase Manager to define all the required
phases in the model first.

There is also an option to control what language and text you see in the message
boxes and main dialog box form. Simply edit the PhaseNumbering_LanguageFile.txt
located in your C:\...\environments\usimp\us_common\macros folder or your
XS_MACRO_DIRECTORY environment variable is set to. The top 3 lines are just
comment lines and aren't processed by the application. WARNING: depending on the
translations some text may not fit on the main dialog box and you may have to use some
abbreviations. Also it is suggested to make a back up of the original file before modifying.
English Sample

German Sample